Book Reviews of The Door Within (Door Within, Bk 1)

The Door Within (Door Within, Bk 1)
The Door Within - Door Within, Bk 1
Author: Wayne Thomas Batson
ISBN-13: 9781400310111
ISBN-10: 1400310113
Publication Date: 4/8/2007
Pages: 336
Edition: Lost Chapter
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
  • Currently 4.8/5 Stars.

4.8 stars, based on 13 ratings
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Book Type: Paperback
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This book is a very good, very easy read with a great story. It was probably written for younger readers, but I still enjoyed it and I'd recommend it to anyone. Book one in the Door Within trilogy, it reminded me quite a bit of âThe Never-ending Story', but was sufficiently different not to appear to be an attempt at copying it. The story follows a boy who is transported to a medieval fantasy world after reading three mysterious, ancient scrolls. Wayne Thomas Batson does a brilliant job, and I'm looking forward to reading more from him. Recommended!
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Is this the most incredible book Ive ever read? Probably not. But do not despair; I must have loved it. I stayed up half the night because I just HAD to finish it before I went to bed! The allegory good vs. evil, light and darkness drew me into the depths of the story. The adventure kept me there. If youre a Fantasy buff, youll like it, too. If youre not into Fantasy, you might like it anyway! Give it a try. Who knows, you might just find a new genre, like I did, to put more books in your reading library! Interestingly enough, these fantasies are not exactly what I expected. Now I wonder why it took me so long to try one! Next, on to book 2, The Rise of the Worm Lord. Okay, I confess, I've already started it!!!
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this book is excellent! full of action and conflict on every page. I have read all the series and loved them. you can see the Christian values in this book and in the others. When I finished it I moved straight to the next one and then the next. the whole series took me six days to read. highly recommended!
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This is a great youth fiction book! My four boys ages 7 thru 12 all listened well every night & it held their attention. They asked me every night to read more and we continued on to read the entire trilogy. Well written, great characters, suspenseful!
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My 12 year old son loved this book. He read it in 3 weeks. Absolutely amazed me. He's now finished book 2 and has started book 3. Highly recommended.
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Meet Aiden Thomas: lonely, depressed, overweight and pretty much afraid of his own shadow... the perfect candidate for knighthood in a parallel universe. After being dragged halfway across America away from his only friend to look after his eccentric grandfather, Aiden isnt happy to say the least. But when he discovers three ancient scrolls in the old mans basement and the key to the Door Within, everything changes.

Wayne Thomas Batson has written a fantastical allegoric masterpiece. The writing is a little rough around the edges, but still pretty good for a first time author. The characters are relatable, the action is intense and the allegory is at the perfect level of subtlety. But best of all, The Door Within is just a really, really good story.

The Door Within is everything Christian fantasy should be... and then some.
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I got this book quite a while ago when I was looking for some good middle grade fantasy adventure to read and saw the very high reviews for this trilogy. This was not a book for me. For those who aren't aware (as I was not) Batson is a Christian author who publishes books with strong Christian themes to them. In general I don't have issue with that but this book was incredibly poorly written and written at a very basic reading level (short sentences and simple words). It's like it was written for small children but then deals with the subject of war, evil, and faith. It's too violent for small children and too simply written for middle grade readers.

When I started the book I thought it was okay. There's some creative ideas in here but in general it's a pretty basic and overdone story for the fantasy genre. The plot was this...unhappy boy finds a way into a fantasy world where he becomes a great knight and saves the day. Then suddenly finds himself back home but is a better person for his adventures. Yawnâ¦.read that plot a million times before.

The difference is that in the magical world of Alleble Aiden becomes a Knight to the one true King (do you smell religion here?). The one true King will provide for his followers in times of need even though he has no clear form. He also values kindness over violence and if you (for example) lay down your sword in front of an enemy instead of attack them everything will go your way because the one true King is all knowing and sees you and helps you. There is a lot of preachiness about faith in the one true power throughout the book which always bothers me because it allows characters to fall back on The King and his power rather than allow them to empower themselves.

Okay preachiness aside let's talk Aiden's character for a second. Aiden is an incredibly whiny and selfish middle aged child. His parents move to help take care of his ailing Grandpa and all he can do is whine and complain. Yes, kids complain but in general if raised properly kids are also smart, helpful, and caring...they are not one dimensional people. I don't know how Aiden's parents managed to raise such a selfish brat, but my 10 year old son is a lot more understanding and helpful than Aiden ever is. In fact most kids I have dealt with are.

Okay next the story. When Aiden gets to Alleble he is immediately in trouble only to be saved by cute fuzzy creatures and a dragon; I was down with that, it's a fun start to the story. Then he ends up joining with the King's Knights and starts his training as a knight because The King knows Aiden is destined for great things. Within a week Aiden (who is described as overweight, out of shape and lazy earlier in the book) is able to best some of the grown-up knights with his sword skill. Ummmâ¦.what? That makes no sense. Way to show kids that you can be lazy slobs and then if The King believes in you you suddenly become a kick-butt hero...I guess it is a fantasy.

The story pretty much goes downhill from there. There is a woman knight named Gwenne, who of course is the only knight to be kidnapped and in need of rescue after her womanly tenderness gets her caught by the enemy while rescuing a child. She was the only woman character in the whole book. Definitely no good female role models hereâ¦.

Overall this was an absolutely awful book. From the overly simplistic jerky writing and the predictable plot to the preachy tones and poor excuse for a hero. Faith is overly preached and there are no good adult or female role models. It was a awful struggle me to finish this very basic easy-to-read book. This is awful. I would recommend staying far away from this book.

If you are looking for an amazing middle grade fantasy check out the Harry Potter series, the Percy Jackson series, the Ranger's Apprentice series, the Unwanteds series, the Map to Everywhere series, the Wings of Fire series, the Saavy series, the Magesterium series, or any number of wonderful Middle Grade fantasy series out there.