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Author: Lori Foster
ISBN-13: 9780739454381
ISBN-10: 0739454382
Publication Date: 2005
Edition: Book Club
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4 stars, based on 16 ratings
Publisher: Zebra Books
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 4
This is one of the most boring books ever... and I'm a BIG Lori Foster Fan... It took to long to get into the book and took me over 8 months to read as far as I got. I kept pushing it aside to read other books. To be absolutely honest I still haven't finished it.
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Helpful Score: 4
Maybe I'm a snob, but I really thought this one was really stupid. Just kind of cheesy and an overall sense of disappointment. And you can defintely see where the ending is going. Not hard to guess which is always a dealbreaker for me.
I need my main characters to have more of a sense of humor and these guys were just blah.
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Helpful Score: 3
Loved it--if you're looking for "classic" Lori Foster, this is it. Helps if you have read the other books that this character is in prior to reading "Jamie".
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Helpful Score: 2
I really dislike manipulative heroines. Maybe especially when they seem to think that what they're doing is for the other character's own good. Of course, that usually coincides with what they want for themselves, as it does here. I only got a 120 pages into this. Didn't like what I'd seen, didn't like where it was too obviously going. Stopped reading.
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Helpful Score: 2
The fifth installment in Foster's Visitation series (after Just a HintClint) strives to be a Jennifer Crusiestyle lighthearted romance with a paranormal kick, but while the setting and secondary characters possess charm, the bumpy plotting keeps readers from fully suspending their disbelief. Prompted by her young (and psychic) daughter, Cory, redhead Faith Owen tracks reclusive psychic Jamie Creed to his remote mountain cabin. Once ensconced there, Faith reveals that she once worked at the Farmington Research Institute, a facility where Jamie was treated like a mere animal and exploited for his psychic abilities. Jamie's first instinct is to kick Faith out on her sexy rear end, but she proves too persistentand alluring, particularly since he hasn't had a woman in nearly a decade. Somewhere along the way, as the two explore their attraction to one another in raw, graphic sex scenes, lust becomes love, precipitously, though few will be convinced. Still, Jamie's charismatic friends, fellow Visitation residents who arrive at the base of Jamie's mountain, provide some welcome depth, and the mystery surrounding Visitation's latest vigilante and the secrets of Cory's parentage add intrigue.
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Helpful Score: 1
OK, but not enough depth for me. I finished it in a couple of hours and now can't remember it.
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Helpful Score: 1
I love Lori Foster and have read many of her books. This was my least favorite.
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Helpful Score: 1
Best of the series by far. Way sexy guy.
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This is a great book from Lori Foster as usual. This one follows the Jamie from 4 previous novels from her, plus includes the same characters in this book. Even though you don't have to read the 4 previous ones you would be missing out on great stories if you don't. "Just a Hint, Clint"; "Say no to Joe"; "When Bruce met Cyn"; and the story of Bryan are the 4 previous.
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Part of a group of books centering on a small rural town. This one focuses on the mysterious town hermit with supernatural powers who has a woman show up on a dark stormy night looking for him. A good read.
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Enjoyable read, believable characters. Jamie and Faith were written welll.
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Last of the series.... so far. I just love Jamie and I'm glad he .... never mind I don't want to ruin it.
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A great book- really fun to get to know the elusive Jamie!
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Lori Foster is always a sure thing, as far as I'm concerned!
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This is by far me favorite of the Visitation series, and not just because of the steamy sex scenes (and they were pretty hot!) What i liked most about this book was that Lori brought all the characters from the past books together again in a way that proved just how close they had become. I felt like a family reunion in that Lori creates characters that are so real that you feel like you're a part of their family too. GREAT READ!!! Lori Foster Rocks!!!
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i enjoy most of lori foster books, but not this one. a bit let down, both Jamie and Faith, the chemistry was not there.
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Carrying a naked woman up a mountain in a driving storm- now there's a way for a man to start the day.
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Part of the Visitation Series
#1 Say No to Joe
#2 The Secret Life of Bryan
#3 When Bruce Met Cyn
#4 Just A Hint--Clint
#5 Jamie
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easy racy read
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Jamie is a bearded seer who lives on a mountain not far from Visitation, Welcome County. This Foster contains the explanation for Jamie's isolation and involves much of the population of Visitation introduced in other novels in this series.
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The fifth (and last?) book in the series (SAY NO TO JOE?, THE SECRET LIFE OF BRYAN, BRUCE & CYN, JUST A HINT, CINT) about the people of the small town of Visitation, North Carolina.

Amusing and entertaining, Foster is a little more "steamy" than I am comfortable with.
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He's sexy, mysterious, and PSYCHIC. Who could ask for anything more?
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Well written but not as good as the others in the series.
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If you have read the other books in the series then this is a MUST. It kind of wraps the mystery of who Jamie is. That being said if you have not read the rest of the series first then this book is not the best as a stand alone story and is kind of boring. I started this book and got bored and quit reading it. Then like a year later I read the two of the other books in the series and liked them..... so I then found and read all the books in the series making this one the last to be read and it was so much better the second time! Maybe it was because I had a deeper knowlage of some of the secondary people and friends of Jamie.... maybe it was because of the build up of mystery that surrounds him in the first books, but the second time around Jamie was a decent book that closes out the series nicely.
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FINALLY!!! We find out what is up with Jamie! Great read - I love Lori Foster. Her characters and story lines are always good and she keeps you connected to all the other folks in Visitation.
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great read good addition for this series
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Part of series. Good story!
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Bestselling author Lori Foster's fifth suspenseful contemporary romance in the Visitation, NC, series spices up the mix with a dose of ESP.

Psychic mountain man Jamie values his seclusion, but he has difficulty keeping himself apart from Faith Owen, a sexy single mother who seeks his help in caring for Cory, her psychic daughter.
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Lori Foster is always a good read!
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Conclusion of a long series; Jamie's past and character are revealed.
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I liked this book.
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Awesome, this whole series starts with the Winston Brothers, and goes on with Say no to Joe?, The secret life of Bryan, When Bruce met Cyn, Just a Hint clint, then Jamie.... All excellent reads. Highly recommended.
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For almost 10 years Jamie has been living as a recluse in the mountains of North Carolina. He makes occasional appearances in Visitation, the closest town. Although he pretty much keeps to himself, lately he has found himself developing friendships with some of the people in Visitation which makes him uncomfortable. So when a woman suddenly appears on his mountain looking for him he's not sure how to handle it. Faith was sent to find Jamie and help him, although with what she's not sure yet. Faith knew Jamie years ago before the betrayal that had sent him into seclusion. Although Jamie had never noticed her back then she has always loved him. Jamie's unsure about trusting Faith but before long they find themselves involved in a passionate relationship and falling in love. But when the past suddenly comes back to haunt them can they both survive? Maybe with a little help from Jamie's friends in Visitation.
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Another delightful X-rated romance set in the same small town as previous novels, SAY NO TO JOE?, THE SECRET LIFE OF BRYAN, WHEN BRUCE MET CYN, and JUST A HINT CLINT.
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Great book! Love this series!
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I really enjoyed this book.
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Lori Foster says it all excellent...
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I have been enjoying this series, this was pretty predictable, but I enjoyed it anyway. Now I'm looking forward to the next installment to find out what happens next.
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I loved this series I think she should do more of these types of books
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Latest in the Winston series. Finally, everything youever wanted to know about Jamie!
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Possibly my favorite Lori Foster book so far and I've read quite a few.
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Great story
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Carrying a naked woman up a mountain in a driving storm---now there's a way for a man to start the day. But for Jamie, the unconcious redhead in his arms is an intruder, one who could bring
him harm. He has hus reasibs fir hiding out in thismountain cabin; forkeeping his emotions hidden; for never, ever getting too close ro anyone. And he's not about to start now.
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I love Lori foster's books
and this one is good
I like the whole series that this is tied too
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This was a great story. I couldn't put it down.
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This was a little slow to start but good once you get into it.
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Awesome book finally we find out the mystery that surrounded Jamie. Foster sure knows how to deliver a story. One cannot go wrong reading one of her books.
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The last in a series, this is the book that tells us who Jamie is and why he lives like a hermit. Of course, he meets his "true love", but great fun on the way...and very, very steamy
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i loved this one. i want to say it was my favorite in the series but they were all so good!
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This is Book Five in the Visitation Series.

Finally Jamie finds love. This book is about both Jamie and Scott finding their one.

Very easy to figure out.

Visitation Series
1 Say No to Joe
2 The Secret Life of Bryan
3 When Bruce Met Cyn
4 Just A Hint--Clint
5 Jamie
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Excellent book
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Fantastic book, one of the Visitation Series
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Another great book.
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enjoyed this book very much
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Good read
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romance author--didn't read
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Good book with light paranormal aspects. It refers to other characters in previous books, so you might want to read the others first. I did not read the previous books, but it was an okay read.

To Whomever Requested it earlier: I appologize for not checking my e-mail in the last week or so. I was having house remodeling. So sorry.