Book Reviews of Bad Boys with Red Roses: Still Mr. & Mrs. / Tempt Me, Tease Me, Thrill Me / The Invitation

Bad Boys with Red Roses: Still Mr. & Mrs. / Tempt Me, Tease Me, Thrill Me / The Invitation
Bad Boys with Red Roses Still Mr Mrs / Tempt Me Tease Me Thrill Me / The Invitation
Author: Sharon Cullars, Janelle Denison, Tina Donahue
ISBN-13: 9780758209368
ISBN-10: 0758209363
Publication Date: 5/2007
Pages: 320
  • Currently 3.6/5 Stars.

3.6 stars, based on 64 ratings
Publisher: Brava
Book Type: Paperback
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Denison's story about 2 people who married young (good girl & bad boy) & her father took her away from him, now has them seeing each other again-she let's him know they are still married.....surprise. He wins a weekend of passion to try & work her out of his system, but of course he finds he is still in love........does she feel the same? 1st story I have read by Donahue-also very good....Bad boy cop Sean has a wild night with soon to be judge Cait. Her parents bad relationship makes her not want one.....but she can't forget Sean. Will they make it? 1st story I have read by Cullars also- wow...Something bad happened when she was young now 2 brothers are back in her life. 1 wants her dead..the other just wants her. See how this one plays out......All very good, quick reads. Enjoy!
reviewed Bad Boys with Red Roses: Still Mr. & Mrs. / Tempt Me, Tease Me, Thrill Me / The Invitation on
Still Mr. & Mrs. by Janelle Denison
Hot and steamy...even though it is relatively short, it still is well developed and fun. My favorite of the 3.

Tempt Me, Tease Me, Thrill Me by Tina Donahue
Also very HOT and STEAMY...not as well developed. Second favorite.

The Invitation by Sharon Cullars
The blurb on this one doesn't give a good idea of the book. There is suspense, but it was only okay for me. I could put the book down easily, so it wasn't one that kept me up reading at night. It was my first read from Cullars and I am not running out to get more.
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I loved these books and am very glad i got them, this one wont be hittin my bookshelf anytime soon.
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The first two stories, by Janelle Dennison & Tina Donahue, were exactly what you would expect to find in one of the "Bad Boys" anthologies. Romance, lotsa sex, a decent storyline. Unfortunately, the last story, by Sharon Cullars, should have been included in a horror anthology. I had to force myself to finish it by speedreading, and I absolutely hated it - a total downer, a bummer, & eerily depressing. If you read this book, skip the last story completely.
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I was very surprised by how much I liked this book. I've been introduced to two new authors and I finally got to read an author on my wish list. I did not find any glaring inconsistencies that I've in the last few books I've read. Nor was there any, "hey, were did that come from?"
Still Mr & Mrs.
Storyline-Rachel Hudson arrives in Las Vegas and back in Luke Kincaid's life. He's not seen her since a few days after thier marriage as teenagers. Her father moves the family across county to be rid of the poor kid and sends him annulment papers that never get filed. Rachel returns to get a new set signed. Luke agrees only if she spends a "honeymoon" weekend with him. She agrees since she wants him from the moment she answers her hotelroom door.
This story works great in the space it has. If I had to rate the book only on this short story, I would give it a 4.5. I liked that so much of the story was from the eyes of Luke. The author also shows how people will use whatever is at their disposal when lust/love enters their life. I also like the fact that the characters discuss the main problem before the end of the story. The sex scenes were approriate in length.

Tempt Me, Tease Me, Thrill Me
Storyline-Cait Campbell has a one night stand with Sean Logan. He knows that one night is not enough and he wants it for the rest of his life. The problem is that Cait is afraid of marriage after watching her parents battle for years. She's decided that she'll only be passionate about her career and gaining a judgeship. Sean realizes that even she can't deny the attraction and uses it to his advantage to win another night in her arms and her heart.
I think this short story was longer and was edited down. It did not work. I understand in a short story the author has to bring the reader up to speed very quickly, but this was like being dropped in the center and only given necessary details five pages in as opposed to the first page. I wanted more of the Logan brothers. I wanted to know Kyle who runs the end, how did Tim and Julia meet and what are the ohter "hot" brothers up to. I could not figure out how long Cait and Sean knew each other. My friend whom I share books with, thought they had only recently met, but I argue that is not so. Cait knows stats of Logan's career as a Chicago Police Officer. Logan realizes she's been following his career for a long time. I thought the main sex scene was too long for the space given the story.
While the sex scene was too long, the author used it to paint a very vivid picture. I could almost smell the rose scent from the candles in the room and hear the fire crackle. I also liked how Logan made Cait prove she loved him and truly wanted to have a lasting relationship. Give us more of the brothers stories.

The Invitation
Storyline-Criminal defense attonery Jerlyn Harris has received an invitation to an uber exclusive event the following weekend. There is something fimilar about the cologne on the card and the voice on the phone calling to confirm her participation. She has a very unsettling feeling and turns down the invite. Enter Adrian Vance who meets her outside of the courthouse to tell her that life is in danger and she must leave with him if she want to live. For some reason, she trusts him. After going to a hotel and changing clothes, he explains the she is married and her husband, his brother blames her for is prison term and is planning on killing her. She has blocked out the fact that she dated Adrian and in immature fit, marries his brother Andrew now known as Amil. She leaves Drew/Amil on the wedding night only to return home to her parent who are in a buring home. Drew/Amil gets blamed for the fire. Through cunning and careful planning, Amil manages to get Jerlyn to the very house he invites her to. Before he can start his plans, he hears water running. He takes Jerlyn with him to find the source of the water. Once there, a Amil snaps and becomes preoccupied turning off the water. Jerlyn runs out of the bathroom down the stairs to Adrian arms. Shots are heard in the bathroom and Amil is dead. Adrian explains to Jerlyn that he's sorry for the upheval of her life caused by them and walks out of her life. He can't stay away anc comes back to heal and help her remember the relationship they both had.
I have books by this author on my to read list. I did not know that paranomal activity is a theme in many of her books as well as this story. Initially, I thought it was a little "deus ex machina", but reading some portions of the story again, the author did quite a bit of foreshadowing. I liked how the author keep the number of characters very limited. This story had the most developed and involved storyline of the three. I also enjoyed how the author keep the subtheme of change thoughtout the story. The author only touched on the interracial theme once. I wonder if it is even needed. If so, then more space in the story should have been given to it. The sex scenes were short and sweet. The piece revolved around the story and not the sex.
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Appears that this is not a book on horticulture, I could find no reference to red roses in the stories.