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Topic: Missing flyleaf page

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Subject: Missing flyleaf page
Date Posted: 8/30/2009 5:34 PM ET
Member Since: 9/25/2008
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I received a book with the front flyleaf page torn out. I'm assuming there was a dedication on it. I'm wondering if I can repost the book. The guidelines say no torn pages and a page was torn out. But the missing page doesn't have text on it. I'm thinking the best option will be to use the book bazaar after I get around to reading it.  

Date Posted: 8/30/2009 5:41 PM ET
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I would agree - not postable. You could include it with a book that someone request.  If it is a WL book then defintely the BB and you can ask for a credit.

Date Posted: 8/30/2009 5:45 PM ET
Member Since: 9/25/2008
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Thanks so much. I figured it wasn't postable. I will use the BB once I finish reading it.

Date Posted: 8/30/2009 5:52 PM ET
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The guidelines say:

  • No torn or chewed/gnawed pages
    • yes, that does say "chewed/gnawed".  That means no pet-chewed (or human-chewed) books.
  • No loose or missing text pages

So the torn page makes it not postable.  However if there's a way to neatly remove it (with an exacto knife?) without compromising the binding, then it would be missing, not torn, and it isn't a text page.  I'd think you could post it and PM the requestor. 

Date Posted: 8/30/2009 6:12 PM ET
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My library puts their RFID tags on the flyleaf and they cut the entire page out when they remove a book from their collection. 


I'd say if the page has been neatly removed, it would be postable.  I seem to recall another thread that concluded the same thing.  I'll go look.


This isn't the one I was thinking about.  There was a long thread that concluded that as long as the page missing wasn't a text page, the book was postable.







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Date Posted: 8/30/2009 6:40 PM ET
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Thanks for the links, I tried doing a forum search earlier without any luck. I must not have used the correct search terms. Whoever removed the page did so neatly and the binding is fine. But I think the book likely falls in the gray area as opinions went both ways in the links.

Thanks for all the input as I really appreciate it.

I did another search and I concluded the book is unpostable. http://www.paperbackswap.com/forum/topic.php?t=132744


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Date Posted: 8/30/2009 9:28 PM ET
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I read the link, and I didn't come to the conclusion that it's unpostable.  Just that there is a difference of opinion.

IMO, it is postable.  I wouldn't personally be upset receiving one of these--in fact, I have.  I have also sent out books where the previous owner's personal information is torn out of the flyleaf.  I've notified the requestor, and they have always wanted the book anyway.

I think  in a gray area it's okay to post it, but inform the requestor and give them the chance to reject it.  If it is a WL book, they will probably want it anyway.  If it is a book with several other copies available, they may reject it and hope for a better copy.

Date Posted: 8/30/2009 9:58 PM ET
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I agree with Marsha. Ask the requestor.

Date Posted: 8/30/2009 11:51 PM ET
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I think its postable. Text pages are story pages.

Date Posted: 8/31/2009 12:01 AM ET
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Remember that everything you read here is an opinion or interpertation of the guidelines, even from those of us who are tour guides.   TPTB at PBS often say to use good judgement.   I'd say the book is postable but it's YOUR book - you make the call.

Date Posted: 8/31/2009 1:38 AM ET
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I would agree with Cozi, and as she said, it's just our opinions, but the ruling does say no missing "TEXT" pages, and the flyleaf has no text whatsoever in most books, so wouldn't count in this case.

Date Posted: 8/31/2009 7:17 PM ET
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Wow, I got a lot of responses since yesterday. Thanks for all of the opinions. I like to follow the rules and don't ever want to send a book that would get a RWAP so the "no torn pages" has me concerned.

When I read the book hopefully by the end of the month, the suggestions I received provided some great ideas on how to get this book to the next reader. Since it is a wishlist book PMing the sender ahead would work and get it to the next requester in line. Then this member can decide if they want me to cancel or send it to them.

Thanks again for all of the helpful suggestions in trying to figure out the gray area in the rules.