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Author: Carl Hiaasen
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ISBN-13: 9780307280701
ISBN-10: 0307280705
Publication Date: 9/13/2005
Edition: Unabridged
Reading Level: Young Adult
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 7 ratings
Publisher: Listening Library (Audio)
Book Type: Audio CD
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Helpful Score: 4
This was the first Carl Hiaasen book I read, so perhaps starting with one of his books geared towards young people was an odd choice. I enjoyed this book immensely, and often laughed out loud while reading it.

Noah Underwood's father often does wacky things because of his passionate concern for the environment and the human and animal inhabitants of Florida. When he discovers that the local floating casino is dumping raw sewage into local waters he goes to far in his protests and lands himself in jail. Despite a threatened hunger strike and please to the media, Mr. Underwood is not believed and instead is made out by the press to be a looney. Noah's mother is losing patience with her husband, and when Noah's sister Abbey overhears her using the d-word on the phone the siblings realize that the only way to save their family is to prove that their father's allegations of illegal dumping are true.

Hiaasen's protagonist is witty and the rest of his family is delightfully quirky. This book has a lot to offer both adults and bright young readers.
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Helpful Score: 2
My 12 year old daughter had to read this for school and loved it. Since she had to write a report, I decided to read it too and thoroughly enjoyed it myself. It has suspense and some great lessons. Highly recommended.
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Helpful Score: 2
Another great book by Hiaasen that focuses on enviromental issues and conservation. For the most part appropriate for elementary readers 4th-6th, but there is a dash of colorful language. This book also brings up the issue of a family member being in jail, as well as divorce.
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Fun story about serious issue of pollution in Florida keys. One man just won't stand by and let injustice pass unchecked, much to the dismay of his family.
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This is a great read. I tried to extend the enjoyment by only reading one chapter at a time each night. Some nights, that just wouldn't do and even if my husband and I were both tired, we kept at it. Good quantity of teenage humor, family dysfunction, passionately modeling values and balancing that with managing every day life. It was sweet and we laughed out loud.
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I'm an avid reader. And a teen. I loved this book. I read Hoot a few years ago, and I remember loving it. So when I saw this, I had to read it. I loved how the characters were formed and how the acted. They were realistic and believable. The ending was unexpected and interesting. Noah's family was interesting. They all seemed very different, yet so alike. It was very good.
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I really liked this book it is very good.
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I loved this book!! i read it in a read aloud at read aloud ever!! i was blown away at how good it was and i want to read more from the author..i need suggestions! this its what its about...

A boy named noah lives with his sister abby and his mom. His dad is in jail for sinking a big gambling boat run by a man named Dusty Mullmen. He sinks it because he believes that they are dumping all the sewage waste from the toilets on the boat into the ocean which would be considered pollution. when Noah and abby overhear their mom talking about a divorce because their dad is to much to handle, they have to act. Both kids anxious to help keep their parents together and frame dusty and his bully son Jasper Mullmen Jr.they go on a adventure to save their family and the turtles at the same time.

I love this book! I read it cover to cover and wasnt bored for a second. it is good for independent readers or young adults. it really pulled me in! i loved it and u will 2!!
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What can I say...I love this author!
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I read Hoot by Hiaasen and absolutely loved it, so I was excited to continue on with Hiaasen's middle grade series and read this book. I didn't like Flush quite as much as Hoot, there just wasn't as much mystery. That being said it was still a very good and entertaining book; it touches heavily on environmentalism, corrupt business practice, and family issues.

Noah Underwood's father has sunk a gambling ship and been thrown in jail. Noah's dad is positive that the gambling ship is emptying sewage into the ocean. It is up to Noah and his sister Abbey, to prove their father's allegations, to help get him out of jail. With Noah's dad's history of taking extreme action against people who commit environmental crimes, things are also becoming stressful on Noah's parents' marriage. Now it isn't only getting his dad out of jail that is the problem, but trying to keep his parents together. Noah and Abbey set a trap to catch the owner of the gambling ship in the act, but they are in more danger than they originally thought.

This was a well done book; it is well-written, easy to read, and moves along at a good clip. I love how Noah's family deals with things and how the theme of environmentalism dominates the story. I think people of all ages can enjoy this book. It is witty and well thought out.

Noah learns a lot about corruption and environmentalism throughout the book. Some of the crazy characters involved keep the book fun. It was never boring and never slowed down. As I mentioned, I did enjoy Hoot a bit more. Hoot had a lot more mystery to it and was more suspenseful than Flush.

Overall, another great eco-thriller from Hiaasen. I am looking forward to reading Scat too. Everyone will find something to love in this book it is engaging, discusses some good issues, and is very entertaining. Appropriate for all ages; although younger kids will have trouble grasping the complexity of the corrupted business practices that are discussed.
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Funny, wise and food for thought - who needs more in a book?
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New York Times bestseller
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Carl Hiaasen doesn't disappoint. Whether he's writing for young adults or for mature adults, the wit aqnd charm shines through.
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This book is really good! This book would be good for both pleasure reading and educational purposes. Flush is another book from Hiaasen that focuses on environmental issues and conservation. It is better for tweens, as it has a bit of colorful language, a parent in jail, and the issue of divorce. Overall, it's a good book!
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This was one of Hiaasen's best. I laughed and giggled all the way through, even though the plot is about a very serious threat to our environment. Well done!