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Topic: ***AUGUST 2016 Official Wishlist Multiple Thread***

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Subject: ***AUGUST 2016 Official Wishlist Multiple Thread***
Date Posted: 7/30/2016 1:53 PM ET
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 I have added instructions below (highlighted) for how to create clickable links within the post.  If you need further help on it, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!  


When you post in this thread, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your books have Wishers at the time of posting here.  Just because it had Wishers when you added it to your list last month (or the month before that!) doesn't mean it still has Wishers this month.  Check them each month so you don't risk getting a message from Mel or myself. 

PLEASE do NOT create "place holder" posts with no books listed.  This has become a trend the last couple of months for various reasons and needs to not happen.  Either list your books or don't...but please don't just create a post to hold your place on the thread.


READ AND FOLLOW THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD (One of us will PM you if we see that you're not following the rules):

~ This will be a monthly thread (meaning a new thread will be started at the beginning of each month). Any books you have remaining from the month before that you still want to offer will be YOUR responsibility to transfer to the new thread. There is to only be ONE Wishlist Mutliples thread (this one) so that we can be assured people are following the rules. (4-27-11) Please do not create your own thread advertising WL Multiples and let Melanie or me (Amanda) know if you see one of these before we do. :)

~ If you have questions about this thread, please contact me (Amanda). If you don’t get an answer from Amanda within 24 hours, please contact  Melanie D. (melanied)(Bazaar Co-Czar). Neither of us (Melanie or I (Amanda)) are responsible for how transactions turn out. Please do things fairly and with honesty so that this thread will not be shut down.

NO ARC's may be offered here. There is a separate thread for these books here. If you have an ARC that is WL'd and is part of a series you have offered here in this thread, you can PM the person requesting them and let them know you have the ARC available and you two can work out the deal. If you offer one in your post, one of us will PM you asking you to remove it and list it in the ARC thread.

NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed in this thread. (7-1-11)


For the Sender

~ The goal is to send multiple books to the same home so you can save on shipping...this is NOT intended to bypass the FIFO system. You may combine your books listed here with books from your shelf to create your "multiples" package. However, you are NOT allowed to place requirements on your book orders in any other way than to state the obvious ("wanting to send out packages of 2 or more" or "orders of 3 or more only please"). It is NOT okay to require orders from your Bookshelf in conjunction to ordering these WL'd books. (It's about requiring it, rather than providing that as an option.) So long as you're sending out multiples, this thread is serving its purpose.

~ List what you have available.  **PLEASE** keep your posts updated and current...if people ask you for a book that is no longer available it will be wasted time for you and frustrating for them.

~ You may not ask more than the standard “1 credit for 1 book” in your post.

~All books listed in this thread must be listed in a post. Meaning, you are not allowed to just link to a PBS list or Tagged List. ALL books listed MUST have an accompanying ISBN OR link to PBS to verify WL status (links to PBS are always helpful, since they will immediately tell a person when they look at it if that ISBN is on their WL). If you need help inserting links please ask us-we are happy to assist! {Link-making instructions are below!  New 8-31-15}

  • It is *okay* to have links to other portions of PBS within your post so that people can see what you have to offer for deals. You can say something like: "May combine with orders from my Bookshelf, ARC list, and Unpostables list," and then include links to where those lists are located within PBS.

~Please add the number of wishers to each item on your list. (This part is not mandatory, but will certainly help your books move if you can do this and helps the other members when looking through your list.)

How to Create Clickable Links  (Newly added 8-31-15)

1) Have 2 tabs open in your browser, 1 to the Post a Reply area and one to the Book Browser.

2) In the Book Browser, search for your book (typically I search by ISBN and have it set to ALL BOOKS, but it depends on what I'm looking for).  In this instance, I searched Wrapped In Rain by Charles Martin.

3) Several of the books came up.  I highlighted the title and author of the one I needed, right-click, copy.  (Or of course, Ctrl + C)

4) Come back to the Post a Reply tab area, right-click-Paste (or Ctrl + V).

Wrapped in Rain
Author: Charles Martin

That should put it in there for you and should be clickable.  Of course, there are other ways to do this, but for me that is the fastest and easiest.  In relation to the WLM thread, if you're wanting to provide the WL count for your book, then you simply click that link before you copy it from the first tab, check the WL count and then go Back on your browser to finish the other steps.  THEN, when you paste it, you can add the count to your link area by clicking to the side of it and typing it in.

Wrapped in Rain
Author: Charles Martin     (11)

DO NOT list books that have "0 Wishers" for it.

~DO NOT list only ONE book in this thread…this thread is for multiples.

~ If you have a complete SET of books or several books in a series, and some are WL'd and some aren't, you can offer all of these here and offer a deal on them if you wish. It is perfectly understandable that you'd want to keep the set together! The only thing we ask is that a minimum of 2 books out of the series you are posting be WL'd. (This means that if there are only 2 books in the series, they must both be WL'd.)  And remember, none of them can be damaged and must all meet PBS Posting Criteria.

~ This thread does NOT give the go ahead to being requiring a "minimum order" on your normal PBS account. If you have a book posted, you are agreeing to send out that book when it is requested. This thread (where we have people asking for a 2 or 3 book order minimum) is okay ONLY because it is in the Book Bazaar!! This type of requirement is NOT okay within the general PBS bookshelves and orders.

~ Books MUST meet PBS guidelines in order to be listed there for credit. NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed.

~ If someone asks you to only send one book, please know that you are not obligated to accept this request. If you, as the sender, would like to keep the package as a multiple, you have the right to decline this request (nicely!). (Please do not ignore a PM asking for this, though....a simply "no, but thanks" in a reply PM is all that is needed.)

~One tip (but not required!): several people still have dial-up, which makes viewing threads with images a very slow process. It would be nice (for those members) if you didn't put images in your posts when you're listing your books. Just having a link and the number of wishers makes it easier for these members. If you are putting images, you may be losing orders and/or causing lost orders for other members in this thread.

Link Your Post for Updates

Each month just create one post and keep it updated. When you do update your post, link to it and post a reply to the thread stating you’ve updated your original post. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your My Profile page, click on the blue link under Forum Posts.
  2. Find your specific post for your list of books here and click "View Inline"
  3. Once at that page, right click and copy the link for it. Then come here to paste that link into a new post. (if you need further help on creating links, please ask! :))

For the Requestor

~ Please be aware that if you have Requestor Conditions on your account, you and the person offering the deal need to work that out *before* the book is posted to your Wish List, so that you can remove your RC's if needed!! If the book is declined due to RC's, it is then passed on to the next person in line for that WL book through the FIFO system...thus making that book no longer eligible for a "multiples" deal.

~ Be sure that in your Settings (under Privacy Controls) you click to allow your Wish List to be public. This will allow the person who is listing these books to be able to post books directly to your Wishlist. If you don't do this, it will make it harder for people to do things with you.

~You are allowed to ask (nicely!) if the person offering the books is willing to just send out 1 book (instead of multiples). But the sender has the right to decline this request.


New Suggestions for those who post in this thread:  (added 11-14-13)

Good afternoon everyone!  I wanted to offer a few thoughts for your consideration.  :)  There have been some suggestions made in order to make this thread more user-friendly for those who peruse it each month.  Mind you, these are suggestsions and not rules that Melanie and I have come up with.  Take them and do with them what you will.  ;)

~~ When you ask for orders of 4 or more (and sometimes 3 or more) you are often causing people to bypass your entire listing.  Some people can (and do) request the number you're asking for, but there are many who have tried and simply can't find enough books to come up with that large of an order.  If you're willing to make other considerations on deals, please state this in your offering.  If they don't know you're willing to do an order of 2, they won't ask.  Or simply don't ask for the order of 4 or more.  Just ask for 2 or more and let it go at that.  :-D

~~ List your books by genre.  I know that it is time-consuming and seems like "one more thing" to do for the thread, but it might help your books go faster.  Think of it this way:  you go to the mall and you see a few shops where things look neat and tidy and are organized.  Then there is a shop where you glance in and see that nothing is organized and items seems to be thrown willy-nilly everywhere.  Which store would you go into?

~~ When you post a reply to the thread stating that you have added books to your post on page 2 (or where ever) provide a link to that particular post.  (If you aren't sure how to do this, please contact me and I will help you with it!)  Some people have mentioned scrolling right past the "update" posts that don't include a link to the original post because they don't want to have to scroll through an entire page of posts to find yours.

Date Posted: 7/30/2016 2:07 PM ET
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Orders of 2 or more, please. OK to combine with my Bookshelf.

Non-smoking household with 2 cats.


Audiobooks on CD -- Unabridged

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman (unabridged CD) 11 WL



Aftertaste by Meredith Mileti 3 WL

Black Beans & Vice (Supper Club, Bk 6) by J. B. Stanley 8 WL

Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline 12 WL

The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand 81 WL

The Stranger by Harlan Coben (ex-library; excellent condition) 57 WL

The Wily O'Reilly Irish Country Stories by Patrick Taylor 16 WL



The Time Quartet: A Wrinkle in Time / A Wind in the Door / A Swiftly Tilting Planet / Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle  6 WL


Graphic Novels

ALEC: The Years Have Pants (A Life-Size Omnibus) by Eddie Campbell 3 WL


Victorian Exterior Decoration: How to Paint Your Nineteenth-Century American House Historically by Roger W. Moss, Gail Caskey Winkler 2 WL

For Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth by Daniel Grotta 2 WL

A Tolkien Miscellany by J. R. R. Tolkien 1 WL

Walking with Frodo: A Devotional Journey Through the Lord of the Rings by Sarah Arthur 1 WL

Books for Children: all in excellent condition

Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson 3 WL

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett 5 WL

The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Bk 13) by Lemony Snicket 2 WL

Eric Carle's Animals Animals by Eric Carle 9 WL

The Family Book by Todd Parr 15 WL

Fancy Nancy Poet Extraordinaire by Jane O'Connor 3 WL

First Snow in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy by Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick 1 WL

G Is for Garden State: A New Jersey Alphabet by Eileen Cameron 2 WL

Henny-Penny retold and illustrated by Jane Wattenberg 1 WL

Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace by Nan Marino (autographed by author) 2 WL

I Kissed the Baby! by Mary Murphy 1 WL


The Little Big Book Of Animals by Lena Tabori, Katrina Fried 2 WL

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, Bk 1) by Rick Riordan 5 WL


Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! (A Bright Early Book, Be13) by Dr. Seuss 4 WL

Merry Christmas, Merry Crow by Kathi Appelt 4 WL

Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle 4 WL


My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco (autographed by author) 3 WL

Oh No Not Again - Or How I Built a Time Machine to Save History - Or at Least My History Grade by Mac Barnett 1 WL

Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss 11 WL

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin & Eric Carle  3 WL


Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin 6 WL

Pirates: Horrible Histories Handbooks by Terry Deary 5 WL


Pokemon Black and White Vol 4 by Hidenori Kusaka 2 WL

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister 1 WL

The Test (Animorphs, Bk 43) by K. A. Applegate (edges of pages and inside back cover have tanned with age) 3 WL

Walt Disney's Classic Storybook 1 WL

Who Was First? Discovering the Americas by Russell Freedman 1 WL

Who Will Help Santa This Year by Jerry Pallotta 2 WL

The Zombie Chasers #4: Empire State of Slime by John Kloepfer 6 WL

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Hi! One cat, non-smoking household. Please request multiples of 2 or more (may combine with shelf orders) and have them on auto-WL. Happy reading. :-) Always looking for new “friends,” my friends list is on auto accept :-). Books I have newly added are at the top of each of their sections. And please put them on your WL before messaging. Thanks!  I SEND FREEBIES! You can choose 1 of these for every 2 you request. So, 3 for 2, 6 for 4, etc. Use up those credits ;-). Just message me and have at least the 2 on you WL so I can post them and include the freebies.

Fantasy/Sci Fi/Seafaring/Paranormal

The Pale Horseman tie-in, Bernard Cornwell

Kingdom Keepers VII: The Insider, Ridley Pearson


Trains and Lovers, Alexander McCall Smith


Love Him or Leave Him, but Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab, Loni Love

I Like You Just the Way I Am, Jenny Mollen

It Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions, Josh Wolf

We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Parmy Olson

Stranger Here: How Weight-Loss Surgery Transformed My Body and Messed With My Head, Jen Larsen

Song of Spiderman, Glen Berger

How I Became a Famous Novelist, Steve Hely

Has Anyone Seen My Pants, Sarah Colonna

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprise Appeal of Living Alone, Eric Klinenberg

Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls, Leandra Medine

Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life, Jenny McCarthy

No Turning Back: One Man’s Inspiring Story Bryan Anderson

Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, Chris Kluwe

Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars, Scotty Bowers

Cab Talk: Voices from the Backseat of a San Francisco Taxi, Tim Keefe

Crash and Burn, Artie Lange

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Please order 2 or more and may combine with my bookshelf.  Wish list the books you want and have AR on, then pm me with your request. Please turn off any requestor's condition. Thanks so much!


Science Fiction Added 8/13

Hybrids (Neanderthal Parallax, Bk 3)
Author: Robert J. Sawyer
ISBN-10: 076534906X    1 WL

Lit/Fiction Added 8/13

Emma's Promise (Northwoods Adventures)
Author: Amy A. Corron
ISBN-13: 9781594676871   1 WL

Shades of Milk and Honey (Glamourist Histories, Bk 1)
Author: Mary Robinette Kowal
ISBN-13: 9780765325600   37 WL


Fighting Dirty (Ultimate, Bk 4)
Author: Lori Foster
ISBN-13: 9780373789177  9 Wishers 

Stealing History
Author: William D. Andrews
ISBN-13: 9780976323174   2 Wishers 

Tempting Fate
Author: Jane Green
ISBN-13: 9781250061294  9 Wishers

Animal Attraction (Animal Magnetism, Bk 2)
Author: Jill Shalvis
ISBN-13: 9780425268377   3 Wisher

Backlands: A Novel of the American West
Author: Michael McGarrity
ISBN-13: 9780451471666   7 Wishers

Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
ISBN-13: 9780142402511  7 Wishers

Odd Interlude: A Special Odd Thomas Adventure
Author: Dean Koontz
                                           3 Wishers  

The Troop
Author: Nick Cutter
ISBN-13: 9781476717722     27 Wishers   

Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 23)
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
ISBN-13: 9780515156072       48 Wishers   

Give it Up
Author: Lori Foster
ISBN-13: 9781420137330        43  Wishers   

Young Adult:

The Looking Glass Wars: ArchEnemy
Author: Frank Beddor
ISBN-13: 9780803731561 - ISBN-10: 0803731566   28 Wishers

Life As We Knew It (Last Survivors, Bk 1)
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
ISBN-13: 9780152061548 - ISBN-10: 0152061541   8 Wishers 


Suede to Rest (Material Witness, Bk 1)
Author: Diane Vallere      24 Wishers    

Still Life (Chief Inspector Gamache, Bk 1) 
Author: Louise Penny
ISBN-13: 9781250000644   1 WL  Added 8/13  

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Sorry, duplicate post

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Preference given to larger orders - please have on auto request. Non-smoking home - no pets.  August ARC list here.  ARC's cannot be posted to your account.   Other available books  not posted on PBS  (PM me any titles from this list and I'll post to your account. Most are in very good to almost new condition ~ all meet posting requirements.  If there is only 1 wisher for a book - please send me title and I will post directly to your account to avoid disappointments.

American Gods ~ Neil Gaiman ~ 9780380789030 ~ 8 wishers

Digging Up the Dirt A Southern Ladies Mystery ~ Miranda James ~ 9780425273067

A Quilter's Holiday (Elm Creek Quilts, Bk. 15) ~ Jennifer Chiaverini ~ 9781451658217 ~ 12 wishers

The Book Thief ~ Markus Zusak ~ 9780385754729 ~ 1 wishers

The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike, Bk. 1)  ~ Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling) ~ 30 wishers

The Defense ~ Steve Cavanagh ~ 9781250082251 ~ 13 wishers

A Lowcountry Wedding ~ Mary Alice Monroe ~ 9781501125430 ~ 46 wishers

Fair and Tender Ladies ~ Lee Smith ~ 9780345383990  ~ 1 wishers

The Kraken Project ~ Douglas Preston ~ 9780765356987  ~ 3 wishers

The Undead Pool (Hollows, Bk. 12) ~ Kim Harrison ~ 9780061957932 ~ 75 wishers

Garment of Shadows: A Novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes ~ Laurie R. King ~ 9780553386769 ~ 21 wishers

The Lost Island ~ Preston & Child ~ 9781455584000 ~ 12 wishers

The Left-handed Dollar (Amos Walker)  ~ Loren D. Estelman ~ 9780765319579 - 2 wishers

Nowhere, Carolina (Southern Discomfort, 2) ~ Tamara Leigh ~ 9781601421678 ~ 7 wishers

The Peacock Emporium ~ JoJo Moyes ~ 0340752041 ~ 28 wishers

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Orders of two or more, please. WL books may be combined with books from my shelf to complete an order.

I smoke and had a cat. Please turn off any RCs regarding those before ordering and please have any WL books on your WL and on auto-request.


Bloodstone (Stacy Justice, Bk 2)
Author: Barbra Annino
8 Wishers

The Janus Affair (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, Bk 2)
Author: Pip Ballantine, Tee Morris
3 Wishers (Phoenix Rising, the 1st book in the series is on my bookshelf)

Warrior Untamed (Warrior, Bk 3)
Author: Melissa Mayhue
10 Wishers

Wyrd Sisters (Discworld, Bk 6)
Author: Terry Pratchett
5 Wishers

The Shining Girls
Author: Lauren Beukes
Hardcover 45 Wishers

General Fiction:

Naked Greed (Stone Barrington, Bk 34)
Author: Stuart Woods
12 Wishers

The Trident Deception
Author: Rick Campbell
6 Wishers

The Devil's Waters (A USAF Pararescue Thriller, Book 1)
Author: David L. Robbins
5 Wishers

Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Author: John Green, David Levithan
53 Wishers

Peace (Secrets of Crittenden County, Bk 4)
Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
11 Wishers

The Bell Jar (Modern Classics)
Author: Sylvia Plath
8 Wishers

Half Moon Harbor (Bachelors of Blueberry Cove, Bk 2)
Author: Donna Kauffman
9 Wishers


Braking for Bodies (Cycle Path, Bk 2)
Author: Duffy Brown


Spells and Scones (Magical Bakery, Bk 6)
Author: Bailey Cates


Gone With the Witch (Wishcraft, Bk 6)
Author: Heather Blake


Cast On, Kill Off (Knitting Mystery, Bk 10)
Author: Maggie Sefton
Hardcover 3 Wishers

Close Knit Killer (Knitting Mystery, Bk 11)
Author: Maggie Sefton
Hardcover 12 Wishers

Pouncing on Murder (Bookmobile Cat, Bk 4)
Author: Laurie Cass
61 Wishers

Beewitched (Queen Bee, Bk 5)
Author: Hannah Reed


Beeline to Trouble (Queen Bee, Bk 4)
Author: Hannah Reed



Mornings on Horseback
Author: David McCullough
33 Wishers

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Orders of 2 or more; may combine with Bookshelf items. Most came to me used, but this is a non-pet, non-smoking household. Please have on your WL with requester conditions removed. PM me with choices.




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Orders of 2 or more please.  May combine with any of my books, including 0 WL books (ask about availability) & lists in my signature line.

Thank you.

Audio Books on CD:  (alphabetical by author) 

In Cold Blood (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Truman CapoteScott Brick (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 12 

One False Move (Myron Bolitar, Bk 5) (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Harlan CobenJonathan Marosz (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 4

Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for Life: Get Rich, Stay Rich (Abridged Audio CD) :: Jim CramerCliff Mason  Members Wishing: 2

Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case (Abridged Audio CD) :: Catherine Crier  Members Wishing: 1

Trespasser (Mike Bowditch, Bk 2) (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Paul DoironHenry Leyva (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 3

Very Bad Men (David Loogan, Bk 2) (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Harry DolanErik Davies (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 1

Even More Notes from the Universe: Dancing Life's Dance (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Mike Dooley  Members Wishing: 2

Seven Up (Stephanie Plum, Bk 7) (Abridged Audio CD) :: Janet EvanovichTanya Eby (Narrator) Members Wishing: 1

Things the Grandchildren Should Know (Unabridged Audio CD) :: The Chet (Narrator)Mark Oliver Everett aka E of The Eels Members Wishing: 1

A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Bethenny Frankel  Members Wishing: 8

The Burying Place (Jonathan Stride, Bk 5) (Unabridged Audio MP3-CD) :: Brian FreemanJoe Barrett (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 1

The Assault on Reason (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Al GoreWill Patton (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 1

Kinsey and Me (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Sue GraftonJudy Kaye (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 6

The Iliad (Abridged Audio CD) :: HomerAnton Lesser (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 1

American Sketches: Great Leaders, Creative Thinkers, & Heroes of a Hurricane (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Walter IsaacsonCotter Smith (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 1

The Shift (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Tory Johnson  Members Wishing: 5

Elmer Gantry (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Sinclair Lewis, Anthony Heald (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 1

Bliss (Unabridged Audio CD) :: O. Z. LivaneliAnna Fields (Narrator)Cigdem Aksoy Fromm (Translator)  Members Wishing: 1

I Am the New Black (Abridged Audio CD) :: Tracy MorganAnthony Bozza  Members Wishing: 1 

Liberty Defined: The 50 Urgent Issues That Affect Our Freedom (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Ron Paul, Bob Craig (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 3

Look Me in the Eye: My Life With Asberger's (Abridged Audio CD) :: John Elder Robison  Members Wishing: 5

Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Benjamin Alire SaenzRobert Ramirez (Narrator)  Members Wishing: 1

A New Earth (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Eckhart Tolle  Members Wishing: 3

Tales from Cultures Far and Near :: Jim Weiss  Members Wishing: 1

A Matter of Trust (Mia Quinn, Bk 1) (Unabridged Audio CD) :: Lis WiehlEleni Pappageorge (Narrator) Members Wishing: 2

Print Books:  

American Dervish: A Novel :: Ayad Akhtar  HC  Members Wishing: 17

A Path and a Practice : Using Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching as a Guide to an Awakened Spiritual Life :: William Martin  trade PB  Members Wishing: 2

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Minimum order of 2 please.   Please set for auto accept & no RCs.  Can combine with my bookshelf and   0 available/ 0 wishers 

Get a 4th paperback from regular bookshelf for free with order of 3

recently added are italicized

Hello, Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make :: Karen Tack, Alan (Chef) Richardson wl 22

Save the Date :: Mary Kay Andrews  Members Wishing: 12

Savannah Breeze (Southern, Bk 2) :: Mary Kay Andrews Members Wishing: 6

The Forgotten Room :: Lincoln Child  wl 15

Risen: The Novelization of the Major Motion Picture :: Angela Hunt wl 5

Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky :: Connie Lapallo  wl 3

The Fountain Overflows (New York Review Books Classics) :: Rebecca West  wl 14

London Under Midnight :: Simon Clark wl 2

The Peach Keeper :: Sarah Addison Allen wl 1

The Shining King :: Peter Danielson wl 3

The Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim (Cats in Trouble, Bk 6) :: Leann Sweeney wl 9

The Stranger :: Harlan Coben wl 1

Nexis :: A. L. Davroe wl 5

Twice Tempted (Night Prince, Bk 2) :: Jeaniene Frost  wl 16

Simple Perfection (Rosemary Beach, Bk 6) :: Abbi Glines  wl 7

Bitten to Death (Jaz Parks, Bk 4) :: Jennifer Rardin  wl 10

Storming Heaven (Star Trek: Vanguard) :: David Mack    wl 4

Plagues of Night (Star Trek: Typhon Pact, Bk 6) :: David R. George III   wl 2

Late, Late at Night :: Rick Springfield  wl 12

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  wl 9

The Tao of Travel: Enlightenments from Lives on the Road :: Paul Theroux  wl 10

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I have the first five books in the Bonner family saga WILDERNESS by Sara Donati. I'd like to keep them together and send them all to one person, but would consider only sending a couple. They are: 

INTO THE WILDERNESS http://www.paperbackswap.com/Wilderness-Bk-1-Sara-Donati/book/0385342578/   (Wishers 39) 

DAWN ON A DISTANT SHORE http://www.paperbackswap.com/Dawn-Distant-Shore-Sara-Donati/book/0553578553/  (Wishers  1)

LAKE IN THE CLOUDS  http://www.paperbackswap.com/Lake-Clouds-Wilderness-Sara-Donati/book/0553582798/   (Wishers 11)

FIRE ALONG THE SKY  http://www.paperbackswap.com/Fire-Along-Sky-Sara-Donati/book/0553582771/   (Wishers 13)

QUEEN OF SWORDS  http://www.paperbackswap.com/Queen-Swords-Wilderness-Sara-Donati/book/055358278X/  (Wishers 14)


BLOODCROSS (Jane Yellowrock Book 2)-Faith Hunter  http://www.paperbackswap.com/Blood-Cross-Jane-Faith-Hunter/book/04514630

MERCY BLADE (Jane Yellowrock book 3)- Faith Hunter  http://www.paperbackswap.com/Mercy-Blade-Jane-Faith-Hunter/book/0451463722/

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Please order 3 or more and may combine with my bookshelf.  Wish list the books you want and have AR on, then pm me with your request.

Thank you


Children's and YA

Nathan Hale: Revolutionary Spy - Graphic Library: Graphic Biographies by Nathan Olson (wl 7) ISBN /0736861998/

Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse  by Marilyn Singer (wl 4) ISBN 9780545369657

The Zombie Chasers 2 Undead Ahead by John Kloepfer (wl 4) ISBN 0061853089/

The Zombie Chasers 3 Sludgment Day  by John Kloepfer (wl 2) ISBN 0061853119/

The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure (Alfred Hitchcock 3 Investigators Series #5) by Alfred Hitchcock (wl 3) ISBN /0394844521/

The Mystery of the Dead Man's Riddle (Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators #22) by Alfred Hitchcock (wl 8) ISBN /0394844513/


Ardeur 14 Writers on the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series Laurell K. Hamilton (Editor), Leah Wilson (Editor) (wl 15) ISBN /193377147X/

The Martian by Andy Weir (wl 108) ISBN /0553418025/

Me Before You  by Jojo Moyes (wl 288) ISBN /0143124544/

Erotica/ Romance

Velvet Ties by Susie Charles (wl 6) ISBN /1419959328/

Grey Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by E L James (wl 66) ISBN /1101946342/

Raphael (Vampires in America, Bk 1) by D. B. Reynolds (wl 44) ISBN /1933417471/

Feral Fixation by Jory Strong, Mary Winter,  N. J. Walter, Delilah Devlin, Myla Jackson (wl 17) ISBN 1419957120/

Jesse's Challenge (Corralled, Bk 3) by Nicole Austin (wl 11) ISBN 1599989603/

Accidentally Catty (Accidentals, Bk 5) by Dakota Cassidy (wl 24) ISBN 0425239608/

The Accidental Genie - Accidentals, Bk 7 (Accidentals, Bk 5) by Dakota Cassidy (wl 38) ISBN /0425253244/

Predatory (Out of Control / Ties That Bind / In Still Darkness / High Stakes) by Hannah Jayne, Dianne Duvall, Alexandra Ivy, Nina Bangs (wl 5) ISBN /1420125125/

Simply Sexual (House of Pleasure, Bk 1) by Kate Pearce (wl 23) ISBN 0758223544/

Michelle's Men (Coopers' Companions, Bk 2) by Lynn LaFleur (wl 11) ISBN 1419956566/

Surrender by Kimberly Zant (wl 20) ISBN 1586088998/

Theirs to Cherish  (Wicked Lovers, Bk 8) by Shayla Black (wl 28) ISBN /0425251233/  Trade size not Mass Market

Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack, Bk 1) by Shelly Laurenston (wl 33) ISBN 1599982714/


Seized  (Trek Mi Q'an, Bk 1.5) by Jaid Black  (wl 5) ISBN /0972437738/

Enslaved  (Trek Mi Q'an, Bk 3)  by Jaid Black  (wl 4) ISBN /0972437770/

Love Under Siege  (Brothers in Arms, Bk 2)  by Samantha Kane  (wl 37) ISBN /1419956272/





Unveiled  by Jamie Craig (wl 1) ISBN /1602729743/

The Left Hand Dreams of Him  (Only the Ring Finger Knows, Bk 2 - Yaoi) by Hotaru Odagiri, Satoru Kannagi (wl 2) ISBN /1569708851/


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Thank you for looking ~ done for Aug....

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Minimum order of 2 please.   Please have on auto request. Non-smoking home.

A High-End Finish :: Kate Carlisle (8 wishers)

A Potion to Die For  :: Heather Blake (27 wishers)

Geared for the Grave  :: Duffy Brown (26 wishers)

Pearls and Poison  :: DUffy Brown (32 wishers)

Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates  :: Kathy Aarons (16 wishers)

I Saw Her Standing There  :: Marie Force (5 wishers)

Murder in the Mystery Suite  :: Ellery Adams (36 wishers)

Well Read Then Dead  :: Terrie Farley Moran (2 wishers)

It Must Be Your Love  :: Bella Andre (9 wishers)

And I Love Her  :: Marie Force (3 wishers)

Bran New Death  :: Victoria Hamilton (18 wishers)

Death of a Mad Hatter :: Jenn McKinlay (19 wishers)

Killer in Crinolines  :: Duffy Brown (8 wishers)

At the Drop of a Hat  :: Jenn McKinlay (31 wishers)


The Sense of an Ending ::  Julian Barner (3 wishers)

The Bluest Eye  :: Toni Morrison (3 wishers)

Eventide :: Kent Haruf (2 wishers)

Three Junes  :: Julie Glass (3 wishers)

The Midnight Palace  :: Carlos Ruiz Zafon (1 wishers)

A Perfect Life A Novel :: Danielle Steel (1 wisher)

Atlas Shrugged  :: Ayn Rand (3 wishers)

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Orders of 2 or more only.  May be combined with books from my shelf, and/or ARCs.  Please have on your wishlist with AutoRequest on before you PM.  Feel free to add any of the unpostables listed in my profile to your order.  Thanks for looking!

Graphic novel:

Batman Night of the Owls - The New 52 Author: Scott Snyder, Various (WL 2)


The Unseen by Alexandra Sokoloff (10 WL)


Please Ignore Vera Dietz Author: A.S. King (8 WL)


Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys into Fame and Madness Author: Neil Strauss 3 WL

Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now :: Douglas Rushkoff (8 WL)

Clean, Clear, and Cold: The Fate of Fresh Water in the Twenty-First Century :: Alex Prud'homme (4 WL)

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This month, I’m taking orders of at least 3 books at a time. Naturally, you are free to combine any item from the list below with anything you find on my Bookshelf. (Which has over 250 books at the moment.)

Please note: Items on my Bookshelf tend to average about one-third falling under the umbrella of "Science Fiction & Fantasy," and about one-third falling under "Mystery, Thriller & Suspense." If you like those genres, you should have a decent chance of finding something to suit your tastes. (And, of course, the remainder of my shelf is a mishmash of other stuff.) 

Please have Auto-Request set for anything you want, before you send me a PM listing the 3 (or more) books which you would like to receive in one package.

P.S. To save you the trouble of asking: I have lived alone for several years; I've never smoked; I've never kept any pets. Many of my books are things I acquired secondhand, but I've never noticed a tobacco odor coming from anything I'm offering here on PBS.



Science Fiction:

Star Wars: Darth Bane, Dynasty of Evil: A Novel of the Old Republic by Drew Karpyshyn (mass-market paperback, 6 wishing)



Staff of Judea (Rogue Angel, Bk 41) by Alex Archer (mass-market paperback, 11 wishing)

Two Weeks's Notice (Revivalist, Bk 2) by Rachel Caine (mass-market paperback, 19 wishing)

Casket of Souls (Nightrunner, Bk 6) by Lynn Flewelling (mass-market paperback, 22 wishing)

The Mist-Torn Witches (Mist-Torn Witches, Bk 1) by Barb Hendee (mass-market paperback, 8 wishing)

Darkening Skies (The Hadrumal Crisis, Bk 2) by Juliet E. McKenna (mass-market paperback, 2 wishing)

Defiant Peaks (The Hadrumal Crisis, Bk 3) by Juliet E. McKenna (mass-market paperback, 3 wishing)

Magic Without Mercy (Allie Beckstrom, Bk 8) by Devon Monk (mass-market paperback, 28 wishing)

Shadow Chaser (Chronicles of Siala, Bk 2) by Alexey Pehov (hardback, 2 wishing)

Shadow Blizzard (Chronicles of Siala, Bk 3) by Alexey Pehov (hardback, 3 wishing)

The Night Life of the Gods by Thorne Smith (mass-market paperback, 2 wishing)

Unbinding (World of the Lupi, Bk 11) by Eileen Wilks (mass-market paperback, 38 wishing)


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense:

Twelve Days (John Wells, Bk 9) by Alex Berenson (mass-market paperback, 5 wishing)

Frozen Heat (Nikki Heat, Bk 4) by Richard Castle (hardback, 25 wishing)

Mrs. Pollifax: Three Complete Mysteries: A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax / Mrs. Pollifax on Safari / Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station (Bks 4, 5, 6) by Dorothy Gilman (hardback, 3 wishing)

Murder by the Book (Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew, Bk 18) by Susanna Gregory (hardback, 4 wishing)

The Piccadilly Plot (Thomas Chaloner, Bk 7) by Susanna Gregory (hardback, 1 wishing)

Pirate King (Mary Russell, Bk 11) by Laurie R. King (hardback, 7 wishing)

The Devil's Madonna by Sharon Potts (hardback, 1 wishing)

Nemesis (Nameless Detective, Bk 37) by Bill Pronzini (hardback, 1 wishing)

Quake (Spiral, Bk 2) by Andy Remic (mass-market paperback, 2 wishing)



Fall of Giants (Century, Bk 1) by Ken Follett (hardback, 36 wishing)

Winter of the World (The Century Trilogy, Bk 2) by Ken Follett (mass-market paperback, 14 wishing)

Edge of Eternity (The Century Trilogy, Bk 3) by Ken Follett (mass-market paperback, 41 wishing)

Three Novels: The House of Mirth, the Custom of the Country, Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton (hardback, 2 wishing)



Rose Hip Zero Volume 3 by Tohru Fujisawa (paperback, 1 wishing)




The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, Bk 3) by Ashlyn Chase (mass-market paperback, 13 wishing)

Unbreakable (Section 8, Bk 2) by Stephanie Tyler (mass-market paperback, 17 wishing)



Teen & Young Adult:

Deity (Covenant, Bk 3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (paperback, 8 wishing)

Betsy's Wedding (last of the Betsy-Tacy series) by Maud Hart Lovelace (paperback, 9 wishing)

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Ok! I'm looking for order of 2 or more! (Preference will be given to larger orders!) Your order can combine book from here and my Bookshelf. I don't smoke but I do have a fluffy cat, so please keep that in mind!


Also! I'm not on the internet much on the weekends, so if I'm slow getting back to you, don't panic! It's first come, first serve.


Please make sure you have the books you're requesting on your wishlist.


  • Young Adult/Teen:


-City of Flowers (Stravaganza, Bk 3)  Author: Mary Hoffman  ISBN-13: 9781582347493  (WL 2)  


-The Last Sister: A Novel (Young Palmetto Books)  Author: Courtney McKinney-Whitaker  ISBN-13: 9781611174304  (WL 1) 


-The Creature in the Case  Author: Garth Nix  ISBN-13: 9780007201389  (WL 3)  


-Walking With Frodo: A Devotional Journey Through the Lord of the Rings  Author: Sarah Arthur  ISBN-13: 9780842385541  (WL 1)  


-Sacred Leaf: The Cocalero Novels  Author: Deborah Ellis  ISBN-13: 9780888997517   (WL 1)  


-Eat, Brains, Love  Author: Jeff Hart  ISBN-13: 9780062200341   (WL 1)  ADDED 6/24


-Cake Pop Crush  Author: Suzanne Nelson  ISBN-13: 9780545675642  (WL 1)  ADDED 7/28


-Just For Fins (Lily Sanderson, Bk 3)  Author: Tera Lynn Childs  ISBN-13: 9780062192158   (WL 5)  ADDED 8/31




  • Fiction/Literature:



-My Education   Author: Susan Choi  ISBN-13: 9781780721743   (WL 6)  


-American Rust  Author: Philipp Meyer  ISBN-13: 9781847394125   (WL 5) 


-Stargazey Point: A Novel  Author: Shelley Noble  ISBN-13: 9780062258342  (WL 4) 


-Gabriel's Rapture (Gabriel's Inferno, Bk 2)  Author: Sylvain Reynard  ISBN-13: 9780425265956  (WL 9)  


-Ten Little Indians  Author: Sherman Alexie  ISBN-13: 9780802141170  (WL 3) 


-DARK BACK OF TIME   Author: JAVIER MARIAS  ISBN-13: 9780099287469  (WL 2) 


-Brown Girl in the Ring   Author: Nalo Hopkinson  ISBN-13: 9780446674331  (WL 12) 


-Mistress of Mourning  Author: Karen Harper  ISBN-13: 9780451236906  (WL 4) 


-The Curate's Awakening  Author: George MacDonald  ISBN-13: 9780871238382  (WL 2) 


-Hope Rising (Of Love and War)  Author: Stacy Henrie  Author: Stacy Henrie  (WL 2) 


-Little Known Facts: A Novel  Author: Christine Sneed  ISBN-13: 9781608199587  (WL 7) 


-Heft     Author: Liz Moore  ISBN-13: 9780099558729  (WL 4) 


-The Edge of Maybe, Premium Edition  Author: Ericka Lutz  ISBN-13: 9780982708446   (WL 1)  


-The Tiger's Wife.  Author: Téa Obreht  ISBN-13: 9780753827406  (WL 55)  


-The Night Circus  Author: Erin Morgenstern  ISBN-13: 9780307744432  (WL 80)   


-Company of Liars   Author: Karen Maitland  ISBN-13: 9780141031910  (WL 3)  


-Oranges are Not the Only Fruit  Author: Jeanette Winterson  ISBN-13: 9780044406716   (WL 2)  


-Snuff  Author: Chuck Palahniuk  ISBN-13: 9780307275844  (WL 2)  ADDED 7/26


-The Dry Grass of August  Author: Anna Jean Mayhew  ISBN-13: 9780758254092  (WL 49)   ADDED 7/26


-Katherine  Author: Anya Seton  ISBN-13: 9781556525322  (WL 2)  ADDED 7/26


-Invisible Monsters  Author: Chuck Palahniuk  ISBN-13: 9780099285441  (WL 9)  ADDED 8/2




  • CD AudioBooks:



-Frankenstein (Classic Literature with Classical Music)   Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley  ISBN-10: 9626340037 (WL 1)  


-Empress Orchid (Audio CD) (Abridged)  Author: Anchee MinPik-Sen Lim (Narrator)  (WL 3)  


-The Calligrapher's Daughter  Author: Eugenia Kim  ISBN-13: 9781400113545   (WL 2)


-Emotionally Weird  Author: Kate Atkinson  ISBN-13: 9781846572371   (WL 1) 


-Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked  Author: James Lasdun  ISBN-13: 9781624062391  (WL 2)  


-Life Studies (Audio CD) (Unabridged)  Author: Susan VreelandKaren White (Narrator)  ISBN-13: 9780143057178  (WL 1)  ADDED 8/22


-The Sociopath Next Door (Audio CD) (Unabridged)  Author: Martha StoutShelly Frasier (Narrator)  ISBN-13: 9781400101566   (WL 4)  ADDED 8/22




  • Mysteries/Thrillers:



-Under the Bright Lights  Author: Daniel Woodrell  ISBN-13: 9780712623339   (WL 3)  


-A Corpse's Nightmare (Fever Devilin, Bk 6)  Author: Phillip DePoy  ISBN-13: 9780312699468  (WL 3) 


-The Deepest Secret  Author: Carla Buckley  ISBN-13: 9780553393736   (WL 22) 


-The Piano Teacher  Author: Elfriede Jelinek  ISBN-13: 9781852427504   (WL 4)  


-The Ashtabula Hat Trick: A Milan Jacovich Mystery (Milan Jacovich Mysteries)  Author: Les Roberts  ISBN-13: 9781938441714  (WL 2)


-Bright Orange for the Shroud (Travis McGee, Bk 6)  Author: John D. MacDonald  ISBN-13: 9780449224441  (WL 3) 


-Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond, Bk 4)  Author: Peter Lovesey  ISBN-13: 9781569473771  (WL 2) 


-Time to Kill (Kyle Swanson Sniper, Bk 6)  Author: Donald A. DavisJack Coughlin  ISBN-13: 9781250012876  (WL 4) 


-A Burial at Sea (Charles Lenox, Bk 5)  Author: Charles Finch  ISBN-13: 9781250008145 (WL 6) 


-No Human Involved  Author: Barbara Seranella  ISBN-13: 9780312156145  (WL 1)  


-Agent 6 (Leo Demidov, Bk 3)   Author: Tom Rob Smith  ISBN-13: 9780446550765  (WL 6)  ADDED 7/28


-Zoo     Author: Otsuichi   ISBN-13: 9781421525877  (WL 7)   ADDED 8/2




  • Children: 



-Clemency Pogue : Fairy Killer   Author: J. T. Petty  ISBN-13: 9780689872365  (WL 2)  


-Turtle in Paradise  Author: Jennifer L. Holm  ISBN-13: 9780375836909  (WL 3) 


-Zen Shorts   Author: Jon J. Muth  ISBN-13: 9780439339117  (WL 1)  


-The Gammage Cup (Minnipins, Bk 1)  Author: Carol KendallErik Blegvad (Illustrator)  ISBN-13: 9780590451031   (WL 1) 


-Ragweed (Poppy, Bk 1)  Author: AviBrian Floca (Illustrator)  ISBN-13: 9780380801671  (WL 5)  


-The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Bk 1)  Author: James Patterson  ISBN-13: 9780316067959   (WL 2)


-Mitchell is Moving (Reading Rainbow)  Author: Marjorie Weinman SharmatJose Aruego (Illustrator)Ariane Dewey (Illustrator)  ISBN-13: 9780020452607 (WL 1) 


-Willoughby & the Lion  Author: Greg Foley  ISBN-13: 9780061547508  (WL 2)


-Dark Lord: The Early Years   Author: Jamie Thomson  ISBN-13: 9780802728494  (WL 2)  


-The Secret of the Fortune Wookie (Origami Yoda, Bk 3)   Author: Tom Angleberger  ISBN-13: 9781419706790  (WL 1)  


-Attack of the Ninja Frogs (Dragonbreath, Bk 2)   Author: Ursula Vernon  ISBN-13: 9780803733657  (WL 2)  ADDED 7/1


-Vampire Mountain (Cirque du Freak, Book 4)   Author: Darren Shan  ISBN-13: 9780316608060   (WL 1)  ADDED 7/1


-The Sigh  Author: Marjane SatrapiEdward Gauvin (Translator)  ISBN-13: 9781936393466  (WL 1)  ADDED 7/29



  • History/Politics/Social Sciences/Reference/Religion/Money:



-The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916  Author: Alistair Horne  ISBN-13: 9780140170412  (WL 3) 


-In Search of Ireland's Heroes: The Story of the Irish from the English Invasion to the Present Day  Author: Carmel McCaffrey  ISBN-13: 9781566636155   (WL 1)  


-Meditations of John Muir: Nature's Temple  Author: Chris Highland ISBN-13: 9780899972855  (WL 3) 


-The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II   Author: Iris Chang  ISBN-13: 9780140277449  (WL 1) 


-The Sister Circle Handbook: Discover the Joy of Friendship  Author: Nancy MoserBrenda Josee  ISBN-13: 9780764435713  (WL 2) 


-Can't Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results  Author: Bob GarfieldDoug Levy  ISBN-13: 9781591845775  (WL 1) 


-Radical Equations: Civil Rights from Mississippi to the Algebra Project  Author: Robert P. MosesCharles E. Cobb  ISBN-13: 9780807031278  (WL 2) 


-Manhattan Medics: The Gripping Story of the Men and Women of Emergency Medical Services Who Make the Streets of the City Their Career  Author: NREMT-P, Francis J. Rella  ISBN-13: 9780871272607  (WL 2)


-How to Break 90: An Easy Approach for Breaking Golf's Toughest Scoring Barrier  Author: T.J. TomasiMike AdamsMike Corcoran  ISBN-13: 9780071385596   (WL 1)   


-Soloing: Realizing Your Life's Ambition  Author: Harriet Rubin  ISBN-13: 9780066620145  (WL 1)  


-I Shouldn't Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know Author: Kate White  ISBN-13: 9780062122124   (WL 7)   


-Liar's Poker   Author: Michael Lewis  ISBN-13: 9780393338690  (WL 3)   ADDED 7/26


-Rabid: A Cultural History of the World's Most Diabolical Virus  Author: Bill WasikMonica Murphy  ISBN-13: 9780670023738   (WL 42) ADDED 8/22



  • Biographies & Memoirs/ Travel Writing:



-The Heart and the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy SEAL  Author: Eric Greitens  ISBN-13:9780547750385   (WL 11)  


-The Kabbalah Code: A True Adventure   Author: James F. TwymanPhilip Gruber  ISBN-13: 9781401924041  (WL 6)


-Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World  Author: Mary Pipher  ISBN-13: 9781594484407  (WL 2)


-Quartered Safe Out Here: A Harrowing Tale of World War II  Author: George MacDonald Fraser  ISBN-13: 9781602391901  (WL 2) 


-Parrot in the Pepper Tree: A Sort of Sequel to Driving over Lemons  Author: Chris Stewart  ISBN-13: 9780953522750  (WL 1) 


-A Life Shaken : My Encounter with Parkinson's Disease   Author: Joel Havemann ISBN-13: 9780801878886  (WL 2)  


-Times Two: Two Women in Love and the Making of a Happy Family  Author: Kristen HendersonSarah Ellis  ISBN-13: 9781439176405  (WL 5) 


-Nasty : My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints  Author: Simon Doonan  ISBN-13: 9780743267045  (WL 1)  


-A Song in the Night: A Memoir of Resilience  Author: Bob Massie  ISBN-13: 9780385535755 (WL 1) 


-The New Imperialists   Author: Mark Leibovich  ISBN-13: 9780735203174   (WL 1) 


-The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey   Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen  ISBN-13: 9780232522389  (WL 2) 


-Going Gray: How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Grace and Style  Author: Anne Kreamer  ISBN-13: 9780316166621  (WL 2)


-Reading Lips: A Memoir of Kisses  Author: Claudia Sternbach   ISBN-13: 9781609530372   (WL 13)  


-The Package Deal: My (not-so) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom  Author: Izzy Rose  ISBN-13: 9780307454331   (WL 2) 


-Honor's Voice : The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln  Author: Douglas L. Wilson  ISBN-13: 9780375703966  (WL 3)  


-King Larry: The Life and Ruins of a Billionaire Genius  Author: James D. Scurlock  ISBN-13: 9781416589228  (WL 3) 


-Another Bullshit Night in Suck City: A Memoir   Author: Nick Flynn   ISBN-13: 9780393329407   (WL 9)   


-Down Under  Author: Bill Bryson  ISBN-13: 9780552997034  (WL 1)  ADDED 8/2


-The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon  Author: Sei ShonagonIvan Morris (Translator)  ISBN-13: 9780231073370  (WL 9)   ADDED 8/2


-Autobiography of a Face   Author: Lucy Grealy  ISBN-13: 9780060569662  (WL 1)   ADDED 8/3


-Crazy Enough  Author: Storm Large  ISBN-13: 9781439192405  (WL 16)  ADDED 8/15



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This is a continuation from the post above:


  • Humor & Hobbies & Entertainment & Travel:



-The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel : An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet  Author: Norma Moffat  ISBN-13: 9781582451251  (WL 1) 


-Culture Clash  Author: Jean Donaldson  ISBN-13: 9781888047059   (WL 3)  




  • Science Fiction & Fantasy & Occult:



The Death of the Necromancer  Author: Martha Wells  ISBN-13: 9780380788149   (WL 1)  


-Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 21)  Author: Laurell K. Hamilton  ISBN-13: 9780425247549  (WL 61) 


-The Princess Bride   Author: William Goldman  ISBN-13: 9780345348036  (WL 4)  ADDED 8/2




  • Interior Design/Architecture--- Arts/Photography--- Cookbooks---Health:



-Chinese Painting Techniques for Exquisite Watercolors  Author: Lian Quan ZhenLian Zhen  ISBN-13: 9781581800005  (WL 10)  


-Tao Paths To Good Fortune  Author: Solala Towler  ISBN-13: 9780740722950  (WL 1) 


-Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know  Author: Meg Meeker M.D.  ISBN-13: 9780345499394   (WL 107) 


-Desperate Measures  Author: Kristen McKendry  ISBN-13: 9781621085713  (WL 1)  


-On The Threshold: Home, Hardwood, And Holiness  Author: Elizabeth J. Andrew  ISBN-13: 9780813342962  (WL 2)  


-Intimacy Ignited: Conversations Couple To Couple  Author: Joseph, Dr. DillowLinda DillowPeter, Dr. PintusLorraine Pintus  ISBN-13: 9781576836408  (WL 18)  


-Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!  Author: Vimala Rodgers  ISBN-13: 9780684865416  (WL 3)  


-The RTM Cookbook   Author: Ann HazanIrina SmithPa.) Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia  ISBN-13: 9780940159334   (WL 1)  


-You Can't Have Him, He's Mine: A Woman's Guide to Affair-Proofing Her Relationship  Author: Marie H., Ph.D. BrowneMarlene M. Browne  ISBN-13: 9781598691214  (WL 1) 


-Suddenly a Centerpiece: Assemble These Clever Table Designs in No Time at All    Author: Sher Simon  ISBN-13: 9781589231702  (WL 1)  


-STAYING IN ALIGNMENT: Life in the Higher Realms Series - Book Two (Life in the Higher Realms Series)  Author: Karen, Bishop  ISBN-13: 9781601450814  (WL 2)  


-Lightweights   Author: Sharon Montrose   ISBN-13: 9781584792765  (WL 1)   ADDED 7/1


-The Bondage Breaker®: Overcoming *Negative Thoughts *Irrational Feelings *Habitual Sins  Author: Neil T. Anderson  ISBN-13: 9780736918145  (WL 6)   ADDED 7/28


-The Hot Shoe Diaries: Creative Applications of Small Flashes (Voices That Matter)  Author: Joe McNally  ISBN-13: 9780321580146   (WL 24)  ADDED 8/3


-I Love You Rituals  Author: Becky A. Bailey  ISBN-13: 9780688161170  (WL 4)  ADDED 8/15




  • Graphic Novels:



-I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You   Author: Yumi Sakugawa  ISBN-13: 9781440573026  (WL 4)  ADDED 7/11


-Afterworks Volume 1   Author: Various   ISBN-13: 9781582406268  (WL 1)   ADDED 7/19


-Temper, Temper   Author: Sonja Ahlers  ISBN-13: 9781895837414   (WL 1)   ADDED 7/29




  • Manga:


-The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 13  Author: Eiji OtsukaHousui Yamazaki  ISBN-13: 9781616550677   (WL 4)  


-The Innocent  Author: Avi AradJunichi FujisakiYaSung Ko  ISBN-13: 9780316201032   (WL 2)  


-FLCL, Vol 1    Author: Stephanie ShehHajime Ueda  ISBN-13: 9781591823964  (WL 1)   ADDED 7/11



[More to come! Feel free to ask for the full list in the meantime!]


There will be more, but I have to finish digging them out! ;)


AND!! I have other Manga/Graphic novels. You're welcome to ask for the full list.


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I've got some heavier books I'd prefer to send out in groups of three or more to make shipping affordable. Feel free to combine with my shelf or list of books not yet posted (many are zero copies, zero wishers; some are lighter, wishlisted books). Please note that media mail will likely take 4-8 weeks to reach you; PM me if you want some books but don't mind waiting. If you want more than 3, I'm willing to make a deal. If you want six, I can to ship by priority mail (or make a good deal and ship media mail).


Fantasy & Paranormal:

The Devil's Playground (Morgan Kingsley, Bk 5) by Jenna Black, 0440244943, 25 wishers

Bloodhunt (Sentinel Wars, Bk 5) by Shannon K. Butcher, 0451234294, 13 wishers

The White Road (Nightrunner, Bk 5) by Lynn Flewelling, 055359009X, 10 wishers

Shadows's Son by John Sprunk, 1616142014, 9 wishers

The Tears of the Sun: A Novel of the Change (Change Series) by S M Stirling, 0451464435, 9 wishers

Shadow Bound (Unbound, Bk 2) by Rachel VIncent, 0778313433, 21 wishers

 After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn, 0765325551, 1 wisher



Secret Thirst by Evangeline Anderson, 141995279X, 10 wishers

Giving In (Surrender, Bk 2) by Maya Banks, 0425272966, 25 wishers

Taking it All (Surrender, Bk 3) by Maya Banks, 34 wishers

The Perfect Play (Play-by-Play, Bk 1) ​by Jaci Burton, 0425238814, 9 wishers

A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry, Bk 9) by Laurell K. Hamilton, 0425255662, 85 wishers

Midnight Crossroad (Midnight, Texas, Bk 1) by Charlaine Harris, 0425263169, 62 wishers

Exposed to You (One Night of Passion, Bk 2) by Beth Kery, 0425259153, 17 wishers

Midnight Run (Midnight, Bk 2) by Lisa Marie Rice, 1419951068, 17 wishers

Mystic's Run (Angelini, Bk 3) by Jory Strong, 1419958429, 21 wishers

Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy, Bk 1) by JR Ward, 0451475321, 60 wishers


Historical Romance:

The Laird (Captive Hearts, Bk 3) by Grace Burrowes, 1402295022, 2 wishers

Daniel's True Desire (True Gentlemen, Bk 2) by Grace Burrowes, 1492621056, 29 wishers

The Rogue Not Taken (Scandal & Scoundrel, Bk 1) by Sarah MacLean, 0062379410, 7 wishers




Moxyland (Angry Robot) by Lauren Beukes, 0857660047, 2 wishers

River of Gods by Ian McDonald, 1591025958, 14 wishers

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Please order 2 or more.  You can combine these books with books from my bookshelf.  (Note: there are HARDCOVERs on this list.)

Make sure of the following for the books you are requesting:

  •     They are on your Wish List.
  •     They are on Auto-Request.
  •     Your requester conditions are off.  (If you usually have them, pm me and we can determine if the requested books meet them ahead of time)

If all those are true,  PM me with your requests.


Romance :

Bewitching Season (Leland Sisters, Bk 1) :: Marissa Doyle  (WL 2)

The Merry Monarch's Wife: The Story of Catherine of Braganza :: Jean Plaidy (WL 3)

Mistress of the Monarchy: The Life of Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster :: Alison Weir  HARDCOVER - (WL 18)

Fiction :

Agent 6 (Leo Demidov, Bk 3)  :: Tom Rob Smith  HARDCOVER (WL 6)

Bone Deep (A Doc Ford Novel)  :: Randy Wayne White  (WL 5)

The Brass Go-Between  :: Ross Thomas  (WL 1)

The Bridge of Sighs : A Novel  :: Olen Steinhauer (WL 2)

A Confederacy of Dunces  :: John Kennedy Toole  (WL 1)

The Cook  :: Harry Kressing (WL 2)

Dark Spies (Spycatcher, Bk 4)  :: Matthew Dunn HARDCOVER (WL 5)

Everything to Lose: A Novel :: Andrew Gross  (WL 2)

Haunted (A Hannah Smith Novel)  :: Randy Wayne White (WL 9)

The Keeper: A Novel  :: John Lescroart  (WL 4)

Kremlin Conspiracy  :: Sean Flannery  (WL 1)

Let It Burn (Alex McKnight, Bk 10)  :: Steve Hamilton (WL 19)

Liberation Movements :: Olen Steinhauer (WL 1)

The Lock Artist  :: Steve Hamilton (WL 36)

Misery Bay (Alex McKnight, Bk 8)  :: Steve Hamilton (WL 12)

Phantom (Harry Hole, Bk 9)  :: Jo Nesbo (WL 5)

Stolen  :: Daniel Palmer (WL 3)

A Stolen Season: An Alex McKnight Novel (Alex McKnight Novels) :: Steve Hamilton  (WL 6)


Alchemy : Source of Chemistry and Medicine  :: Charles J. Thompson HARDCOVER (WL 1)

Alphabet Juice :: Roy Blount Jr. (WL 10)

The Amateur Gourmet: How to Shop, Chop, and Table Hop Like a Pro (Almost) :: Adam D. Roberts HARDCOVER (WL 1)

The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World  :: Michael Pollan HARDCOVER (WL 36)

Building Up Your Chess: The Art of Accurate Evaluation and Other Winning Techniques  ::  Lev Alburt  (WL 1)

Descartes' Bones: A Skeletal History of the Conflict between Faith and Reason  :: Russell Shorto HARDCOVER  (WL 1)

The Everglades: An Environmental History (The Florida History and Culture)  :: David McCally (WL 1)

Everyone's Second Chess Book  :: Dan Heisman (WL 2)

The Forger's Spell: A True Story of Vermeer, Nazis, and the Greatest Art Hoax of the Twentieth Century (P.S.) :: Edward Dolnick   (WL 6)

Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete  :: William C. Rhoden  (WL 3)

Online Law : The SPA's Legal Guide to Doing Business on the Internet  :: Thomas J. Smedinghoff (WL 1 )


Coyote's Pantry: Southwest Seasonings and at Home Flavoring Techniques  :: Mark Miller, Mark Kiffin  (WL 1)

The Dione Lucas book of French cooking,  :: Dione Lucas   (WL 1)

Mark Miller's Indian Market Cookbook: Recipes from Santa Fe's Famous Coyote Cafe  :: Mark Charles Miller   (WL 2)

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Orders of 2 or more please.  You can combine these books with any from my bookshelf.  

Make sure of the following for the books you are requesting:

  •     They are on your Wish List so I can post them directly to you.
  •     They are set on Auto-Request so I can print and mail the order as soon as I post them to you.
  •     Your requester conditions are turned off.  (If you usually have them, pm me and we can determine if the requested books meet your conditions ahead of time)

If all those are true, PM me with your requests.

Thanks, Chris

G. A. Aiken - Last Dragon Standing (Dragon Kin, Bk 4) WL 5                

Michele Bardsley - Come Hell or High Water (Broken Heart, Oklahoma, Bk 6)  WL 1​

Annette Blair - An Undeniable Rogue (Rogue's Club, Bk 1)  WL 1​

Jaci Burton  - Love After All (Hope, Bk 4)  WL9

Ashlyn Chase  Kissing with Fangs (Flirting with Fangs, Bk 3) WL 13                      

Nina Croft - Deadly Pursuit (Dark Desires, Bk 2)  WL 2

Sue Ann Jaffarian  Ghost of a Gamble (Ghost of Granny Apples, Bk 4) WL 3

Shelly Laurenston  -  The Beast In Him WL 3

Shanna Swendson - Damsel Under Stress (Katie Chandler, Bk 3)   WL 2

Vicki Lewis Thompson  -  Werewolf in Denver (Wild About You, Bk 4)  WL 4

                                      Werewolf in Alaska (Wild About You, Bk 5)   WL 1

Heather Webber Truly, Madly (Lucy Valentine, Bk 1) WL 1


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smileyAdded to on 8/19/16:  I have the following wishlisted items (separated into fiction and nonfiction, but not in any particular order within those categories).  Asking for orders of two or more - may be combined with my regular bookshelf:


To the Lighthouse
Author: Virginia Woolf, Eudora Welty (Introduction), ISBN 9780156907392, 2 wishers

The Secret History
Author: Donna Tartt, ISBN 0804111359, 24 wishers

We Are Called to Rise: A Novel
Author: Laura McBride, ISBN 9781476738963, 49 wishers

Learning to Swim (Troy Chance, Bk 1)
Author: Sara J. Henry, ISBN 9780307718396, 36 wishers

You & Me
Author: Padgett Powell, ISBN 9780062126139, 4 wishers


One-Dish Vegetarian Meals
Author: Robin Robertson, ISBN 9781558323704, 8 wishers, ADDED 8/19

Nelson's Compact Series : Compact Bible Dictionary (Nelson's Compact Series)
Author: H. Lockyer, F. F. Bruce, R. K. Harrison, ISBN 9780785252443, 1 wisher, ADDED 8/19

The Picture Bible
Author: Iva Hoth, ISBN 0781430550, 3 wishers, ADDED 8/19

The Imitation Game: Alan Turing, the Enigma
Author: Andrew Hodges, ISBN 9780691164724, 49 wishers, ADDED 8/15

Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africa's Greatest Explorer
Author: Tim Jeal, ISBN 9780300142235, 7 wishers

The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human
Author: Jonathan Gottschall, ISBN  9780544002340, 14 wishers

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris
Author: David McCullough, ISBN 9781416571773, 53 wishers

Beautiful Souls: The Courage and Conscience of Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times
Author: Eyal Press, ISBN 9781250024084, 5 wishers

What Your Husband Isn't Telling You: A Guided Tour of a Man's Body, Soul, and Spirit
Author: David Murrow, ISBN 9780764210112, 1 wisher

PM me if interested!  I can post directly to your wishlist if you like.


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