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K. Damodaran ( February 25, 1904 -July 3, 1976)-Was one of the founder leaders of the Communist Party in Kerala, India, Marxist theoritician and writer.

Born in Ponnani in Malappuram district.He had his schooling in Govt,schoolTirur and college studies in Samoothiri College, Calicut. Associated with student movement and joined freedom struggle .Was arrested in 1931for participating in the civil Disobedience Movement and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for 23 months. While in Coimbatore jail he learned Tamil and Hindi .Went to Kasi(UP) in 1935 to study Sanskrit from the Viswa Vidyalaya there and passed Shasthri examination While at Kasi he learned Urdu and Bengali and was attracted to Communist ideology.

He returned to Kerala in 1937 and joined Kerala Socialist Party and in May the same year formed the Kerala unit of the Communist Party. He organized Coir workers and Beedi workers. Became KPCC General Secretary in 1940.Imprisoned twice and released in 1945 .Elected as the Taluk secretary in 51 as the Malabar unit committee of Communist Party. Contested assembly election in ’51 and Loksabha election in ’57 .Was elected to the central executive committee of the party in 1960.Took charge as the editor of Navayugam weekly. All through these years he was intellectually active by way of writing articles and books,learning new languages and debating on various forums.

He visited many Asian and European countries including almost all the communist nations. Became a Rajyasabha MP in 1964. After the tenure he devoted his time for a comprehensive research on the history of the Party at JNU under an ICHR fellowship.

He died on July 3, 1976.


In Malayalam

1)Jawaharlal Nehru

2)Eka Vazhi

3)Kannuneer (Short stories)

4)Karl Marx

5)Samashtivada Vijnapanam(Translation of the Communist Manifesto )

6) Paattabaakki (Play)

7) Rakthapaanam(Play)

8) Russian viplavam(Co-authored with E. M. S. Namboodiripad)

9) Manushyan

10) Dhanasasthrapravesika

11) Uruppika

12) Nanayaprasnam

13) Communism Enthu Enthinu ?

14) Purogamana sahithyam Enthinu?

15) Communisavum Christhumathavum

16) Marxism (In 10 parts)

17) Indiayude Aathmavu

18) Keralathile Swathanthryasamaram(Co-authored with C Narayana pillai)

19) Dhanasasthra thathwangal

20) Dharmikamoolyangal

21) Enthanu saahithyam

22) Chinayile Viplavam

23) Keralacharithram

24) Sahithya niroopanam

25) Indiayum Socialisavum

26) Indiayude Sampathikabhivrudhi

27) Innathe Indiayude Sampathikasthithi

28) Yesuchristhu Moscowil

29) SamoohyaParivarthanangal

30) Socialisavum Communisavum

31) Panam Muthal Nayapaisa Vare

32) Indiayile Deseeyaprasthanam(Translated directly from Russian)

33) Marxisathinte Adisthanathathwangal

34) Bharatheeyachintha

35) Sreesankaran Hegel Marx

36) Oru Indian Communistinte Ormakkurippukal

In English

37) IndianThought

38) Man and Society in IndianPhilosophy

39) Marx Hegel and Sreesankara

40) Marx Comes to India (Co-authored with P.C.Joshi)

In Hindi

41) Bharatheeya chinthaa parampara


1) K.Damodaran(Biography); M.Rasheed;D.C.Books, Kottayam(1982).

2) Janayugom Weekly(July 15, 1990); Quilon

3) Grandhalokam Monthly ( November,2004) ;Kerala StateLibrary Council,Trivandrum

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Indian Thought A Critical Survey
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