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Topic: Question about RC's and requests cancelled by sender

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Subject: Question about RC's and requests cancelled by sender
Date Posted: 5/1/2014 5:47 PM ET
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One of my book requests was cancelled by the sender, so the book moved to my Reminder List. I still want the book, obviously, so I put it back on my WL, but now I am in last position? I bummed because the sender said the book didn't meet my RC, which, actually, it did. I get that fairly often: some people really hate RC's (I have received angry PM's about them, even though I am just asking for non-ex-library copies), and I have had people cancel requests just because I had RC's, along with a nasty note about not sending books to people with RC's.

I tried taking my RC off the last time this happened, but then it's back to receiving books that are marked up or in poor condition. So, RC it is. And I get that it's up to the sender to say "No book for you!" if they want. But I don't think the sender's stance against RCs should put me at the back of the line! Just because they don't like RCs, I went from position 1 to position LAST and now I have to wait all over again for everyone else who wants it to receive a copy first. Does that seem unfair?

Date Posted: 5/1/2014 6:26 PM ET
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I have also had requests rejected because of rc. I had no x library and also no brown pages. The no brown pages was usually the problem so I finally removed that one. I don't get many wl books. I think I have only gotten 3 or 4 wl books since I have been here. If I want to read something badly enough I don't mind buying it on amazon or someplace else. I guess I have the wrong wishes because a lot of the stuff I want never shows up on this site. I would hate to have to rely on pbs for everything I want to read.

zeke68 -
Date Posted: 5/1/2014 7:08 PM ET
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If a WL book is cancelled by the sender, you are put back on the WL in your original spot.  That's what happened the last time a sender cancelled the request on me.  If you ordered it FIFO, it's put on your reminder list.

If your book was a WL book and was not put back on your WL in the original spot, then I'd contact TPTB and find out why.

RCs shouldn't have anything to do with it.

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Date Posted: 5/1/2014 7:34 PM ET
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Yes, you should have been put back in the #1 position for the book when your request was declined for RCs.  If you were not, contact the PBS team about it.

Date Posted: 5/1/2014 7:48 PM ET
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If the sender rejects your RC and there is no other copy available to be offered to you -- others are posted, but they've all rejected your RC -- the server will place the book on your Reminder List.  You won't be allowed to reorder the book until another copy has been posted by someone who has not rejected your RC, or until you've rewritten or turned off your RC.

If the sender rejects your RC on a wish list book, where you are not the only wisher, you'll be placed back in your previous spot on the wish list.  (It's possible that you were not first in line originally.)

So here is what may have happened.  There were copies of the book posted, but all senders had rejected your RC.  When the last sender rejected your RC, you got an email with the reason, and the book was placed on your Reminder List.  Meanwhile, those posted copies of the book were all ordered by other members, so the book became a wish list book (no copies posted.)  Some members added the book to their wish list, and by the time you moved the book from your Reminder List to the Wish List, there were other members ahead of you.

This is only a guess, though.  I agree that you could ask the Admin Team to explain what happened in this instance.

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Date Posted: 5/1/2014 11:47 PM ET
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"... I have had people cancel requests just because I had RC's."

Some members don't even read the RC and reject any request having them because they think the requestor is super picky and therefore don't want to deal with them. Also, if you use RCs, be sure they are written clearly and unambiguously else many senders will not accept your requests, especially for conditions related to odors, allergies, or brown pages that are considered subjective.

When I first used RCs I had rejects because they were probably overly detailed and wordy. I have since simplified my RC to remind senders of the PBS rules for posting and have had no negative reactions since.

"My requestor condition is really just a reminder of the PBS Golden Book Rule for posting books -- Please do not send books marked with colored highlighters or with ink on text pages.

I am willing to accept books with an inscription or previous owner's name in front of book, and also books with writing or underlining in pencil that can be erased.

Date Posted: 5/2/2014 11:32 AM ET
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Sending in Feedback is really the only way to find out what happened. The only time a book is moved to your Reminder List instead of going back to your Wish List is when there are no other Wishers and the copy being posted doesn't meet your RC. Allowing the copy available to be offered trumps a wisher with conditions so the book is moved to your Reminder List. If you are not in first it would mean someone else wished for it while you were on the Reminder List and it should only be one or two people in front of you, or there is a glitch or unusual set of circumstances around the book.

Send in Feedback via the Contact Us link in the lower right under Company and the Team can look at it and tell you what is happening and straighten out any problems.

eta: I am surprised when people have a lot of problems with rude rejections on RCs. I've had them from the beginning because I have a non-smoking RC, I also have one for dust jackets on newer hardcovers. I've only had maybe a couple of indignant turn downs for the sake of turning down and I always want to PM those people and thank them for not sending me their book covered in bad karma and likely unpostable if they get in that kind of rather over a simple request.

One thing that may soften my RC is I end it with "Thank you for this offer and Happy Swapping!" so maybe that settles some ruffled feathers. ALWAYS keep your RC simple, polite, and never go into why you want something the way you want it or rant about prior problem trades in your RCs. The current trader will just see someone as a complainer and a potential problem if they see that kind of stuff in there.

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Date Posted: 5/2/2014 11:36 AM ET
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Hmmm. There was a list of about 20 people for this book, and it has been on my WL for a long time (~2 years). I assume that when my request was cancelled, it went to the next person in line, because even though I logged in to PBS as soon as I got the cancellation notification, the book was already gone. It got put on my reminder list, not my WL, and I was no longer in the queue for it. I'm guessing that's because if the 2nd person in line declined it, PBS wouldn't want to offer it to me again because the sender would just cancel again?

Maybe I'll ask admin for an explanation. :-)

@CharlesK: I 100% agree with you, I have been very successful at sending books but not so successful at receiving them. I am #1 in the queue for 50 of my WL books (until yesterday, 51, ha). I guess if a book I want is popular, I have no trouble finding it at a garage sale or something, but most of the books I am interested in seem to have loooooooong wait times. Many of the books on my WL have been there for 5 years. Sometimes I go on a used bookstore spree and try to buy up the ones that have been on my WL for a long time, but it annoys me to pay $4 in shipping for each book no matter how many books I order from the same seller. I used to know a few online stores that dropped shipping for each subsequent book you ordered, but they seem to have all fallen before the mighty Amazon. :-/

Date Posted: 5/2/2014 3:59 PM ET
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Are you sure your request was cancelled by the sender and that it just didn't expire after the 48 hour time period? Cause if the sender cancelled it, you would have gone back on the Wish List. If the offer went 48 hours and you didn't see it and answer, then the system cancels the offer and you get removed from the WL.

You can contact PBS and see what they can tell you.

I would also recommend re-reading your RCs and make sure the tone of them is polite and friendly. I have RCs too, but I rarely get a turndown and when I do, it's because the book didn't meet the RCs.  I make sure to say "Please" and  "Thanks very much" in the body of my RC.