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Topic: BOX-O-Books

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Pat C. (pc2688) - ,
Subject: BOX-O-Books
Date Posted: 6/26/2008 11:01 PM ET
Member Since: 9/30/2006
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Just looking for some advice. A couple of weeks ago I received a request for two books. One hardcover and one paperback. I responded immediately with my own request.  It sat like that for about 10 days and I emailed the requestor and asked if she was still interested. No Reply. I cancelled the request and then got a email with a long winded story claiming not to know why this was cancelled. She asked to complete the transaction. I told her she had to "accept" the offer. Five more days went by and I was going to cancel entirely and write it off. Before I could do this she told me the books were mailed. I immediately mailed out the two books she wanted.

I just received an email from her saying that the post office returned an empty wrapping and the books she sent to me were lost. Because this is a box of books there were no credits involved just my two books and the cost of postage. I guess I am out both the books and the postage.

This is my own fault as my instincts told me to cancel the request. 
Have you had this type of experience


Pat C.

Subject: Justed posted about this in another post
Date Posted: 6/27/2008 12:13 AM ET
Member Since: 1/17/2008
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I have never done books of books before, but I must confess, I am scared that one of my packages that I am sending to another person is "lost" in the mail. I mailed out 11 books at a time and they all recieved the books in less than a week. However, one is still making the journey--and it only has a few days till they get their point back (I do know that if they get it, I can still get a point if they go to their transactions).Another reason that I am scared is because I tried pming the person to ask if they got the book yet, but they aren't responding. It is hard to trust others, don't you think?

I know most people are good enough, but lets face it, we do have our share of shady people! Some people don't bat an eyelash at deception.

I sympathize with you story!

Date Posted: 6/27/2008 2:48 AM ET
Member Since: 6/15/2008
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Well Pat, I suspect that you may feel that she is lying about having mailed the books. I strongly agree, because being a mail carrier myself, I know that empty packages and/or envelopes are always delivered, stamped with "received without contents". As long as the wrapper still had postage and your address, it would have been delivered to you.
L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 6/27/2008 4:38 AM ET
Member Since: 9/5/2005
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You have been duped.  Be sure to report it to R&R.  Don't ever send a book to anyone without a credit transfer or a proper transaction through the system.


Pat C. (pc2688) - ,
Subject: Box of Books
Date Posted: 6/27/2008 10:04 AM ET
Member Since: 9/30/2006
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Thanks L. This was a box of books transaction so no credits were involved. This was done through the system. She only got back to me after I had already mailed my books to her with the info about the "empty" package. I guess the box of books is mostly based on good faith.
Thanks again for your info.

Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 6/27/2008 10:52 AM ET
Member Since: 12/27/2005
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Tim -- it's not true that empty packages are always delivered! I had one non-PBS wrapping returned to me just a few months ago. It was a photograph packed between cardboard inside a manila envelope, sent as First Class parcel, because it was stiff. Somehow the machines had completely ripped off the end of the envelope and everything inside was missing, but it still had the full destination address as well as my return address. It came back to me in a plastic envelope with a "we're sorry" message inside.

It may be that empty wrappers are supposed to be delivered, but I know for sure that doesn't always happen.

Date Posted: 6/27/2008 4:22 PM ET
Member Since: 2/14/2006
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I also recieved a package back that I sent.  The manilla envelope was mangled.    It had the complete address still intact but they just returned it to me with a 'sorry' note.  If I take it to the PO I'll get my postage back. 

I notified the person who ordered the book and she got her credit back.  Luckily I used PBS Postage so I didn't lose mine. 


Date Posted: 6/27/2008 7:28 PM ET
Member Since: 6/15/2008
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Hmm, maybe it depends on how far along the package gets to determine if it is returned or delivered.

This reminds me that I need to include the printout with the recipient's address inside the book. That way, if the book falls out, it will have an address inside for the PS to repackage.

Date Posted: 6/27/2008 9:32 PM ET
Member Since: 1/25/2007
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Ug, reminds me of someone I had on here & honestly I felt like I was just cheated out of my books. I honestly wonder if the same thing happened to you.

This happened a year ago -

I had someone request I think it was 5 or 6 books from me. These were not cheap paperback books either, VERY NICE hardback educational books. Each one going for $12 - $19.99 retail price in the store or even on Amazon.com I was brand new to Box o Books & excited about swapping out some homeschooling books for some new ones.

I accepted the trade & mailed mine off that very day. I waited and waiting then after I think like a week & 1/2 I wrote her asking if she'd mailed her books. She told me had forgotten & was sorry. She said she'd mail them that day. I waited and waited. She marked them mailed. I thanked her and kept waiting. I think after a MONTH I hadn't heard a word from her about getting the books I mailed & I had yet to get hers. So I wrote her a note and she said maybe mine were lost in the mail. I wrote back saying that I honestly didn't think BOTH boxes would be lost in the mail. But we agreed that she'd mail me more books. (sigh) I picked 5 more then we kept waiting. She still hadn't marked her's recieved on her end either. (Yet thanks to Delivery Confermation I knew she had gotten them).  (It's free on Paypal) 

So I kept waiting and waiting. After yet another MONTH (a total of 2mts) I wrote her again. She was no longer a member of the Box o Books and sent me a short note saying something like: I plan to join again soon. Your box returned to me. The address must have been wrong. I'll send it again.  I've never had this happen before & even had items mailed to me when the street numbers are wrong or road name is wrong. But I kept waiting.

To make this LONG story short I never got my books. I complained to R&R yet never heard back from them. I was out of 5 very nice homeschooling books. I left her negitive feedback when she rejoined. (I still had the uncompleted box o books left in my PENDING for almost a year).

She FINALLY marked her box recieved out of the blue one day! I had to laugh honestly. She wrote something like "Wonderful books thank you. Sorry for the trouble." This about 8mts later I think.


So sadly as you there may be some people who can just be out to get free books. Hopefully that didn't happen to you. The person I swapped with had good feedback even though the last positive one was month ago.

I would think the KIND thing this person could do would be to resend you some more books. I know I would feel bad getting books for nothing.

Sorry this happened to you.