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The Maker's Diet
The Maker's Diet
Author: Jordan S. Rubin
ISBN-13: 9781591857143
ISBN-10: 1591857147
Publication Date: 2005
Pages: 336
  • Currently 3.2/5 Stars.

3.2 stars, based on 69 ratings
Publisher: Strang Communications
Book Type: Paperback
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Not very many people in today's culture will find this diet attractive or convenient. First of all, it addresses the myth that "low fat" or "fat-free" is better. It is a lie and many young women have been mislead into thinking that lowfat is a more healthy diet. God intended us to eat healthy fats and unprocessed foods. So, we should eat real butter, cheese, and milk abundantly! The diet requires a bit of change, but you can make slow changes over the course of a year, and they will make a huge impact on your overall health.

After reading this book about 2 years ago, here are some things that I changed. We did not make these changes all at once. 1) We eliminated breakfast cereal and replaced it with eggs and old fashioned oatmeal. 2) We eliminated hydronated oils and replaced with butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. 3) We eliminated sugar and replaced it with honey and stevia. 4) We eliminated commercial grains like pasta and bread and replaced it with brown rice or brown rice pasta,and occassionally sourdough bread. 5) We eliminated milk from the grocery store and started buying raw milk from a local farmer. 6) We added probiotic foods to our diet.
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We really enjoy this book. It really made us think about all the modern not so good stuff we are putting in our bodies. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about a healthy organic lifestyle.
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Being as I haven't finished the book, and that forever is a Real Long Time, I will just say that Jordan has made an excellent case for us to re-visit the way we eat/live. I know that I have already made a few style changes, and will be making more over the years. He writes with a very compelling style--not a page turner, but certainly good reading!
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The book is easy to read, the diet isn't easy to follow. The book tells you the history of the author and explains how this Bible-based diet came about (and cured his very serious illness). It does have fascinating information about how the body works and how God intended for it to work, but that todays Standard American Diet (SAD) is incredibly unhealthy for all of us.

Doing the actual diet would take a lot of self-discipline and a lot of pre-planning so that you had enough of the "right" foods in the house. There are three phases to the diet, with different foods you can eat and foods you must eliminate completly. The author also encourages praying and fasting to increase your spiritual health and make the diet more successful. His point of view is that this isn't a "diet" it's a lifestyle change for the better, with you feeling and looking better because you are taking care of you body the way God intended.
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some people swear by this diet, but i found it very unrealistic, expensive and very labor intensive
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Miracle cure stories abound when it comes to natural healing. A super nutrient reverses cancer after chemotherapy has failed. A Chinese herb lowers high blood pressure in a patient with heart disease after being dismissed as quackery by doctors. Jordan S. Rubins account of returning from the medical abyss, however, includes an original twist. After several years of battling Crohns Disease, which included a small fortune spent on both conventional and alternative treatments, as well as trips abroad in search of help, Rubin weighed only 111 pounds and, at just age 21, thought his life was over. At the urging of his father, a naturopath, he contacted an obscure nutritionist in California promoting a diet based on the teachings of the Bible. Yes, were talking what Jesus ate: kefir, lamb, sprouted breads, eggs and meat from free-range chickens, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Rubin also started to pray and added a new powder supplement containing homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs) to his diet. Four months later he weighed 170 lbs and was on the road back to his former athletic and healthy self. Inspired by his experience, and now with advanced degrees in nutrition and naturopathic medicine, Rubin has crafted The Makers Diet. While the faithful will surely find the book of interest, Rubins command of the scientific issues underpinning his recommendations may also appeal to those more accustomed to studying food labels in search of what to eat than ancient religious texts.
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This book helped me so much. I am now eating REAL food, am losing fat, and feel GREAT! I didn't realize how much junk I was eating until I read this book. His story is awesome of how he was healed after being near death. I couldn't put it down.
I couldn't afford to do everything he suggests, but I did the basics and it still made a world of difference. Don't let it overwhelm you. Even the smallest changes will benefit you.
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Excellent informaion. Even though I didn't want to necessarily make ALL of the changes in the book, I was able to make some of the changes, mostly a change in my thinking about food and a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended!
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Great book for those tackling health problems naturally.
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I gave this book it's rating not for it's quality writing, but the information actually given. While the first portion is devoted to follwoing the story of Rubin's journey from illness to health, the latter part of the book breaks down the concept of eating whole foods in a wonderful way.
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Good information on how to eat the way God intended us to eat. I don't believe Christians have to follow food laws though, the New Testament says that we can eat meat and other foods as long as we give thanks to God who made all of the food. However, it probably does not hurt us to eat high quality foods like Jordan Rubin suggests. I enjoyed his teaching on herbs and their different uses. Overall a good book.
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Excellant book! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for a healthier lifestyle.
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Wonderful book, helped me get over some persistant health problems.
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This book has a section that briefly discusses healing with herbs, essential oils, hydrotherapy, and music therapy. Another chapter discusses fermentation, enzymes, healing foods; there are recipes (ginger ale, raspberry drink made with frozen raspberries and whey, easy French toast with yogurt and honey, chicken salad with flaxseed oil, dressings, sauerkraut, coconut milk soup), menus, and testimonials on following the author's recommendations. As the back cover reads, âBiblically based and scientifically proven, The Maker's Diet uses a truly holistic approach to healthâ.
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This is a biblically based approach to health. The Maker's Diet will help:
-Boost your immune system
-Attain and maintain your ideal weight
-Have abundant energy
-Improve your physical appearance
-Reduce stress
-Improve digestion
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The maker's diet will help you, This is from the back of the book.
Boost your immune system, Improve physical apperance.
Maintain your ideal weight, Reduce stress.
Have abundant energy, Improve digestion.
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Of every diet-health type book that I own, this author is my favorite. His books have helped me alot and because of some of his teachings and supplements, I am healthier than I have been in a few years. I share these books with people alot and have my mom hooked on some of his supplements as well. He is an actual natural doctor and I LOVE all of his books. I am even on the waiting list for his newest book. I would recommend this authors books above all other diet-health books. I combine this with some of the ideas in The Zone book and have achieved some great results.
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The Maker's Diet is biblically and scientifically proven. It uses a truley holistic approach to health. This groundbreaking book leads you on a journey that will change your life.
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Biblicall based and scientifically proven, The Maker's Diet uses a truly holistic approach to health. The author was stricken with an incurable illness, and this book documents his path back to health through holistic eating and faith in God.
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Similar to the low carb diet.
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Faith based diet to help you lose weight the natural way
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I love this book! It is full of useful information and has some life changing advice! I recommend it to anyone who wants to live a healthier life!
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Interesting. It does require a change in thinking about the way we eat.
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A very interesting concept. If you can follow at least somewhat, you will see results!
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Inspiring diet to regain your health, but a little extreme for my taste.
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EXCELLENT - aquired two copies, so thought I would share!! has a little of the author's sales pitch for his products, but great Biblically based advice for healthy eating with resources.
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Excellent source of information. I especially appreciated the author's testimonial of how his life and health were changed from what he learned.
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Helpful in learning what foods to eat that are healthy.
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Excellent info to help put you on the path to wellness.
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Good health book to read.
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God's diet for eating healthy
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This book is brand new never been used. You could use as a gift.