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Five Mile House
Five Mile House
Author: Karen Novak
ISBN-13: 9781582341590
ISBN-10: 1582341591
Publication Date: 12/10/2004
Pages: 240
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

3.5 stars, based on 22 ratings
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2
I enjoy haunted house stories, but this wasn't really all about that. A mixture of pschological history of the main character, Wiccan covens, a might-be-real ancient text controlling the Universe and a ghost don't really add up to a satisfying story for me. And I still had some questions at the end that weren't answered.

Plus the "heroine" was really a jerk in my opinion, an adulturess who neglected her two daughters pretty much to satisfy her own needs.

Not on a par with great ghost stories like The Uninvited, The Haunting of Hill House, The WOman in Black, Hell House, et al.
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Helpful Score: 2
This was a pretty good haunted house book. It took me a while to decide whether I liked the writing style, switching from third to first person as the ghost of Eleanor Bly was the one who actually told the story, especially when, towards the end, it’d switch from one person to another in sections within a single chapter, although at least each section was appropriately marked, which made the switch in person easier to follow.

The story itself was gripping and kept me reading late into the night. Fortunately though, this wasn’t one of those really spooky type of ghost stories that keeps you awake at night. The ghost of Eleanor Bly was not a vengeful ghost, and the house itself was more of a mathematician’s nightmare, or labyrinth, more freaky than scary. :) I don’t feel this detracted from the book at all though, it is what it is, and were the author to concentrate more on the haunting and spooky, something else would’ve been lost in the translation.
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Oh my gosh,I really enjoyed this book,I hated to see it end.I was drawn into the story right from page 1.
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This is the authors first book. The writing is a little rough, edititing not so great...but overall I enjoyed the story line and it was a quick read.
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Typically I find myself attracted to book covers with pictures of old houses on them. (This version does not have an old house on it but some of the books do.) Especially if they look haunted. So I was really excited to get started on this book. It is a mixture of mystery, a haunted house, a ghost story, a modern mom/female ex-cop and the haunted story of a mom from a century ago. Not to mention a town full of witches! How could this not be a facinating read?

Well, it wasn't. I kept reading and turning pages, knowing for sure it was going to get exciting any minute. Didn't happen. The idea for the story was good, but it did not pan out for me for some reason. Also, I was not crazy about the main character, Leslie who right from the beginning was a rude, big mouthed, ex cop who did not even love her husband, and he seemed to be an okay guy. I just could not relate to her. I'd probably have liked the story if it felt more believable and if I liked Leslie.

Disapointed that this didn't work out for me. I really wanted to like it.
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A really good mystery/thriller that seamlessly blends a tragic story from the past and a woman's struggle with a tragic event in the present. Great writing make this book hard to put down!!!
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I was really suprised that I liked this book. It ended up really being a page-turner in the last 1/3 of it. Although, it does read more like a light horror story than a real mystery, with conspiracy elements akin to the DaVinci Code.
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Very good book told from both sides of the characters and how Leslie Stone the "living" character, a New York City cop, on leave, tries to unravel the secrets of the small town of Wellington and the secrets of Five Mile House and uncover the truthe about Eleanor Bly and her children. This book is a real page turner; I was hooked from the first page!
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Fantastic, easy to get into ghost story. The cover grabbed me and I was sold on the book before I even knew what it was about.

This is an excellent tale, a unique way of telling a spooky story about an old Victorian home. I was captivated by this story, the characters, the past and the present. It is told from two different perspectives. One from the ghost(which is unique) and one from the new occupants of the home.

I was totally surprised at how the author weaved the story line. Beautifully written. You can never guess how it will all end. BY THE WAY---This is book one. The story continues in book 2, Innocence by Karen Novak

I give this book a 5 stars.