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Topic: Do you have a "Book Memory" to share?

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Subject: Do you have a "Book Memory" to share?
Date Posted: 5/29/2008 11:59 AM ET
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Do any of you have any nice "book memories" to share?

For instance, when I was about 7 or 8 (a hundred years ago), I got a Bobbsey Twins book for Christmas.  I didn't read it for a quite a few months, but when I finally did I really liked it.  Then, one day after that, I woke up to find a new Bobbsey Twins book under my pillow.  Just like the toothfairy would leave it, except I hadn't lost a tooth, it wasn't my birthday, or any other special occasion.  It was just a happy surprise, from my mother to me, for no reason at all.  I was beyond thrilled.  To this day, this is one of my fondest memories of my childhood.  And of course, it made me enjoy reading alot!

So, what are some of your nice "book memories?"


Date Posted: 5/29/2008 10:21 PM ET
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Oh, I have a memory, too !

When I was around 11 or 12 I loved Enid Blyton's "The Famous Five" series but my parents rarely took the time to go to the library with me. My grandma couldn't walk or drive because of her age but she knew I really loved the books. 

So one day she went through the newspaper ads and found an add from someone selling a "few" Famous Five books.

She walked there all by herself and was driven back by the seller together with all 21 books in a beautiful condition. When I came home from school they were carrying the books into the house and I was so happy that I was crying like a baby.

My Grandma died a year later and so much memories got lost over time but this one stays with me forever. I still have the books on top of my shelf and everytime I look at them it reminds me of how much my Grandma loved me and how much I loved her.

Date Posted: 5/29/2008 10:42 PM ET
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AWWW!  Those are both sweet stories!

I remember my mom taking me to the library to stock up on books for a long car ride to go camping.  As an eight year old, I chose at least a dozen picture books.   When I got home, I hid in my bedroom engrossed in reading every book.  My mom was so frustrated because there weren't book to keep my attention during the trip.  But she still laughs  when she tells the story because I've loved to read as long as she can remember. 

During my junior high years, I snuck into my mom's bedroom to browse her copy of "Sensuous Woman" when she was on the telephone in the kitchen. 

Date Posted: 5/29/2008 11:02 PM ET
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Such sweet memories! Kirstin, your story about your grandma made me get all teary-eyed!

I was a devoted reader from toddlerhood on, but most of my books were used or library. Not that I minded at all--I'd read anything! But when I was in second grade, my aunt Charlotte gave me a Waldenbooks gift certificate for either Christmas or my birthday, can't remember which. And one day she took me to the mall to Waldenbooks to spend it, and I got to pick out TWO NEW BOOKS for my very own. One of those moments that looms large in my mind, LOL. I still get short of breath when I enter a bookstore with chargecard in hand!

Some of the pleasantest moments of my life have been book-related. :-)

Date Posted: 5/30/2008 2:30 AM ET
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      As an only child, I remember stories that three of my cousins (siblings) told about waking before their parents and opening (yes, in their home and mine, Santa wrapped the gifts) all of their presents.  In my home, we did this together.  I guess so that my parents could sleep until a decent hour, for years I was allowed to select several books at an independent bookstore in the nearest "city," (a treat in itself to go to The Chimneys in Columbus, MS, which always had a fire in the fireplace in the winter).  The bookstore wrapped the books and I knew what paper they were wrapped in.  When I awoke on Christmas morning, I was allowed to open this one gift and read until my parents got up.  I was completely happy to do just that!

Date Posted: 5/30/2008 9:11 AM ET
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I love these!! Oh, but Kirsten, yours made me choke up.  My grandmother loved romances, and she had all of Grace Livingston Hill, Mrs. Holmes, all those old, beautiful novels with the Edwardian ladies on the covers.  (I have them now). She moved to Harlequins eventually...I can remember going to spend the night with her.  She had twin beds in her upstairs bedroom, and we would drape scarves over the lamp on the stand between us, (and stock the stand with snacks and pop) and then each curl up on our beds and read.  I miss her..

I have one vivid memory of "What I Was Reading When..."  It was the summer between 5th and 6th grade.  I was in that cranky phase that girls go through.  My brother Mark was about 4.  We went on a family vacation, from Michigan to South Dakota.  We borrowed my grandpa's truck, which had a camper covering the bed of the pickup..remember those?  Anyway, my parents cheerfully told us it would be great fun as they shut me in the back with The Monster Child.  I had a little notebook (which my mom still has) that was my only lifeline.  I wrote angry, outraged notes to my parents, would pound on the window between the cab and us, and smack the notebook up so Mom could read of Mark's latest sins.  ('HE'S EATING ALL THE POP TARTS.  MOM, WE HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT THE SUBDIVISION YET!") 

Thank God for "The Hobbit."  Bilbo took me far away from that camper to Middle Earth, on the longest vacation of my life.  I will always have a soft spot for Tolkien...

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Date Posted: 5/30/2008 9:17 AM ET
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Back in the day when I was into the bodice ripper romance books a friend of mine and I were reading the same book...Sweet, Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers.  I remember being at the lake and we were both in our lawn chairs...I was a little bit ahead and I would say "omg I can't wait till you get to this part"..she was getting so pissed cuz she couldn't keep up with me and it was driving her nuts that I kept commenting... I finally stopped so she could enjoy her book, but I explicity remember her turning to me and telling me to stop it...man she was pissed LOL!!  This was probably almost 30 years ago...hehehe..!

btw..If you like bodice rippers Sweet, Savage Love is a good one...although I don't know if it's still in print, maybe someone on pbs has it lol!

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Date Posted: 5/30/2008 11:02 AM ET
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I was always a bookie, and I remember that when I was being punished my dad would take the light bulb out of my lamp at night so I couldn't read.  I remember sneaking a flashlight in my room and reading under the covers. 

Reading under the covers was my own sanctuary, and my escape from the world.  Imagine my surprise when I found my 10 year old doing it---and I never take out her lightbulbs!  ;)  I asked her why and she told me that reading like that keeps everything out except her and her book.  It's funny I never shared that story with her, and she's making her own memory like I did.

Date Posted: 5/30/2008 12:39 PM ET
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Mine is a "grandma memory", also.

Since there were four kids in our family, it was rare to have a grown-up all to yourself.  Every summer we would go to Illinois to visit my grandmothers.  Each of us would have two days all on our own at Grandma Hamilton's house.  The first thing we would do is go to the library and stock up on books to read during our vacation.  Grandma introduced us to so many different authors!  To this day my daughter says, "Yeah, mom and my aunt's  idea of a good time is sitting in the same room, reading a book, drinking coffee (which was milk with a smidge of coffee when we were kids), and every so often saying - Listen to this!"

Date Posted: 5/30/2008 5:04 PM ET
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I didn't have a chance to read all the stories but the first one reminded me of when I got the book about how "your body is changing" when I was about 12 or so.  I think it was just left under my pillow!!

Date Posted: 6/2/2008 5:09 PM ET
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these are all really cute. I remember when I was small, my mom's rule whenever we went to the library was "you can only choose as many books as you can carry." needless to say, I got to be a pretty buff little kid because of that. She also used to punish me by taking away my book when I was bad.
Date Posted: 6/2/2008 7:04 PM ET
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I remember doing book reports on the Flicka, Ricka and Dicka illustrated books. I would copy the illustrations for my report. This was ages ago......I was probably 7 or 8 (50 years ago)

I remember going to the local library (Kenosha, Wisconsin) It was in an old former church building and the children's library had wonderful window seats with stained glass windows. It was a lovely place and my love of reading was born in that library.

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Date Posted: 6/2/2008 9:40 PM ET
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One of my fondest book memories is when I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, when I was about 11. I was up to the last few chapters, which (for anyone who hasn't read it) are when a lot of the book's puzzles are solved, there's a lot of action, a lot of things are turned on their head, and it's all very breathtaking when read for the first time. So I was sitting on my beanbag in my room reading this very exciting part, and lying on the floor next to me was the paper I was supposed to be writing for my English class, consisting so far of one sentence. I remember my mom kept on coming into my room to check on how my homework was going, during which I would shove the book behind me and pretend to be working on the paper. As soon as she left, I would pick up the book again, and I can remember making excuses as she began to get more suspicious as the evening went on. ("I'm having trouble thinking of anything to write about...I don't really understand the assignment..." etc.) I don't think I ever finished that homework...

A couple of years later, I was reading that same part of the book aloud to my younger brother (who had been too young to read the Harry Potter books on his own), and we both had really big final exams the next day in school, but he was so caught up in the story (like I had been), that we both kind of ignored our work and I read through the end of the book that day.

On a side note, even as we got older I continued to read the books to him cause we had fun doing it, even though he was perfectly capable of reading them himself. Last summer, after I had finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (on no sleep), the two of us stayed up literally all night so I could read aloud the second half (about 400 pages or so) of the book to him. I was exhausted (I had just come back from California and had only slept a couple of hours the day before, while reading the book myself), he was exhausted (he had just come back from a wrestling camp), but we plowed on through, finishing while eating breakfast on our terrace in the morning. It was extremely draining, but so worth it. :-D


Date Posted: 6/3/2008 8:00 AM ET
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I remember going through my parents bedroom and I found two books.  One was "Kinsey's Study of Female Sexualilty" and the other was "Gone with the Wind".  Of course, my mother found out and let me have Gone with the Wind to read.  I was about 11 or 12.  It was such a thick book, I thought it could go on forever.  When I finally finished, I cried because the story was over and I wanted it to last til infinity.

To this day, I wonder why Gone With The Wind was hidden in a dresser drawer.

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Date Posted: 6/3/2008 5:41 PM ET
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What a great thread.  Here is mine...

My first "chapter book" was Charolette's Web.  It was the first time a book I was reading necessiated a bookmark.  My younger brother kept pulling the bookmark out to annoy me.  I was under the impression that without the bookmark there, I had to start over from the beginning.  I read the first 5 pages about 10 time before my mom showed me that even withOUT the bookmark, I could figure out where I was in the book.   Too funny.

Date Posted: 6/3/2008 7:18 PM ET
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wow reading these posts is so entertaining! The grandma one made me sniffle...ya'll should put these in a chicken soup type book! :-)

I have several memories of reading/books that stand out to me though they're nothing spectacular to anyone else probably!

My mother used to read a lot and the light from her room would keep me awake. I remember staying awake a soon as she'd let me and just looking at books (I don't recall being read to though and I wish Ihad that memory...)but she and daddy got me a s ubsription to the scholastic book club I think it was a nd I loved getting books in the mail and had my own section of the bookcase on the bottom right shelf.

The first chapter books I remember are the Little House on the Prairie books and The Boxcar Children. My mother tended to want me to read what she'd read and liked (little house) and my 3rd grade teacher opened a whole new world of escape to me with The Boxcar Children. To this day I still pull out that series and read them and it's one of the few series they've modernized and added to that I still like to read.

I remember going ot the big library in Longview after we'd moved to the little suburb near there and that was a big deal. both parents worked and my mom would come in tired yet still take us there and I almost always checked otu this one book titled 'pony girl'. I loved that book and I remember one time the library wouldn't let me ch eck it out again because I'd already had it..sure enough it was there when we went back. I asked my mom how I could buy that book (pre internet days and it was already an older falling apart book) and was surprised she'd noticed how much I was reading it and had jotted down the title and author and written the publisher but no luck. about 10 yrs ago I was lucky enough to find it on ebay. funny that it wasn't what I remembered..i mean, it ws and it wasn't..there were things I didn't remember it having and then the things I did remember...I still have it and love it for the memories....

I also remember my dad getting mad at me because I took a bag of books with me everywhere we went. they had bought this lake lot and I've never liked the outdoors..I'd take a bag of my books with me to entertain myself with!

I also remember when we found the smaller library in the smaller town one over so the big library days were pretty much over but this one had some good books as well though noPony Girl book. I remember my mom telling my brother and I (he wasn't a big reader) to get what we could finish in the 2 week checkout period and the librarian giving me disapproving looks at the stack I had. She wanted me to put at least half of them back but my mom looked at me and told her that I could finish them. Sure enough I read all but one and that was because I didn't like it so I re-read 2 of the others.

oh and the wonderful library sale where I found 2 old trixie beldens and was HOOKED! totally hooked..found a rival for my beloved boxcar children though only a few of each are absolute faves.

I also remember receiving 'the secret garden' by burnett for christmas one year from an aunt and uncle who never ever gave anyone anythng! I tried reading it and got bogged down by the cholera ( I hated being frustrated with words I've never heard!) but one day it was raining so I took it outside to the porch swing and started reading it and managed to get through the first part and ened up absolutely loving this book!