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Household Gods
Household Gods
Author: Harry Turtledove, Judith Tarr
ISBN-13: 9780312864873
ISBN-10: 0312864876
Publication Date: 9/1999
Pages: 508
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 13 ratings
Publisher: Tor Books
Book Type: Hardcover
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This is an excellent read. Nicole from the presents does well going back to Roman times. It gives her an great view on the differences between life now and life then. This book will make you laugh and cry. It give Nicole prespective that she did not have before.
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One of the best books I've read so far this year--a modern 90s women is sent back to 2nd century Rome--I couldn't put this book done. Highly recommended.
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One of my favorite genres is historical fiction and I enjoy a good time travel novel. So what was not to like, this book seemed to be the perfect fit. But it turned out to be one of my least favorite books that I have ever read. Yes, the modern woman finding herself in ancient Rome and how she copes with it are interesting. The historical detail was well done. The problem was it was too drawn out. I kept reading in the hopes that the interesting, gripping parts would take over the book and thrill me and not let go. But after finally finishing the last page, the dry, dull, drawn out parts were too many and the good did not out weigh the dull. This is a big book to begin with but it felt three times as long. Such a shame because it seemed like a perfect fit. I felt like I wasted my time and regretted the other books I could have read instead and this rarely happens with me.
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The only time travel book I really enjoyed.
There are some inaccuracy about ancient Roman daily life,but I believe it come close to describe how a modern person would feel if sent back in ancient times.
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I liked this book about a modern woman finding herself in a different time, but not because of the time travel. Rather, I liked the way Nicole has to confront her assumptions and how she finds the strength she needs in herself.
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I usually don't like time travel books, but this one was delightful. A woman wakes up in ancient Rome.
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A modern young lawyer and stressed out mother awakens to find herself in a different life in ancient Rome. You will find yourself very glad to be alive in modern times after traveling back through time with Nicole Gunther-Perrin. Very enjoyable.
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Amusing alt history story. One of those "Be careful of what you wish for". Pretty well done with some amusing and some quite harsh moments. Worth a read if for no other reason then how they actually lived in much earlier times. Sometimes there was more info then I wanted, lol.
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This is such a fun read, especially if you enjoy learning about ancient Rome. I was pleasantly surprised.
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Nicole Gunther-Perrin, a California lawyer and divorced mother of two, thinks her life is rough, what with on-the-job sexual harassment, an ex- who's late with his child support, and bratty kids.
Somehow, she gets the pea-brained idea that life would have been better in the Roman Empire. Ah, for those simple, bucolic times!
With the help of an ancient plaque of a god & goddess that she picked up on her honeymoon, the teetotalling, prissy, christian, politically correct Nicole is zapped back to the 2nd century AD, into the body of a widowed tavern-keeper.

It doesn't take her long to learn that Roman times were not the haven of equality and justice that she imagined. Gradually, as she comes to adjust to the shock, filth, licentiousness, lack of health care, violence & etc... of ancient times, she also learns a lot about life, love, friendship and coping with difficulties.

It's a bit hard to believe how ignorant a well-educated modern character like Nicole is about the realities of life during Roman times, and I do disagree with a few of the authors "messages" - such as that children need corporal punishment to be disciplined (Kids aren't stupid. Explanations of WHY they shouldn't do something are liable to go a lot further than a smack.) But overall I found this to be a really entertaining read.
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I really loved this book! It really makes you stop and think that your life isn't really that bad after all here in the 21st century.