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Topic: in archives a box asking have you received this book yet?

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Subject: in archives a box asking have you received this book yet?
Date Posted: 8/1/2014 12:19 PM ET
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I had requested some books.  Four over a period of a week. Two went through fine, no problem.  The other two had to go to the next person on the list, don't know why they had to.

Received the books and marked them received, one the package was a mess, that was obvious from the post office and the book was damaged, but didn't mark it RWAP, it wasn't the sender's fault.  The other three came through fine, good shape, one looked as if not even read.

 Three arrived on the same day, the other a couple of days later.  I always immediately open the books up, check the condition and then let PBS know books have arrived, condition, cost and date mailed if I can find it.  This was the second week of July.

About a week ago I mailed a book out. Went to check to see where the book is at, get postage from PBS so I track it.  It shows that there are no books coming or going.  Awful fast delivery, but I guess it can happen.  No notice that the book has arrived from PBS or the person who received the book.

Check archives on transactions today and two of them, one that had gone through fine, and one that had to go to a second sender had the box that asks if you have received this book yet is there. 

One that is asking if I have received it yet is not the name of the person who sent it, must have been the first one who turned it down.

I KNOW that I marked the books received; people are waiting to get their credits and I so I note its arrival as soon as I get the book.

So, why would it ask if I have received the book?  And why for a book that had been turned down?

I marked received for the one book, but noted that I thought I had marked it received, so not sure why I was being asked again.

The second book, I haven't done anything yet, not sure what to do with that one.  Any ideas of what is going on?  Did a search but after checking three pages of over 1,000 responses, I gave up and decided to check here.



Date Posted: 8/1/2014 2:19 PM ET
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This is in case the first mailer failed to mark the book as mailed.  The most recent order will be on your My Account page.  But members who have printed labels will have this designation.   (Members who failed to respond at all do not have that feature.)

If the book "rolled over" due to their failure to mark a book as mailed, then there are specific directions in the Help Center in how to deal with this issue.  Under "Two Copies".  As PBS thinks the credit should go to the member that clicked the Mailed Book button. 

Please do mark books that are damaged by the post office.  The member will not be asked to give you a refund.  The statistics are important.

Date Posted: 8/1/2014 8:14 PM ET
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Don't ever mark anything in your archive unless you can verify the sender on the transaction is the one you got the book from. As long as a sender accesses the label, that button will show on the transaction just in case it gets mailed. A transaction can then go on to be cancelled by the system because they failed to mark it mailed or the book went lost in the mail and another one was ordered that you received from a totally different sender.There could be (and is likely) one or more transactions like that in any person's TA.

Marking transactions are received in your TA will transfer credits to the sender (on what could potentially be transactions that were completely with  a completely different sender) and that cannot be undone, the only recourse you would have is to go ask for the credit back from the person you just sent it to. So be careful in your TA, only mess with transactions that are current enough you have the information to know how they stand.

Date Posted: 8/1/2014 8:58 PM ET
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This is from the help center:

Why are there canceled/lost books in my Transaction Archive that I know were sent/received?

The Transaction Archive is very useful, and a huge improvement over the previous site design, but you do need to familiarize yourself with how to use it properly. 

  • Remember that ACTIVE transactions will not appear in the Transaction Archive. 
  • ACTIVE transactions are on the tabs in My Account:
    • click My Account and scroll down if necessary to see the different tabs (Requested From Me, Books to mail, Books I've Requested, En Route to Me, Wish List Holds). 
    • Clicking each tab will show you the active transactions in that category.
    • If you do not have any active transactions in that category, no corresponding tab will appear on My Account.

The Transaction Archive (TA) shows ALL PAST TRANSACTIONS, which include canceled, lost, problem and successfully completed transactions. 

  • That means that one title may be appear in more than one transaction. 
    • For example, if one sender declined to send you a book, that transaction will appear in your TA as "Canceled" (an X will be on the icon to left of the transaction). 
    • And then when the request was passed along to a new sender who sent the book, and then you marked it received, that second transaction **for the same title** will also appear in your TA, but as "Completed Successfully" (green checkmark on icon to left of transaction). 
    • Similarly, if you request a book and it is declared lost en route to you, and then request another copy and mark it received, there will be two transactions for the title in your TA--one lost, one successfully completed.
  • You can see more information about the status of a book by putting your cursor over the icon to the left of it and seeing the text that pops up.

When a book is marked received (from active transactions or the TA)  it will give the sender credit. 

  • If you are unsure if you have done this for a book you received, simply:

    • Sort the TA by "Requested by Me" - "All" - "title" - "Descending", and click "resort". 
    • Then scroll down to look at all the transactions for that title. 
    • If one of them has a green checkmark beside it, you marked that copy received. 
      • You can see who sent it to you by looking at the name of the sender on the right side of the transaction. 
    • If none of them has a green checkmark, you never marked any copy of this title received.
      • Again, you can tell the different senders apart by looking at the names to the right of each transaction. 
    • You can send a Personal Message to any sender by clicking "PM" on the right of the transaction.
  • To see if a book you sent was marked received:

    • Sort the TA by "Requested From me" - "All" - "title" - "Descending" and click "resort".
    • Then scroll down to look at all the transactions for that title. 
    • If one of them has a green checkmark beside it, that copy was marked received from you. 
      • You can see who marked it received by looking at the name of the requestor on the right side of the transaction. 
    • If none of them has a green checkmark, no copy sent by you was ever marked received. 
      • Again, you can tell the different requestor apart by looking at the names to the right of each transaction.
    • You can send a Personal Message to any requestor by clicking "PM" on the right of the transaction.


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