Book Reviews of Heiress Beware (Dynasties: The Elliotts, Bk 6) (Silhouette Desire, No 1729)

Heiress Beware (Dynasties: The Elliotts, Bk 6) (Silhouette Desire, No 1729)
Heiress Beware - Dynasties: The Elliotts, Bk 6 - Silhouette Desire, No 1729
Author: Charlene Sands
ISBN-13: 9780373767298
ISBN-10: 0373767293
Publication Date: 6/13/2006
Pages: 192
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 20 ratings
Publisher: Silhouette
Book Type: Paperback
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reviewed Heiress Beware (Dynasties: The Elliotts, Bk 6) (Silhouette Desire, No 1729) on + 304 more book reviews
Elliotts series, book 6.
reviewed Heiress Beware (Dynasties: The Elliotts, Bk 6) (Silhouette Desire, No 1729) on + 64 more book reviews
Wonderful addition to the Elliotts series!
reviewed Heiress Beware (Dynasties: The Elliotts, Bk 6) (Silhouette Desire, No 1729) on + 1071 more book reviews
I was starting to like Bridget after she got amnesia and then she regained her memory and became thios horrible monster of a person and I was like Mac run!!! For me she didnt redeem herself in the end. Mac deserved better.
reviewed Heiress Beware (Dynasties: The Elliotts, Bk 6) (Silhouette Desire, No 1729) on + 35 more book reviews
I must say that I really didn't care much for Bridget Elliot from the previous book and really put off reading this book eventhough I had it for months. I knew I was going to read it because it was in the series, and well, I'm that reader that has to read every book in series once I start. I must admit that I was some what surprised the author was able to add more depth to Bridget than the talk-and-act-first-without thinking of the consequences character. I say some what because the authors of this series are really good at what they do and are established.
Another reason I put off reading this book was that the amnesia theme is not one of my favorites. More suprise in the handling of it by the author.
The plot revolves around Bridget Elliot writing an expose on her Grandfather Patrick Elliot with the final chapater naming of the child that her Aunt Fiona had to give up, Patrick's decision, as the result of teenage pregnancy. Bridget gets a tip to the location of the child which leads her to Winchester County, Colorado and Sheriff Mac Riggs. Waking up from a fall, not clearly explained, to Mac leaning over her, he realizes she has anmesia and takes her into his home and eventually heart. Mac continues to search for her identity, but is also happy with the ways things are between. Enter the mysterious Bryan, who aside from Cullen only the outsiders realize he is more than he appears, and Bridget gets her memory back upon seeing him. An agruement follows Bridget stating her reason for being in Colorado because Mac can see the potential fallout from such a book and Bridget goes back to her life in New York City. It is only after time and talking to three of the many females in the book that Bridget goes back and gets her man.
Patrick Elliot's character has gotten darker and darker as the books progress. Book one, he does not turn the business over the the oldest son, Michael; book two, question of racism; book 5 makes Cullen's parents get married due to an unepected pregnancy; in this book, he made Fiona give up her child.
For such a limited number of pages, I thought the pacing of the romance was good. I did not agree with the pacing of the other romance of Lizzy and Lyle though. On page 148 Lyle comes and asks Lizzy to go on a walk with him. Seems so very old fashioned. I was surprised the Bridget-Jane and Mac did not accompany them as chaperones.
Bridget has some fleeting thoughts that Bryan is not just a resturant owner. Just as Summer did, but not to extent that Cullen does.
On the first page of the book, there is a mistake that Bridget is Cullen's sister when she is actually his cousin.
I have been very disappointed that we don't get more information on Michael, Bridget's father. Perhaps he will have a role in Liam's story, but in the three books involving his children, nothing of him in this book and only a bit in both Gannon's and Tag's books.
I found Mac very judgemtal of Bridget when she annouces her book project. For someone in law enforcement who waits until all the facts are in, he took a stand and would not relent. And then at the end of the book, he decides that he is going after her regardless. Hard to accept since the author did not give Mac any space in the book to show how someone so set in his decision changed his mind. Not really accepting his decision.
And he called her a bitch in the arguement. And there was no apology for that. Yeah, I don't know that I could have been that forgiving of someone who loves me so much.
This book provides a lot set-up for Jessie and Fiona's books. I was pretty sure Jessie is Fiona's daughter in "The Forbidden Twin." In this book, page 162 confirmed it for me. This is Jessie's hometown. And details on Jessie's adoptive parents are given. Prior to this book, I thought Fiona's book would be about her meeting a guy, but this book led me to believe that it may include the father of her child.
Mac played football. Was it for a professional team? There was mention, and then nothing else. Maybe if it could have been included in his decison to ask Bridget to marry him. Also, it would have been interesting to read something of his first wife from his perspective.
I would recommend reading it because it part of the series, but I think I like it the least.