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Topic: Questions on husband becoming PBS member

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Subject: Questions on husband becoming PBS member
Date Posted: 1/1/2010 10:24 PM ET
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I've read in this forum about some problems that might occur if another account is opened at the same address.  My husband would like to become a member, mostly because he wants a wishlist of his own.  (And I want him to stop hogging mine!)  Here are my questions:

Does his account have to have a different email address from mine?  (He has his own, but I would be checking his account for him most of the time. I can log on his email account to check if necessary.)  Does he need a different password?

Does he have to post any books?  (I would continue to post his books with my account, again for convenience.)

Can I transfer credits from my account to his without TPTB getting suspicious that we are somehow misusing his account?

I understand that we would not get any referral credits or credits for posting the first 10 books, etc.  We only want to do this so he can have his own wishlist.

PBSers, your knowledge and experience are sought here!


Date Posted: 1/1/2010 11:00 PM ET
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I would suggest you go to the help center and read carefully what it says about more than one account per household.  This is just PART of that section.

  • The limit is 2 accounts per household or address
  • Both of these accounts must be held by adults
  • Both of these accounts must be opened and managed by a different person
  • Each account must be managed by the member whose name is on the account.  
  • All of this information is available in the PBS Terms of Use
Date Posted: 1/1/2010 11:07 PM ET
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Marsha - unfortunately everything you spell out there sounds like you would be flagged for using 2 accounts and his would get closed down because it would look like you set up another account.

If you are signing up with the same e-mail on both; managing them both yourself, and just transferring the credits to his account it sounds to me like you are just setting an account up under his name up to get another run at the wish list and that is what gets many of the husband accounts shut down.

I think that you do need to have separate e-mail account for each.  YOU cannot manage both accounts; you should not even be logging into his account. He needs to have his own separate account that he manages. You are allowed only one account and if you are managing both, you would have 2 and be violating the Terms of Use.

Date Posted: 1/1/2010 11:09 PM ET
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Does his account have to have a different email address from mine? (He has his own, but I would be checking his account for him most of the time. I can log on his email account to check if necessary.) Does he need a different password?

It has to be a different email address.  The password probably wouldn't matter.  But your logging in for him is likely the biggest no-no.  That's probably where any problems would be.  The quick succession of logoff/login of two accounts can raise the flag that one person is using two accounts, regardless of intention.

Does he have to post any books? (I would continue to post his books with my account, again for convenience.)

How is he going to get credits to order?  See below.  If he gets a WL book though it would be easier to repost through his account.

Can I transfer credits from my account to his without TPTB getting suspicious that we are somehow misusing his account?

Transferring them from you might raise the flag, I guess.  I don't know why you (your husband!) couldn't maintain his account as a separate entity and post/order separately. 

As others have said, search/check the forum posts about this and look through the help docs.  There was a huge discussion about this a few months ago because someone got in trouble by inadvertently doing something considered questionable and while I don't know all the facts, I do know that you have to be very cautious so you don't violate the TOU.

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Date Posted: 1/1/2010 11:13 PM ET
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You would need to put his books on his account. If you transfered credits back and forth they might get suspisious. Amd he would need to use his own email address. If you use yours it would be like you have 2 accounts which is against "the rules".

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 12:28 AM ET
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Marsha, yes the second account requires it's own e-mail addy. 

IIRC you've posted that hubby helps wrap and mail books (lucky you!) so it sounds like you just need to work the division of labor until it meets site guidelines...ie, manage his own account.  Yes, you can transfer credits but I've no idea if this will or will not trigger a lookie-loo from Admin. 

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 7:13 AM ET
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The transferring of credits shouldn't really be a problem.

My mother is also a member (although she does not live with me, a few states away), but she primarily just buys books new and then swaps them out here.  She rarely orders used books unless trying a new author so she tends to send me the vast majority of the credits.  No problems.

However, we are in different households and both maintain separate accounts with books being sent out from each.

If your husband wants a separate wishlist, he's going to need to put in the effort and manage the account himself.  If not, then it would really be you creating the 2nd account just to bypass the 200 limit on wishlist which is against the TOS.

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 8:23 AM ET
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Thanks everyone for the replies.  It's given me a lot to think about whether to go ahead with this or not, and if we do, how we should handle it.

My current account is our household account, although I manage it and it has my name on it.  The bookshelf and wishlist have books from/for my husband and two teen sons.  So at least initially, their current books would stay on my account, since we don't want to lose our place in line.  Over time, my husband's account would be filled with scifi and military history, and mine wouldn't have these genres on them.  My sons' books would be on their dad's account, since they share the same interests (mostly).  My husband does read some of my books, particularly mysteries with strong female characters. (He says they remind him of me)

Probably the thing we need to be most careful of is to not log in to our separate accounts in quick succession.  We are frequently online together in the evening.  My husband is on the computer at work all day, so I do much of our personal computing with him sitting next to me.  We are two different people with different reading interests, but I can see TPTB thinking we are just one person if we don't handle this carefully.

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 10:49 AM ET
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I would probably send in feedback to the team and let them know your situation - I'm sure they'd be able to tell you exactly the best way to get the other account set up :)

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 12:11 PM ET
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If your husband wants a separate wishlist, he's going to need to put in the effort and manage the account himself.


Date Posted: 1/2/2010 4:28 PM ET
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If you currently share an email adress with your husband, this might be a good opportunity to start having separate accounts. As far as correspondence goes, that's really nice to be separate.  I have two female friends who have household accounts.  It's not like I post weird or confidential info via email, but  honestly - I don't communicate with either them as often or as freely as other friends since I have no idea if it will be my friend or her husband reading it first.

Also, it's easy enough to have two different addresses dropping into the same inbox.  I have 4 or 5 email identities - a couple of variations of my home account and others that exist because of roles in volunteer organizations. But I have all of them drop the mail into my primary inbox, no matters which email address it's sent to.  With the Outlook addresses, it's a matter of how the box is configured. With the others (mostly Gmail) it's a question of forwarding.)  However, I do have to be careful if I send a message who it shows as FROM.

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Date Posted: 1/2/2010 5:43 PM ET
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My husband and I have separate email accounts that we've had for 15 years.  I use mine several times a day.  He might log into his personal email only weekly if he is really busy at work or out of town on business.  We have access to each other's email accounts, but we usually don't open each other's email.   I sometimes go into his account to clean the junk out and to let him know if he's received email from an important contact.  We need to maintain separate email accounts because we each do volunteer work that requires some confidentiality (private information about other individuals' personal lives).

I suppose that if he becomes a pbs member, I could log into his email if he's really busy, and let him know if he has any pending request or offer emails.

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 6:14 PM ET
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The best way to not run into problems is to truly have 2 separate accounts with neither of you accessing each others accounts.

If this is a case of him truly wanting an account and will set it up and maintain it, then things should go fine. If it is a case of you doing all the trading with his occasional help in wrapping, but are tired of having your WL cluttered with books you are looking for for him and your kids, then you are best sticking to one account.  Someone who couldn't check their emails for PBS notifications doesn't sound like someone who will maintain their account well.  The site seems to have the flags set up pretty good these days to catch members who are maintaining separate accounts for both them and their spouse. Even if everything in that account is for him, if it isn't used by him, they will shut it down and "I won't do it any more" doesn't get the account reopened.

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 6:20 PM ET
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I have another question about two accounts.  I referred a friend of mine to PBS, and she posted her books got her 2 credits and I got a referral credit.  We currently live at different addresses, but are considering becoming roommates.    Should I be concerned about possibly having to return the referral credits or her start up credits if we become part of the same household?

Date Posted: 1/2/2010 6:38 PM ET
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My husband usually checks his personal emails several times a week.  It's just occasionally that he's too busy or out of town.  I don't maintain his email account for him--I just try to help him when he's overwhelmed with work.   I don't open or read his emails--I'll just tell him he has an important-looking email.  I don't see anything wrong with checking his emails and letting him know if he has something he needs to take care of.   That's the extent of what I was planning to do.  He would be maintaining his own PBS account.  His WL would be filled with sci-fi and military history, while mine would be math, science, British history, mysteries, etc., after his current WL books in my account are received.

I'm not intending to use his account myself in any way, but I'm curious just how in the world TPTB would have any idea who is actually accessing the account, if the WLs are completely different genres and the accounts aren't accessed in quick succession.  My laptop doesn't have a web camera!