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Topic: Middlesex

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Subject: Middlesex
Date Posted: 9/25/2007 9:45 PM ET
Member Since: 4/11/2007
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anyone else read it? 

Date Posted: 9/27/2007 9:23 AM ET
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I read it a couple years ago.

Date Posted: 9/27/2007 2:20 PM ET
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I've also read it.

Date Posted: 9/27/2007 11:49 PM ET
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I wasn't that crazy about it, I felt like he could have cut a lot out and not lost anything. I was just expecting such a great bk and was a little disappointed.

Date Posted: 10/1/2007 3:42 AM ET
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I just finished a couple of weeks ago. I liked it. A tad bizarre, but I liked how he tied in events in Detroit history and Cal's family history. Very interesting.
Date Posted: 10/1/2007 3:39 PM ET
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I read it a couple years ago and loved it.  I also wondered if the book was semi-autobiographical because if you read the author's bio on the book flap, the details he provides about his life are nearly identical to the details of the main character.  Could be just a coincidence, but maybe not?

Date Posted: 10/3/2007 2:15 AM ET
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I was very disappointed. I went out and bought it because I was so far down on the WL.  I found it very hard to stay with; I forced myself to finish it.

Date Posted: 10/5/2007 3:08 PM ET
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I loved it!   I thought the writing was very intellegent and the first half of the novel was filled with great historical details.  The second half was a wonderful statement of our socialization and how gender is such an important part of our culture.  Anytime gender and LGBTQ issues are brought into mainstream literature is great! 

Date Posted: 10/7/2007 9:15 PM ET
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It's one of the better books I have read in the past couple of years. Eugenides is one of my favorite authors.

Date Posted: 10/8/2007 1:17 PM ET
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Just finished it, posted it and will be sending it out. Took me alittle while to get into it but then got sucked in. It was an interesting read. I enjoy the way the author writes.
Date Posted: 10/27/2007 4:01 PM ET
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My book club read it a few months ago and, as expected, had mixed reactions.  I loved it - the writing style and story were very sophisticated, I enjoyed the way all the threads were woven together.  I'm always a sucker for a book that has a "self-consciousness" about itself being a book, and there were some of those passages as well.  Would like to read more by Eugenides.

Date Posted: 10/28/2007 6:53 PM ET
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I am currently listening to it on my Ipod - I still am not  sure how I like it.  I will say I am finding it more interesting on my Ipod than I did reading the book.  I find that it can be very confusing.  I had to start over with reading it because I got lost at the very begining. 

Date Posted: 10/29/2007 4:04 PM ET
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I read it with my book club. It was not something I would have picked out myself, but I did enjoy it. It was a quick easy read, and kept me interested.

Date Posted: 11/11/2007 2:35 PM ET
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In a word: meh.  I was really expecting something great because it had been so popular lately.  But instead, I found it disappointing.  The writing was decent, but nothing phenomenal, and the story didn't particularly hold my attention.  Especially in the middle.  I wouldn't recommend it.

Date Posted: 11/11/2007 7:32 PM ET
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I've now read it twice and still love this book!  As another poster pointed out, the writing is so wonderful and intelligent.  I also love how the book spans the history of the family.  Absolutely one of my all-time favorite books.

Date Posted: 11/12/2007 2:03 PM ET
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I've had it on my WL forever! First time it came up it went missing. First time I've had a book get lost in almost two years.  Second one is supposedly on it's way. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Date Posted: 11/12/2007 5:21 PM ET
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Interesting read...not one of my favorites.

Date Posted: 12/23/2007 11:32 AM ET
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I've read it twice.  The first time I loved the first half of the book but wasn't impressed with the rest.  A couple of years later I taught it w/The Odyssey & realized it was BRILLIANT!  I still think the parents are too thinly drawn (as opposed to the grandparents), but I'm a huge fan of the book now.

I couldn't get thru The Virgin Suicides. 


Date Posted: 12/28/2007 12:13 AM ET
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At another's great insistence, I read this book.  Not that I wouldn't have on my own, but she raves about it to everyone, so I picked it up.

It's a great story.  The only flaw is that the historic aspects and the scenes from grandparents' early life are so enthralling and gorgeously presented that the other elements are somewhat overshadowed.  I was so caught up in their lives that I almost wanted to skip anything else that came along in between.

Definitely worth the read.

Subject: Middlesex
Date Posted: 1/12/2008 4:23 AM ET
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I may have missed something, but does anyone know why Cal's brother was named Chapter Eleven? Or what it means (besides bancruptcy)? I loved the book, by the way.

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Subject: middlesex
Date Posted: 5/2/2008 12:48 PM ET
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loved it! loved the histories of Detroit and Greece

Date Posted: 5/5/2008 4:29 PM ET
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Or what it means (besides bancruptcy)?


That's exactly what it means.

Subject: read
Date Posted: 9/4/2008 8:43 AM ET
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I read it a few weeks ago.

I was not that impressed, and i made myself finish it.  I really enjoyed the virgin suicides, and probably read that in a day, compare to the weeks it took me to finish this.  I agree that the beginning was so well created that everything after just seemed like an outline the author forgot to fill in.  And i really hated "chapter eleven" - i dont see how that related at all.

Date Posted: 10/5/2008 2:50 PM ET
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It's been a few years since I read it, but if I recall, his nickname was Chapter Eleven because he bankrupted the family business. They don't reveal that until almost the end though.

Date Posted: 10/10/2008 7:03 PM ET
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This makes my top 5 all time books list! The writing is beautiful. Historically interesting. For those who seem to get confused or frustrated with the long history and character development of the grandparents, it is such an important piece of this work IMO. Every single one of us, carries the lives of our ancestors in our DNA. We wouldn't be who we are, without them being first. I also enjoyed how the characters developed and changed over time, proving that we can make choices about our futures; we are not stuck or predestined.