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Topic: Holds on my books by others?

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Subject: Holds on my books by others?
Date Posted: 5/3/2010 10:42 PM ET
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I'm new and I'm confused about one thing.  I get my bookshelf books put on "hold" for 48 hours by othe people and I thought that meant they were asking to take them.  Then when the 48 hours were up it looks like they did it again OR another user grabbed it and the same thing happend.  This is sort of bugging me because I use another site as well and one of my books was requested there when the hold on this site was nearly up.  Then all of a sudden it's on hold for someone else and I don't get a chance to do anything about it. 

I ended up PMing the new requester that the book was no longer available, but now how do I get it off my bookshelf?  I know that the person should go ahead and request it so I can say I can't mail it, but here comes my big question - - isn't that what they did in the first place and how come THEY get 48 hours to "check to see if they have the credits" ????  I don't order a book unless I DO have credits. 

Can someone explain this to me?

Thanks in advance for any help ya'll can give.


Date Posted: 5/3/2010 10:51 PM ET
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It sounds like your book is on a Wish List. For more than one person.

The first person has 48 hours to request the book, once it is offered to them (by your posting it into the system). If the 48 hours goes by and they don't respond, then the book is automatically offered to the next person in the Wish List. And, then the next person has 48 hours to request the book.

So, your book has been offered to the 2nd person in the list, it sounds like. You will have to wait for someone to request it, and then click on "Cannot Mail" to get the book order cancelled.

When you post books ... if no one is waiting for it, then it goes onto your Bookshelf, and into the FIFO line (First In, First Out). So, it is available for anyone to order at any time, directly from you, or thru the FIFO line. There are books that are not already available at PBS ... and members have the option of putting themselves in line to receive copies of the book as they are posted ... the "Wish List" line .... and when you post one of those, it will be offered in turn to all the people in line, until someone accepts it.

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Date Posted: 5/3/2010 11:01 PM ET
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Welcome to the site Rae. I highly recommend that you go up the the Help Center and read the first few topics on how the site works, especially the section on the Wish List process. If you are posting books to two different sites you will need to understand the Wish List here and may not want to cross post books until you have determined if they are on a Wish List here since they are held for the Wish List and cannot be deletedly until the are accepted by the other member. If you cancel too many book requests here, you may get your account flagged since in  the Term of Use you agree that the books you post here will be available to send. Many people use multiple sites, but check to see if they are Wish Listed here first since it is not a free-for-all like most other sites, rather the books are held for the Wish List.

Date Posted: 5/4/2010 12:33 AM ET
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Welcome, Rae!  I believe you can stop your book from cycling through the wish list by putting your shelf on vacation hold.  If you do that, when the current 48 hour hold expires the book will not be offered to the next person in the wish list line.  Then you can go to your shelf and delete it.  Just remember to take your shelf off vacation hold afterwards, or you won't get any book requests or wish list offers yourself.  I'm 99% sure this is the case, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Date Posted: 5/4/2010 8:39 AM ET
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OK that posting WL books on 2 sites is like a huge pet-peeve of people here. They get excited to see they're gettign a WL book and get really annoyed to get a message that is also posted on another site. 

I do 2 sites and I keep the books I post on each seperate unless they're heavily posted.  I put my books on the TBR Pile to see if they're WL or not before I post them.  You can see how many copies of a book are already in the system by putting it on your reminder list. 

You can get in trouble with PBS if you post and then cancel a lot of WL books.  Because PBS gets complaints about this from the people on the receiving end of the cancellation.  So investigate the book before you post and decide which site you want the credit on more.