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Topic: book organizing

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Subject: book organizing
Date Posted: 5/16/2010 10:11 AM ET
Member Since: 5/1/2010
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what's the best way to organize your books?  having just a few is no problem, but now that i have hundreds there has to be a better way to file/organize them.  when a member orders a book from me, i don't want to have to look thru all the books just to find that particular book, i wanna be able to go right to it and not waste time.  would like to hear how members file/organize their books.

Date Posted: 5/16/2010 12:32 PM ET
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I have 6 plastic storage bins (about 22x16x6.5) , just tall enough that you can load paperback books spine up.  I organize alphabetically by author last name - so I'll have all my A-D authors in bin 1, with a card on the outside saying which letters are inside.  My 6 bins are enough to store over 200 books, and I can put them either under my desk, or stack them in a corner, since they have lids.

ETA - I don't bother to get things in really strict alpha order in this system, since it's no great hardship to search through a single storage box for a book, especially if the spines are visible.  So my authors A-D are all mixed together within their box.  The only time I run into trouble is if I accidentally file by character name - Joanna Brady instead of JA Jance.

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Date Posted: 5/16/2010 3:04 PM ET
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I don't have a large amount on my bookshelf to swap (yet), but I do have a separate shelf I keep my swappers on so that they don't get mixed in my personal books or TBR books. For my keepers and TBRs, I have them on shelves by title in alpabetical order (unless they're series books). For my series books, I have those sorted by author, and then series.

Date Posted: 5/16/2010 4:37 PM ET
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Fiction, which I have less of, goes in alphbetical order. I've been trying really hard to wean out a lot of them.

Nonfiction is by subject matter; since almost all my books are in a half-dozen subjects, it's pretty easy. Sometimes I have to rearrange--like when my foodie books overtake other topics, but it seems to work OK.

Books to be swapped are in their own boxes, spine up.

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Alice J. (ASJ) - ,
Date Posted: 5/16/2010 9:22 PM ET
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I have way too many books so I put it in book cases in alphabetical order by genre. I have a historical fiction book case, historicalmyster, cozy myster, paranormal, paranormal romance, urban fantash and of course other. Just my way of filing.


Subject: alphbetical order?
Date Posted: 5/17/2010 12:44 AM ET
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i store my books on a book shelf and in a cabinet.  if i store books in alphbetical order and then acquire more books, i would have to move all of the books to the right to get them to be alphbetical order.  that means books on the top shelf at the end would have to be moved to the next shelf...and every other book shifted to make room for a book in alphbetical order.  why not just number the books from 1-whatever, then add the next number to the end of the books?  nothing would have to be moved.  what am i missing here?

Date Posted: 5/19/2010 11:22 PM ET
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How about leaving some room on the end of each shelf? That way you don't have to necessarily move books from one shelf to another. Just move the books so your new book can fit.

Date Posted: 5/22/2010 11:59 AM ET
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The numbering idea sounds good, if you have the patience to number all of them! If you're going to go that route, I might recommend listing your books in an Excel spreadsheet. Then you can just do a quick search (the "Find" function) for the book title you're looking for, and easily see which number it is.

Date Posted: 5/25/2010 11:44 AM ET
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for my swapping books, i just have them in a box, alphabetical by title.

for my personal collection, i have them arranged rainbow-etically! it's very pretty although it does make it difficult to find a specific book, so i have a list i've typed up of all of them, alphebetically by author and noted which bookcase and which shelf each is on.

Date Posted: 5/25/2010 11:29 PM ET
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I have mine in bookshelves alphabetically on each shelf. That means I have to look on every shelf until I find the book. My bookshelves are not all the same heighth so I like to fit the smaller books in the smaller bookshelves to use the space better. I do have trouble finding my books sometimes so would welcome other ideas, too.

Always 3 for 2 and 5 on 3 on my books. Other deal offers welcome, too.

Date Posted: 5/27/2010 11:53 AM ET
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I used to prefer sorting by author last name but now I'm finding that sorting by genre helps me with my TBR.  I rarely have a huge bookshelf here so I just  keep my posted, ready to send books seperated on an old printer stand. 

I'm finding that alpha by author last name is not working for me.  I can't figure out how to order my shelves for maximum book holding and still keep them by author last name.  So I think I'm going to reorder by genre.  I have some books stored in shoe bags under the bed.  I can fit about 50 mmps in a bag. Those I sorted by genre.  I think I'm going to sort them all by genre after I move.  It's easier to add a book to the pile by genre when you have tighly packed bookshelves than it is to add a book going by author last  name.  I find that grouping by binding is helpful as well. 

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Date Posted: 5/28/2010 3:39 PM ET
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Hmm. I kind of like the # idea.  Never thought of that.  Although I like to have them groupled by author. I like having series books grouped together. Not sure # would work for me because I kind of have to put books where I have room for them.  Something to think about though. I could just bring up my TBR on PBS and sort it by date or something.  Then load them on the shelves.  Not sure that would work with having hardcovers, mmps and trades.  To maximize shelf space I have to put the hardcovers/trades in back and then the mmps in front.