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Topic: Anything Like The Dresden Files?

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Subject: Anything Like The Dresden Files?
Date Posted: 7/2/2008 7:43 AM ET
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I just finished the second book in the Dresden Files series, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the third installment I ordered from Amazon.  Can anybody think of a similar series that might tide me over?  I also ordered the first book in the Anita Blake series (that's more or less where Butcher got the Dresden Files concept, from what I've read) but I'm fairly certain it won't have the same hardboiled aspect that keeps me coming back to the Dresden Files.

Any suggestions? 

Date Posted: 7/2/2008 8:21 AM ET
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You might try Ilona Andrews Magic series. And then there's Kim Harrison's Hollow Series too. Kelley Armstrong has some great books as well.

Date Posted: 7/2/2008 12:54 PM ET
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I can't think of anyone who can match the greatness that is Jim Butcher lol Anita is so far from it it's a insult to group them together.

I like Simon R Green's Nightside series. The first is Something from the Nightside (Nightside, Book 1) by Simon R. Green

from the back

John Taylor is not a private detective per se, but he has a knack for finding lost things. That's why he's been hired to descend into the Nightside, an otherworldly realm in the center of London where fantasy and reality share renting space and the sun never shines.

For John Taylor, there's no place like home...


Also, I've only read the first one so far but I really liked it. Charlie Huston's series about a vampire who is kind of a PI. The first is Already Dead: A Novel by Charlie Huston

Manhattan is teeming with the undead, the island divided into often-warring vampire clans such as the Society, the Hood and the Enclave. The most powerful is the Coalition, whose goal is to protect its members from public scrutiny and persecution. Rogue PI Joe Pitt (aka Simon), who like all vampires is infected with a virus that requires him to drink blood regularly, is hired by Marilee Horde, a prominent New York socialite, to locate her runaway teenage daughter, Amanda, who may be slumming with homeless goth kids in the East Village. Meanwhile, a "carrier" is on the loose, infecting its victims with a bacterium that turns them into brain-eating zombies. The Coalition wants Pitt to find and destroy the carrier, since the carnage the zombies are causing brings unwanted attention to the undead community.


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Date Posted: 7/5/2008 3:20 PM ET
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You might also try Mark Del Franco's series

The first book is Unshapely Things, the second is Unquiet Dreams.  The third is called Unfallen Dead (will be released 1/27/09).

I found the first book to be VERY similar to the Dresden Files format.  In fact, it was recommended to me for that reason.  Del Franco doesn't have Butcher's same compelling style but I still found the book to be very good.  I'm waiting for the second to come up on my WL, but it sounds just as good as the first.

HTH, Heather

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Date Posted: 7/5/2008 5:21 PM ET
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I'm almost done with Fool Moon myself :) I agree, they're great and quickly addictive, if I hadn't been given the first to read for a bookclub I don't know if I would have gotten to the series for a while. I already have the series up to #5 on my TBR pile! :)

Even though we know there's a trillion paranormal series, I find Butcher's voice very unique. I love the paranormal slant, but I also love the noir crime slant as well- if you enjoy that too you may wanna check out the Hard Case Crime book series, especially Richard Aleas- Little Girl Lost & Songs Of Innocence, both with the same protagonist (they're dark, but the hero has a similarity to Dresden- especially that they are emotionally impacted by their cases and what happens to the women who get pulled into the them.) They're also fun, fast but smart reads- just like our wizard Harry.

If you don't have anything against graphic novels, but I do know of some that are written for adults that have a lot of similarities to the Dresden Files. I'll be more than happy to list them if you're interested! I also know a graphic novel is coming out based on "Storm Front" with more on the way, so far the word is it's REALLY well done.

Date Posted: 7/7/2008 12:41 AM ET
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I would put in another vote for Simon Green's Nightside series.  They're not as good as the Dresden books, but they have a similar "feel" to them. 

Date Posted: 7/8/2008 2:55 AM ET
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A Kiss Before the Apocalypse by Thomas E. Sniegoski. The main character is a P.I. and a former angel. It looked interesting, I'm hoping to pick it up soon.

Date Posted: 7/8/2008 7:54 AM ET
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I tore through the first Nightside book and ran right out to buy the second one.  Great stuff!

I read the first Anita Blake book while I was waiting for Nightside to arrive...fairly entertaining.  I also grabbed Simon Green's The Man with the Golden Torc.  I think urban fantasy is officially my favorite genre.  Any Neverwhere fans out there? ;)

Apparently they're going to make a graphic novel out of The Dresden Files.  I'm looking forward to that.  The Cal McDonald series of comics is what got me interested in Dresden in the first place...I heard them compared to each other.

Date Posted: 7/8/2008 12:44 PM ET
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You all have convinced me to move this up in my TBR pile. I have the first three and have been reading other stuff. After reading all this enthusiasm for the series, I will be starting the first one this week.

Date Posted: 7/8/2008 1:46 PM ET
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i'm another fan of Simon Green's Nightside series, and would recommend it for someone who liked the Dresden Files.   i read the third book first, which was good, since i liked book 3 better than the first two.  :)

however, i really did not like the first book in Green's new Drood series - The Man with the Golden Torc.

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Date Posted: 7/8/2008 4:55 PM ET
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I too recently discovered the Dresden Files and absolutely love Harry!!  I have the first Nightside book on its way to me and the third Dresden Files book.  I can't wait to read both!! 

Date Posted: 7/8/2008 8:28 PM ET
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I'm glad I found this thread!  I ordered the Simon Green and put the others on my WL. :)

Date Posted: 7/10/2008 4:55 AM ET
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The Cal Leandros books reminded me a bit of Dresden. The first one is Nightlife and they are written by Rob Thurman. I found myself pretty instantly attatched to the two main characters Cal and Niko.

Date Posted: 7/10/2008 11:35 AM ET
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I agree with the Ilona Andrews rec - Kate Daniels series (Magic Bites, and Magic Burns, and a new one she's working on), set in a future Atlanta that has a unique twist on the magic vs technology theme. Magic and Tech come in waves, so when the tech wave is up your car and phone will work but your magical powers are bye-bye...but when the magic wave comes through the electricity goes out and you'd better hope you aren't near any pissed off witches. You might enjoy this series if you like Dresden Files.

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Date Posted: 7/12/2008 10:16 AM ET
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I would recommend Glen Cook's Garrett P.I. series, beginning with "Sweet Silver Blues" - they're hard-boiled P.I. novels in a regular fantasy setting (by "regular" I mean as opposed to being based on our own world as the Dresden File books are). The main character is more like Harry Dresden in feel than any other character I can think of, although the novels don't have as strong a long-term arc as the Dresden books. And there are a dozen books in the series at this point, written on and off over the past two decades.

Another hard-boiled urban fantasy-mystery series I haven't read yet but am looking forward to is by Mario Acevedo and starts with "The Nymphos of Rocky Flats."

Otherwise, I second the recommendations of Ilona Andrews, Mark Del Franco and Charlie Huston (but be warned, the Huston series is VERY dark).