Book Reviews of Frankly, My Dear (Timeswept)

Frankly, My Dear (Timeswept)
Frankly My Dear - Timeswept
Author: Sandra Hill
ISBN-13: 9780843940428
ISBN-10: 0843940425
Pages: 368
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 53 ratings
Publisher: Leisure Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 6
When I first read the "pre-reviews" of this book before it was released, I was very excited. So excited that I pre-ordered the book. I read this book in one day and had to force myself to finish it. The concept behind the book was great - model goes back in time and is mistaken for a mulatto/quadroon at one of the famous Quadroon balls. Wow! This should make for an interesting read, right? Wrong! For one, the heroine bemoaned living in a society where she and other women were judged based on their outward appearance - and she spends half the book trying to get the other women around her to change their appearances in attempts to attract the men they desire. And a Black woman bemoaning her big behind? Give me a break! As a Black female and avid reader of historical romances, this book was just plain silly! I am not a stickler for historical accuracies and such and get tired of reviewers who spend so much time criticizing small inaccuracies that they miss the beauty of a well-written story but this book was just unbelieveable! For one...the characters sounded like they were from modern days, not historical times. Secondly, the 4-year old (E.T. *eyes rolling) - he wasn't funny. He needed his behind paddled and his mouth washed out with soap. I could go on and on but why bother? What could have been a perfectly good story is ruined by an excessive amount of silliness.
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Helpful Score: 5
Not being a fan of time travel romances I was very hesitant to read this book. This book is about a supermodel Selene who gets a voodoo curse put on her and she gets sent back to New Orleans 1845. A year where skinny women are not the norm and a woman's attractiveness is based on her breeding and manual labor abilities.

The historic background of the south in 1800's was infuriating but as I don't know many details of specific practices of the time I cannot say if they are historically accurate or not.

The main character decides to make James (the "hero") laugh and tells him tons of blonde jokes thoughout the book. I love a good joke and have laughed at blonde jokes in the past but in the 1800's these jokes wouldn't be funny at all so I couldn't really see the point. As a matter of fact I couldn't see the point in this book.

Sandra Hill has written several other books and I am glad I read one of her better ones before this. If this had been my first Hill book I might have never picked up another one again.

There is a sequel to this book about James' son Etienne. Another time travel book. Will I be reading it? Probably not.
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Helpful Score: 4
Did you like Scarlett O'Hara, Tara and gone with the wind. This time travel story will interest you then. Our modern "Scarlett" gets in a lot of trouble very quickly before she figures out how to be proper in an earlier time period.
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Helpful Score: 3
This novel fairly sizzles. Very hot, and actually quite good.
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This is a very enjoyable read. Really funny!
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Funny stuff...this one is a very entertaining and charming tale of vodoo, the Old South, time travel, and side-splittingly hilarious aerobic exercise (the characters exercise, not the readers...although I suppose you could...but, I digress). You'll giggle and guffaw your way through this one, and if you're a fan of "Gone with the Wind" (or even if you're not)prepare for some serious GWTW references. I'm not a huge fan of time travel books, but this one may have just changed my mind!
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This was a fun time travel. I loved it.
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Another fabulous book by Hill. This is a funny romp thru time, led by a modern fashion model with a fascination for "Gone with the Wind" who winds up smack dab in the middle of pre-civil war Louisiana. Hill carefully accomodates modern sensibilities towards the southern mores while proving that even a fashion model from the '90's has useful talents.
Great blonde jokes, well drawn characters all around. A winner.
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Very funny! Great interaction between hero and heroine.
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Being a big 'Gone With the Wind' fan, myself, I enjoyed this humorous story of a modern fashion model's travel back through time to the pre-Civil War South!
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I really like Sandra Hill... the cajun cowboy series was very enjoyable.. funny, romantic, etc... I enjoy time-travel romances and the old south so this book was right up my alley... lots of fun.. it's a keeper.
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I've read quite a few Sandra Hill books in the past. So far, this has been my favorite.
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Really great book!
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Charmed by the Old Soulth, Selene couldn't get her fill of gumbo, crayfish, beignets, or an alarmingly handsome planter. Dark and brooding, ames Baptiste did not share Rhett Butler's cavalier spirit and his bayou plantation was no Tara. But Selen know the Creole was the only lover she gave a damn about, and she was not going without her food or her man ever again.
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The story of a time traveler who 'travels' back to the Old South, via a voodoo spell, and the days before the Civil War. She is a modern day woman who experiences living on a plantation, falling in love with the plantation master and a score of new experiences for her and those around her . The story is funny and somewhat romantic with some descriptions of sex. The character seems to have a hang-up on "Gone With The Wind" and it's characters Scarlett and Rhett. A well told entertaining plot makes this book hard to put down. .
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This book is an awesome read! Hilariously good and very moving. A book that's staying on my shelves so I can read again and again later! I think I'll be trying out more of Sandra Hill books now.
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I really enjoyed this book. I think that, while it is sometimes "campy", it was done in a very tongue in cheek, funny way. If you enjoy historicals and loved GWTW, you will definitely like this book.
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i loved this book it was such a good read i could not put it down once i started it definitely a keeper
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Set in the days of the Old South -- A supermodel from the '90s, a dark and brooding Creole, blonde jokes, Gone with the Wind references and so much food talk that it makes you hungry!

A light read with some funny scenes. Ending is rather abrupt, but otherwise sets up a premise for what can be considered it's follow-up "Desperado", also by Sandra Hill, and "Sweeter Savage Love" as the 3rd installment featuring Etienne Baptiste, James' son from "Frankly My Dear".

I liked this book enough to read the next two, you should do the same! :)