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Topic: It's February 2014 - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's February 2014 - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 2/1/2014 10:43 AM ET
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  1. "JUST A TASTE" by Dierdra Martin (New York Blades #6) (A+++++) For delizioso pasta, go to Dante's. For a sumptuous cordon bleu, go to Vivi's. To really heat things up...get them together. Since his wife's untimely death, Anthony Dante has thrown himself into his cooking, making his restaurant, Dante's, a Brooklyn institution. So far, his biggest problem has been keeping his retired hockey-star brother out of the kitchen. But now, a mademoiselle is invading his turf. And you know what they say: Too many chefs spoil the neighborhood. Stunning Vivi Robitaille can't wait to showcase her taste bud-tingling recipes in her brand-new bistro, Vivi's. Her only problem is an arrogant Italian chef across the street who actually thinks he's competition The table is set for a culinary war - until things start getting spicy outside of the kitchen.
  2. "THREE LITTLE WORDS" by Susan Mallery (Fool's Gold #12) (A+++++) Isabel Beebe thinks she's cursed in the romance department. Her teenage crush, Ford Hendrix, ignored all her letters. Her husband left her for another man. So Isabel has come home to dust off her passion for fashion and run the family bridal shop until her parents are ready to sell it. Then she'll pursue her real dreams. At least, that's the plan, until sexy, charming Ford returns and leaves her feeling fourteen all over again. Seeing Isabel all grown-up hits bodyguard trainer Ford like a sucker punch. Back when heartbreak made him join the military, her sweet letters kept him sane. Now he can't take his eyes - or his lips - off her. The man who gave up on love has a reason to stay in Fool's Gold forever - if three little words can convince Isabel to do the same.
  3. "SOFTLY AT SUNRISE" by Maya Banks (Kelly Group International #5.5) (A+++++) (Read on my Kindle) Rachel Kelly has traveled a long, hard road in her journey back to her husband, Ethan, and the Kelly family. Now, as she and Ethan are poised to move into their new home, safe behind the walls of the Kelly compound, Rachel wonders if she’ll finally be free of the ghosts that have haunted her for so long and if she’ll step into the sun after a past steeped in darkness.
  4. "SUMMER MOON" by Jill Marie Landis (A++++++) Rancher seeking wife. For Kate Whittington, the modest words of a newspaper ad are the answer to her prayers. She has no prospects in the unforgiving Maine village of her birth and correspondence from the lonely Texas widower sparks tempting dreams of a house, a family and a future. But when Kate arrives at the magnificent Lone Star Ranch eager to meet her new husband, she is greeted by the news that Reed Benton has been wounded during a raid on a Comanche village and has returned with a prisoner - a wild child who may be his long-lost son. Even more shattering is the fact that Reed has never heard of Kate, never wrote the searing letters that charmed her heart. Reed Benton doesn't want a wife. But he does need someone to look after the boy. It will take a miracle to heal these two damaged souls - or the faith of one woman with nothing left to lose but her heart.
  5. "THE PERFECT MATCH" by Kristan Higgins (Blue Heron #2) (A+++++) What if the perfect match is a perfect surprise? Honor Holland has just been unceremoniously rejected by her lifelong crush. And now - a mere three weeks later - Mr. Perfect is engaged to her best friend. But resilient, reliable Honor is going to pick herself up, dust herself off and get back out there - or she would if dating in Manningsport, New York, population 715, wasn't easier said than done. Charming, handsome British professor Tom Barlow just wants to do right by his unofficial stepson, Charlie, but his visa is about to expire. Now Tom must either get a green card or leave the States - and leave Charlie behind. In a moment of impulsiveness, Honor agrees to help Tom with a marriage of convenience - and make her ex jealous in the process. But juggling a fiance hiding out from her former best friend and managing her job at the family vineyard isn't easy. And as sparks start to fly between Honor and Tom, they might discover that their pretend relationship is far too perfect to be anything but true love.
  6. "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE" by Christina Dodd (Lost Texas Hearts #1) (unabridged audio CD) (A+++++) A hard working young woman mistakenly falls in love with Boston's wealthiest bachelor. When Hope Prescott's parents disappeared, her carefree teenage life vanished forever. She and her three siblings were separated and sent to different foster homes around the country. Now, seven years later, Hope is still searching for them. To support herself, she works for an answering service and cares for her clients as if they were family. When wealthy businessman Zachariah Givens hires Hope's service, Hope initially mistakes Zack for his butler. Tired of being coddled and flattered because of his money, Zack is charmed by Hope's candor, not to mention her sexy voice, and keeps up the charade. As their friendship turns into passion, Zack is determined to have her, even if that means the unthinkable - marriage. But when Hope discovers his deception, Zack knows he must solve the mystery that haunts Hope's past in order to convince her that their futures lie together.
  7. "TEN BEACH ROAD" by Wendy Wax (A+++++) (New Author For Me) On the brink of ruin, three very different women discover themselves where they least expect...at Ten Beach Road. Madeline, Avery and Nikki are strangers to one another, but they have one thing in common. They each wake up one morning to discover that their life savings have vanished, along with the trusted financial manager...leaving them with nothing but co-ownership of a dilapidated beachfront house. No one is going to save them but themselves. Determined to fight back, they throw their lots in together and take on the challenge of restoring the historic mansion to its former glory But just as they begin to reinvent themselves and discover the power of friendship, their secrets threaten to tear down their trust and destroy their lives a second time. 
  8. "TAKE A CHANCE ON ME" by Susan Donovan (A+++++) They've got nothing in common but animal attraction. For animal behaviorist Emma Jenkins, romance has been at the bottom of her daily "to do" list since making it through a messy divorce. But everything changes the day six-feet-of-gorgeous Thomas Tobin walks into her office with a quivering Chinese Crested named Hairy, a canine that looks more like an underfed rodent than a dog. And that charming smile of his just sent Emma's dormant sex drive through the roof. Thomas isn't looking for a fling. In face, he wants nothing to do with women. He just needs to know if Hairy witnessed his owner's murder. But something tells him that asking Emma to help him with the case will spell nothing but trouble - trouble in the form of serious temptation. Especially when this sexy lady makes him want to believe that anything is possible - even true love.
  9. "EDGE OF BLACK" by J.R Ellison (Samantha Owens #2) (A+++++) (New Author For Me) The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides. After a devastating loss of her husband and children, Dr. Samantha Owens is starting over: new city, new job, new man, new life. Before she's even unpacked her office at Georgetown University's forensic pathology department she's called to consult on a case that's rocked the capital and the country. An unknown pathogen released into the Washington Metro has caused nationwide panic. Three people died - just three. A miracle and a puzzle. Amid the media frenzy and Homeland Security alarm bells, Sam painstakingly dissects the lives of those three victims and makes an unsettling conclusion. This is no textbook terrorist but an assassin whose motive id deeply personal and far from understandable. Xander Whitfield, a former army ranger and Sam's new boyfriend, knows about doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. And it's his disturbing kinship with a killer that can lead Sam to the truth...and once more into the line of fire.
  10. "COME HOME TO ME" by Brenda Novak (Whiskey Creek #6) (A++++++) (Read on My Kindle) (ebook that I received to do a review for the author) Home is where her heart is...When Presley Christensen returns to Whiskey Creek with her little boy after two years away, she has completely changed her life. She's made peace with her past and overcome the negative behavior that resulted from her difficult childhood, Now she's back in the small town that was the closest thing to a home she ever knew - the town where she can be with the sister who's her only family. There's just one catch, Aaron Amos still lives in Whiskey Creek, at least until he moves to Placerville to open a branch of the Amos brothers' auto body shop. And no matter how hard she's tried, Presley hasn't been able to get over him. Seeing him again makes the longing so much worse. But she hopes she can get through the next few months, because she can't fall back into his arms - or his bed. She's come too far to backslide now. And there's a secret she's been guarding - a secret she'll do anything to protect. "
  11. LUCKY PENNY" by Catherine Anderson (Keegan/Paxton #4) (A+++++) To support her orphaned niece, improverished Brianna O'Keefe accepts work with a Colorado rancher. To guard herself from unwanted attention, she resorts to a harmless little lie: that she's married to a Denver gold miner named David Paxton. When her boss forces her to write her "husband," hoping he'll take Brianna off his hands, she can only pray that there is no real David Paxton who can expose her. When Colorado marshal David Paxton gets a letter from a stranger claiming to be his wife and pleading with him to come for her and his daughter, he dutifully sets out to find this woman and the child he may have sired. What stuns Brianna is that David is convinced the young girl is, in fact, his. As David and Brianna's wary attraction blossoms into deeper desire, David warms to the idea of a ready-made family. But can his dream survive Brianna's lingering distrust - and his own secrets?
  12. "DOC" by Mary Doria Russell (New Author For Me) (A+++++) The year is 1878, peak of the Texas cattle trade. The place is Dodge City, Kansas, a saloon-filled cow town jammed with liquored-up adolescent cowboys and young Irish hookers. Violence is random and routine, but when the burned body of a mixed-blood boy named Johnnie Sanders is discovered, his death shocks a part-time policeman named Wyatt Earp. And it is a matter of strangely personal importance to Doc Holliday, the frail twenty-six-year-old dentist who has just opened an office at No. 24, Dodge House. Beautifully educated, born to the life of a Southern gentleman, Dr. John Henry Holliday is given an awful choice at the age of twenty-two: die within months in Atlanta or leave everyone and everything he loves in the hope that the dry air and sunshine of the West will restore him to health. Young, scared, lonely and sick, he arrives on the rawest edge of the dreams of a nation. Soon, with few alternatives open to him, Doc Holliday is gambling professionally; he is also living with Maria Katarina Harony, a high-strung Hungarian whore with dazzling turquoise eyes, who can quote Latin classics right back at him. Kate makes it her business to find Doc the high-stakes poker games that will support them both in high style. It is Kate who insits that the couple travel to Dodge City, because "that's where the money is." And that is where the unlikely friendship of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp really begins - before Wyatt Earp is the prototype of the square-jawed, fearless lawman; before Doc Holliday is the quintessential frontier gambler; before the gunfight at the O.K. Corral links their names forever in American frontier mythology - when neither man wanted fame or deserved notoriety.
  13. "DARK WITCH" by Nora Roberts (Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy #1) (A++++++) With indifferent parents, Iona Sheehan grew up craving devotion and acceptance. From her maternal grandmother, she learned where to find both: a land of lush forests, dazzling lake and centuries-old legends. Ireland. County Mayo, to be exact. Where her ancestors' blood and magic have flowed through generations - and where her destiny awaits. Iona arrives in Ireland with nothing but her Nan's directions, an unfailingly optimistic attitude and an innate talent with horses. Not far from the luxurious castle where she is spending the week, she finds her cousins, Branna and Connor O'Dwyer. And since family is family, they invite her into their home and their lives. When Iona lands a job at the local stables, she meets the owner, Boyle McGrath. Cowboy, pirate, wild tribal horseman, he's three of her biggest fantasy weaknesses all in one big, bold package. Iona realizes that here she can make a home for herself - and live her life as she wants, even if that means falling head over heels for Boyle. But nothing is as it seems. An ancient evil has wound its way around Iona's family tree and must be defeated. Family and friends will fight with each other and for each other to keep the promise of hope - and love - alive.
  14. "COLTER'S WOMAN" by Maya Banks (Colter's Legacy #1) (A++++) Holly Bardwell is running from her past mistakes. Straight into the arms of the Colter brothers. Adam, Ethan and Ryan aren't looking for women. They're looking for a woman. One woman they know will share their lives and their beds. They're losing hope they'll find her, that is until Adam discovers Holly lying in the snow just yards from their cabin. Adam knows she's the one the minute he holds her in his arms, and as soon as his brothers see her, they know it too. The only problem is convincing Holly of that fact - and protecting her from the danger of her past.
  15. "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" by Irene Hannon (Heroes of Quantico #2) (A++++++) Can their relationship survive a killer with vengeance in his heart? After an accidental shooting during a tense standoff, FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Mark Sanders is sent to St. Louis to work as a field agent and get his bearings while the bad press settles. Just weeks away from returning to Quantico, Mark has a chance encounter with his first love, Emily Lawson. But their reunion is cut short by a sniper. Now Mark must find the shooter before he strikes again. But what is his motive - and who was his intended target? Can Mark put the pieces together, keep Emily safe and rekindle a relationship at the same time?
  16. "CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS" by Susan Wiggs (Lakeshore Chronicles #10) (A+++++) A single father who yearns to be a family man, Logan O'Donnell is determined to create the perfect Christmas for his son Charlie. The entire O'Donnell clan arrives to spend the holidays in Avalon, a postcard-pretty town on the shores of Willow Lake, a place for the family to reconnect and rediscover the special gifts of the season. One of the guests is a newcomer to Willow Lake - Darcy Fitzgerald. Sharp-witted, independent and intent on guarding her heart, she's the last person Logan can see himself falling for. And Darcy is convinced that a relationship is the last thing she needs this Christmas. Yet between the snowy silence of the winter woods and toasty moments by a crackling, their two lonely hearts collide. The magic of the season brings them each a gift neither ever expected - a love to last a lifetime.
  17. "ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY" by Cat Johnson (Oklahoma Nights #1) (New Author For Me) (A+++++) One sweet ride...One hot night...One happy ending. Oh yeah. A single look at the leggy blonde in the stands and Tucker Jenkins is ready to buck all night long. It's time to forget all about his cheating ex and his usual hands off policy. Becca Hart is an East Coast professor. Not a buckle bunny. But no degree can prepare her for the moves of the sexy bull rider she hooks up with at her first rodeo...or the shock of finding him at her first Oklahoma State University staff meeting. Tuck knows it's all about holding on, no matter how wild the ride. Now he just has to convince Becca that a rough start out of the chute doesn't mean they aren't a smokin' combination.
  18. "SCENT OF ROSES" by Kat Martin (Paranormal Series 2 #1) (A+++++) Elizabeth doesn't believe in ghosts, but this time she has no choice. Family counselor Elizabeth Connor isn't sure what to think when Maria Santiago comes to her for help. Pregnant and terrified, Maria claims to be visited each night by the ghost of a little girl, warning her to flee. Her husband, Miguel, a migrant worker at Harcourt Farms in the San Joaquin Valley, dismisses her fears as hormonal changes. Sympathetic to the young woman, Elizabeth agrees to help by contacting Miguel's employers, who own the cottage where the young couple lives. Elizabeth immediately picks up on the deep enmity between the two Harcourt brothers: Carson, the handsome scion running the estate for his incapacitated father and Zack, the rebellious black sheep. While Carson is more interested in Elizabeth than in her concerns, Zack grudgingly agrees to help her look into the history of the house. But even as unexpected desire draws them together, Elizabeth and Zack feel something dark and disturbing at the house. And when the cloying scent and lingering chill of pure evil surround her, Elizabeth knows something terrible has happened here before, something that has its roots in murder.
  19. "BARE WITNESS" by Katherine Garera (Bare #2) (Liberty Investigations #2) (A+++++) Once upon a time, there were three little girls. Charity. Justine. Anna. Individually they're lethal weapons. Together? They the force to be reckoned with at Liberty Investigations. Their bodies may be made for sin, but everything else is for kicking ass. Justine. Petite. Pretty. Potentially deadly. Justine O'Neill may look like the kind of girl who's never carried anything more hardcore than a designer purse, but she's an expert in small arms and street fighting, with a rap sheet to prove it. Now Justine's been assigned to guard Nigel Carter, CEO of Baron Industries - a company with ties to a past she'd rather forget. Her mission: accompany Nigel to Peru, where Baron's new plant is proving highly unpopular. Nowhere in the brief was she instructed to react to in-flight turbulence by engaging in a hotter-than-hell kiss with her gorgeous client. Nigel's hardly a Guns & Ammo kind of guy, but Justine's tough, weapons-ready persona and sultry looks have him aching to get his hands on much more than her .38. The sexual heat between them is explosive, irresistible and very, very dangerous. Because now someone has kidnapped Nigel's daughter and the only way to get her back is to take the fight right to the enemy's door, where any distraction could be fatal, and falling in love is the riskiest pursuit of all.
  20. "COLTER'S LADY" by Maya Banks (Colter's Legacy #2) (A+++++) Can their love give her the strength to overcome the tragedy in her past? When police officer Seth Colter sees the delicate, shabbily dressed beauty in line at the soup kitchen where he's serving, he's gut-shot over the idea of her being on the streets cold and alone. More baffling is the dark, possessive instinct that tells him she belongs to him. For Lily Weston, home is a secluded nook in a back alley - until Seth offers her a place to stay. She's wary of his offer, but even one night out of the cold is too much temptation to resist. Seth is convinced Lily is his. The problem is, when his brothers lay eyes on her, the same primitive instinct comes roaring to the surface. The Colters never imagined they'd follow the unconventional path of their fathers, but they can't ignore their mutual need to offer Lily their protection - and their love. But before Lily and the brothers can forge a future together, they must heal the deep wounds of her past.


  1. "The Immortality Clause" by Abigail Hawk (The Immortelle #1) (New Author For Me) (ebook that I received to do a review for the publisher)
  2. "Wounded Wings" by Shauna Allen (Cupid Chronicles #3) (PDF book that I received to do a review for the author)
  3. "The Marcelli Princess" by Susan Mallery (The Marcelli Princess of Pleasure Road #5)
  4. "A Song For My Mother" by Kat Martin


  1. "The Last Original Wife" by Dorothea Benton Frank (unabridged audio CD)

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Currently Reading

Blowback by Brad Thor (Scot Harvath # 4)


  1. Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts
  2. Brimstone by Robert B Parker ( Cole & Hitch #3)
  3. American Assassin by Vince Flynn ( Mitch Rapp #1)

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Sea of Grass by Conrad Richter. very short book. only 115 pages. Simple story but it has stayed with me for a couple of days. I decided to request another of his books The Lady. Somebody here is going to mail it to me I hope.

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  • The Long Home by William Gay
  • Wise Men by Stuart Nadler
  • Oh, Dear Silvia by Dawn French
  • The Colour of Milk by Nell Leyshon
  • The Fate of Mercy Alban by Wendy Webb
  • Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen
  • Under the Bright Lights by Daniel Woodrell
  • The Man in the Window by Jon Cohen

Currently Reading

  • The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence
  • Anonymous Sources by Mary Louise Kelly

Listening To

  • The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

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Finished this month:  Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts --- One of Roberts older books...this one deals with Hollywood; the glamor, the intrigue, the scandals, the marriages, et al:  Eve Benedict is a super star even though she's pushing sixty and doesn't look a day over 40, only her personal trainer and plastic surgeons know the truth. But she also know all the secrets of many people and has decided to have her bio written, revealing all. She hires a young woman to do the writing, telling her all and revealing her own deepest secret.  Interesting and probably closer to the truth about Hollywood then the movers and shakers of today would want people to know about even though this takes place several years ago, story-wise.

The Last Camel Died at Noon by Elizabeth Peters --- One of the Amelia Peabody series...Peabody, Emerson and Ramses set out into the desert of Nubia to find a missing Englishman and his wife.  What they encounter is much more than they could ever imagine, an Egyptologist's and archaeologist's dream when they find themselves in a lost civilization reminiscent of ancient Egypt. Lots of twists and turns as they become involved in a power struggle between two brothers for the kingship.  A fun read as always. 

Cross by James Patterson --- Cross and Sampson go after the most ruthless hit man they have ever encountered.  Is it the man who killed Cross' wife? There probably are people as evil as "The Butcher", but it's hard for the average person to imagine such a person. How Patterson keeps coming up with his villians is hard to comprehend...but it does make for page-turning reading.

The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews --- Dempsey Killebrew, a young Washington, DC lobbyist, unintentionaly gets involved in a scandal with her boss and a congressman.  She moves to Guthrie, GA to escape the publicity and at the same time renovate her father's family home.  Thinking it's going to be a quick fix, she plans to stay a couple months while the scandal blows over. Nothing works out as she planned, but the story develops into a delightful combination of do-it-yourself home renovation, finding love and getting revenge.  Very enjoyable read.

Storm Track by Margaret Maron --- Judge Deborah Knott's cousin Reid is a suspect in the murder of one of the town lawyer's promiscuous wife.  Also a hurricane is bearing down on the North Carolina coast, a preacher is having an affair and Deborah becomes involved in that plus much more.  Always an enjoyable read about the people of Colleton County, NC. 

Cut Throat by Sharon Sala --- 2nd in the Cat Dupree series. This one really held my attention.  Cat is after the man who killed her father, slit her throat and left her for dead. She thought he had been killed  [first book of the series], but it turned out he had lived and was hiding in Mexico.  Cat goes after him and that leads to several different incidents.  Along with the main story line, Cat and Wilson McKay have to work out their relationship. All in all a very good read.  

Final Appeal by Lisa Scottoline --- This book is listed as #2 in the Rosato & Associates series, but it doesn't have anything to do with that series.  One of Scottoline's earlier books so it doesn't seem to have the depth of writing that her later books have, but all in all a good read. Philadelphia lawyer Grace Rossi works part-time for Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  She becomes involved in a murder investigation [her own investigation] and that leads her to follow a trail of judicial corruption that an undercover FBI agent is investigating.  Scottoline's sense of humor comes through and makes for a fun read.

Currently reading: Lowcountry Summer by Dorothea Benton Frank

Up Next: ???

 Books read this year: Jan. 8

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Three Stories by J D Salinger - Recently discovered new short stories by Salinger. The first one is mainly about Holden Caulfield's brother, which was a little weird, and the ending was weird. There's one about a lady going nuts. Not bad at all, just a bit short.

Full Service by Scotty Bowers - memoir by a gas station attendant in Hollywood in the 40's on who ended up providing sex services to apparently half of the town. It is a bit hard to believe, according to him nearly everyone was secretly gay and he knew them all, either personally providing them service or arranging for other paid sex, both males and females. You always have to wonder when pretty much everyone someone meets is completely enamored with them, especially when you're talking about some of the biggest ever celebrities and the subject isn't even very attractive. If it's true there are some surprises there but mostly thing you know or have long been rumored. The lack of lawsuits after publication does lend it a little credence but most of the subjects are dead so it may just be a case of nobody being left to dispute it. It can be pretty graphic too, not a book for the squeamish or prudish. No great writing either, just a lot of stories. Amusing but no way to know if it's true.

Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino - Japanese novel told by the sister of one of two murdered girls. Not a mystery though, it's more about the lives of the girls and those around the and how they became the way they are. Told in the first person by the sister at first it also has parts that are te diaries of some of the others, telling their complete stories. It was ok, not a lot of point. Told me a lot about Japanese culture though, they are so blunt.

The Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo - The second book in the Harry Hole series, just translated into English. He hadn't learned how to twist a story up yet but it's still a good book.

Dance Of The Reptiles by Carl Hiassen - audio - Collection of columns from the Miami Herald, mostly environmental and political rants. It was ok, a little too newsy for me, but if you like that kind of thing he presents it very well

Patti Smith Horses by Philip Shaw - audio - From the 33 1/3 series about the creation of seminal albums. This one is much more bio on Patti than the others I have read, which is fine. She's had a very interesting life. Worth the story even if you aren't familiar with the album.

The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister by George R R Martin - quotes from the Song of Fire and Ice series, no story of inside information or anything, just some quotes. And they weren't even all very good quotes. Not a very interesting book, but quite short. Totally just a money grubbing advertising item.

Small Man In A Book by Rob Brydon - audio - I love Rob Brydon and he narrated the book so that was a bonus. Memoir, but he doesn't delve that deeply. He keeps his private life pretty private, touching on the big things like meeting his wife and having kids but not much detail about them. Mostly a career memoir, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Crocodile on The Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters - cozy about an English woman in the 19th century who has inherited some money and decides to travel. She finds a companion and they land in Egypt where they find trouble. First in a series, it spends a lot of time setting up and the mystery doesn't even start until about the 40% mark. It was ok, no big surprises, I knew who it was all along.

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Glad to catch up. I forgot it is FEB

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I was disappointed with this book.  It wasn't as good as some of her others.


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just finished this afternoon The Fires of Jubilee by Stephen Oates. really interesting history. enjoyed the book very much. I read William Styron's book The Confessions of Nat Turner a few years ago and I have been curious about Nat Turner ever since.

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I just finished Orphan Train, I really enjoyed it, great characters and interesting history, the photos in the back of the book were a great addition.  Also, I am listening to Life After Life, and while it is well written and a very interesting idea, personally I am losing interest.  Maybe it is just too much in audio to follow.

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Just started I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni. I am having trouble putting it down and can see why it remains (pub 1825) regarded as the greatest novel written by an Italian. 720 pages.

Just finished American Made by NIck Taylor, a book about the WPA. Also The Second World War by John Keegan, and last week Believing The Lie by Elizabeth George.

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The Watchman by Robert Crais - liking it so far

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Currently Reading:

The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe

Xenocide - Orson Scott Card

Dragons of Autumn Twilight - Weis and Hickman

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The Paris Wife. sorry I forgot the author's name. I am about 60 pages in and I came near giving up a while back. Not really enjoying it much but I have come this far so I have to keep going.

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Catch Me by Lisa Gardner - I had never read anything by her but I will again.

The Children's Blizzard by David Laskin - NF about a terrible storm in the 1880's, this winter has gotten to me.

Poisoned by Jeff Benedict - NF about the e-coli outbreak 20 years ago, scary!

One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf


What Alice Forgot