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Topic: >>All 50 gone--THX TO EVRYONE!! :o) Need to sell 50 cr - My dog is sick :o(

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Subject: >>All 50 gone--THX TO EVRYONE!! :o) Need to sell 50 cr - My dog is sick :o(
Date Posted: 5/13/2011 1:31 PM ET
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I need to sell 50 credits ASAP to help with an unexpected vet bill. I'm afraid my dog has either diabetes or kidney failure---all he does  all of a sudden is drink and pee.  (that's Tracker in my profile pic)

The vet says I need to get him to the office for an exam, urine test and a complete blood panel immediately.

Credits are $2.70 ea., no minimum, or $2.60 ea if someone wants 25 or more.

PayPay funded accounts only. PM for details, please.

At any rate, please pray/send healing wishes for Tracker, my MinPin?  :'o\

Thanks for looking


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Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 5/13/2011 1:52 PM ET
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*hugs and prayers for Tracker*  Good luck to both of you.

Subject: Thanks so much, Sianeka!
Date Posted: 5/13/2011 2:09 PM ET
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I appreciate all the prayers and healing  thoughts and hugs more than you know!

I'm so worried about him. :'o(

Date Posted: 5/13/2011 3:16 PM ET
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Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope he will be okay!

Date Posted: 5/13/2011 3:35 PM ET
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My cat had the same symtoms...drinking a LOT, peeing a LOT, cloudy eyes, and then his back legs weren't working well.  went to the vet and it was diabetes.  After just 3 days on insulin he was like a kitten again! (and he was 11 years old at the time).  It's been a couple years and I now give him shots 2x a day when I feed him but other then that you would never know he had diabetes.  He eats special formulated food for the diabetes and that has helped to bring the amount of insulin down that I have to give him (from 3 units to now 1 unit)

My sister's cat's diet went so well that she was able to take him OFF the insulin completely.

So I pray for your buddy and hope that if it is diabetes that you and Tracker will adjust well and see quick results!  (((HUGS)))



                                                        If you can see my pics below, he's the handsome guy on the left :)

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Date Posted: 5/13/2011 6:34 PM ET
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Sending healing wishes to Tracker for you.

Date Posted: 5/13/2011 7:40 PM ET
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I hope everything turns up treatable for Tracker!

I'd help with the credits, but my PayPal just had unauthorized activity in it :( I'll check back and see if you've sold enough once I get that mess cleared up.

Subject: Thank you all so much for the healing thoughts and well wishes! :'o)
Date Posted: 5/14/2011 2:37 PM ET
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Amber - I see you have a special pup too so you know how worried we can get over them. Thanks for taking the time to wish us well. :o)

Amanda - The symptoms don't lie, huh? :o\

Yup, diabetes---his BG was 489 quick test and 625 when the big blood work came in. :'o(

I'm glad to hear that your cat is doing so well! And he is gorgeous!!   and you have him down to only 1 unit--that's wonderful!   The symptoms that your cat had sound virtually identical to my dog's! His back legs are also not acting right! He is rather wobbly/off balance but ONLY in the back legs--I never heard of diabetes causing that symptom!

Thank you so much for the prayers--Tracker and I sure need them, I've been a wreck. :o(    I hope he regulates quickly and smoothly. I keep hearing horror stories of dogs BG's go ing up and down erratically, dogs going into hypoglycemic shock when they've been given what "should" have been the correct  dose of insulin according to a recent BG reading... BG shooting sky high when it had been stable, ketones spilling into the irine, requiring days long hospitalization.... I'm so nervous about the whole thing! :'o(

Things are looking up a little since I got the blood work results---short update below...


Cynthia - Thank you for taking the time to sed out healing thoughts for my little guy, Cynthia. :'o)

Melanie - You, too, malanie! Thank you. :o)

I hope your PayPal troubles are resolved---so many people have had that happen with their accounts and I don't understand why they can't fix whatever is causing the problems. :o\

Yes, please check back if/when you need credits....it looks like I'll have plenty---I still have all 50.   :o\


Short update on Tracker:   Diabetes

Upon arrival at vet yesterday his blood glucose was 489 via their quick test so the vet quickly gave him 1 unit of Humulin N--said he was uncomfortable waiting until this morning for the results of the blood panel testing to come back.  He checked for ketones and said they were only very slight so I had caught the problem quickly and he was hopeful that Tracker's kidney and liver values would come back ok. (which they did! Yea!! Office called this AM and said both those levels were "very good!!)

However, his white count was elevated ( he was running a slight fever yesterday) so he put him on an antibiotic for 10 days. No clue as to exactly WHAT is causing the infection. :o\

I'm to give him 1 unit  ea. morning after breakfast until next Thur. when I have to take him to the vet and elave him all day so that they can do 3-4 BG tests over the course of the day to see how his doseage should be adjusted.  Vet said he was 99.999% sure it would go to at least 1 unit twice a day.

If he thinks that strongly I'm rather uneasy about the fact that  I was told to jsut give him 1 unit once a day for the next week but I guess that some insulin is way better than none and maybe it will gradually come down over the week and he won't be as likely to crash and cause me to have a heart attack!

Anyone have experience with Humulin N? It seems to metabolize slowly and hang in there longer than a lot of the insulins?

Anyway, the bill for yesterday and today's antibiotic came to over $240.00, and the all day blood testing next week will push that to over $300 and I will also have to buy syringes  from somewhere next week as the office only gave me 9 to bring home and they suggested that I might want to get a glucose meter and test strips and/or urine test strips to watch for sudden increases in ketones,  so I'm really worried as to how much all that is going to come up to in a very short time. :o(
Yeah, I really need to sell some credits.   :o\

Sorry to be so long, please feel free to contact me via PM with tips and tricks that will help Tracker and I as we try to make it through this.....



Subject: 2 angels just paid for 4 of Tracker's next blood tests. :'o)
Date Posted: 5/14/2011 6:03 PM ET
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Thank you so much, Terrie!

Your credits will be along ASAP!


Anita - your credits have been sent.

Thank you so much, as well!!

You guys don't know how much this is helping me at this time. :'o)


25 credits left now. :o)

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Date Posted: 5/14/2011 8:41 PM ET
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Dogs are a little trickier to regulate that cats, but it is totally doable and an infection can be the cause of high numbers so maybe getting that cleared up will help. We got our gray kitty Smokey off of insulin about 3 months after the first shot after changing her diet and learning to home test so we could see what was going on. Your vet sounds on the ball and very good with wanting you to learn to test at home. Humulin is not a very safe insulin in cats so I don't know much about that insulin, cats are often prescribed human insulins these days and we used Lantus. Cats metabolize things differently than people or dogs. Search the internet for a support site, you will find people with experience to help you through the scariness and how to treat it at as low of a cost as possible. I don't know what I would have done without the FDMB forums.

Many of the people on FDMB use the ReliOn meter from Walmart. Cheap meter with cheap strips. I use the AccuCheck Aviva for Smokey. Little more expensive meter (but you can often find a box with a mail-in rebate) and the strips are expensive if you buy them locally, I buy mine on eBay so they are about the same cost as the ReliOn. I like the Aviva because its reading weren't too far off from my vet's meter and it was pretty simple to use. Human ketosis sticks are fairly cheap and can be used to watch for ketones.

When looking for syringes make sure to know if you have U40 or U100 insulin. Many of the vet insulins are U40 where human are U100. Sometimes they will compound it to U100 or you can do a conversion, but you don't want to give U40 using U100 without a conversion since 1 unit on a U40 dose not equal 1 unit on a U100.

Subject: EDIT: All credits gone for the month--THX EVERYONE!! :'o)
Date Posted: 5/15/2011 8:20 AM ET
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Elizabeth has just totally blown me away. :'o)
She took 23 credits plus sent "a little something extra for Tracker"   Thank you so much, Elizabeth!   :'o)

and Terrie also sent a little extra along with her credit order. Much thanks to you also, Terrie!   :o)

Tracker says Woof!  WOOF, WOOF!" which I think means "Thank you Elizabeth, Terrie, Lacie, Anita and everyone else who has been so kind to help me. You guys are Awesome!!!  Can we use the "extra" to  get me some diabetic doggie treats since you won't give me more than a CRUMB off my regular treats??"

(he really is quite perplexed and offended that he's only getting a small piece of a treat instead of a whole one *lol*)


Lacie has asked for 2 credits, which will cover 2pks (20) of insulin syringes. :o)
Thank you Lacie!! Every little bit helps--especially this first month or two of trying to regulate his blood glucose levels when the vet bills are the highest.  I'll send your credits over ASAP!

If I can get him regulated quickly I will be so relieved, mainly for his health's sake but alo for the state of my account balance at the vet's. Not sure how much he will let me run up before he cuts me off. :o\


Melanie -  Thank you so much for all the useful info!  I'm going to check on the ReliOn meter/strips tomorrow. Question about the meter you use...  and do you know if the strips are interchangable between all the AccuCheck models or specific to each  (the reason I ask is that I have found an offer for a free "Active" or "Advantage" model but want to be sue that the more affordable strips tha tyou're using are  usable for either of those free meters.

I'd like to have one to take with me when I take Tracker back to the vet on Thur. but to find the best price on the most accurate meter (meaning it closely matches the vet's meter) I probably need to buy it online and it won't be here by Thur. :o\

I guess I'll just check on the most likely ones people recommend as reading close to the vet's readings so I'll know where/what to buy after asking him if he knows what some of his other patients are using.  Maybe he can offer 2-3 brand names and one of them will be one that's affordable and that others online have had good experiences with.

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Date Posted: 5/15/2011 3:43 PM ET
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See post above...

Thanks so much to all of you who requested credits and also to those who sent healing thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to Tracker.

Now that he's had a few doses of insulin he has stopped all the excessive drinking and peeing and his back legs are working much better--he jumped up on the couch without help last night!! :'o)  This makes me much more optimistic that we can get his BG levels regulated without too much trouble since he's already shown improvement on such a small dose of insulin.  And I know all the prayers and well wishes have helped. :o)

PBS is filled with so many kind, caring and giving people and I thank you one and all.  I am thankful to be a member of such a place. :'o)


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