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Dark Hollow
Dark Hollow
Author: Brian Keene
ISBN-13: 9780843958614
ISBN-10: 0843958618
Publication Date: 2/2008
Pages: 384
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 85 ratings
Publisher: Leisure Books
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 3
This was my first Brian Keene book. I thought it was good, most of the book. I also thought he over did it with the all the sex. Very explicet. There is some creepy elements in the book. I would read another one of Brian Keen's books.
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Helpful Score: 3
So far any book by Keene, has been worth reading. Dark Hollow is no different. Not as many "edge of your seat" moments as others I have read by him. Still very good, he has quite the imagination. Not for people who get "offended" easily. I recommend it.
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Helpful Score: 3
Never for the faint of heart Brian Keene amazes again with DARK HOLLOW. The story is a departure from the last book I read by him and is definately nothing I have ever read before. I have seen someone else do this and I like the idea. First sentence: ...Oh well see I can't even type that b/c I think I'd be violating some decency rule on this site. Anyhow, for your money's worth in original, true to the bone (meaning you'll prety much feel like your in the story), sometimes offensive writing then pick up this novel. Any book by this author is worth checking out.
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Really enjoyed this book. The horror parts were moderately scary, but I liked it more for the relationship of the main characters, how they began as casual friends/neighbors, then grew close as they pulled together as a group to fight the creature. Yes, the book contains many explicit sex scenes involving an *ahem* generously proportioned satyr-like creature, so be warned if you are a person likely to be offended by such. I have read alot worse in bodice-ripper love novels.

The book description really says everything that needs to be said about the plot. It seems like Keene researched and had his own take on mythology and folk (powwow) magic, which I liked.

Last but not least is my favorite character, Big Steve the dog. Lovingly described, he brought a smile to my face several times and I kept wishing I could give him a hug.
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I read all of Keene's books up to this one and even though I liked all of them I just didn't think this one sounded that good. But I decided to read it anyway and I really wish I didn't bother. I didn't find it scary or thrilling but did find it absurd and boring (two words I never thought I would use to describe a Keene book). I also read it when I lost power for 3 days because of Hurricane Sandy. Reading this book just made that situation even more unbearable.
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I got this book cause of the reviews it got. It did not dissapoint either.. WOW, and HOLLY COW! is all I can say. THey are right when your reading this you will feel like your there in the middle of it all! I am definatly going to be looking into seeing what other books of his are on here for ordering :)This author is pretty intense with his fast pace writing. Much like Koontz can do with his books, by drawing you in and holding you down till the end....Awesome!
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I had this book sitting on my book shelf for quite some time. I was looking for an OOP book by Keene called "The Rutting Season". In talking to a friend on here I found out that these two books were the same. "Dark Hollow" was a reprint of "The Rutting Season". When I heard that I immediately pulled it off the shelf and dived in. It starts with a bang and keeps going. It has a few tense moments where you are wondering how the good guys are going to make it out alive. It has plenty of sex but since that is what the book's villian is about, it was necessary. For people saying that it had too much sex or was graphic, imagine reading a book about a serial rapist with no rape in it. Now what would be the point in that? What a great book from start to finish. Sad and Sinister, right to the last page! Excellent read!
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I don't really know what to say about this. At times it was captivating but at others it was just plain silly. Keene lost me when the characters started using made up powwow. The book started slow and really didn't pick up pace until the last third.
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Keene is a top horror writer and this is no exception. You feel you know the characters and the horror they go through you can feel it too. first rate story
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Decent book overall. I liked the plotline, but it did get rather absurd near the end. Still, it had some scary parts and the characters were quite believable. The end is very good for sure.
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This is my 2nd Keene book. Liked it better than the first one (The Rising) but only by a little bit. This is not some literary great or a story that will keep with me in the years to come. Instead it was more of a "B" grade horror movie. Great actions, keeps you entertained but at the same time you really don't care what happens to the characters or how great the storyline is just as long as it keeps moving along.
The story starts off with and author out for a walk with his dog finds his neighbor performing fellatio on a statue of a satyr. Which in turn makes it come to life. Then from there all hell breaks loose.
Good read. Looking forwarding to reading the 2nd one in this series "Ghost Walk".
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The recipe for an effective horror story is to tell a tale whose subject matter truly frightens it's readers. Mix in likable characters who you can relate with, add a dash of suspension of disbelief, and you've got yourself the makings of a good horror yarn. Keene whipped up a batch of terror for us that I was skeptical upon first tasting it. But, after a few bites more, I couldn't put the spoon down until the bowl was licked clean. I loved Dark Hollow and I really didn't know if I was going to. He started us off with subject matter that strains on the whole suspension of disbelief. A couple women have disappeared from the small town and an old Greek satyr (half man/half goat) is behind it. That, in itself, is asking my imagination to stretch pretty far. But what Keene does next is the brilliant part. He takes the unbelievable subject matter and, not only makes you believe it, but he does so without you being aware of how he does it. That's good magic, my friends. You see, Keene mixed his unbelievable subject matter with a healthy dose of characters you can relate with. Adam, an author and the story's main character, is an everyday joe who makes his living doing what he loves. His neighborhood sidekicks all feel like people we know already. The old guy that lives with his wife and has had prostrate cancer. The wise ass that works down at the factory and rides a motorcycle. The young kid that works at WalMart and looks up to the older guys in the neighborhood. The girl behind the counter that you see every morning at the corner convenience store. Even the lovable mutt who's afraid of his own shadow. We know these characters in our own lives. At least, it feels like we do. Now, add a subject matter that frightens us. Here is where I applaud Keene. He uses the fear of a man losing his "manhood" in a way that makes you smack your forehead because you didn't think of it yourself. The fear of losing your female mate due to "not being enough of a man" is ingrained so deep down in us guys. We all feel it to some degree. That's the root of male jealousy and Keene wields it like a scalpel. Knowing just what to cut and what to leave behind. He then mixes in a well-crafted explanation of local Pennsylvanian folklore and Greek/Roman mythology to bind it all together. Well done Mr. Keene. Well done.
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From the back of the book:

Something very strange is happening in LeHorn's Hollow. Eerie, piping music is heard late at night, and mysterious fires have been spotted deep in the woods. Women are vanishing without a trace overnight, leaving behind husbands and families. When up-and-coming novelist Adam Senft stumbles upon an unearthly scene, it plunges him and the entire town into an ancient nightmare. Folks say the woods in LeHorn's Hollow are haunted, but what waits there is far worse than any ghost.It has been summoned...and now it demands to be satisfied.