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Topic: Duplicate Wishlist Hold?

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Subject: Duplicate Wishlist Hold?
Date Posted: 8/22/2008 11:43 PM ET
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I've got a weird one. I removed my shelf from hold just to see if there were any requests, and I had one pop up --- or at least it said ONE at first, now it says two, but it's for the exact same book being requested by the same person.  ISBNs are exactly the same, I don't have two copies of the book -- and besides, the system wouldn't let me post it that way either!

Why in the world is it showing that I have two Wishlist requests when in reality it is only one? Is this just a glitch that perhaps everyone is experiencing? I certainly don't want this member to think they may be getting two books from me!

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Date Posted: 8/22/2008 11:59 PM ET
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This happened to me once also when I took my shelf off of hold.    It cleared up the next day without me doing anything. 


"Sorry, my bookshelf is on hold, but will return soon! Occasionally I will take it off hold to see if there are any requests, so if you have wishlisted a book I have on my bookshelf, don't be alarmed, I am around!"

I am assuming you know no one can SEE your bookshelf when it is on hold? 


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Subject: with Vacation Holds and outgoing offers go, I think this is how it works
Date Posted: 8/23/2008 12:06 AM ET
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If the member with their shelf on Hold has the only copy of a book in the system, and while on hold someone puts the temporarily absent title on their Wish List, and then the member whose shelf is on hold returns, the book would come up as a Wish List offer.


Edited to Add:  I don't know anything about the glitch that's doubled things, I just mean as far as how the request came through the way it did.

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Date Posted: 8/23/2008 12:41 AM ET
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Thanks Coz ... glad to know I'm not the only one! LOL Hopefully tomorrow morning this will have cleared up. Yes, I am aware that no one can see my list -- however, I didn't want someone who perhaps had a WL book I can fill (because I unhold it about twice a week), to try and look at my other books only to find I am on "vacation hold" and become a little concerned that a vacationing member is offering books... Hope that makes sense??

Jimi -- I don't know if I quite understand your idea ...  I know I had my shelf on hold, and did have the only book in the system (it was not picked up as another WL a day or so ago), but when I undid my shelf from hold it came up with one WL for that book and then somehow it says two for the same book (same ISBN and everything). The screen is a little funky as well, lines in strange places, but it definitely says that I have TWO books being wishlisted, being exactly the same book to exactly the same person.

Oh well -- patience is key here, hope this will straighten itself out by morn'!

Thanks all!

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Date Posted: 8/23/2008 9:15 AM ET
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If it doesn't you can contact PBS and they will cancel one of the transactions.  I had it happen to me before where I was offered two of a WL book by the same person and she only had one.  It was a glitch and they fixed it for me.

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Date Posted: 8/23/2008 10:56 AM ET
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The 2 requests from the same person for the same book is just a glitch.

I had my account on hold for quite awhile because I was making a cross country move and wanted to stop the WL offers.  Twice when I took it off hold to post a WL book, a book I had on my shelf before came up WL.  Someone added it to their WL because there were none available (mine was on hold).  So it immediately offered them my book as soon as it came off hold. 

(I put a message like cozy in my profile-that I was on hold because of a move, but I would be sending out any WL books I posted)

Date Posted: 8/23/2008 11:13 AM ET
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I had the same thing happen to me both ways, neither worked out very well.  When I contacted  PBS they told me that the wisher needed to accept both offers, then the poster cancelled one.

On the one I was the poster, the person accepted on offer and cancelled the other. The book went on to the next wisher and I PMed them the situation, no response and on to the next wisher. I think that copy went through 3 or 4 people before it ever got accepted so I could cancel it. That was the only trans that showed up in my TA, the accepted and fulfilled order did not. Moral of the story - if you are the poster watch your credit archive to make sure you get (and keep) the credit through the whole mess.

On the situation where I was the wisher, I accepted both, she cancelled one, all appeared well. Until I notice two days later that I now had two in my In Route window. The system had put the book back onto my WL and a copy had been posted, printed, and marked mailed with in a short time frame when I was away from my computer and I got to pay two credits for the book and pay postage to send out the second one to get my credit back :( Moral of the story - if you are the wisher, verify that it comes off of your WL so you don't get another copy. If you want to wait to make sure you get the one on its way, at least take it off of auto-request so you have some time.

Date Posted: 8/23/2008 6:53 PM ET
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Thanks for the heads up -- doesn't sound like it worked out very well in any instance!

The book is still showing up twice on my WL holds tab, so I e-mailed the powers that be. Haven't heard anything yet.

I guess I'm kind of hoping the wisher doesn't respond so it will go back on my list (which is on hold) and then I can delete it. Sounds like this glitch may happen with just about any book tho.


Date Posted: 8/25/2008 7:14 AM ET
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Hey, look on the bright side--at least it's the same person requesting your book twice--although if they were charged two credits I suppose I wouldn't be happy to be them! LOL

That happened to me a couple of times when I took my account off vacation hold, but the books affected offered to two different people and it was not just one book but several of them. I'd accept a request and a couple of hours later get another request for the same book. Boy, was that a mess to sort out! But that was well over a year ago, thought they had that particular bug all sorted out!


Date Posted: 8/25/2008 9:54 AM ET
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It seems like everytime they improve the site with some new feature-bugs/glitches pop up with other features. 

Date Posted: 8/25/2008 10:01 AM ET
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I have had that happen once.  I posted it and somehow it "went" twice, so I had two on Wishlish Hold.  It was for different people though.   I PM'ed one of the people to explain that the book posted twice and that it didn't really exist.  I asked them to please accept the offer and then I would cancel it.  That worked out well, even though I did feel bad for the wisher.  By ME being the one who cancelled, it did not impact their position in the wishlist.