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Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
Mrs Piggle-Wiggle
Author: Betty McDonald
ISBN-13: 9780397317103
ISBN-10: 0397317107
Pages: 119
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4 stars, based on 2 ratings
Publisher: J. B. Lippincott Company
Book Type: Paperback
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ISBN 0064401480 - Let's get the crazy parents out of the way first. If you think reading a book in which all the moms are stay-at-home moms will cause your child to have a psychological break with the reality of 2007, please leave this review and do not buy this book. If you think that the reference of a parent to their desire to paddle the behind of a poorly behaved child will scar your innocent child for life, or that the one-time mention of a father calling his overweight son Blimpy is too harsh to bear, you go too. If you have no sense of humor, there's the door. Now, for the rest of you -

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is something of a combination of Pippi Longstocking - no cares, no worries, weird house, deceased pirate husband (missing seafaring father for Pippi), a home full of fun and good times - and Mary Poppins - not an ailment she can't fix, relates to kids perfectly, parents love her too - with a dash of Opie's Aunt Bea - always with the yummy food and sage advice - thrown in. Kids love her, so when those kids' parents need advice, who better to turn to than the woman who spends more time with their kids than anyone else?

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle takes a phone call at the start of each chapter and helps a mother with her child's problem, offering unique "cures" to such ills as "Won't-Pick-Up-Toys-itis". While the cures are simple psychology, the stories are much more. The problems and the cures are hilarious and even the escalation of some sicknesses are roll-on-the-floor funny.

Not meant to be taken so seriously as some reviewers seem to take it, this is a light-hearted, silly look at some of the most notoriously silly childhood behaviors. From selfishness to fighting with siblings, there's a reflection here of everyone who's ever been a child. And, like Mary O'Toole, who sees her own talking back behavior in Penelope the Parrot and doesn't find it attractive, maybe just seeing how silly their behavior is when someone else indulges will help them overcome it. If not, so what? The book is still a funny, funny read, even SIXTY years after they were written in 1947!

- AnnaLovesBooks
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If you're looking to add more joy to your home, read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle to your kids. Lots of giggles here!
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Wonderful book! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed through the whole thing!
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I absolutely loved this book as a child. Our pastor's wife introduced me to this collection. Every time I went to the library, I would go back to this series. So, even though my oldest child is only two years old, this book is in our collection.

So over Thanksgiving when I wanted to spend some one-on-one time with my 9-year-old nephew I pulled it out.

To say he was "unsure" about it at first would be an understatement. I could sense he wasn't crazy about reading. But within just a few minutes he was smiling and laughing.

The book is a joy and delight. I would suggest it for every child around 7-10 years old.
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My 6 1/2 year old boy LOVES Ms. Piggle- Wiggle. He thinks its very, very funny. The dialogue is hilarious on both an adult and kid level. I enjoy reading it from an adult point of view - the different parenting styles depicted, what went wrong, and how to start over - as well as the outmoded gender roles of the mothers and fathers. Ms. Piggle-Wiggle has some very down-to-earth practical techniques as well as "magic" solutions that sometimes reminds me of the "magic" solutions we get nowadays for children with ADHD. It's really not that deep, but as a parent, you do what you can to stay involved with the reading materials. :)
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2nd -4th grade readers. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle figures out clever ways to teach naughty children lessons. Children's classic
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My kids laughed SO HARD while I read this book. Highly recommended. They love it!
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Great humorous book
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Great book for readers 6-10.
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This is a childhood classic!! I agree with the other member that states some of you are taking this way to seriously. This book is a true treasure in which it helps show kids how other can see them when they talk back, are selfish, never want to go to bed, are fighters/quarrelers or my favorite do not like to pick up their toys. Much in the same way as Mary Poppins gave a spoon full of sugar- Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle has her "cures". To say that this book is about a witch and witchcraft not letting a child read it would be like not letting a child read the Wizard of Oz. (maybe we should band it too since we all know the scarecrow and tin man could walk and talk- witchcraft there anyone? lol)

If you want a lighthearted way to show kids how they are acting, or just want a laugh out loud book to read out loud(this is a GREAT book for a teacher to read to a class), then by all means READ IT!!!
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Great for 6 to 10 year olds. Cute story.
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Ages 6 to 10... fabulous fabulous book!!! In the same vein as Mary Poppins... about an eccentric old woman that the children love!!!
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Mrs Piggle Wiggle books are always fun to read as you never know what to expect with her.
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An absolute classic, timeless! Funny stories with great lessons also!
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What a great, funny, story and great classic! It's used in the K12 curriculum's 1st grade Language Arts program.
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So much fun! Great read aloud for all ages.
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This is a really fun book for adults and children alike. For poor readers, this is an easy book to read and understand and may help reluctant readers to want to read just a little more!
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Third and fourth graders like this story. Reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is kind of like reading about Amelia Bedelia, but better, because it isn't so awfully silly.
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Great book for all ages!
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This is a fabulous book for children to read aloud. My kids loved it when we read it a couple of years ago, and are always ready to read it again.
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I was very disappointed int his book. From all the positive reviews from my friends, I was told that this is a great resource regarding how to motivate kids to do their chores, etc. written in a style that kids enjoy listening to. What I found was a storybook filled with witches and magic, both of which our family tries to avoid. Chapter 1 describes Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle as a witch. Very disappointing, indeed!