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Loving Evangeline
Loving Evangeline
Author: Linda Howard
ISBN-13: 9781551664576
ISBN-10: 1551664577
Publication Date: 9/1/1998
Pages: 249
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 95 ratings
Publisher: Mira
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 3
Good sequel to Duncan's Bride.
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Helpful Score: 3
Loving Evangeline is the sequel to Duncan's Bride. First let me say I thoroughly enjoyed Duncan's Bride. It's an older book (mid 90s) so has a different vibe from today's romances. But it was still wonderful and worth 5 out of 5 stars. Loving Evangeline, for me, was not as good.

Both men in Duncan's Bride and Loving Evangeline are strong alpha males; leaders who are protective and a bit hard. But Linda Howard takes it one step further with Robert in Loving Evangeline. I felt Robert was controlling and even a little cruel. Yes, he needs Evangeline and reveals parts of himself to her that he has never shared with anyone else. But Robert also expects Evangeline be at his beck and call as his wife. The story doesn't necessarily make Evangeline a wimp; she is strong in the face of challenges. And in the end she gladly devotes her life to Robert and their children but I was disappointed in the dynamics of their relationship. This not one of my favorite Linda Howard books but I look forward to reading and enjoying others.
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Helpful Score: 2
Good read.
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Helpful Score: 2
This is a sequel to _Duncan's Bride_, but the two characters from that story appear very briefly in this, so you do not need to have read it to understand this story. Robert is a CEO who discovers classified software his company has been working on is being offered to foreign governments. He heads to a small town in Alabama to take care of the situation and find himself attracted to Evie Shaw who they suspect of being involved in the situation. The title probably gives away the end/ There is the typical fall in love but resist, give in, discover secrets, and break up storyline. Fairly quick read.
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Linda Howard is always a great read.
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I'm all for alpha males - those guys who are supremely confident, powerful, and even ruthless; they know what they want, and they do whatever it takes to get it. These are the men who are typically quite good-looking (or at least rugged), ultra-masculine, and exercise rigid control over their emotions. They tend to be difficult to get to know, as they build innumerable walls and defense mechanisms around their hearts, but when they meet the right woman, they wind up falling quickly and completely. When this happens, that aforementioned ruthlessness is utilized to pursue said woman, and basically sweep her off her feet.

This book presents us with one such male: Robert Cannon. After his appearance in Howard's 'Duncan's Bride,' I was really looking forward to Robert's story. He fulfills all of the alpha male criteria to a proverbial "T" - he's an incredibly rich and successful businessman who is gorgeous (of course), prides himself on his expertise in the bedroom, and has a reputation in the business world as being cold as ice, brilliant, and yes, ruthless when the occasion calls for it. In this book, he decides to use those skills in order to go after the woman he believes to be guilty of truly reprehensible crimes, and proceeds to use all of his cunning to put plans into place in order to pressure said woman (and anyone else with whom she may be working) into making a mistake that would lead to her/their capture and punishment.

There isn't anything necessarily wrong with any of that; in fact, it has all the makings of a pretty good book. The problem is that Robert unfortunately takes being an alpha male to such extremes that his behavior, actions, and even thoughts become largely unsympathetic and even borderline absurd. Upon meeting Evie, he's bowled over by her on a physical level, and almost instantly plans to take her to bed, regardless of the fact that he believes her to be a traitor who is guilty of myriad crimes. After spending just a few minutes in her company, it would be obvious to pretty much anyone that this is not a woman who operates on the wrong side of the law. She is incredibly self-sufficient in that she runs her own business, and somehow has managed not to completely fall apart after enduring a horrific tragedy a dozen years prior to the events in this book. She's strong and selfless, actually thinks about how best to solve her problems when they arise rather than whining about them, and though she's kept herself stuck in the past to fairly extreme degrees, she's immensely likable (and almost the sole reason why I gave this book three stars). Robert, despite recognizing all of these qualities in her, still follows through with his plans to ferret out the criminals. . .

*mild spoilers follow* . . . and continues to believe that Evie is guilty in some way, shape, or form for most of the book. After his constant manipulations and deceptions come to light, she is understandably hurt (though not nearly angry enough; she's more bothered by the fact that she thinks that he doesn't love her). One issue I had with this book is that Robert isn't made to suffer enough. His scheming costs Evie so much materially, emotionally, and psychologically, and just a few pages from the end of the book, he is still unable to figure out why she could possibly be so upset with him. The problem is that she's upset with him for some of the wrong reasons, and almost none of the right ones, and he just can't, for the life of him, figure out why. For such a smart man, he has some exceedingly stupid moments and thoughts. And, since this is not only a romance novel, but one that follows Howard's usual formula, the reader knows that Evie will forgive him, which she does much too quickly, in my estimation.

As if Robert's machinations and utter cluelesslness aren't bad enough, he is far too controlling and chauvinistic: he takes almost all of Evie's choices away from her - everything from when to eat and where to go, to trying to alter her work schedule, and the list goes on and on. And on. - and what's worse is that, aside from a few token protests, she basically lets him. So, she has her doormat moments, and he takes entirely too many forays into jerk-territory, but their actual moments of sincere emotionality and connection are lovely, Evie is a pretty great heroine, and Robert, aside from the times when he becomes overbearing (to put it mildly), is not that bad an alpha male. So, the story itself is just okay and has many problems, including being a pretty big letdown for many people who enjoyed Robert in 'Duncan's Bride.' The bottom line, in my view, is that it's not a bad book, but it's certainly not one of Howard's best.
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One of Linda's earlier romances with a serious Alpha male. There's a Harlequin movie out based on this book, but the storylines vaguely resemble each other.
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Robert Cannon is the CEO of a software company that has a contract with the government. When he finds out that someone is selling his software to a foreign government, he vows to get to the bottom of it. Robert's security team leads him to Evie Shaw, a young widow who lives in Alabama and owns a marina. What drove this woman to commit treason? Robert decides to "vacation" in Alabama and get to know Evie.

I read this book a few years ago. Though I liked Evie and thought she was a strong heroine, I didn't care for Robert and his alpha personality. This time I listened to the audiobook. My thoughts haven't changed too much. I still like Evie. Robert is an overbearing jerk who uses his money to ruin her business while falling in love with her. Ugh! I couldn't stand him. My rating: 2 Stars.
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This book was first published in 1994, so it could use some technological updates regarding phones, etc. However, that said it was a fun read. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down. Classic early Linda Howard with lots of sex and suspense.
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This was just an okay read for me. I never really connected with the characters like I have in other Howard books. This will not be on my keeper shelf.
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Another great Linda Howard romance. It has suspense and sensuality around a great story.
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Excellent read as always from Linda Howard.
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Not as good as her others
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Linda Howard classic. Great book
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This is the orginial SIM edition