Book Reviews of Elijah (Nightwalkers, Bk 3)

Elijah (Nightwalkers, Bk 3)
Elijah - Nightwalkers, Bk 3
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
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ISBN-13: 9780821780671
ISBN-10: 0821780670
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 466 ratings
Publisher: Zebra
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 10
This is by far my favorite of the series. I'll admit, Jacob (book 1) didn't blow me away. But it was enough for me to read Gideon (book 2), which I also loved.

I haven't enjoyed a series this much since I discovered the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian.

I think JF does an excellent job with the love scenes. They do go on for pages and pages (as mentioned by another member) but I think the author does a great job of keeping them hot and original. You'd think writing about that much sex, she'd run out of ideas.

Anyway, hope this review encourages someone else to give this series a try.
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Helpful Score: 3
Though I liked Elijah for the most part, the Nightwalker series is starting to lose my interest a little. I found Siena very annoying and felt that Elijah could have had a better mate. I understood her reasoning to deny what was happening, but it was too extreme. The romances remain sappy and apparently I prefer a little more grit to paranormal romances. I much prefer to read about the actual plot of the book instead of the romance. Surprisingly, (for me, at least), I find the romances distracting and I wish these books were urban fantasy instead. I think Frank does a pretty good job with the world-building and I wish that would be her main focus.
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Helpful Score: 2
Great characters, interesting ideas, just the writing gets muddled and the love scenes seems to go on for pages and pages.
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Helpful Score: 1
The first book in this series (Jacob) is one of my favorite books of all time - unfortunately each subsequent book has been weaker than the first. While I love the storyline, this one, Elijah, has a rather weak storyline. It just seems to be one sex scene after another. I hope Damien is better since it is a different Nightwalker group (vampires) and should have more dynamic interplay between the characters.
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Frank is awesome as a storyteller. She pulls you in at the first chapter and keeps interested until the end. Great read.
Totally different line of thought from the overabundance of vampire books out there.
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Helpful Score: 1
This book was okay, the beginning was better than the middle/end where a lot of characters from other books kept popping in. Could have used a bit more plot, not so much attack/heal/attack/heal etc - I started skimming rather than enjoying the book.
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The Nightwalkers series brought me to a new world and a new perception of Demons with Jacob. Elijah expands that world to include lycanthropes (werewolves). I love Jacquelyn Frank's imaginative new take on preternatural.
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Gotta love this book right off.... so much for judging a book by it's cover! This one looks like it's goona be a sexy read and doesn't fail to deliver!
reviewed Elijah (Nightwalkers, Bk 3) on + 651 more book reviews Ok but predictable. Not much happend beyond the attraction of the warrior and the queen. Queen is obsessed with her throne. She saves him, he saves her... would have been beter if I read previous books in series to care for the characters. As is they were flat for me and the mad demoness was so uninteresting I could cry, her daughter the 'autonom' was there just a shadow of a character. Over all I didn't dislike the book but I feel as if I wasted my time reading it.
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Love this series, but the relationship development and insecurities the H and h experience take away from the book a bit. I hope Gideon (the next in the series) is as good as the first two (Jacob and Gideon). Also, Jacob and Bella's relationship is a little annoying because of the bickering; Bella is treated like a petulant child when there is good reason behind her opinions.
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WOW! This episode in the Nightwalker series was smokin' - practically from cover to cover! Of the three I've read, I think this is my favorite (but of course, I can't wait to read the next one!). The author keeps progressing the story, as well, so it is not just blind sex scenes after sex scenes (although those were great!). I am enjoying learning more about the characters and guessing what will happen next or who will get imprinted next. (I try not to read the back of the book to ruin it for me!) Even the cover art was great - this model resembles Elijah's description very well, but Jacob and Gideon do not really.
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I just love this series. It is interesting the differences betw the characters. I like how up-to-date she keeps us with the characters from the previous books in the series
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Once again, Jacquelyn Frank delivers a book that could reheat my tea without the benefit of a microwave. Whoo. Elijah is, in a word, steamy.

In this third installment in the Nightwalkers series, the lycanthropes take center stage through Siena, the race's leonine queen. When Siena saves Elijah, the Demon Warrior Chief, from an attack by necromancers, he is nearly dead. She nurses him back to health, and in the process, the two are unable to fight their powerful attraction to one another. Unfortunately, their budding love affair is a forbidden one -- by law, Nightwalker races simply do not mix. But Elijah realizes quickly that he and Siena are imprinted, and destined to be together despite the taboo.

Their relationship is complicated by politics and power grabs, but overall, it's a nice story. Frank does a beautiful job of advancing the overarching story of the series, and brings traitorous Ruth and her daughter Mary further into the open. Elijah is a perfect alpha male romantic lead, and the romantic interludes he shares with Siena are very erotic in a hot, primal sense. Let me put it to you this way: you may feel the need to put down the book and fan yourself before starting a new chapter.

Frank also teases the next series coupling of Syreena, hybrid lycanthrope sister of Siena, and Damien, the prince of the Vampires. I'm not jazzed about either of those characters from the initial chemistry, but I'm sure that Frank won't let me down. She hasn't failed me yet. So, while I'll miss my leading Demon men, I'm confident enough in Frank's storytelling to say, "Bring on the vamps!"
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After completing and loving the first two books in this series (Jacob and Gideon), I had high expectations for the third, Elijah. And boy, it certainly lived up to my expectations. I am loving these beautiful characters as Frank weaves her story as she gives us insight to each of their strenghts, powers and personalities. This is a fascinating premise and one that has captured me completely. Elijah, the Warrior Demon, is a complex but loving character. Siena, Queen of the Lancrothropes, is a worthy match for this strong man. One of the things I like in this series is the way the main characters from the previous books continue to be a part of each new book. It is a family that gets stronger and stronger as a unit. I look forward to the time when they can erase the increasing threats of their common enemy, the necromancers. I ranked this book on my personal listing as an Excellent+

Mary Ruth
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To begin I really love this series as a whole. While I did not hate this book, I don't believe it lives up to the same standard as those that came before or after.

Elijah, the Captain of the Demon warriors, falls in love with Siena, the Queen of the Lycanthrope people. More, they become Imprinted, soul mates, with no power to resist the forces pushing them together. Despite this, Siena resists, not wanting to risk her throne or her people--or allow herself to be vulnerable to Elijah.

It's hard not to love Elijah-he's funny and sexy. He is willing to do just about anything to keep Siena as his own.

The world Frank has built remains rich and enthralling. Her variety of characters both old and new, including menacing villains, keep the book from becoming overly dull.

In my opinion this book was not nearly as romantic as it could have been. I found Siena's resistance to be annoying, even insulting, rather than understandable and sexy. More, the compromise they come up with seemed equally unfair to Elijah.

At this stage in the series I expected something very different from the first two books. However, it is very much like the first two in plot structure and tone. That's not entirely a bad thing, but if you read them back to make you may find it boring. Damien, book four, does a better job at adding variety.

If you have begun this series and enjoyed it so far I recommend continuing, because it is well worth getting through one average read to get to the much more fulfilling ones-Damien and Noah.
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I like the entire series. It is a series that should be read in order tho to get the full understanding of each book because the author refers to previous characters.
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This was just ok for me. It did not grab me like the other 2 books did, don't get me wrong there were good & bad things, and it was great in the beginning and towards the end. I would definetly say if you are reading the series you should read this, because lots of things happen that lead to the next in line, however just know it WON'T be one of those you can't put down.
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Very good book! :) Love this series! :)
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great read,JF takes you into an imaginary world that is totally believable.
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This is the best so far. I'm looking forward to reading Damien.
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Best book out of the series. It show how opposites attract and you can just picture him. He is yummy!!!
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This series has been excellent. This book was no exception.
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Great book!
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like this book - have all five books my fav was Noah
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Just as good as book's 1&2