Book Reviews of The Bronze Horseman (Tatiana, Bk 1)

The Bronze Horseman (Tatiana, Bk 1)
The Bronze Horseman - Tatiana, Bk 1
Author: Paullina Simons
ISBN-13: 9780061031120
ISBN-10: 0061031127
Publication Date: 10/2002
Pages: 912
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 40 ratings
Publisher: HarperTorch
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Wow! What an incredible war story and love story! You really get a first-hand look at what the siege of Leningrad was like during WWII.
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A must read. I totally enjoyed my time spent with this book. It's characters became like best friends that you couldn't put the book down wanting to know what will happen next. Definately a heart warming book once again showing the true meaning of love for another person and our families.
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A very interesting and enjoyable read until about 3/4 through. Then the sex got a bit boring. I also felt...particularly toward the end that the dialogue was not really 40's dialogue. But all in all it was a good read.
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A great book! I fell in love with this love story beteen Alexander and Tatiana. Some parts of it were grueling to get through like the hard winter in Leningrad, but it's such a great book - you keep with it. Can't wait to read the next in the series!
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This book will be hard to beat. Have you ever read a book that was so good that you almost regret having read it because you know that no other book in the world will ever live up to it, and from now on you are doomed to a life of second class books? Well that is how I felt after reading this book. I finished it, put it on my bookshelf, looked at other books on my TBR pile, sighed with dissapointment at all of the choices (which had seemed so apealing a few days earlier), shrugged my shoulders, reached for The Bronze Horseman, and read it all over again. It is just that good. Blissful torture. Be warned: this book may be the book that ruins all other books for you.
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This is one of my all time favorites. Great characters and very vivid descriptions of events in history from WWII. Be sure to read the follow up books "The Bridge to Holy Cross" and "The Summer Garden" They are all good.
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I loved this book, it made me cry, laugh, and feel like I was right there with the characters. I couldn't put it down and I stayed up late several nights in a row to finish it. It's now one of my all-time favorites!
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This is one of my favorite all time books. It is very detailed and the characters are so vivid you feel like you know them. It is a tender, tragic and triumphant epic novel. There are two follow-up books: "The Bridge to Holy Cross" and "The Summer Garden" you must read them to find out what happens after the tragic ending of this book. All of Paullina Simons books are good-but this is hands down the best!!
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This is an amazing book. The pages fly by when you read it. I have it and the 2 sequels in my "keeper" pile!
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My favorite, favorite book!
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A novel of World War 2 Russia, Leningrad around the early 1940s. Russian War love story. Starts off a little slow because the author has to set the scene but picks up and teaches a little history too.
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A big ambitious book whose characters stick in the readers mind.
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I have been searching for an amazing heart stopping epic love story. How have I missed this book? I can't put the book down. My housework WILL suffer.
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I loved this book! But I must say that I don't think I would have liked it as well, had I read it. I listened to it on cassette tapes, and the reading was so good, and I didn't have to try to figure out how to pronounce all those Russian names in my mind, they were pronounced very well with the proper accent, and the actress who spoke the words also "spoke' the characters, using the same accents for Alexander all the time, for Tatiana, changing when she was happy, scared, etc. I don't know how she did that! The love scenes which would have seemed trite and reductionistic if one had read the words, came alive with the realness of their passion for each other. This truly was/is a great love story!
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I cannot say enough about how wonderful I thought this book was. The author swept me up in WWII Leningrad and I could feel, smell and taste along with the characters. After the first few pages I was hooked and immediately ordered the next 2 books in the trilogy.
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Very good book and I enjoyed the time period and history. There were times I became frustrated with the pace and the main characters, which is what kept me from giving it 5 stars, but otherwise it is a solid read. Looking forward to starting the sequel.
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I read THE BRONZE HORSEMAN as a buddy read in my online book club, The Reading Cove ~ and it's the fastest I've ever read 810 pages in my life!!

The passion. The love. The layered character development! Tatiana and Alexander and WWII Leningrad come to life so vividly! It's deep, rich and compelling. I could hardly put it down! I even read some scenes over and over again, while at other times I was SO eager to know how things would turn out (the suspense was practically drying out my throat!) that I skipped ahead a few times, then went back to read everything properly.

There were several LOL moments when I actually put the book down and could. not. stop. laughing. for minutes at a time!

However, on the downside (and yes, there is one), the main thing that annoyed me was the repetition of some of the themes; to say it was excessive is an understatement - it was beyond beyond! The progression of the war dragged on WAY too long - just 'same stuff different day'...however, the passion and depth of this sweeping saga trumps every. single. one. of its shortcomings!

So while at its heart a love story, THE BRONZE HORSEMAN is so much more than only that. It's an epic tale of sacrifice and survival, family loyalty and devotion, and the miraculous beauty of true love managing to shine through the dank putridness of WWII. What's more? You can feel the author's passion woven into every line!

A-. If you haven't read this one yet...what are you waiting for?
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The war in Europe seems far away in this city of fallen grandeur, where two sisters, Tatiana and Dasha Metanova, share a cramped apartment with their brother and parents. And while life under Stalin has been harsh, deprivation unlike anything they have imagined is yet to come, for Hitler's armies are about to invade their beloved homeland.

But amid the terror and hardship lie beauty and hope when Tatiana meets Alexander, a young Red Army officer. Confident and daring, he is also a man with a mysterious past and a terrifying secret.

As the relentless winter and the German army's blockade grip the city, Tatiana and Alexander are drawn to each other in an impossible love that could tear her family apart and reveal his dangerous secret -- a secret as destructive as the war itself. Caught between two deadly forces, the lovers are swept up in a tide of history that will change them -- and the world -- forever...
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loved it
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This book is twice as long as it needs to be, due to pages and pages of redundant character activity that does nothing to further the plot or enhance the reader's understanding of the characters. I loved the first couple hundred pages, but had to force myself through the rest of it.
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I agree with Ariel, this book will be hard to beat. It sticks to your mind weeks later. I absolutely LOVED this book and can't wait to read the next two of the series.
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This is the first book in the Bronze Horseman trilogy. This is a historical fiction novel set in the 1940's in Russia during Hitler's invasion of Russia. This book was long and drawn out and plagued by characters that I found frustrating to read about.

I listened to this on audiobook and the audiobook was well done. I would definitely recommend reading on audiobook if you like audiobooks. The narrator did an amazing job.

If I had one to use one word to describe this book it would be...long. This is a long book and it feels long. Although the wartime setting is intriguing, I struggled to stay interested in our two main characters who constantly sabotage their own lives to make things much much more difficult than they need to be.

Tatiana thinks she is self-sacrificing by begging Alexander to continue to pretend to be in love with her sister, Pasha, when Alexander actually loves Tatiana. She thinks she will help her sister by protecting her sister's feelings. All she does is make everyone's life miserable. Both Tatiana and Alexander make one poor decision after another; some they are driven to by their situation but others they make because...well...I am not sure why.

In the end I found both lead characters frustrating to read about. I was especially frustrated by the middle of the book which contained (I listened to this on audiobook) over three hours of a whole summer of Tatania and Alexander having sex. Seriously...I get it...they really really like each other...a lot. This whole book was an exercise in excess and frustration and really should have been edited better.

In the end I am just happy to be done with it. I will not be reading more of the series. I can take no more of Tatania's passive aggressive behavior and can't stand anymore of Alexander's controlling and over-protective attitude. After 31 hours of listening to this I am soooo happy to be moving on to something else. The history was interesting but the rest was just so boring.
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This is an entertaining read and I plan to read the others in the trilogy. The historical background is wonderfully detailed as were the views of Russian society, family life, the military background and the battles. The poetry by Pushkin added depth and interest and made me want to go back and read Pushkin again. The Nazi sieges on Moscow and Leningrad were so graphic that I found myself wondering how many of the characters would survive and, of course, so many did not.

I liked the hero and heroine but I felt that the 800+ pages should have been edited. Too much time was spent in setting the stage, on the early character interactions and with the sexual scenes between Tatiana and Alexander. I plodded through early parts and skimmed a number of the sexual romps.

As I reflect on this book, I realize that it's hard for us in our land of plenty to truly understand what the people Leningrad and other Russian cities had to endure just to survive during WWII. So little food, no heat, bombs to dodge, death and the chaos of it all. And, of course, danger came from the NKVD as well as the Germans. The author helps us understand that conflict brings out the best in some of us and the worst in others as demonstrated by the actions of Alexander and Dimitri. So, what is true bravery? Perhaps it's the courage to just get through each day during the chaos of war doing the best we can.