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Topic: Adopted a shelter pet?--Treats Gone, but keep posting your stories!

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Subject: Adopted a shelter pet?--Treats Gone, but keep posting your stories!
Date Posted: 7/24/2012 10:12 PM ET
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In honor of our newly adopted black lab/boxer mix "Falafel", and her fur sisters Willow-dog and Heart the cat (also rescues) I am offering a credit per critter.

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Date Posted: 7/25/2012 1:24 AM ET
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I salute you for your rescues!!  I have rescued numerous kitties over the years (one was the best cat I EVER had, turned in after 9/11 so its owner could serve in the military, another was on it's "last chance"; I was told she was on the "euthanasia list" because she was unsuccessfully adopted after several adoption efforts, as she was old/overweight, etc., and would be put down that week if not adopted; had many enjoyable years with her).   Anyway, I do not need the credit (have had a lot of requests recently), so you can give it to someone else, but just wanted to say congrats on your adopted shelter pets -- they are the best!  

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Date Posted: 7/25/2012 11:14 AM ET
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Very nice of you. My dog wasn't found at a shelter..my grandma found it after no one came back to get it. Keep up the good work!

Date Posted: 7/25/2012 4:44 PM ET
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How awesome :) Shelter pets are the best! We found the best dog ever at our local shelter. He is a Louisiana Catahoula and here in WI everyone stops us when we are walking him to ask what breed he is because most people up here have never seen one. We named him Yoshi because it was my little guys favorite video game character and he has a really long tongue :) On my birthday we adopted 2 kittens who were sisters and named them Genesis and Trinity. We had only planned on adopting one but they really hoped to find a home where they could be together and I'm so glad we got them both because they are like best friends. They sleep all curled up together and play together. They have brought so much joy to our family. The best birthday gifts I ever got :)

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Flobee -
Date Posted: 7/25/2012 6:32 PM ET
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Congratulations on your new rescue pet! We have the grand dog Jodie here, pit mix, who was abandoned at the Grand Canyon and picked up by hikers in January. She was fed baby food every few hours at the Grand Canyon Shelter until they knew she was going to make it, they have a shelter there just for pets abandoned there,  and adopted by DD when she was 9 months old and taken back to her house in UT. Unfortunately landlords in WV are not friendly to pits so she's here with us and is spoiled. She joins JC the calico who DD found by the river here when she was 3 weeks old. Pass my credit on to another shelter adopter, please!

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 9:29 AM ET
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Congrats on your new babies.  I just recently adopted brothers Fuzzy and Fozzy.  They are Havanese.  They are still puppies and are so funny.  The entire family (including Mom) were rescued from a puppy mill by the local animal shelter.


I hope your's are as much of a joy as mine are to me.

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 10:35 AM ET
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Every cat I have ever owned have all been rescues.   I recently had to send my well-loved Lydia to rainbow heaven ... she was 23 years old and I adopted her when she was 4 months old.  It's been 3 weeks and I miss her like crazy.  My sons always said she was the daughter I never had.  :-)

I now have 3 more cats ... all are part Maine Coon .. and they are the biggest cats I've ever had.  They are a little over a year old .. you can see the two boys in my profile picture.  Their sister looks totally different .. she is a black and white tuxedo cat.  You would not believe that they all came from the same litter.  My son rescued these 3 because he knew Lydia's time was coming to an end.  My son also knows that my life is much better with a cat or two or three around me.

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 1:37 PM ET
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Hurray for all these fine folks and their adopted critters!  I still have 24 more credits to give away -- keep 'em coming!  Lisa

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 2:03 PM ET
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Thank you Lisa!   I love the name of your pet-family ... especially Heart.   My grand-daughter picked names for two of my new kitties .. Bubba is the bigger male and Furble   (fur-ball)  is the female's.  I chose Feisty as the other male's name .,..and I have to say, I picked it right.  He is what I call a perpetual teenager.  :-) IF there's something going on in the house .. he's in the middle of it.   LOL!

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 3:24 PM ET
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Linda:  Heart the cat's full name, chosen by my then 4 year old (now 13 years old) son:  "Heart Diamond Baby".  She is an amazing cat, a real survivor.

Used to have two cats named Tesla (after the inventor of the alternating current, as she used to race back and forth in our first apartment), and Hazelnutt (just "Nut" for short).

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 3:39 PM ET
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Lisa, that is just so sweet!  My Lydia was named by my oldest son ... named after a rock (?) singer named Lydia Lunch.  I had never heard of her but thought Lydia fitted perfectly.  She had the sweetest little face and she was so petite and lady-like.  She enriched my familyso much by being a part of it.

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 5:14 PM ET
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I love   heart       When people adopt animals instead of buying them

I dont know if this counts but I adopted my cat sweetie 3 yrs. ago

Linda , I love maine coons , out of my 8 cats...I know its alot ...lol    My Waldo ( pictured in my avi)  is a maine coon.  My son named him, when he brought him home.

The people that had him , would not let him and his mother and the rest of the litter come in the house, one fell in the pool , one was hit by a car.he was the only one left and I didnt want anything to happen to him so I told my son " Bring him home with you.

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Date Posted: 7/26/2012 6:09 PM ET
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Lisa,  What a beauty he is! And I love his name!   I had to do some reading up on Maine Coons .. didn't realize how big they could get ; mine are only part Maine Coon ( on their daddy's side) .  And I think they are more affectionate than a lot of cats I've had.   8 cats .. wow!   That's a  handful ,, or a lapful!  LOL!   The most I've ever had at one time has been 4. 

You know .. there are people who should just not be able to have pets!  It breaks my heart thinking of all those who have been mistreated, maltreated, and sometimes killed by thoughtless, mean people. 

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 9:51 PM ET
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Lisa B: Of course Sweetie counts! And Waldo, too. much love
Date Posted: 7/26/2012 10:56 PM ET
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I think shelter pets make the best pets and wish more people would try the shelters first, after years volunteering at shelters I am shocked how many beautiful animals don't even get a chance and even if you are looking for purebred, rare breeds, there are often many dropped for no better reason than people did not know what they were getting into with a pup or kitten. I think it's great you have adopted and wish you many happy years with your new furry family :) I don't know what I'd do without my two pups, Jasper & Sammy, both adopted from local shelters. Jasper had been a stray p/u at under 8 weeks old after beeing thrown from a car allong the highway and Sammy had a home but her health needs proved too expensive ( she has demodectic mange and requires an expensive dip each week) so her family left her at a high kill shelter, we got her last month the day before she was to be put to sleep. I'll try to add their pic to my sig, but hey are so sweet and make my day every day!!!


Okay, couldn't figure out the sig pic but they are now my profile pic, Jasper is the big brown pup and same is the little tri-colored one, I think they are so cute together, they are inseperable :)

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Date Posted: 7/26/2012 11:31 PM ET
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i applaud every one that is able to adopt from a shelter.

out of our 5 cats, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cats were all stray's. our first we got at a free kittens sign. KIT-KAT

next, some one found a 2 week old kitty, that we kept. BABY

6 years later, we had a very young stray start coming around, and we kept him. LUCKY

a year or so later, at my mom's work, there was a stray cat that had kittens, and we just had to keep one of the babies.TINY

then we were pretty attached to the mom, so we brought her home. SUGAR


our current pets are 2 chihuahua's BUSTER and BUFFY.

we got them from people that rescue them. ours were not the rescue ones, but the parents were.

Date Posted: 7/26/2012 11:36 PM ET
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We adopted a darling Maltese from our local shelter- her name is Emmy and we are surely blessed! Love adopting pets from a shelter- I am an adopted person so that makes it extra special! 

Date Posted: 7/27/2012 3:47 AM ET
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We adopted a shelter dog- She is 85 pound pit bull and rhodesian ridge back mix-

She was from 3 to 5 years old ( unknown)

She is a great watchdog and companion-

Beautiful color ( like peanut butter) with white chest and white paws- 

   Her name is Jazzy-- her name when we got her

Date Posted: 7/27/2012 10:02 AM ET
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Lovely!  The lyrics to The Alarm's song popped into my head: "Rescue me...Take me now, this time forever".

Wow, Jody!

Critters don't have to come from a shelter to be saved.

Date Posted: 7/28/2012 8:16 AM ET
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(2) cats were adopted (Snowball and Trouble) and (1) adopted us when she was a kitten (MissChief). Snowball had a twin sister (Snowflake), but she decided to live somewhere else shortly after arriving in our home. Trouble (formerly named Tiger) was actually a welcomed hand-me down who loved to initiate hugs and kiss noses. MissChief (yes, pronounced "mischief") was found under our vehicle one morning and has never left our home, except visits to the vet.

(1) Great Dane / Black Labrador mix (Shadow) was a rescue we picked up when our volunteer fire department helped host a "Left Behind" campaign featuring animals whose previous owners had abandoned them. Not sure why anyone would abandon this handsome friend.

All were named after fitting personalities or so we felt. Trouble? he had an issue with farting that my Boys felt was hiliarious! LOL


* btw, I'll forgo any credits, but thanks for allowing us to share!

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Date Posted: 7/28/2012 9:25 AM ET
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Richard: We knew a black lab/great Dane named Franklin. He was the best dog I ever met, a real sweetie. Thanks for sharing, and love to the cats, too. Lisa
Date Posted: 7/28/2012 7:31 PM ET
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All of these animals live with us:

Tucker James (10 yrs old)

Banjo Jake (5 yrs old)

SkippyJon Jones (3 yrs old)

Sadie May (2 yrs old) 

Scamper the Cat (7 yrs old) 

Tucker was a rescue, the rest were unwanted puppies and kitten that irresponsible owners had.    We also have the following kittens we kept from the barn cats:  Scooter, Dirty Gertie, Robin, Rasputin, Silvertail, and Groucho.  They will be a year old at the end of October.  Both my husband and I are saps, since they were born so late, we didn't think they would survive the winter so we moved them in. 

I don't need a credit, I have plenty.  I just love my kids!!

Date Posted: 7/28/2012 10:06 PM ET
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I have 4.  We have Waffles (Chihuaha/Shih Tzu mix), White Foot (cat),  Cassie (also a cat), and Dexter (Cockatiel).

Edited because I forgot to list the bird.

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Date Posted: 7/29/2012 11:44 AM ET
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Pluto and Apollo. I adopted them from a rescue that took them from a farm when they were three months old. Apollo was at the vet comatose for one day from malnutrition and dehydration, Pluto pulled through easier. He's the bigger and stronger. They are Boxer/Shepard mixes and they show it. Apollo is more Shepard and Pluto more boxer. Their behavior and nature is true to their breeds. Both are sweet, loving and intelligent. Pluto is a little shy and funny and Apollo is more sweet serious and wolf like. They are bored at the IQ toys, they figure them out in a couple of hours. Apollo is wolf like. He likes to dig caves in my garden and live in them. He loves my backyard and cries to go out there and stay. My son wants me to train him to help me garden. Really! He would be the perfect dog to dig holes and weed. Pluto is more loyal and is a natural at helping me. He helped me keep my balance when I get up from the ground. I'm planning to get a vest for him to help carry groceries. I know he'll like that a lot! My heart goes out to those dogs that don't have a chance. I feel blessed with these two dogs, but really they are the ones that are really blessed! I don't know who is blessed more.

Thanks Lisa for getting me to share. I wouldn't ordinarily. It's good to remember what I have to be grateful for. It softens the heart smileyheart


Date Posted: 7/29/2012 12:22 PM ET
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Thanks so much Lisa. N

I know 8 cats are alot , I didnt plan on that many but , they wounldnt have homes otherwise.