Book Reviews of Eve (Sorority, Bk 1)

Eve (Sorority, Bk 1)
Eve - Sorority, Bk 1
Author: Tamara Thorne
ISBN-13: 9780786015399
ISBN-10: 078601539X
Publication Date: 6/1/2003
Pages: 288
  • Currently 3.3/5 Stars.

3.3 stars, based on 37 ratings
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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this book is all about an evil college sorority. really kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next
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Eve, at first struck me as a teen book! I love the horror genre and was excited about the wiccan themed sorority. When I started reading it, I was a little upset, it starts out with three 8 yr olds rowing a boat, not something I expected with an adult horror. As it progressed I thought hard about putting it down and starting the next book on my pile, but I stuck with it and I am glad I did so. It has an interesting story behind it, ghosts in the night, mean sorority sisters, cheerleaders, and jocks galor. It was an easy read but make sure you have all 3 in the trilogy before you start, if not, like me, you will be extremely upset and tap your feet waiting for the next two to come!
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The whole Series was realy good I would read again
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Very fun book to read. Just a quick fun read about witches and college.
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This is the 1st in a strange book about the inner workings of a sorority that has a secret society within the sorority. This is the story of Eve who attended the cheerleading camp as a child run on the grounds of this college and some other girls that she met. Full of suspense and horror.
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From the Publisher
Anyone who's read the recent series of new Thorne novels and reprints knows that her evil sense of humor drives plots full-tilt toward wild cinematic climaxes. These readers also know that she is subtly redrawing the California road map to suit her purposes, creating a host of communities you'd either never want to visit or which would swallow you whole and spit you out in bloody chunks just for fun if you stumbled onto them. Candle Bay and Eternity, Moonfall, Santo Verde, Red Cay and Madelyn, to name a few. And now add to the list the coastal hamlet of Caledonia, where the cool and pragmatic psychologist Will Banning treats a succession of nuts whose collective neuroses and paranoias would choke a bull elephant. Unfortunately for him, his world is about to be rocked. Thorne has decided to appeal to the conspiracy nut we all nurture within us, feeding our fears with a plot that throbs with menace both supernatural and man-made.

Suddenly Caledonias citizens -- and Wills client list -- start seeing ghosts and apparitions, hearing voices, and worse. Some of them are driven to murder, others to suicide. Some are merely driven mad. As if that werent enough, Nature also seems to be rebelling. Flocks of birds dash themselves against windows, seals beach themselves for no reason, and peoples pets start freaking out. Now Wills a skeptic who doesnt believe in the supernatural, but when Wills doctor friend Gabe and his lover Kevin begin experiencing a haunting in their house, Will has to admit something is going on. His childhood friend -- and secret love -- Maggie, a veterinarian, also suspects somethings throwing Nature out of balance. And Wills cats -- the scene-stealing, tiger striped trio of Jung, Rorschach and Freud -- alert him to a presence in his own home. Can it be his dead big brother, Michael, who was killed in a gun accident when they were children? Will knows he was responsible for Michaels death, but his obnoxious brother Pete covered it up, now using Wills gratitude like a loan that can never be repaid. After a couple stints in the Navy, the insufferably shady Pete owns the towns cable company.

Whats going on in Caledonia? Trust Thorne to never keep it simple. There are two things going on, one driving the other. And rather than ruin it, lets just say that Wills sleazy brother Pete is more than just a cable box huckster. In fact, Pete Banning rapidly becomes one of Thornes most intriguing antagonists, recalling some of James Blaylocks understated perverts and then going them one or several better on the jerk-meter. Meanwhile Will Banning must face his divorce-imposed loneliness and the guilt he feels over his brothers death. Is that why Michael whispers to him from under the bed? Is that why his loving cats wont sleep in the bedroom any more?

Tamara Thornes keen wit allows for the clever in-joke, the pun, the name-dropping reference. And the cameo, like Coastal Eddie, Candle Bays conspiracy-minded DJ, as well as Haunteds Stephen King-like David Masters. Her characters are funny and charming, sometimes clueless about their own problems, and very, very real. Even Will Bannings patients, secondary as they may be, quickly assume the vivid personalities of folks that might live in your neighborhood. The good guys are great, the bad guys are deliciously wicked, and theres even a very serious -- and science-based -- subtext to make the horror aspects click into place. The novels thrust may be primarily sexy entertainment, but its never a hollow exercise. Still, when you think its getting too serious, Thorne manages to squeeze in a talking penis. Visit Thornes wacky California and be glad you can leave when you turn the last page.
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Great series!
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Eve Camlan has no idea why she’s drawn to the rambling, run-down sorority house at Greenbriar University. There’s something compelling about the sultry president, Malory Thomas, and when Malory invites Eve to join the exclusive Fata Morgana, the blond, All-American beauty jumps at the chance to be part of this powerful circle. But behind the façade of female bonding lies something far more sinister -- a dangerously secret world of dark magic, unimaginable sin, sexual depravity, and murder...a place where evil not only exists, it thrives...and the cost of membership may be Eve’s very soul....
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At exclusive, isolated Greenbrier University, within the elite Gamma Eta Pi sorority, is a secret society known as the Fata Morgana. Its wmembers are the most powerful women on campus -- and the deadliest. For this is a sisterhood of evil, a centuries-old coven, and every girl who pledges herself to their wicked decadence does so for life... or death...
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Evil has its own sisterhood. An initiation into terror. Greenbriar University within the elite Gamma Eta Pi sorority, is a secret society knows as the FAta Morgana. Its members are the most powerful women on campus-and the deadliest. For this is a sisterhood of evil, a centuries old coven, and every girl who pledges herself to their wicked decadence does so for life..or death.