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Topic: So just how big is your TBR pile?

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Subject: So just how big is your TBR pile?
Date Posted: 9/8/2009 3:26 PM ET
Member Since: 1/27/2009
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Since I have a huge FOL book sale coming up at the end of the month (and with a bad habit of sometimes buying the same book more than once), I decided to write up a list of all my books and put them into an Excel spreadsheet - that way I could print it out and bring it with me to make sure I didn't "rebuy" some books.

When all was said and done, my TBR pile totals 175 books - 144 books at home and another 31 on my list of books to read from the library.

Since my list has been much larger (and I'm actually seeing some empty space on my bookself!), I'm feeling OK - not as overwhelmed as I have been in the past though I'm still trying to do a lot of reading this month cause I know I'm going to be buying a lot of books at the end of the month!

Which brings me to my question - how big is your TBR pile? Is is going down or up? Feeling OK about it or overwhelmed?

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Date Posted: 9/8/2009 3:37 PM ET
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My PBS TBR is 1118, which is all romance, paranormal, urban fantasy and erotica.  but I have more books than that TBR in my house.  Plus I read at least 12 books or more a month from booksfree.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 3:41 PM ET
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let's just say mine far exceeds counting...

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 4:22 PM ET
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Mindboggling.  Guestimating around 1000. It's stressing me out less than it used to, but I still need to do some major clearing out.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 4:39 PM ET
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I'm upt to around 630 give or take. I only have about 600 logged into PBS but I know I have a bunch I didn't log into the TBR list.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 4:43 PM ET
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Mine is about 1200, diff genres of Romance with some mysteries mixed in there. I've been bringing it down some though lol! Still a ton of books :)

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 5:12 PM ET
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Holy crap, mine is only 78

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 5:33 PM ET
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Wow, I guess I don't feel as bad! I'd say about 300...maybe 350...it seems like books are coming in on a weekly basis, whether through the mail from PBS, from library sales, thrift stores and used bookstores. I'm overwhelmed, but still cannot resist buying them if they're cheap and what I'm looking for.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 5:33 PM ET
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OMG - where do you guys keep all of these books?

My TBR is about 100-125.  I'm not overwhelmed, although I wish I could read faster because I have a bunch in there I'd like to get to.  lol

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 5:45 PM ET
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Mine is not that big compared to some- I'd say I have somewhere around 60-70 on mine.  However, that's a lot for me, because I don't have a lot of time to read.  I read in a month what some of the ladies here read in a couple of days, lol!  I work FT, have a hubby, house, 2 kids in school and a dog, so I'm lucky if I can finish a book a week!  My problem is that I go through phases of liking a type of book or genre, spend time on the WL before getting them, then by the time I get them I have moved on and my interests lie elsewhere.  So they sit on my shelf, hoping that my interest will shift back that way.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes not, which is when I do a purge.  Finally got rid of almost all of my Kinley MacGregor's that way recently, which I'd had on my TBR since I joined PBS.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 7:04 PM ET
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Date Posted: 9/8/2009 7:22 PM ET
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As of today, my TBR  is at 203.  I got 2 books in the mail today! 

About 4 years ago, I started an Excel spreadsheet with my TBR, Wish List, Read List & Money Spent.  It's a great way to know what you have & how much you've spent. 

Since the first of the year, my TBR has grown by about 30 books. 

I need to stay out of the deal forums!  Last month, I received a 16-for-2 deal & a 12-for-2 on Harlequins.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 7:48 PM ET
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I'm guessing Mt TBR is somewhere around 400 books. Hmmm, I wonder what the definition of a TBR mountain is, >200 books? or is that just a foothill? if you have >1000 do you have a mountain range? Okay, clearly too much time on my hands, I'll go back to reading my TBR book now :)

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 7:51 PM ET
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about 1400 print books, and maybe 2000 ebooks

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 8:19 PM ET
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i have 229 on my TBR pile here at PBS, and probably another 50 or so books actually on the unread shelves that i never bothered to add here.

not *so* excessive, but i also just beat it back a bit.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 8:40 PM ET
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34 in residence on my bedroom floor, plus an additional 7 en route to me, with 324 to the "eventually to be read" list.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 8:43 PM ET
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Well, if erotica doesn't count then subtract 330 or more from my TBR! LOL!

I have lots of book cases. I love book cases.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 8:45 PM ET
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Well, I weeded and pruned and cleared out or posted everything that wasn't nailed down, and mine is waaay down to 42 books - that's from 371 this time last year.  Very proud of myself for the clutter reduction, but I do get antsy about having a limited selection in my hands.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 8:47 PM ET
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I've been hovering around 550 for a while now. I was at 600+ but then I banished myself from reading threads in the book bazaar and ordering anything but WL books, and combed through my shelves and got rid of some stuff.

Problem is, I have a very, very hard time getting rid of books - especially before I've read them! I mean, how do I know it isn't the best book ever and I've just traded it off without finding out! It's pathetic, really. I'll comb through my hundreds of books and only come out with a measly 10 or so books to get rid of :P

ETA: Not feeling really overwhelmed about it because I like having the selection. Well, not feeling overwhelmed until I remember we're considering buying a home and just may have to MOVE all these books...

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Date Posted: 9/8/2009 8:49 PM ET
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I have about 1000 and they are all alphabetized on several bookshelves.  I need to desperately go through them and clear some out.  But, what if that book was a keeper???

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 9:11 PM ET
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"I" don't even want to know how big my TBR pile is, but it's huge. I've been inventorying them at LibraryThing http://www.librarything.com/catalog/gailblibrary but am hardly finished, have at least that many more to add.

I've been doing some purging as I catalogue the books and have gotten rid of close to 400 in the last couple of months but that's just a drop in the bucket. Went to the library sale today and brought back 10; the need never goes away.


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Date Posted: 9/8/2009 9:13 PM ET
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Mine are all out of order. Each time I get them in order I get a WL boon or hit an FOL sale or do a bunch or BOB trades and then have all these books to work in again.  I put some in an under the bed shoe bag that held 48 mmps.  Then I just used the Note feature in the TBR pile to let me know which ones were in there.  I did a theme. I need to get another one.

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 9:18 PM ET
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Mine has to be around 700 or 800.  I can't quit going to the thrift shops, HELP! 

The worst part is that I'm not even reading a book a week right now because I am just too busy. 

And yet, I still find time to go to the thrift shops during my lunch hour once a week. 

Is there a cure for this?

Date Posted: 9/8/2009 9:19 PM ET
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I really like your under the bed shoe bag idea...I've seen those but it never occured to me that they would be useful for books!

Mine are *mostly* alphabetized across 2 bookshelves. My third bookshelf is for my keepers. They've been slowly intermingling (my keepers and my TBR) as I am running out of space. I have nothing under my bed at the moment though...hmm...

Date Posted: 9/9/2009 12:28 AM ET
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I was holding in the 600's for a while but somehow the number has crept up to 740 -- I keep finding books at sales/thrift stores that I think would be good to post but then they look interesting or have good comments here and I end up saving them to read. I even tried to use the keep only those with 4 stars (or thereabouts) but its not working!