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Topic: Novelwriter's First Outline

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Subject: Novelwriter's First Outline
Date Posted: 2/9/2010 1:27 PM ET
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Blind Justice


Sequence One


Opening Scene

Professor Smoot's course on Understanding the Media was his first class of the day. Hundreds of Communications students packed into the tiny lecture hall. Justin Michaels, a student at Columbia University, attended there for a year. Figuring that the air conditioning broke down when Lincoln was President, he imagined the way the administrators' minds work. Everybody showed their enthusiasm to get into Columbia University that they would put up with any old bullshit on campus including the incredible food. The.only positive thing was Tom's Restaurant on 112th St. If not for Tom's Restaurant half the student body would starve. Tom's and all the restaurants near by did a prosperous business. Justin figured that he would go there just as soon as this class ever ended.

He knew that this class bored him but he had to take it in order to graduate with a Communications degree. Justin was sitting next to his roommate Seth Jordan. These two young men knew that they were not the same. Almost everyone at Columbia University came from rich families. Most of the time, Justin acted like it didn't bother him much. However, unless you knew him well it was hard to tell. He had always tried to fit in but he had to admit that sometimes it was extremely hard to do so.

When Justin saw Seth he was usually in casual clothes when he was back at their place of residence, but the minute he was in class like now, he wore more formal wear. He also knew that he did not dress as well as some of his classmates, but he did the best he could. Justin knew that he could not afford that kind of life. For some reason, these two individuals hit it off at freshman orientation.

Even though Seth and Justin hit it off when they first met they could not be any more different. Seth was know to wear concert T-shirts and Army camouflage pants when he was back at the dorm that he and Justin share, however.when he is in class it is a totally different case. However, he had to have been the sloppiest person that Justin had ever met. Seth had a half-eaten pizza on his shelf in their refrigerator that had been there since Washington's Presidentcy. Justin was raised not to be a slob. He knew that his parents would not expect him to be perfect but they did not want their son to forget what they taught him when he was growing up.

"Hey, buddy do you want to go to Tom's restaurant after Smoot's class to get something to eat?" asked Justin to his roommate


Set Up: 3-4 Scenes

Justin Michaels is happy with his life and not looking for any adventure. Justin looked across the room and smiled shyly at Candace Bates. Seth looked at his roommate with a suprised look on his face. Seth knew that Candace would never go for Justin because he came from a middleclass family.

She wasn't looking Justin's way. Justin knew about Candace and Charles going out , and that Charles during a mean streak throws a nasty punch that could easily beat Justin up. Still, Justin wanted to ask her out. He had decided that today he would ask her out before he lost his nerve. He tried to think what the chance was for him and Candace.

It looked as though Candace never wore the same outfit twice in a row. She had such flowing, long blond hair that fell just past her shoulders. He couldn't help daydreaming about Candace.

"Would you consider rejoining the class for a moment, Michaels." growled Professor Smoot.

He had been pacing the lecture hall, looking like a waiting vulture-and he trapped Justin. Justin felt himself going bright red.

"Only five more minutes, sonny, if I can trouble you for that long. And just by the way-you present your speech this coming Monday and not the following Monday."

Justin didn't even protest. He had taken classes with Smoot the year before and knew protesting did nothing. He just sat upright, staring at Smoot, giving him all his attention until the professor said, "That's all. Get out of here, all of you!"

Slowly, Justin approached Candace. Uneasy, Justin managed to speak to Candace just before they left the room.

"Say, Candace-I was kind of wondering. I-uh-"

He was blowing the whole thing. Was she staring at him?


"I was wondering-can we go out Friday night? Maybe to a movie then dinner someplace?"

She took a step back, then seemed to size him up as though she had never seen before they had been in classes together before.

"Okay, Justin. That would be fun. Meet me at my place."

"You bet!"

They left, she headed north and grabbing the first north bound taxi she could find. It was hard for her not to laugh. A date with Justin, the hick who was from someplace in the Midwest. She didn't know if it was Ohio, Illinois, oh who cared? Did it matter anyway? He might as well be a Martian. That would show Charles Hortan, the guy who had dumped her on and off for some worthless piece of fluff. Candace would make sure that Justin whould take her to the restaurant where Charles works. Then she would be brazen with him until Charles blew his stack. He might even punch Justin in the mouth, right there in the restaurant! What a laugh that would be. She'd end up back in his arms, sure as hell. Justin wouldn't even know what hit him she thought.


Charles Hortan wanted to get back at Justin. He wanted to kick his butt and beat the living snot out of him. He didn't care what happened to Justin. What Charles did know was that he would need some help. He knew that he was not going out with Candace at the moment but he still didn't want her to go out with anyone else. Charles knew that he had to do something so Justin would pay dearly for this. He did not know where the help was going to come from. Sure he had a conversation with Christopher but at the time he did not take it seriously, but then again he didn't take most things seriously. Charles knew that it had to be pulled off without a hitch. He just did not know how he was going to go about doing this to put it mildly he had no game plan. It took him some time before he was able to put his plan into action. He had no idea of what the time table on this would be but he did know that if it was going to go well he could not rush this and that he would have to be patient. Charles didn't know Christopher. The only thing that was not planned was the day of the week. Everything else was planned with meticulous detail. That was something that Charles was not used to but he knew that he would have to get used to this if he wanted to move up in the world and not just be a small time thug.

Charles decided that he would surf the Internet to see if there was anyone that would help him with his plan. He saw the same Christopher Roberts listed as well as an e-mail address for him. He had never met Christopher, so he had no idea who the other man was. He decided that he would contact him to see if he could help get revenge. Charles knew that he would not be the brain behind this plan but he still accepted that fact.

Christopher's eyes lit up and a toothy grin spread across his face. His menacing laugh echoed throughout the room. He saw the glowing cursor at the top of the screen where he found there was a message for him. He was puzzled by who sent it and he did not know if he would ever meet him. He honestly didn't know Charles got the address. He figured that it didn't really matter as long as he agreed to do this with him so that Justin would pay for having a "normal" life.

Charles knew that he would have to talk to Christopher about their plan. He wanted to find a way that they could talk without getting caught by the law. Christopher knew that he would have to be the brains behind the operations and he would have Charles do the dirty work. Christopher decided that he would be the one to contact Charles. He knew that he did not have much faith in him but he also knew that if this were going to work they would have to work closely together and have faith in eachother's abilities. It was obvious that Christopher had more brains than Charles did. Charles didn't seem to notice.

Plan for Revenge


Mid-Point: 1-2 Scenes

Christopher Roberts/Charles Hortan focuses attention on Justin Michaels. Possibly vowing to eliminate Justin Michaels before completing a plan.

Catalyst: 2-3 Scenes

Everything was looking up for Justin until one fateful Friday in the Fall when the leaves had changed colors. After that, nothing in Justin's life would ever be the same. He had no idea how much his life was going to be altered. In a split second everything changed in Justin's life when he was walking to his apartment that was on campus one night after class. The fog was thick that night and it had been raining earlier.

The car ran through a stop sign. Justin did not see it coming. Before he knew it, a drunk driver hit him. The driver was in a speeding car and left Justin lying in the street and knocked out cold. His body was drenched with water that was cold as ice cubes. He was in a pool of his own blood that surrounded him on the hard concrete pavement. It happened so fast that Justin felt like he was dreaming the whole thing. He was totally unaware of what was happening to him. It felt like one of those out of body experiences that some people claim to have.

A jogger was running by Justin who was lying on the cement. The runner first made sure that Justin was breathing before the runner went to get help. After the runner saw Justin lying on the ground the runner ran off to call an ambulance for him. With in minutes the ambulance came with paramedics on board and the siren screaming in the air and lights flashing as they arrived to the scene of the crime where the terrible accident happened

Sequence Two: Aftermath

The NYPD knew that it would take sometime before they caught the person or persons that were responsible for this terrible accident. They did not have many leads to go on but they figured that someone knew something and was just to scared to come forward. The Detective wanted to start the investigation as soon as possible so that he could get some answers. Detective Powell went with his partner Detective York and try to find some evidence of foul play. Initially, they decided to classify it as a hit and run but the officer's thought there might be more than just a simple hit-and-run. He knew that there was no such thing as a simple hit-and-run. Everyone knew that there must be more to what happened but he knew that it would not be right for him to speculate on what happened.

Deal with Catalyst: 1-3 Scenes

Since the accident there had not been any updates into what caused the accident. There was no appearant motive. It seemed like the police were not making much of a dent in the case. Justin was positive that even with his limited law abilities that he could make more progress with his accident. At the same time however, he didn't want to do anything that would ruin his chances of becoming a lawyer even before it started.

First Turning Point: 1-2 Scenes

Dr. Bentley entered Justin's room and said "Young man, I have to tell you this. despite our best efforts we were unable to save your sight. Do you have any questions for me at this time?" Justin's face was emotionless when he heard the news for the first time even though he had suspected as much because everyone was tap dancing around what was really wrong with him. "Just as I suspect." thought Justin "Thanks for being honest with me. At least you were truthful about what happened to me. One of your orderlies tried to put the New York Daily News on my table. Can you tell whoever ends up being assigned to me that I am blind?"

Sequence Three


Hero Begins Journey: 3-4 Scenes


Post Turn: 1-2 Scenes

Justin Michaels is joined by an important ally.

Sequence Four


Advance on Goal: 3-4 Scenes


Sequence Five


Fight with Intensity: 3-4 Scenes


Post Mid-Point: 1-2 Scenes

Justin Michaels is betrayed by Candace Bates. Justin finds out that Candace was only using him to get her boyfriend Charles mad. Even though Justin likes Melissa now it is clear that he is still hurting from this piece of news about what Candace and Charles did to him because he is now convince that on some level Candace knew about the whole plan to cause him harm.

Sequence Six


Hero Feel Effects: 3-4 Scenes


Second Turning Point: 1-3 Scenes

Christopher Roberts/Charles Hortan feels the pressure created by Justin Michaels and ups the deadline, increasing time pressure.

Sequence Seven


The Fight Continues: 3-4 Scenes


Pre-Climax: 1-2 Scenes

Justin Michaels and his allies make final preparations and clear up any relationship problems. Justin Michaels may need a moment alone to prepare mentally.

Sequence Eight


Climax: 3-7 Scenes

After confronting his identical twin brother Christopher, Justin decides that he must tell his parents what he has done. He hopes that by telling his mother he will finally gain her approval. Once Justin does this then he dicides that he can truly move on with his life and begin his law practice once and for all.

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Mel- I will PM you today at some point with some suggestions about this outline.