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Topic: looking for deals on the sweet valley twin books listed in this message

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Subject: looking for deals on the sweet valley twin books listed in this message
Date Posted: 12/9/2009 4:18 PM ET
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I am looking for the following sweet valley twin books. If you have them and are willing to make deals please PM me. My daughter wants them for Christmas..


NeededSweet Valley Twins Books Books Francine Pascal

#32 Jessica on Stage Jessica gets the lead in a play.

#39 Jessica & the Money Mix-up Jess loses her father's charity money.

#41 The Twins Get Caught The twins get caught sneaking out.

#44 Amy Moves In Amy's house burns down and she moves in with the Wakefields

#48 Mandy Miller Fights Back Mandy wants to be a part of the Unicorns, but only Jess likes her. Everything seems less important when she is diagnosed with cancer.

#49 The Twins' Little Sister The twins take care of their neighbors daughter and find it's not as easy as they expected.

# 55 Brooke & her Rock-Star Mom Brooke's mom returns and she's the pop sensation Coco.

# 61 Jessica the Nerd Jess gets accepted into SOAR!-a program for gifted Science and Maths students.

# 65 Patty's Last Dance Patty Gilbert is diagnosed with scoliosis

# 71 Jessica Saves the Trees Jessica tries to stop construction of the new soccer field when she believes the trees that will be cut down for it are very old.

# 74 Elizabeth the Hero Elizabeth saves Denny Jacobsen from drowning but hates the attention lavished on her after.

# 75 Jessica and the Earthquake A small earthquake hits Sweet Valley, and Jessica wakes up for it - yet exaggerates her experience and claims can predict earthquakes.

#76 Yours for a Day The middle school has a fundraiser by having people pay to promise to be "master" or "servant" to one another.

#77 Todd Runs Away Todd decides to run away due to pressures of school and his father.

#78 Steven the Zombie Jessica learns about voodoo and decides to make a voodoo doll of her brother to get back at him.

#79 Jessica's Blind Date Jessica meets a boy through the personal ads in the Sixers.

#80 The Gossip War Three-way calling lands the twins and their friends in trouble.

#81 Robbery at the Mall Elizabeth plays detective to solve a series of crimes in the Valley Mall.

#82 Steven's Enemy The new boy in Steven's class seems to outdo him in everything...and Steven can't stand him for that. And then he has the nerve to try to date Jessica!

#85 Elizabeth the Seventh-Grader Elizabeth is skipped up to seventh grade.

#86 It Can't Happen Here A new teacher comes to Sweet Valley and teaches the kids a "game." Based on the Holocaust.

#91 Deadly Voyage The twins and friends are on a field trip on a boat...only the adults get left behind and the boat is being navigated by two crooks who robbed a bank!

# 93 The Incredible Madame Jessica Jessica thinks she can read fortunes and tell the future...with bad results.

#97 Too Scared to Sleep When the twins and friends start babysitting a new family in town, supernatural things happen.

# 98 The Beast Is Watching You The events of "Too Scared To Sleep" continue, as the kids the twins and friends sit for have very realistic dreams about a disfigured girl and awake injured.

#99 The Beast Must Die The strange dreams and apparent supernatural events continue.

# 100 If I Die Before I Wake (Magna Ed. #4) The twins and friends battle Eva Sullivan, the horrible "dream monster."

# 103 Elizabeth Solves It All Elizabeth becomes exhausted while trying to run the new advice column in the Sixers.

#106 Breakfast of Enemies Jessica and Elizabeth try out for the new Corny-O's commercial.

#108 Cammi's Crush Cammi and Randy are both competing for top student. However, two harsh substitute teachers that give bad grades stand in their way. While trying to hook the teachers up, the two realize they like each other as well.

#109 Don't Go In the Basement When the principal, Mr. Clark, has to go out of town, he asks the twins and friends to house-sit. While there, they find unusual things that cause them to believe Mr. Clark has murdered his wife.

#110 Pumpkin Fever It's almost Halloween...and the school is entered in a contest for most-spirited holiday school. Elizabeth makes some earrings from acorns and Jessica passes them off as her own in attempts to be voted the Halloween queen.

#112 If Looks Could Kill The twins argue over a boy

#113 The Boyfriend Game Elizabeth is chosen to be on a dating show instead of Jessica.

#116 Jessica Takes Charge When the kids at school are assigned to do volunteer work for the city, Jessica gets stuck in the health trailer.

#117 Down With Queen Janet! 8th grade graduation is approaching, and Janet is being a terror to everyone.

#118 No Escape! The kids go on a field trip to tour caves. When a guide is injured, they realized they are trapped and must rely on themselves to escape!

Twins Super Editions

The Twins Take Paris The twins go to Paris for spring break and mistakenly believe their host mother is a murderer.

The Twins go to College The twins go to a summer program at SVU.

The Year Without Christmas Ala the movie "Groundhog Day," Jessica keeps repeating Christmas over and over until she is completely honest and realizes the Christmas spirit.

Jessica's No Angel Jessica can't stop lying!

Good-Bye Middle School The twins find out they may be moving as they are set to leave the middle school and enter junior high.

Jessica: Next Stop Jr. High The twins leave the middle school and enter junior high.

Twins Super Chillers

The Christmas Ghost Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are looking forward to the most glorious Christmas ever. The tree is trimmed, the presents are wrapped, and movie star Beau Dillon is coming to town! The actor, who'll be in Sweet Valley to publicize his new movie, has agreed to help Elizabeth raise money for children's wing of the local hospital. But when the teen star arrives at the Wakefields' house, it's Jessica, not Elizabeth, he meets.

The Carnival Ghost Elizabeth befriends an orphaned girl who travels with a carnival. But as the friendship progresses, Jessica notices that her twin is behaving strangely. After Jessica hears about a ghost which is haunting the carnival, she investigates. Could Elizabeth's new friend be a ghost?

The Curse of the Golden Heart While taking a scuba-diving course, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield stumble upon the wreck of an old pirate ship and half of a golden heart, but their delight soon turns to terror when they begin to receive ominous chain letters.

The Haunted Burial Ground It's Halloween, and the twins and friends are fixing up an old shack to have their Halloween party at. However, when strange and supernatural things begin to happen, they discover the shack is located on an old Indian burial ground, and the spirits are not happy.

The Secret of the Magic Pen A pen that tells the future? Summer vacation is here, and Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield and their friends have just arrived at sleep-away camp! On a hike through a dark, eerie cave, Elizabeth finds something incredible -- a glowing pen! She can't wait to use it to write an article for the camp newspaper. But as she writes, Elizabeth is astonished to find herself composing a mystery full of scary twists and turns. And to her horror, little by little the mystery seems to be coming true! This isn't just an ordinary pen. Could it be haunted?

Evil Elizabeth Everyone thinks of Elizabeth Wakefield as the nice twin. That's why she loves her Halloween mask - it's so scary that no one can believe Elizabeth is behind it. But her appearance isn't the only thing that changes when she puts on the mask. Little by little it makes Elizabeth act evil...only Elizabeth doesn't know it. Can her twin sister Jessica destroy the mask before Elizabeth does something she'll regret forever?

 Magna Editions

The Magic Christmas After their grandparents give them a pair of matching antique dolls for Christmas, Jessica and Elizabeth are thrown into the most magical adventure of their lives. And along the way they learn what being twins--and best friends--really means.

BIG For Christmas The twins wish they were grownups when they are invited to the biggest Christmas party ever and their parents won't let them go, but a shocking transformation has occurred when they wake up the next morning.


Date Posted: 12/9/2009 4:59 PM ET
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 I have quite a few sweet valley books on my bookshelf.  If you want to see if any of the ones that you need are there, I will give you a 4/1.  The 4/1 can be on any books as long as you pick 1 sweet valley book in the deal.  (I need to get my bookshelf down!)  PM me if you are interested please.  I probably won't look here again. :o)