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Topic: It's July 2015 - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's July 2015 - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 7/1/2015 1:14 AM ET
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  1. "DOGWOOD HILL" by Sherryl Woods (Chesapeake Shores #12) (A+++++) When former pro football quarterback Aidan Mitchell comes to Chesapeake Shores to take a high school coaching job, he's embraced by the town - especially the O'Briens. But Aiden has a secret that could alter all their lives. For wounded Liz March, who's trying for a fresh start after a devastating betrayal, taking a chance on Aidan may be more than she can handle. Her heart, however, refuses to listen to her head. But just when forever seems within reach, Aidan's secret threatens to change everything. Does this tempting stranger who's made her feel alive have the power to convince her to look beyond the past and reach for the future?
  2. "CHEYENNE AMBER" by Catherine Anderson (A+++++) 1864, Colorado: Born and bred in Boston, Laura Cheney was used to civilized society. She never dreamed she would wind up in the Colorado wilderness with her newborn son - widowed and very much alone. But her fragile allure and amber eye hide a spirit to be reckoned with - and a mother's fierce protectiveness. When her son is kidnapped, Laura turns to a man feared by many and trusted by few. Raised by the Cheyenne, Deke Sheridan is considered a renegade to his own kind. But his steely reserve is no match for Laura's intoxicating beauty. And to win her trust and devotion, Deke will stop at nothing.
  3. "ENDLESS NIGHT" by Catherine Anderson "SWITCHBACK" (A+++++) Mallory Christiani's world threatens to crumble when her daughter is kidnapped. She's warned not to tell anyone - not her family, not her friends and most definitely not the police. But private investigator Bud Mac Phearson won't take no for an answer. Mac had failed once to keep his promise to see both Mallory and Emily to safety and he wasn't going to let it happen again. Now, with no one to turn to but each other, Mac and Mallory find that their future and happiness depend on holding nothing back. "CRY OF THE WILD" (A++++) When her brother disappears, Crysta Meyers leaves the big city to join in the search for her missing twin. She doesn't expect that in the Alaskan wilderness her great threat will come not from nature, but from man. Someone is determined to stop Crysta from finding her brother - and will resort to any means necessary. Crysta's only ally is Sam Barrister, a rough and rugged mountain guide as untamed as the wilderness itself.
  4. "LONG ROAD HOME" by Maya Banks (A++++) No matter how far and how fast you run, the truth is never far behind. CIA counter-terrorism expert Manuel Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves, who disappeared without a trace while on a post-graduate trip to France. Then, as suddenly as she disappeared, Jules Trehan turns up in a small-town Colorado hospital bed, injured in an explosion that killed her parents. Manny is shocked by the change in the woman he once knew. Kidnapped by a shadowy organization, Jules has been forced to become the very thing he's pledged his life to defeat - a terrorist assassin. Knowing her testimony will finally bring down the organization, Manny races to get her to Washington, D.C. in one piece. Just when there's a glimmer of hope of overcoming her past, Jules must pull off one last job or Manny's life will be forfeit. It's a mission she must complete...even if it means betraying the only man she has ever loved.
  5. "SHADOWS OF YESTERDAY" by Sandra Brown (A++++) (unabridged Audible) Leigh...She was terrifyingly alone on a Texas highway about to deliver her first child when a rugged stranger in a pickup truck stopped to help her. Leigh Bransom had lost her husband eight months before when he was tragically killed on the job. Now a fateful meeting on a lonesome highway brought a new man into her life - one with secrets and the power to make her lonely once again. Chad...A man who pursued a dangerous business, Chad Dillion kept his past a mystery. He was determined to make Leigh care for him, but there were no guarantees that his love could protect her from the very thing she feared most.
  6. "DON'T GO" by Lisa Scottoline (A+++++) When Dr. Mike Scanlon is called to serve an an army doctor in Afghanistan, he's acutely aware of the dangers he'll face and the hardships it will cause his wife Chloe and their newborn baby. And deep inside, he doesn't think of himself as a warrior, but a healer. However, in an ironic turn of events, as Mike operates on a wounded soldier in a war-torn country, Chloe dies in their kitchen, a victim of an apparent household accident. Devastated, Mike returns home to bury her, only to discover that the life he left behind has fallen apart. His medical practice is in jeopardy and he is a complete stranger to the only family he has left: his precious baby girl. Worse, he learns a shocking secret that send him into a downward spiral. Ultimately, Mike realizes that the most important battle of his life faces him on the home front, and he'll have to pt it all on the line to save what's dearest to him - his family.
  7. "BRANDED" by Shiloh Walter "YOU OWN ME" (A+++++) It had always been her...Ten years had passed since the doors slammed shut behind Decker Calhoun, taking away his freedom, but more importantly locking him away from Elizabeth Waters, the only woman he'd ever loved - the woman he'd given up everything for. The day he was sentenced, he'd looked at her and said "no regrets Lizzie. But he lied, because he did have one. Although he's been out of jail for three years now, he was a year too late. Lizzie never knew how he felt and just months before he was released, she found somebody else and it's too late. Or maybe not. It seems that Lizzie's boyfriend wants an open relationship and two can play at that game. Now all Decker has to do is convince Lizzie that he's the better man...and has been all along. "THE VIRGIN'S NIGHT OUT" (A+++++) Sloane Redding is the shy one, the timid one. The morning of her wedding, she's dumped by the man she'd though she'd spend the rest of her life with. Humiliated, she turns tail and rungs, leaving Nowhere, Alabama for a job in the city. Sloane sets out to remake herself. She succeeds...on the outside. On the inside? Different story. She's still the shy Redding. Still quiet, still more interested in standing on the sidelines. But all of that is about to change. The night before her brother's wedding, she strolls in the lone bar in Nowhere wearing wicked red and she's got one goal in mind: to show her ex-fiance just what he lost.  The night before his best friend's wedding, D.B. "Boone" Cassidy walks into the lone bar in Nowhere, Alabama with one goal in mind. Get wasted. Former military, he's spent the past few years as a security specialist and all around troubleshooter. It should have been easy to spot the trouble that night...a sexy woman in wicked red. It should have been easy. Yeah, Right. One thing leads to another and his plans to get wasted turn into a night with the sexy woman in red. Boone gets the shock of his life the next day when he shows up at his friend's wedding to find out he'd just spent the night wrapped around his best friend's little sister...and that isn't the only surprise.
  8. "LEAD ME HOME" by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Sons of Chance #8) (A++++) How do you keep a roving cowboy in one place? Tie him up! Thanks to his skills with difficult horses, trainer Matthew Tredway has traveled all over the world. And his new gig? The Last Chance Ranch.But after a chance glance at the ranch's hot little blond cook, Matthew's libido is immediately set to sizzle! Chef Aurelia Smith has been trying to tempt the ranch hands with mouth-watering concoctions, with less-than-stellar results. But when Matthew is sent in to intervene, his attraction to Amelia boils over. Before long, they're cooking up a storm, in and out of the bedroom. Bt Aurelia knows that while she might have led her horseman to bed, she can't make him stay.
  9. "CHAOS IN DEATH" by J.D. Robb (In Death #33.5) (unabridged Audible) (A+++++) Eve Dallas is the tough lieutenant hot on his trail, but this is unlike any case she's ever been assigned - or any killer she's ever pursued. A police sketch based on eye-witness testimony reveals the killer has green skin, swollen red eyes, goblin ears and a dislocated jaw-structure that defies the human form. Is it a mask? Is it make-up? Or is the explanation more sinister? Dallas faces off against multiple suspects - all of them students of medicine capable of precisely slicing the ears, noses and eyes of the three victims. But who had the motive? More importantly, what kind of rogue science are these healers practicing?
  10. "ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE" by C.H. Admirand (Small Town USA #2) (A+++) Welcome to AppleGrove, Ohio (pop. 597), a small town with a big heart. Caitlin Mulcahy loves her family. She really does. But sometimes they can drive her to her last shred of sanity - from her dad ("I'm not meddling, I just want what's best for you") to her eight-months-pregnant older sister to her younger sister, who will do just about anything to avoid real work. Cait just needs to get away, even if for only an hour. When she sees someone in need of help on the side of the road, of course she's going to pull over. She might even be able to fix his engine - after all, the Mulcahy family is a handy bunch. She's not expecting that former Navy medic Jack Gannon and a little blck puppy named Jameson will be the ones who end up rescuing her.
  11. "LEAVING NORMAL" by Stef Ann Holm (New Author For Me) (A+++++) Shake it up a little! With the ink dry on her divorce papers, Natalie Goodwin feels life is running just the way she wants it. Her new flower shop is set for its grand opening and her daughter is enjoying her first semester in college. The house is clean, the bills are paid and cooking dinner every night is now an option. Natalie admits, she's just a teeny bit lonely, but recent dating experiences have left her convinced that Mr. Right does not live in Boise, Idaho. But life has a big surprise for Natalie and he lives right across the street! Never in her wildest dreams did she think she could fall for a man nine years her junior, but then she has never met a man like firefighter Tony Cruz. Now the sparks are flying, but will they light Natalie's fire...or land her newfound independence in hot water?
  12. "A MAN TO DIE FOR" by Suzanne Brockmann (Undercover Cops #2) (unabridged Audible) (A++++) Carrie Brooks' answer: leave her home, her job, her very existence, to run away with a murder suspect, a man whose only prior introduction to her was as her kidnapper. She has no reason at all to trust him. After all, he's proven that he's the enemy - hasn't he? Felipe Salazar's answer: prove, somehow, that he is an innocent man. He's been in disguise for so long, he's not even sure who he is anymore. But he knows one thing - he's waited all his life for Carrie. And he's not about to let her get away.
  13. "THE MARRIAGE CHARM" by Linda Lael Miller (Brides of Bliss County #2) (A++++) The women of Bliss County have a pact - to find husbands. The right husbands. One already has: Hadleigh Stevens, who married rancher Tripp Galloway a few months ago. Now Melody Nolan thinks it's her turn. Melody has recently found success as a jewelry designer and her work is the focus of her life. She's not exactly unhappy, but she wants more. She's always been attracted to Spence Hogan, the local chief of police, but she's convinced that Spence, a notorious charmer, isn't what you'd call husband material. Spence is a good cop who isn't scared of anything - except love. And he's done everything he can to preserve his reputation as a womanizer - a reputation that keeps marriage-minded women, including Melody, at bay. And yet...there's something about Melody he can't forget. Something his heart can't ignore.
  14. "TWILIGHT" by Sherryl Woods (A+++++) For former private investigator Dana Miller, there can be no peace of mind until she finds the person who killed her husband. Now a single mother to three boys, Dana wants closure. But it turns out she'll need to form an alliance with the man she holds responsible for the death. And uncovering answers may mean bringing down the program her husband believed in. Rick Sanchez has no intention of letting Dana destroy all the good he and Ken Miller worked for. As he and Dana try to learn the truth about what happened, he discovers that he and his old friend have something else in common - an undeniable attraction toward this intrepid, high-spirited woman who fights for the people she loves.
  15. "MIDNIGHT RESCUE" by Elle Kennedy (Killer Instincts #1) (A++++) Dangerous. Ruthless. Savage. And she's the good guy. Abby Sinclair had a desperate childhood until she was rescued and adopted by a retired army ranger who molded her into a master of self-defense. Now she's a cunning and fearless assassin who gets thrust into assignment after dangerous assignment, using everything she has - nerve, resilience, strength, sex - to come out on top. Her only rule: Trust no one. Abby's latest assignment is in Colombia. She needs to go undercover and snuff out a dangerous arms dealer who's active in the underground sex trade. But when Abby purposely blows her cover in a last-ditch attempt to free the helpless victims, deadly mercenary Kane Woodland is recruited as backup. His mission: Get Abby out of that hellhole. The last thing Kane expects is to feel a primal attraction to Abby. But when she convinces him to join her perilous mission, their newfound passion could put the lives of the whole team at risk.
  16. "THE PROTECTOR" by Marliss Melton (Taskforce #1) (A+++++) It takes a fearless warrior to defend her against terror. Eryn McClellan teaches ESL in Washington, D.C., until the day she's targeted by terrorists avenging her father's actions in Afghanistan. The FBI has stepped in, but when it looks like they are using her for bait, General McClellan enlists the aid of the only man he knows he can trust: former Navy SEAL Ike Calhoun. Embracing solitude in his remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ike thought he'd left the War on Terror far behind. Now he's stuck shielding a blue-eyed beauty from ambitious federal agents and crazed jihadists. More disturbing still, the charming Eryn seems intent on shattering his self-imposed isolation. Ike does his best to resist her welcoming ways, but he can feel his restraint eroding like a mountain in a mudslide. With the FBI hot of their heels and the terrorists not far behind, Ike willingly wages a one-man war in defense of the woman whose passion and faith have given him the strength to rise above his past.
  17. "FEELS LIKE HOME" by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Sons of Chance #9) (A+++++) It's going to be a wild ride. City slicker Rafe Locke is no cowboy. When he arrives at the Last Chance Ranch for his brother's wedding, Rafe refuses to buy into the whole cowboy "thing." That is, until he sees engineer Meg Seymour whoopin it up - a city girl gone country - and she hits his libido with a bull's-eye! Meg grabs life by the horns and it's not long before she's enticed Rafe into riding, roping, country dancing...and gettin' naked in bed! But as they get tangled up in the sheets - and each other! - Rafe has to keep reminding himself that this cowboy life is just a fling.
  18. "CLAIM" by Lisa T. Bergren (Homeward #3) (A+++++) He's relinquished his fury - can he learn to love? Sent west by their father to make a new life, the St. Clair siblings have done so - but hardly as he'd imagined. Moira, beautiful but severely burned, remains in Colorado, trying to pull together the pieces of her life...as we as fight for a chance at love. Odessa and her husband, Bryce, are rebuilding their ranch and negotiating new challenges. And Nic, the prodigal son, is slowly making his way home - dead broke and haunted by unmet promises. Nic knows that before he can face his sisters, he must come to terms with the past as well as the present, but peace eludes him. Only as he mines an old claim deep in the Rocky Mountains and becomes intrigued by a local schoolteacher does he begin to understand how passionately God loves him and how long his God has pursued him. But even as he nears his goal, Nic discovers there is one last battle to fight.
  19. "SIX" by Opal Carew (A++++) Harmony leads a secret life. On the surface, she's a respectable, straightlaced professional. But once a year, she reunites with her old college friends - the infamous Group of Six - for a decadent sexual free-for-all. Here, there are no limits. Nothing is forbidden as they push every boundary to reach dizzying new heights of pleasure. But this year, Harmony has a serious boyfriend in her life...and he has no idea about her naughty annual retreats. Now Aiden is about to enter an intoxicating world of explosive sensuality and mind-blowing group sex. But can their relationship withstand Harmony's wild side? And when an old friend reveals his true feelings for Harmony, how far is Aiden willing to go to win her heart?
  20. "NOT QUITE FOREVER" by Catherine Bybee (Not Quite #4) (A++++++) Romance author Dakota Laurens believes that happily-ever-afters exist only between the covers of her sexy novels. But to her surprise, she finds a real-life hero when she meets a handsome emergency room doctor. The outspoken author feels an instant and intense attraction to Dr. Walt Eddy and the feeling is mutual. When the globetrotting doctor pulls a disappearing act on Dakota, she's prepared to write him off...until fate brings a blindsiding twist to her story. Still scarred from a past tragedy, Walt may have disappeared on Dakota, but now he's determined to win her back. For the first time in years, he knows he's ready for a new chance at love. Yet between Dakota's doubts and two sets of meddling parents, can the once-blissful couple finally create the bright, loving future they desperately want?
  21. "UNLEASHED" by Jami Alden (Gemini Men #3) (A+++++) Danny Taggart is the biggest badass of all the Gemini Men. And there's only one thing a woman can do with a man this hot, hard and ready for action. He's the oldest of the three Taggart brothers. And the boldest. Tall, dark and rippling with muscle, Danny Taggart takes no prisoners. But when his latest case puts him up close and personal with the woman who once left him raw and aching, he's shell-shocked. Caroline Medford is still hotter than hell. But she's also got her pretty grip on the truths that have shaped him into the soul-ravaged warrior he is today. Burned once, Danny's plan is to satisfy his craving for Caroline and walk away. Yet once he has her warm and willing beneath him, he can't get deep enough - or close enough. Not even when danger threatens to destroy everything he's ever fought for Including the only woman he's ever loved.
  22. "FLAMINGO DINER" by Sherryl Woods (A++++) Welcome to the Flamingo Diner where friends and family come first. Like television's Cheers, Flamingo Diner has always been a friendly place where everyone knows your name. Unfortunately, in the small town of Winter Cove, Florida, it is also the place where everyone knows everything about you. As a teenager Emma Killian didn't recognize what a remarkable business her family had created and so she moved away. Now her father's tragic death has brought her home to face a mountain of secrets, debts and questions about why and how her beloved father died. As Emma grapples with her out-of-control family, the responsibility of keeping Flamingo Diner afloat and a pair of well-meaning, senior-citizen sleuths, she finds support from an unlikely source. Onetime bad boy Matt Atkins is now the Winter Cove police chief. Matt has always had a penchant for trouble and an eye for Emma. Now it seems he's the only one who can help Emma discover the answers to her questions...and give her a whole new reason to stay home.
  23. "JUDGMENT CALL" by J.A. Jance (Joanna Brady #15) (A++++++) When Joanna Brady's daughter, Jenny, stumbles across the body of her high school principal, Debra Highsmith, in the desert, the Cochise County sheriff's personal and professional world collide, forcing her to tread the difficult middle ground between being an officer of the law and a mother. While investigating murders has always meant discovering unpleasant facts and disquieting truths, the experienced Joanna isn't prepared for the knowledge she's about to uncover. Though she's tried to protect her children from the dangers of the grown-up world, the search for justice leads straight to her own door and forces her to face the possibility that her beloved daughter may be less perfect than she seems - especially when a photo from the crime scene ends up on Facebook. A photo only one person close to the crime scene could have taken. The gruesome picture is just the tip of the iceberg. Even a small, close-knit town like Bisbee has its secrets. Navigating her way through the unfamiliar world of social media, Joanna discovers shocking - and incriminating - information. The details build, from a hushed-up suspension, to a group of teenagers with a grudge against the late Ms. Highsmith, to a hateful video calling for the principal's death. The video evidence points to one particular privileged boy, who's already lawyered up thanks to his father, a well-to-do doctor determined to protect his son's reputation. Yet the deeper Joanna digs, the more complications she uncovers. It seems the quiet, upstanding principal had a hidden past, full of mysterious secrets she'd successfully kept buried for years. As the seasoned sheriff juggles professional constraints and personal demands - budget cuts, new team members, an arrogant coroner, a confused teenager, a precocious toddler and a high-maintenance mother - she finds herself walking a fine line between justice and family that has never been so blurred.
  24. "BETRAYAL OF TRUST" by J.A. Jance (J.P. Beaumont #20) (A++++++) At first glance, the video appears to be showing a chldish game: a teenage girl with dark wavy hair smiles for the camera, a blue scarf tied around her neck. All of a sudden things turn murderous and the girl ends up dead. It's as bad as a snuff film can get and what's worse, the clip has been on a phone that belongs to the grandson of Washington State's governor. However, the boy, who has a troubled background, swears he's never seen the victim before. Fortunately, the governor is able to turn to an old friend, J.P. Beaumont, for help. The Seattle private investigator has witnessed many horrific acts over the years, but this one ranks near the top. Even more shocking is that the crime's multiple perpetrators could be minors. Along with Mel Soames, his partner in life as well as on the job, Beaumont soon determines that what initially appears to be a childish prank gone wrong has much deeper implications. But Mel and Beau must follow this path of corruption to its very end, before more innocent young lives are lost.
  25. "WHISPER'S EDGE" by LuAnn McLane (Cricket Creek, Kentucky #4) (A++++) Cricket Creek, Kentucky, is a sweet river town known for its theater, shopping and cuisine. But tough times are affecting the residents of the local retirement community - until a handsome hero shows up. Savannah Perry loves her job as the social director of Whisper's Edge, a retirement community on the picturesque waterfront of Cricket Creek. Raised in foster care, twenty-nine-year-old Savannah feels treasured and loved by retired residents, who treat her as their adopted granddaughter and rotate having her over for dinner. But the community is struggling to stay afloat financially - until Tristan McMillan swoops into town, rescues a dog, and, well, saves the day. Business-minded Tristan bought Whisper's Edge from his estranged grandfather to prove his worth to the curmudgeon and to turn a quick profit. He never expected to fall for the charms of a village of crafty retirees - or to fall hard for a small-town girl like Savannah. Suddenly the man who knows all about making money finds himself needing lessons in love and what really matters in life.
  26. "SECOND WATCH" by J.A. Jance (J.P. Beaumont #21) (A++++++) Getting old is hell. J.P. Beaumont is finally taking some time off to have knee-replacement surgery. But instead of recuperating, he is plunged into one of the most perplexing and mind-blowing mysteries he's ever faced. A series of dreams takes Beaumont back to his early days on the force with the Seattle PD, and then even earlier to his time in Vietnam. Are these drug-induced hallucinations? Beaumont doesn't think so - not when images from the past lead him to present-day murders...and dead bodies from the Second Watch that won't stay buried. "RING IN THE DEAD" by J.A. Jance (novella) (A+++++) J.P. Beaumont may be an old homicide hand now, but back when he was a rookie working with his first partner, Milton Gurkey a.k.a. Pickles, things took a turn for the worse. One day, at the end of Beaumont and Pickles's shift, a stop at the Doghouse restaurant quickly turns deadly. Not feeling well, Pickles steps out into the parking lot for a breath of fresh air and stumbles into a crime in progress. Suffering from a heart attack, he is found unconscious, with a dead woman on the ground nearby and the murder weapon in his hand. With Pickles under investigation from Internal Affairs, it's up to the new kid on the block, J. P. Beaumont, and his friends on the force to find out the truth.
  27. "VIPER GAME" by Christine Feehan (GhostWalkers #11) (A+++++) GhostWalker Wyatt Fontenot knows the price he paid for the secret military experiments that gave him his special catlike abilities. After all, he left his bayou home a healer and came back a killer. While Wyatt and his GhostWalker brother Gator may have known exactly the sort of game they were getting into, Wyatt never anticipated where it would lead - or to whom. The swamps hold many mysteries, but few are as sinuously seductive as Le Poivre. The woman the locals call Pepper is every bit as enigmatic as the three little girls she's desperately trying to protect. From what, Wyatt is soon to discover. Right now Pepper needs a man like Wyatt. Passionate. But her secrets are about to take them both deeper into the bayou than either imagined - where fesire is the deadliest poison of all.
  28. "UNFORGIVABLE" by Laura Griffin (Tracers #3) (A+++++) Tracing killers is Mia Voss's business and her work just got personal. At first, Mia Voss thinks it's just bad luck when her already lousy day ends with a carjacking, but what seems like a random incident is followed by another sinister episode. A DNA expert, Mia has made it her mission to put away vicious criminals Suddenly, she's become the target of one. And the only way to protect the people she loves most is to deliberately destroy her reputation and risk letting a killer walk free. Once, Mia trusted Detective Ric Santos, but that was before Ric let his turbulent past ruin his chances with Mia, the sexiest, most intriguing woman he's ever met. But he can tell when she's lying - and when she's scared. The key to catching a sadistic madman lies within a long-buried cold case that has haunted Mia for years. Only she can uncover the truth, but first, Ric will have to get her to entrust him with her secrets...and her life.
  29. "MY LONG TALL TEXAS HEARTTHROB" by Geralyn Dawson (Cedar Dell, Texas #2) (A++++) Dear Friends, So why did I leave the glamour of LA for a double-wide trailer in Cedar Dell, Texas? Blame it on a biker named Snake. If he hadn't ditched my very pregnant, helpless sister, then I wouldn't be in this sleepy town, playing mommy to twins. And I didn't even get to have the sex! Yet. But there's this hot, handsome Texan in town who wants me - and the babies. I can really use a hero like Nicholas Sutherland because tattooed trouble has ridden into town and my family is in a fix. Is this out of a movie or what? It's my bad luck that once the credits roll, Nick's still home on the range while I belong on the beach. Can we possibly find our happy ending? Sincerely confused, Tess
  30. "NEVER TOO MUCH" by Lori Foster (Brava Brothers #2) (A++++) He wanted her completely. A confirmed bachelor, Ben Badwin has had his share of women and he likes them as sexy, wild and uninhibited as his desires. Nothing at all like the brash, dirt-covered, wholesomely cute woman who just strutted into his diner. But something about Sierra Murphy's independent attitude makes Ben's fantasies run wild He'd love to dazzle her with his prized sensual skills...to make her want him as badly as he suddenly wants her. Sierra doesn't need a man in her life, not even one as sinfully tempting as Ben. But the more she keeps her distance, the more Ben wants her. And the more Ben wants her, the harder it is for Sierra to steer clear of his teasing touches and enticing eyes. To get him into her bed - and out of her system - Sierra makes him a proposition: she'll sleep with him, but for one night only. Now, it's up to Ben to turn one night of pure ecstasy into a lifetime of passion.


  1. "The Secret Sister" by Brenda Novak (Fairham Island #1)
  2. "Zack" by Cheyenne McCray (Armed and Dangerous #1)
  3. "A New Hope" by Robyn Carr (Thunder Point #8)


  1. "Lowcountry Broil" by Susan M. Boyer (New Author For Me) (Liz Talbot Mystery #1) (unabridged Audible)

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Talking to Heaven by James Van Praagh.  (Ok)

Reaching to Heaven by James Van Praagh.

Steer Toward Rock by Fae M. Ng.  (Quit reading due to no quotation marks used.)

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto  (Ok)

The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove by Susan Gregg Gilmore (Loved it!)

Undertakings of an Undertaker by Stanley Swann  (Meh)

Old Souls by Tom Schroder   (A little wordy.)

That Went Well Adventures in Caring for My Sister   Author: Terrell Harris Dougan  

Quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this last book.  It has been on my shelf for almost a year and I'd hesitated because years back I tried Riding the Bus with my Sister and didn't like it at all.  That author gave a blurb for this book.  Anyway, this book was just delightful!  Great writing and stories.


Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner (Ok)

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands by Chris Bohjalian  (Loved it, will be my pick of the month along with Orphan Train.)

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Oddly, I just finished two books yesterday, so I am starting fresh on July 1.  I started "Between Sisters" by K Hannah in print and will probably start "Mudbound" in audio.

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I'm Reading:  Fall of Giants (getting bogged down in too much German war history - ugh), NOS4A2, Lady of Avalon, Dark Dream.

Finished:  Outlander, The Runaway Queen, The Dark Mirror, River Marked, Dimestore Magic, Horns, Corpe Corpus, Masques, a Sudden Light.

Kicked to curb:  Clockwork Princess, Redwall.

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I have so many books on my shelves that I have not read, so I am trying not to visit the library for the summer and start reading what I own. We'll see how much I stick to this.

Reading now:

The Lion's Game by Nelson DeMille

Backseat Saints    by (I forget)

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Backseat Saints    by (I forget)

we could get together. I have a book on my shelf called The Hotel of the Saints by Ursula Hegi.

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Finished:  The Camel Club by David Baldacci--- Two men conspire to start a war between the United States and the Middle East using Muslim men and women.  One is in it for the money and one for ideological reasons, but the outcome is the same.  A very scary plot that could become fact with the way the world situation is today.  Only four older men, one Secret Service agent and a woman seem to understand what's happening and try to stop it. A real page-turner, exciting to the very last page.

Tough Cookie by Diane Mott Davidson --- Caterer Goldy Schulz is temporarily out of business until the health department clears her new kitchen drains, so she has taken a job as a TV cooking host for PBS. Needless to say, she becomes involved in a murder investigation when a man is killed while skiing and she finds the body. Always a fun read.

Always Time to Die by Elizabeth Lowell --- First in the St. Kilda series, Carly May has been asked to do a genealogical history of the family of the current governor of New Mexico by his aunt, but when threats and attempts are made on Carly's life, Dan Duran steps in to help her.  Only his history makes her wonder just what line of work he's been in.  A real page-turner right to the very end.

Antiques Roadkill by Barbara Allan --- 1st in the Trash 'n' Treasures series, Brandy Borne moves back in with her mother after her divorce and becomes a suspect in the murder of the antique dealer who cheated her mother out of a houseful of antiques and collectibles.  A fun read with likable characters and a plot that keeps the reader guessing.  Posted the book, already requested.

In the Company of Others by Jan Karon --- This wasn't one of my favorite Karon books until almost to the end, then I absolutely loved it.  For some reason the first 2/3s of the book seemed to drag with Father Tim and Cynthia on vacation in Ireland, although there were a few bright spots. However the last 1/3 made up for it and kept my interest. It's the book Jan Karon calls her 'dark-haired child" and is quite different from the other Father Tim books.

The Deadhouse by Linda Fairstein --- Alex Cooper, Assistant DA in Manhattan, is involved in investigating the murder of a college professor.  Lots of information about how she investigates [Fairstein is a former ADA so it's all first-hand knowledge] along with some interesting history about Roosevelt Island in the East River. Sometimes the story gets a little bogged down with too much detail, but all in all, it's a good read.

Currently reading:  Undecided


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Books I have read in July

1. Mudbound-Hillary Jordan

2. The Watery Part of the World--Michael Parker

3. In the Wilderness Kim Barnes

4. Tiger Babies Strike Back Kim Wong Keltner

5. Grace Takes Off Julie Hyzy

6. Not a Genuine Black Man Brian Copeland

7. 52 Loaves William Alexander

8. A Cat Abroad Peter Getters

9. A Nasty Piece of Work Robert Littell

10. The Singing of the Dead Dana Stabenow

11. Boy, snow, bird Helen Oyeymi

12. Ali in Wonderland Ali Wentworth

13. Little Beach Street Bakery Jenny Colgan

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I'm reading Orient Express by Graham Greene. This is the American title. In Britain it is called Stamboul Train.

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Starting the Star Trek: Voyager series from the beginning since I'm watching the series right now on Netflix. 

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The Infinite Tides by Christian Kiefer.  Astronaut while on months long assignment on the space station find out his daughter dies in a traffic accident and then his wife lets him know she is divorcing him and seeing someone else.  He starts getting migraines & his group has to go back early.  Returning to earth, his life is a mess & having trouble dealing with it.  Only about a 1/3 of the way through but so far so good.

Rothstein: The Life, Times and Murder of the Criminal Genuis Who Fixed the 1919 World Series, by David Pietrusza.  Just getting started.

Exposed by Alex Kava.  Next in series of Maggie O'Dell.  FBI profiler, good series so far but her books are usually a little gruesome.  

A Student of Living Things by Susan Richard Shreve, just getting started.


The Blood Gospel by James Rollins & Rebbeca Cantwell.  First book in a newer series and so far off to good start, I am enjoying it and not really a vampire fan.  Ending was a little weird but I do have 2nd book in series so will push on to it at some point.

Infidelities by Josip Novakovich, short story book with all the stories around the former Yugoslavia area.  Really impressed with the first handful of stories, very good.  Writer will be one I will be looking for other stuff by once I finish this one.  Stories finished good as well.  Really good insight into people and what is going on around them.  Very good book.

The Summons by John Grisham.  Nothing better than a page turner on vacation and this one fit the bill.  Even better was able to hand it off to my sister so didn't have to deal with it once done.

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I just read The Confession by John Grisham.  I have had it in my TBR pile forever.  Great read.  

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The First Phone Call from Heaven : Mitch Albom         I was surprised with the ending.   Great read.

The Perfect Witness: Iris Johansen              Very enjoyable.

Remains of Innocence (Joanna Brady, Bk 16): J. A. Jance             I liked it very much.


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Up From Slavery by Booker T Washington. One of those always wanted to read books. Finally found one.

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Just discovered by accident the Miss Julia series by Ann B Ross. I listened to the latest - "Miss Julia Lays Down the Law", absolutely delightful on audio. Now I've started the first in the series "Miss Julia Speaks Out". Nice cozy mysteries.

Alone by Lisa Gardner

Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead - didn't much care for this, I disliked most everyone and didn't think she developed the characters well.

Listening to Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek




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The Accounting by William Lashner

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I'm currently reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown and When She Woke by Hillary Jordan.

Next I'm reading Night Film by Marisha Pessl

I've finished:

The Bees by Laline Paull. She gives voice to a hive of bees.

Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy (non-fiction) The My Cat from Hell guy.

Summer of Night by Dan Simmons  Classic horror

The Good Nurse  by Charles Graeber (non-fiction)  Chilling account of serial killer and the hospitals' that enabled him. I don't know which aspect was scarier.

Into That Forest by Lois Nowra  Girls raised by wolves in Tasmania. Great Audible narration.

The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle (non-fiction) Be the best you can be.

14 by Peter Klines  Just Okay apartment building horror.

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit (non-fiction)  ROAR!

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan  Compelling farming family(s) drama in the Mississippi mud. Led me to her other book, When She Woke.


Not finished (ever):

Double Whammy by Carl Hiaasen. I like books about Florida and mysteries; but I threw this one across the room into the garbage can. (I actually gave it to someone but it feels good to throw books occasionally)

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Finshed the Accounting. was pretty good I like his Victor Carl series.

Also finished "the Guardians" by Andrew Pyper. was pretty good had a paranormal element which is not always my favorite thing, but this was good.


now reading "The Killing House" by Chris Mooney. It's ok.  My favorite by him is :"Remembering Sarah"

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I just finished "We Were Liars" which was for bookclub, and I am blazing thru "Sunday's at Tiffany's" as part of my cleaning books off my shelf that I have had for years project.

@brightstar I just read MudBound and really liked it, I will look for "When She Woke"

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Margaret, I just received Mudbound, and am looking forward to reading it.  Also, just finished listening to Go Set a Watchman.  The ruckus over Atticus is so blown out of porportion, as it is almost a non-issue once explained.  Jean Louise is way over the top.  The book is ok.  But I will say, during the Scout flashbacks, it sings.  I enjoyed listening to Orphan Train, the novel, much more.

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@Bonnie - I just was looking at everyone's books of 2015 list (I need to update mine) and so many people have read Orphan Train recently, I really liked that one too.  I am not sure about Go Set a Watchman, I will read it but I am not in a hurry.  I just got Judy Blume's new one in audio and will start that.

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For anybody who has read Go Set a Watchman (I have not) what does the title mean?

just finished last night Maigret and the Gangsters by G Simenon. I have never been able to learn the exact number of Maigret books that Simenon wrote. Every time I find one I struggle to remember if I have read it or not. I think there may be about 20 to 25 of the Maigret books. Simenon wrote several hundred books in his lifetime. all in French. I think there are a lot that have been translated to English but apparently a lot have not been translated. I have one of his non Maigret crime books from NYRB but haven't read it yet.

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Unsaid: Neil Abramson             This is the only book written by this author.  I wish there were more.  Whether you are an animal lover or not, this book is worth the read.

Plague Ship : Leonard Goldberg        I really liked this book.  It makes you think that " it" could possibly happen.

Chupacabra: Roland Smith            This is the third in the series.  It is a Y/A -Children's book.  I will be waiting for the final in the series "Mutation" .

Gray Mountain : John Grisham       This was not one of his best.  I did not enjoy it as much as some of his others.

Ghost Ship : Clive CusslerGraham Brown       Another good book by Cussler.





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Charles, this is a copy and paste from a website:

The phrase in the title comes from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, in the King James Bible:

"For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth." - Isaiah 21:6

'Go Set a Watchman' means, 'Somebody needs to be the moral compass of this town.'"  "Isaiah was a prophet. God had set him as a watchman over Israel. It's really God speaking to the Hebrews, saying what you need to do is set a watchman, to set you straight, to keep you on the right path. What more elegant title could there be?"

I don't understand what is going on.  I suddenly stop getting notifications on my watched topics and when I check them out, they've been unwatched.  I didn't do that.  I esp like following my Hidden Gems topics.

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I have not read "Go Set A Watchman", but I watched the Thug Notes video on Youtube. (Thug Notes are like a video Cliffs Notes, but the host portrays himself as a stereotypical street "thug" who reviews classic and modern literature while sitting in a "Masterpiece Theater" setting. My friend who is a college English prof turned me on to them and they are quite insightful. It is an entertaining gimmick and I would suggest checking them out.) Thug Notes went along with what Bonnie said above, but went on to imply that Setting a Watchman is setting your own internal, personal moral code.

Also, I am scouring this book list for ideas. It is almost the end of the month and I haven't read one thing I could recommend. I tend to stop reading for a few months when I pick too many turkeys in a row. :)