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Topic: It's June! What are you reading?

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Subject: It's June! What are you reading?
Date Posted: 6/1/2008 12:12 AM ET
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My June reading list:
Finished - 
  1. "The Fiery Cross" by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander Series book #5) (A++) The year is 1771, and war is coming. Jamie Fraser's wife tells him so. Little as he wishes to, he must believe it, for hers is a gift of dreadful prophecy - a time-traveler's certain knowledge. Claire's unique view of the future has brought him both danger and deliverance in the past; her knowledge of the oncoming revolution is a flickering torch that may light his way through the perilous years ahead - or ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ashes. 
  2. "The Magician's Nephew" by C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia #1) (A++) In the never-ending war between good and evil, The Chronicles of Narnia set the stage for battles of epic proportions. Some take place in vast fields, where the forces of light and darkness clash. But other battles occur within the small chambers of the heart and are equally decisive. Journeys to the ends of the world, fantatic creatures, betrayals, heroic deeds, and friendships won and lost - all come together in an unforgettable world of magic. So let the adventures begin! Narnia...where talking beasts walk...where a witch awaits...where a new world is about to be born. On a daring quest to save a beloved life, two friends are hurled into another world, where an evil sorceress seeks to enslave them. But then the Great Lion Aslan's song weaves itself into the fabric of a new land, a land that will become known as Narnia. And in Narnia, all things are possible.
  3. "The Honk and Holler Opening Soon" by Billie Letts (A) Caney Paxton wanted his cafe to have the biggest and brightest sign in Eastern Oklahoma - the "opening soon" part was supposed to be just a removable, painted notice. But a fateful misunderstanding gave Vietnam vet Caney the flashiest joke in the entire state. Twelve years later, the once-busy highway is dead and the sign is as worn as Caney, who hasn't ventured outside the diner since it opened. Then one blustery December day, a thirtyish Crow woman blows in with a three-legged dog in her arms and a long-buried secret on her mind. Hiring on as a carhop, Vena Takes Horse is soon shaking up business, the locals, and Caney's heart...as she teaches them all about generosity of spirit, love, and the possibility of promise - just like the sign says.
  4. "Born On A Blue Day - A Memoir" by Daniel Tammet (A++) Born On A Blue Day is a journey into one of the most fascinating minds alive today - guided by its owner himself, Daniel Tammet sees numbers as shapes, colors and textures, and he can perform extraordinary calculations in his head. He can learn to speak new languages fluently, from scratch, in a week. In 2004, he memorized and recited more than 22,000 digits of pi, setting a record. He has savant syndrome, an extremely rare condition that gives him almost unimaginable mental powers, much like those portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the film Rain Man. Daniel has a compulsive need for order and routine - he eats the same precise amount of cereal for breakfast every morning and cannot leave the house without counting the number of items of clothing he's wearing. When he gets stressed or is unhappy, he closes his eyes and counts. But in one crucial way Daniel is not at all like the Rain Man: he is virtually unique among people who have severe autistic disorders in that he is capable of living a fully independent life. He has emerged from the "other side" of autism with the ability to function successfully - he is even able to explain what is happening inside his head. This is a triumphant and uplifting story, starting from early childhood, when Daniel was incapable of making friends and prone to tantrums, to young adulthood, when he learned how to control himself and to live independently, fell in love, experienced a religious conversion to Christianity, and most recently, emerged as a celebrity. The world's leading neuroscientists have been studying Daniel's ability to solve complicated math problems in one fell swoop by seeing shapes rather than making step-by-step calculations. Here he explains how he does it, and how he is able to learn new languages so quickly, simply by absorbing their patterns.
  5. "On Mystic Lake" by Kristin Hannah (A++) Annie Colwater's only child has just left home for school abroad. On that same day, her husband of twenty years confesses that he's in love with a younger woman. Alone in the house that is no longer a home, Annie comes to the painful realization that for years she has been slowly disappearing. Lonely and afraid, she retreats to Mystic, the small Washington town where she grew up, hoping that there she can reclaim the woman she once was - the woman she is now desperate to become again. In Mystic, she is reunited with her first love, Nick Delacroix, a recent widower unable to cope with his grieving, too-silent six-year-old daughter, Izzie. Together, the three of them begin to heal, and, at last, Annie learns that she can love without losing herself. But just when she has found a second chance at happiness, her life is turned upside down again, and Annie must make a choice no woman should have to make.
  6. "The Mistress" by Susan Wiggs (A-) (Chicago Fire Trilogy book #2) October 8, 1871 - One small spark ignites the entire city of Chicago, sending its residents into panic. But amid the chaos, a case of mistaken identity leads to an unexpected new love. As the historic fire ignites across town, Kathleen O'Leary finds herself dressed in borrowed diamonds and silk, enjoying a lavish masquerade. The penniless maid has caught the eye of Dylan Francis Kennedy, the rich, handsome gentleman all of high society has been speculating about. The night feels alive with magic...and ripe with promise. Then fire sweeps through the city, cornering the young lovers with no hope of rescue. Desperate to share their last moments together, Kathleen and Dylan impulsively marry. Incredibly, they survive. Now, as the fire burns down to cold ash, Kathleen must tell Chicago's most eligible bachelor that he has married a fraud. But the joke's on her. For this gentleman is no gentleman. While Kathleen had hoped to win Dylan's love, he had planned only to capture her heart and steal her fortune. Dylan Kennedy - con artist, gambler and n'er-do-well - has been unwittingly caught in his own game. Now the real sparks are about to fly.
  7. "The Shape Shifter" by Tony Hillerman (A) Retirement has never sat well with former Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn. Now the ghosts of a still-unsolved case are returning to haunt him, reawakened by a photograph in a magazine spread of a one-of-a-kind Navajo rug, a priceless work of woven art that was supposedly destroyed in a suspicious fire many years earlier. The rug, commemorating one of the darkest and most terrible chapters in American history, was always said to be cursed, and now the friend who brought it to Leaphorn's attention has mysteriously gone missing. With newly wedded officers Jim Chee and Bernie Manuelito just back from their honeymoon, the legendary ex-lawman is on his own to pick up the threads of a crime he's once thought impossible to untangle. And they're leading him back into a world of lethal greed, shifting truths, and changing faces, where a cold-blooded killer still resides. 
  8. "Angel Creek" by Linda Howard (A-) For five years after her father died, lithe, beautiful Dee Swann held on to Angel Creek valley and her independence. The homestead was hers, and she vowed no one else would ever own it...or her. Then Lucas Cochran came back to Colorado. In the drought-cursed high country, he needed Angel Creek and its cool water to turn his Double C ranch into the cattle dynasty he craved. His ruthless ambition guaranteed he would fight to take it away from the black-haired, green-eyes spitfire who claimed it. But the passion that blazed when Dee Swann and Lucas Cochran met shocked them both. Unbidden, unexpected, their kissed swept them toward a dangerous destiny where dreams might be scattered...men could be killed...or love would be born as wild and unfettered as this glorious frontier.
  9. "The Firebrand" by Susan Wiggs (book #3 Chicago Fire Trilogy) (A+) October 8, 1871 - One small spark ignites the entire city of Chicago, sending the residents into panic. But amid the chaos, a miraculous rescue kindles an unexpected new love. As she flees the raging inferno, Lucy Hathaway risks her life to save a precious baby girl. The little orphan is a gift from heaven, coming into Lucy's life just as the fire takes everything else from her. Five years have passed, and Lucy has raised Maggie as her own. Now, seeking a loan to refinance her most cherished dream - her bookstore, The Firebrand - Lucy finds herself face-to-face with Randolph Higgins, Chicago's most prominent banker. Rand is a bitter, lonely man scarred by the great fire and still grieving for the baby girl he lost that night. And to her astonishment, Lucy discovers that the child she'd saved was his. Some women would have run, some would have taken the secret of Maggie's identity to the grave. But not Lucy. Now her life is about to take another dramatic turn, forcing her to confront the one man who threatens all she holds dear. But it is their mutual love for a child that will propel Rand and Lucy on an unforgettable journey into emotion, adventure and passion.
  10. "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" (Chronicles of Narnia #2) by C.S. Lewis (A+) They opened a door and entered a world - Narnia - the land beyond the wardrobe, the secret country known only to Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Lucy is the first to stumble through the back of the enormous wardrobe in the professor's mysterious old country house, discovering the magical world beyond. At first, no one believes her. But soon Edmund, Peter and Susan, too, discover the magic, and meet Aslan, The Great Lion, for themselves. And in the blink of an eye, they are changed forever.
  11. "The Manning Sisters" by Debbie Macomber (A) "The Cowboy's Lady" When Taylor Manning accepts a teaching job in Cougar Point, Montana, she discovers that life there is very different from life in Seattle. So are the men! She soon notices a handsome, opinionated, stubborn rancher named Russ Palmer, and he notices her. In fact, they more than notice each other...After only a few months, Taylor's certain of one thing. Despite their conflicting backgrounds, she'd love to be the cowboy's lady. "The Sheriff Takes A Wife" The first day Christy Manning visits her sister, Taylor, she meets Sheriff Cody Franklin. To Christy's shock - and Cody's - they're immediately attracted to each other. Intensely attracted. There's a problem, through. Christy's engaged to someone else, someone back in Seattle. So what's the solution?
  12. "Mary, Mary" by James Patterson (Alex Cross Series #11) (A-) FBI agent Alex Cross is on vacation in Disneyland when he gets a call from the director. A top actress has been shot outside her home in Beverly Hills. Shortly afterward, an editor for the Los Angeles Times receives an e-mail recounting the murder in shocking detail, signed Mary Smith. More killings follow, and more e-mails arrive immediately after. Mary Smith is targeting Hollywood stars and power brokers, and she is getting better every time. Right from the start, this case is like nothing Alex has ever confronted before. Could this be the plan of an obsessed fan or a spurned actor, or is it part of something much more terrifying? And how could a woman be capable of these vicious crimes?
  13. "Devil's Claw" by J.A. Jance (book #8 Joanna Brady Series) (A) A piercing ill wind blows hot out of the Arizona desert. A Native American woman is dead - an ex-con once jailed for the murder of her husband - and her teenage daughter has vanished into the long shadows of the night-still canyons. A dedicated law officer, Sheriff Joanna Brady of Cochise County has suffered stoically through loss and pain - yet she has never wavered in her commitment to duty and the pursuit of justice. Now, as she stands on the brink of a new life and new happiness, death is summoning her once more, calling her down a twisted trail of hatred, greed, and devastating consequence to the black heart of the Dragoon Mountains. There is no respite yet for Joanna Brady - only a terrifying excursion into a world of passion and violence, where long-buried secrets are the best reasons of all to kill...or to die.
  14. "Future Perfect" by Suzanne Brockmann (A) Juliana Anderson had carved out a pleasant life running a bed and breakfast in rural Massachusetts. Dressed in Victorian garb to match the old mansion, Juliana kept the place tidy, cozy, and running like charm. Guests were treated to an old-fashioned home away from home, and "Miss Anderson" found a few vicarious thrills in their stories of travel and romance. Unfortunately, not all visitors were model guests. Some, like Mr. Webster Donovan, came too close for comfort. From the moment this rough, handsome stranger waltzed into her kitchen, Juliana felt as if he'd taken over her home. His crystal blue eyes seem to see through her gowns. His long, lean physique overpowered her senses. It was impossible to maintain proper etiquette with a man like Web around. Web Donovan was captivated by the elusive Miss Anderson. With upswept red-gold curls and fair complexion, she was a picture-perfect lady. He had booked a six-week stay at the B&B, hoping that the change of pace would end his writer's block. But every time he thought he heard the call of the muses, it was Miss Anderson's voice. Her face filled his daydreams. Her image haunted him at night. What would it take to seduce a reluctant beauty?
  15. "Pregnant Princess" by Anne Marie Winston (Royally Wed #4) (A) They shared a forbidden night of blazing passion...identities unknown. Now, months later, a precious secret growing in her womb, Princess Elizabeth Wyndham had come to the States to find the father of her child. Prince Raphael Thorton preferred hard hats over crowns, the Arizona desert over an island kingdom. And Rafe, the title he favored, had vowed never to marry royalty or to subject his child to the rigorous upbringing he'd endured. But that was before one unforgettable princess reentered his life - and changed his views about vows...and bringing up baby! 
  16. "Man...Mercenary...Monarch" by Joan Elliott Pickart (Royally Wed #5) (A) Father...John Colton had searched a lifetime for the sense of belonging he'd never had. And now a secret son signaled the end of his elusive pursuit. Lover...But what of Laura Bishop, the sensitive beauty who'd also entered his world, penetrating his barriers with no more than a willingness to listen, to understand...to warm his soul - and his bed? Prince...Then his lover revealed her bombshell: He was a king's son, long denied his heritage, and she was in the royal employ. A one-time mercenary, John didn't trust - or love - easily. Dare he let down his guard to become all he'd been destined to be: father, lover, prince...husband?
  17. "Paradise Lost" by J.A. Jance (Joanna Brady Series #9) (A) One late night in the Arizona wilderness, two young girls stumble across something they should not see. Now both will have to pay. The desecrated body of a missing Phoenix heiress lies naked, lifeless, and abandoned in the desolate beauty and lonely terror of the high desert night. A hideous crime is inviting death once more into Sheriff Joanna Brady's world. But this time the nightmares of her professional and personal lives are intertwining in ways too awful to contemplate, because one corpse is only the first piece in a twisted and sinister puzzle in which nothing seems to fit. And the next item on a killer's bloody agenda may well be Brady's own beloved daughter. 
Currently Reading - 
  1. "The Privilege of Youth - A Teenager's Story" by Dave Pelzer
  2. "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" (Outlander Series #6) by Diana Gabaldon 
To Be Read - In alphabetical order by author not reading order
  1. "Hide and Seek" (Men of T-FLAC #3) by Cherry Adair
  2. "In Too Deep" (Men of T-FLAC #4 by Cherry Adair
  3. "Kiss and Tell" (Men of T-FLAC #2) by Cherry Adair
  4. "The Mercenary" (Men of T-FLAC #1) by Cherry Adair
  5. "Out of Sight" (Men of T-FLAC #5) by Cherry Adair
  6. "A Long Walk Home" by Diane Amos
  7. "Go Down to Silence" by G.K. Belliveau
  8. "Kate Remembered" by A. Scott Berg
  9. "The Horses of Proud Spirit" by Melanie Sue Bowles
  10. "Hoof Prints (More Stories From Proud Spirit)" by Melanie Sue Bowles
  11. "Body Language" by Suzanne Brockmann
  12. "Freedom's Price" (Bartlett Family #2) by Suzanne Brockmann
  13. "Hero Under Cover" by Suzanne Brockmann
  14. "Kiss and Tell" (Sunrise Key #1) by Suzanne Brockmann
  15. "Not Without Risk" by Suzanne Brockmann
  16. "Otherwise Engaged" (Sunrise Key #3) by Suzanne Brockmann
  17. "Turn My World Upside Down - Jo's Story" by Maureen Child
  18. "The Actor's Guide to Murder" by Rick Copp
  19. "The Third Wife" by Jasmine Cresswell
  20. "Once Upon A Family" (Fostered by Love Series #1) by Margaret Daley
  21. "Don't Tempt Me" by Sylvia Day
  22. "The Carousel" by Richard Paul Evans
  23. "Prodigal Daughter" by Ginna Gray
  24. "Witness" by Ginna Gray
  25. "Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham
  26. "Cry No More" by Linda Howard
  27. "Dead Wrong" (Joanna Brady Series #12)  by J.A. Jance
  28. "Exit Wounds" (Joanna Brady Series #11) by J.A. Jance
  29. "Partner in Crime" (Joanna Brady Series #10) by J.A. Jance
  30. "Body of Lies" by Iris Johansen
  31. "The Paper Marriage" by Susan Kay Law
  32. "The Official Nora Roberts Companion" by Denise Little and Laura Hayden
  33. "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella
  34. "Almost Like Being In Love" by Steve Kluger
  35. "The Quickie" by Michael Ledwidge & James Patterson
  36. "Step On A Crack" by Michael Ledwidge & James Patterson
  37. "Dead Irish" by John Lescroart
  38. "Christmas Letters" by Debbie Macomber
  39. "Twenty Wishes" (Blossom Street) by Debbie Macomber
  40. "Dancing in the Dark" (Cooper's Corner) by Sandra Marton
  41. "Dreamcatcher" by Dinah McCall & Sharon Sala
  42. "The Survivors" by Dinah McCall
  43. "Springwater Wedding" by Linda Lael Miller
  44. "3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys" by Lucy Monroe
  45. "Breakwater" by Carla Neggers
  46. "The Widow" by Carla Neggers
  47. "7th Heaven" (Women's Murder Club #7) by Maxine Paetro & James Patterson
  48. "A Brother's Journey: Surviving a Childhood of Abuse" by Richard B. Pelzer
  49. "Change of Heart" by Jodi Picoult
  50. "Mercy" by Jodi Picoult
  51. "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult
  52. "Thunderhead" by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  53. "For Better or For Worse" (Cooper's Corners) Debbi Rawlins
  54. "Blackwood Farm" (Vampire Chronicles #9) Anne Rice
  55. "Blood Canticle" (Vampire Chronicles #10) Anne Rice
  56. "Follow the Stars Home" by Luanne Rice
  57. "Every Day" by Elizabeth Richards
  58. "Guilty" by Karen Robards
  59. "Strangers in Death" (In Death Series #26) by J.D. Robb
  60. "The Hollow" (Sign of Seven Trilogy #2) by Nora Roberts
  61. "The Stanislaski Brothers" (Mikhail and Alex) by Nora Roberts
  62. "The Stanislaskis: "Waiting for Nick" "Considering Kate" by Nora Roberts
  63. "Treasures: Secret Star/Treasures Lost, Treasures Found" by Nora Roberts
  64. "The Baby and the Bachelor" (Cooper's Corner) by Kristine Rolofson
  65. "Afterlove" by Robert Rosenblum
  66. "Icy Sparks" by Gwyn Hyman Rubio
  67. "Jesus Land: A Memoir" by Julia Scheeres
  68. "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See
  69. "For the Love of Nick" (Cooper's Corners) by Jill Shalvis
  70. "Trade Secrets" (Coopers Corners) by Jill Shalvis & C.J. Carmichael
  71. "Homeplace" by Anne Rivers Siddons
  72. "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks
  73. "Sweet Memories" by LaVyrle Spencer
  74. "Blood Will Tell" (Kate Shugak Mystery) by Dana Stabenow
  75. "A Cold-Blooded Business" (Kate Shugak Mystery) by Dana Stabenow
  76. "The Kiss" b Danielle Steel
  77. "Special Delivery" by Danielle Steel
  78. "Moon Dance" by Mariah Stewart
  79. "Silent Snow" by Steve Thayer
  80. "Twisted Creek" by Jodi Thomas
  81. "Double Exposure" (Cooper's Corners) by Vicki Lewis Thompson
  82. "First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers" by Loung Ung
  83. "The Horsemaster's Daughter" by Susan Wiggs
  84. "Snowfall at Willow Lake" (Lakeshore Chronicles #4) by Susan Wiggs
  85. "A Summer Affair" by Susan Wiggs
  86. "Everlasting" by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

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Split Second by Alex Kava

Date Posted: 6/1/2008 2:41 AM ET
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I'm working on the Honk and Holler Opening Soon by Billie Letts

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in the morning i'll be finishing up The Harlequin (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 15) by Laurell K. Hamilton, and i expect the have the new book 16 Blood Noir finished by tomorrow night.  i've been known to stay up way too late reading LKH (well, and lots of other things), but we have almost no errands to run tomorrow, so i should be able to sit and ignore the rest of the world for a few hours.  :)

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A Place Called Wiregrass.  So far it's somewhat interesting, but it's pretty much your down-and-out hard-working person finds a friend to help them out.  I live in a section of Alabama called the Wiregrass; however, the town, Wiregrass, in the story is fictitious (as far as I know), but it is in Houston County, which is where I live.  The characters are not people that I know personally, but I'm sure that there are similar people here.

Edited per Diane's request

Diane, I think sometimes when we're answering "What are you reading?"  we're not sure if we like it or even if we have a good concept of exactly what it is.  But, you're correct.  We probably should all say something about the book.


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Trans-Sister Radio by Chris Bohjalian.

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Currently working on Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. Still haven't gotten around to The Pillars of the Earth which was on my list last month, but I think it will definitely be next.

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PLEASE tell something about the book you're reading so we know whether or not we would like to read it too!

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I'm currently reading "Strange as this weather has been" by Ann Pancake.  This is her first novel; she has been called Appalachia's John Steinbeck.  It's the story of three generations of West Virginians living in the midst of mountain top removal (HUGE problem in parts of the state).  I love, LOVE her writing!  In the very first chapter, her character goes away to college (WVU) convinced she was never going to look back.  But she's struck, unexpectedly, by homesickness...it just rang so true. 

I'm listening to "Pillars of the Earth", which everyone knows about by now!  The reader is EXCELLENT.

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I'm finishing the Women's Murder Mystery  Club series by James Patterson;  i'm currently reading The 6th Target and then have 7th Heaven to read.  Has he written an eighth one? These are about Lyndsay Boxer a detective; and her friends who work together somewhat to solve murder mysteries...........short chapters, quick to read........cant put them down books.

I also plan on reading Leslie Meier's Happy Birthday Murder, one of her Lucy Stone mysteries as June is my birthday month.  And maybe the Wedding Day mystery as if is June or may hold it for my wedding anniversary.  Lucy Stone is a mother who writes articles for the newspaper in a small town in Maine who always gets caught up and helps solve murder mysteries in her hometown...........amazing how many people have been murdered in that small town.  But the last one I read she was on a trip out of town so all the murders arent happening in her town now.

After those, I dont know what I will read.  :0)

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I'm reading True Grit by Charles Portis.  The old John Wayne movie was based on this book.  Someone spoke highly about it over in the Westerns forum, and I can see why.  The writing is no-frills, and the tale is fast-moving and interesting.  The heroine is a 14 year old girl out to avenge her father's murder, and it's she who possesses the true grit of the title, just as much as Rooster Cogburn (the John Wayne character).  I am glad I took a chance based on a PBSer's recommendation!!  It's readable and highly enjoyable, and a refreshing diversion for me.

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Lynn, I don't think Patterson has done an 8th book yet.  I believe his newest title to be released is "Sail", one he's co-authored.  (Not to ruin anything, but I was a little disappointed in 7th Heaven.)  He seems to be writing too fast, or letting his co-authors do most of the writing,or something...I don't know.

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I'm currently reading The City of Falling Angles by John Berendt. 

This is a nonfiction book that takes place in Venice in 1996. When the Opera House, La Fenice, catches on fire, many suspect arson.  John Berendt shows up three days after the fire and becomes kind of a detective -- inquiring into the nature of Venice while getting down to the facts on what really happend at the opera house.

Great book so far.  He also wrote Midnight in the Garden of Evil, which is also a fabulous book.

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John's Story by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

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i'm still working on _robinson crusoe_.  it's difficult to read due to the archaic language and run on sentances, but it's an interesting story none the less.  i'm suprised i never read it as a kid!

next up:  _a war of gifts_ by orson scott card.  it's a keeper, which i need every once in a while to clear my head.  it's a quick read, and a story about battle school, in the days before the final war between earth and "the buggers".  on december fifth, a couple of the dutch kids make a small celebration of sinterklaas, and that starts up a huge war in the school...because religion is outlawed and no one is allowed to talk about in what or whom they believe.

i think i read it in three hours when i got it for christmas last year.  looking forward to pouring into it again.  :)

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I just finished Patty Jane's House of Curl.  I loved it.  Now I'm reading Been There, Done That by Carol Snow. 

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Just finished The Caretaker by Thomas William Simpson. Thought I'd begin the Alaskan series by Sue Henry beginning with Murder On the Iditerod Trail.

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Poison to Purge Melancholy by Elena Santangelo. Third in her Pat Montella series.  Takes place during Christmas in Williamsburg, VA.  18th Century ghosts, long ago forgotten secrets, a centries old hidden murder provides clues to the present day events. Interesting time-swap of parallel mysteries. 

I also recommend the first two in the series. By Blood Possessed and Hang My Head and Cry 

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I just finished the newest Nevada Barr and my copy is already in the PBS system and I am currently about a third of the way through Julia Spencer-Fleming's "In the Bleak Midwinter". This was recommended by our own Les and I'm really enjoying it. Next up I have the new books by C.J. Box ("Blood Trail") and Craig Johnson ("Another Man's Moccasins"). That should keep me busy until Wednesday or Thursday! :)
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(LeeAnne, I just finished Blood Trail last night. Let me know what you think about it. )

Just started Mighty Old Bones by Mary Saums, the second in the Thistle and Twigg cozy mystery series. (The first book is appropriately entitled Thistle and Twigg.)

From Saums' website:    http://www.marysaums.com/

"After her husband's death, Jane Thistle moves to sleepy Tullulah, Alabama, a town that has been calling to her since her first visit years before. She moves into an old house on the edge of a wildlife refuge and quickly becomes good friends with Phoebe Twigg, a lifelong Tullulah resident." Though the Jane and Phoebe have contrasting personalities, the two, both in their 60s, turn detective and work together to find answers to some puzzling happenings in Tullulah.

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Will do, Anna. Have you read the others in the Joe Pickett series?
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Subject: The Physician by Noah Gordon
Date Posted: 6/1/2008 5:51 PM ET
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Set in the 11th century the story of a Barber-surgeon who travels to Persia to train as a doctor.  Only 150 pages so far.   This is the first in a Trilogy.  I've already read the second book "The Shaman".  Excellent!!!

Date Posted: 6/1/2008 9:35 PM ET
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I just started When the Elephants Dance by Tess Uriza Holthe.  It's a fictionalized stories of natives on the Philippine Islands during the Japanese occupation of WWII.  So far I'm really enjoying it.  I'm a huge fan of Amy Tan and Lisa See and the style of storytelling is very similar.  I highly recommend it if you like either of those authors.  :)

I've put The Witching Hour aside but I'll probably pick it  back up when I finish Elephants. 

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I'm usually reading once classical lit book and one fun, relaxing book at a time. So, right now, I'm reading Virgil's The Aeneid for the classical lit book and Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon for the fun book. :)

I have a huge list of books I want to read this June though!