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Topic: Almost every book I want isnt' available

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Subject: Almost every book I want isnt' available
Date Posted: 6/8/2011 4:53 AM ET
Member Since: 9/4/2010
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I used to be a member a few years back and it seemed so easy to find books. Now, after joining again, for this past year about EVERY book I go to look for has not been posted. I have a reminder/wishlist of almost 300 books now. :( I have to wonder what changed. Is the site less active because some use e-readers now? I really don't know, not all the books are insanely popular.

Date Posted: 6/8/2011 8:17 AM ET
Member Since: 9/4/2009
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Have you looked to see how many people are requesting a particular book?  If it is only one or two, your wish list may move pretty quickly.  My guess would be that the site has become more popular, and more folks are requesting more books.  Keep the faith...I just received a WL book  that's been on the list for almost the entire time I have been a member!

Date Posted: 6/8/2011 8:23 AM ET
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Well you only have 46 books on your WL. So if you are putting them on your RL and they aren't available-you won't be in line for them.  So one thing that would help is to load up your WL.

The paranormal romances & urban fantasy stuff should move pretty quickly even if the lines are long because they are popular. 

Self-help, non-fiction and cookbooks move more slowly. People tend to keep those.

One book: The Chronicles of Narnia is available in other versions.  The Stephen King books in that hardcover are all also available in the system.  So you could order those now and read them. 

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Date Posted: 6/8/2011 10:49 AM ET
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Because it is not currently available doesn't mean it has not been posted, just means there is a Wish List line for it. Are you reading different books these days? Since I joined the paranormal has been Wish Listed. The lines move steadily along, but you always need to get into a line and wait and most of them stay wish listed for quite a while after their release date so I would agree that you would need to get them on your Wish List not your Reminder List if you want them

The membership and activity on the site has increased significantly since I joined. It seems like only a year ago when I looked at the Pulse it would say the books mailed in the last 7 days was in the 30,000s, now it is always in the upper 40 and 50,000s. Than means more people are going to be looking for the same books. The lines will exhist longer, but they should also have more people posting to them.

Date Posted: 6/8/2011 3:49 PM ET
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IMO the economy hasn't helped either (in addition to possible e-book issues).  I noticed a decline in the number of expensive books posted from several years ago...stuff like hardcovers, tradesize pb, and the pricey small imprint releases.

Budget minded members seem to be more willing to wait longer for a book.  And an increasing number of members wishing to send multiples to keep shipping costs lower.

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Date Posted: 6/9/2011 12:25 AM ET
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 I noticed a decline in the number of expensive books posted from several years ago...stuff like hardcovers, tradesize pb, and the pricey small imprint releases.

I agree with Denise - I've seen my paperback WL books move much faster.  The books are less expensive to begin with and also less expensive to ship.  I've been switching to mostly paperback books lately, where a year ago I didn't worry about hardback vs. paperback.

Date Posted: 6/9/2011 12:42 AM ET
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Melanie, where is the Pulse?

Date Posted: 6/9/2011 11:57 AM ET
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Koren - Click 'Community' (gray bar up top with all the menus) and go down the list until you see 'Pulse of PBS'

Date Posted: 6/9/2011 12:13 PM ET
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Shortcut ... click othe yellow bar at the top of every PBS page ... the one that says "Member Savings ... Books Available"

Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 6/9/2011 12:38 PM ET
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Another shortcut, bottom of any page under the Company column, there is a Pulse of PBS link, 2nd link down...

Date Posted: 6/9/2011 2:07 PM ET
Member Since: 9/4/2010
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Thanks for the advice everyone, you're making a lot of sense. I suppose I am just mainly wishing for some popular series right now. I don't like to keep my wishlist with more than around 40 since I have little credits right now (Actually, just used last one this week lol)  Maybe it's more my imagination and reading preferences.

Date Posted: 6/9/2011 2:44 PM ET
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I usually have the problem of books I want being in the wish list. I can't say how fast the lines go, though, because I usually ask for bookstore gift cards for Christmas and birthdays. So, I end up going out and buying the books on my wish list rather than waiting for them. :p

Most of those books end up being posted on PBS after I read them, so I like to think I'm moving the wish lists along! :)

But one thing I like to do when I can't find books I want, is I will browse posted books by genre and see if there's anything I like. I discovered 5 new fantasy series that way last time!

Date Posted: 6/9/2011 4:16 PM ET
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Erin - If you were a member years ago, just now that a lot of things have changed with the WL. Now you can put books on your WL on individual hold so if you have just a few credits, then you can still put yourself inline and move up, even if the book is on hold.

MMPB (mass market paperbacks) paranormals move really fast so you won't have to wait long for those. Also, try to see if there are other versions with fewer wishers...there's another version of Dark Lover with only 1 wisher, so if you put yourself inline for that, it will get to you quicker. :)

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Date Posted: 6/9/2011 5:46 PM ET
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I was just going to say the same thing as DG-I rarely have more than 5-10 credits.  But I still keep a full WL. I just put books on hold. I actually leave about 50 on autorequest where in the top 5 or so and would like soon. The likely hood of more than a couple being posted at once is really slim.  The rest I put on my WL so I'm moving up the line but they won't get offered to me if I get to the top-until I unhold them.

Date Posted: 6/10/2011 12:47 AM ET
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Hi all

I am somewhat new to PBS but I wanted to comment about the overall selection. I have been using many book trading and used book sites over the past few years and I will say from what I have noticed PBS has some of the best selections.  I had books posted on another site for the past 2 years and out of 50 none of them came up.  When i imported my list into PBS; 22 of them came up as avialble.  A friend has several hundred books on a wish list and just by searching by title on PBS, I found over 30 of the first 100 on her list.  So yes I say PBS has  good seleciton overall.


Date Posted: 6/10/2011 8:38 AM ET
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It has the best selection.  Almost every book I look up on the 2 other trading sites that I do are WL.  Then I come here and there's 100 copies available.

Date Posted: 6/10/2011 11:46 AM ET
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WOW Mary I am lucky I can keep 2 credits here!! I am at 5 right now which is a miracle but I have 3 of my WL books at 1 week waiting now so will be back to my 2 again till my sent books to APOs  get marked!! I never can get my wl below 200 cause as soon as I get a book I add one I was waiting to add!!.


And Erin I had a lot of your books which I did post here so they do come up sooner or later.Make sure you pack your WL full it takes 200 books.

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