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My Antonia
My Antonia
Author: Willa Cather
ISBN-13: 9780395083567
ISBN-10: 0395083567
Publication Date: 1/1973
Pages: 238
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 66 ratings
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Book Type: Paperback
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My Antonia is a wonderful early 20th century novel written from a man's point of view as he comes of age in rural Kansas. Antonia is an immigrant girl four years older than the narrator, and her story threads in and out of the narrator's. IF you aren't familiar with Willa Cather's writing, this book would be an outstanding place to start.
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I teach my children at home and this is one of the required reading books. It was written soon after the time period and is considered one of the best descriptions of what the time period actually was like, not a romantic view of the good old days, inc. plenty of openings for discussion. Life was difficult and everyone did not necessarily get along with each other.
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Clean, light and yet interestingly descriptive of rural US and the immigrant population.
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One of my all-time favorites. A true classic.
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Excellent story of early American settlers.
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I agree with Willa Cather. Of the books of hers I have read, this is the best. It provides a realistic look at pioneer life and the writing is a joy to read.
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I loved this book. It was recommended for a better understanding of the life of pioneers, and it made everything come vividly alive. The writing is beautiful.
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classic story of pioneer life in nebraska -- great characters.
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A classic. The story of an immigrant girl in pioneer Nebraska who becomes, in the narrator's memory, the ideal of strong and resourceful womanhood.
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An insightful look into the hardships of pioneering life. Childhood is never forgotten and often longed for.
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Very nice book. I have family from Nebraska that lived there around this time and it reminded me of some of the stories I use to hear.
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Great read for your children/students.
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My Ántonia is a portrait of a life well lived that begins in early childhood and moves all the way through adulthoodwith all the foibles and mishaps in between. What a beautiful, lovely, rambling narrative of the old West! Life in the early settlements was so difficult. There were many dangers known and unknown, such as snakes and wild animals, devastatingly cold and brutal winters, loneliness, depression, accidents and amputationsmany times without the aid of hospitals, doctors or medicines! Throw into that mix a brand new country with a language you dont understand and you have the makings of some pretty desperate circumstances! I loved when the narrator talked of reading Swiss Family Robinson, or Robinson Crusoe, and complaining that they were very dull compared to his real life experiences! Regardless of the harsh circumstances, however, the focus truly remains on the joys of life and the wonder of the experiences of childhood. We see what it means to be a true friend and neighbor. We feel the power of forgiveness. We explore the beauty of the land through each season as the world turns. We enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The simplicity of this novel is refreshing, yet the meaning is complex and all-encompassing. Life passes us by, with all its ups and downs laid out before us, and while the narrative is simple and naïve, we are swept away in its beauty and grandeur.
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Great book - a good read!
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I did not expect to like this book at all, and I was sooo pleasantly surprised.
I thought the words painted a beautiful picture, of time in history- that I am drawn to.
my fellow book club members, weren't as impressed as I was, so I guess it was my interest that got me into it.
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Cather's deceptively simple style works as the perfect tool for her to craft a love letter to the deceptively simple great plains of America.
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A great classic. This is a story of Jim who moves to the west and the people he meets throughout his life.
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Interesting book. Reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
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This book was a real sleeper. It was warm, and funny , and I felt I was living in that difficult time in the past where people actually died of hunger if they did not raise their chickens and plant their gardens properly. It was also a charming friendship story. I ordered some more books by this author because I love her voice.
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Classic american novel--must read
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Great book, marvelously read!
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An american classic
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the lives of Nebraska's immigrant farmers and farm women rise fromt he memories of Willa extrodinary work of literature. This particular book having a wonderful center section of pictures from
the Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas Historical Societies.
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One of classic American novels - originally published in 1918, this copy was pub. in 1994. Has many threads to the plot: romance, adventure, history. Well worth reading.
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A classic by Willa Cather about Nebraska prairie life in the early 20th century. Focuses on a Antonia Shimerda and her family of Bohemian immigrants told through the eyes of a neighbor. Remarkable story of courage and enduring strength and love.
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first read this book back in high school and i wanted to re-read it to gain a better appreciation for it. starts out strong, but the storyline gets weaker and less interesting, in my opinion, as you progress thru the book. beautiful writing, tho
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A gorgeous and unforgettable book--one to love.
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Truly one of the great American literary voices, Willa Cather belongs on every bookshelf. My Antonia was my first taste of her writing and I look forward to reading the whole Cather canon.
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Back to the classics! I missed My Antonia when I was a girl and just completed it on my Nook. (it was one of the 0.00 books!) I enjoyed it tremendously. What a hard life the women had during the pioneer days. The book was beautifully written with descriptions that made me feel as if I were a part of the story. I actually had nightmares about the Russians Peter and Pavel throwing the bride to the wolves! This is an American classic that doesn't need to be forgotten.
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I enjoyed this book. It isn't exciting, but it is a nice story with lots of emotion and some drama from a simpler time when the country was changing.
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Pulitzer Prize winning author.
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Read this for my book club and enjoyed it ... went on to read other Cather books.
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Recently a "One book, one Chicago" pick.
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A beautiful book written in a time and about a time that no longer exists, when learning how to sew, or getting married, are topics most women are interested in. Seen through the eyes of both Antonia and Jim. He travels through Nebraska, coming of age, then becoming a lawyer. But Antonia remains with the farm and its people. Scratching out survival on the Great Plains is both a tale of hardship as well as one of indomitable spirit and the seminal beauty of the tall grass. Antonia embodies the spirit of the plains and Jim draws strength from his reminiscences. Written by one of America's most distinguished writers, Willa Cather was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.
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I couldn't put this book down. To be honest, not much "happens," but it's beautifully written and makes me want to move to Nebraska.
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The author's classic novel portraiting a pioneer woman.
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I'm reading through the classics for the Summer. As often as not, I am left wondering why certain books are classics and how anyone could enjoy them. This is one of those times. I'm just past half way in this short little book and I'm stopping right now. It's just s...o boring and dull. The descriptions of the Nebraska prairies are nice, probably my favorite part. I have know idea what the plot is and really don't care anymore.