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Topic: a request is rejected for rc

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Subject: a request is rejected for rc
Date Posted: 7/20/2015 8:34 AM ET
Member Since: 6/30/2008
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I have had this happen a few times. mostly because of no ex library for me. Once a request is rejected if the same person has the book posted you can never request it because it is assumed the request has already been rejected so no point in trying again. However it never hurts to ask the person who has the book because sometimes the book they have at a later date is not the same one they had before. This just happened to me last night. My request at an earlier date was rejected as a hardcover library book. I discovered in a message that the member has a different pbk edition posted now but I am still denied from requesting because of the previous rejection. I guess this is a rare thing. It would be nice if the system recognized different editions with different a isbn.

Date Posted: 7/20/2015 9:49 AM ET
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They could use mail to a friend and you could friend them a credit. This is outside the system, so if the transaction doesn't go smoothly you wouldn't be able to do much, but it is a way to get that particular book.

Date Posted: 7/20/2015 11:30 AM ET
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well, actually once I talked to them and found out the book was not a library book I just turned my rc off and all was good.

Date Posted: 7/23/2015 5:30 PM ET
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 I guess this is a rare thing. It would be nice if the system recognized different editions with different a isbn.

As far as the PBS system is concerned, this is a completely different book with a separate listing. I am surprised it would take the RC response from one ISBN and apply it to another. In the PBS system, these are clearly not the same book. Did the sender post it incorrectly to the same ISBN the second time?

Date Posted: 7/26/2015 1:39 PM ET
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I don't understand why people object to library books.  I am so glad to get an audio book, I don't care if it's chocolate!  I have a big box of brand new library books, one marked $129.99.  I haven't read it yet, and the seal is unbroken.  Why would anyone object to one reader (me) on a library audio book?

Judye / maysied

Date Posted: 7/28/2015 7:32 PM ET
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I have also wondered about the objection to withdrawn library books like Maysied does.  I support library sales and "recycling" books by sharing through PBS, church sales, whatever means available.  We even have a local restaurant that has a few shelves of books for informal trading.

Date Posted: 7/29/2015 12:16 AM ET
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I don't mind reading ex-library books but for the few that I keep, I don't want them to be ex-library. Just don't like seeing the stickers on my shelves, and quite often the stickers cover important parts of the spine.

Date Posted: 7/29/2015 4:17 AM ET
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Personally, I don't exactly mind ex-library, it's that I can't stand the cover protectors they use since they are frequently either taped or glued on.

Date Posted: 7/29/2015 6:44 AM ET
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I don't understand why people object to library books.

I'm sorry you don't understand why I don't like ex library books. Since it is just a personal preference of mine I don't think I can explain it. I guess it's a little like some people like red and some people like green. I guess you will just have to remain confused about it, but I doubt I'll lose any sleep over your lack of understanding.

Date Posted: 7/29/2015 11:22 AM ET
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Huh? Charles, that wasn't a kind reply.  First she said "people" not only you.  Also I'm sure it was just to stimulate discussion on why people do and do not like library books.  Personally if it is something I want to read I have no problem with them.  I don't care for ones that have a lot of stamps and exposed glue but generally not badly enough to make it an RC.

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Date Posted: 7/29/2015 4:37 PM ET
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I send out a lot of ex-library books, mostly hardcover, as the paperback are pretty well used, but the hardbacks, in most cases are almost brand new looking. I try to take off as many of the stickers as I can (along the spine, and back).  I also like the plastic covering on the book jacket.  However, like many I really wouldn't want an ex-library to be a keeper book.  Different strokes for different folks.  Mostly I just want to read the book. Pat

Subject: Description of book condition?
Date Posted: 8/17/2015 10:11 AM ET
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I'm sure that this question has been asked before, but being a newbie I just gotta.. 

How bout when you offer a book, you describe its condition in the same way that eBay book sellers describe their books?  A standard condition is chosen & then any problems may be stated in another field. This allows the potential buyer -- no matter how picky -- to better choose the books that he wants.  And the seller to get on with it ...

Note: I have come across one PBS buyer who simply said that he only wanted books that looked new.  I like that!  It's so much more specific than those that want a 50+-yr old book without any smell or brown pages.

Also, how do you contact a seller about a particular book without cancelling the order?  Some buyers want to be PMd before being cut off.  Often times the buyer will overlook a small problem in order in order to get that special book.

Thanks and "Nice to meetcha" guys.  --Donald in Memphis


Date Posted: 8/17/2015 2:39 PM ET
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Pbs provides a description..rc's just add to it

Date Posted: 8/17/2015 8:43 PM ET
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Donald H.: Just a heads-up (quoted from the FAQ):

  • Your Requestor Conditions should NOT ask the sender to "PM me if you are unsure"  or "contact me to discuss".
    • There is no mechanism for the sender to PM the requestor from a request without accepting it
  • If you want the sender to communicate with you about the book, you should phrase this "If you are unsure whether or not your book meets these conditions, please ACCEPT this request and then send me a Personal Message about the book." The sender is not obligated to do this.
    • If the sender does this, though, YOU will need to cancel the request if you decide that the book does not meet your conditions.
      • The sender would have to repost the book after cancelling it, so if YOU ask the sender to contact you to discuss the book, YOU must be the one to cancel the request if the sender contacts you and you don't want the book.
      • The exceptions to the above are:
    1. a sender who accepts and then sends a message about an unpostable book
    2. a sender who accepts and sends a message about a book that clearly does not meet your Requestor Conditions (no further communication or clarification was needed)
    3. A sender who accepts and sends a message when your Conditions did not ask to be contacted to discuss your Conditions
  • To make this feature work properly, your Requestor Conditions should be
    • clear enough not to require any communication for clarification
    • applied ONLY to requests for books for which you have those conditions
Date Posted: 8/18/2015 6:44 AM ET
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Donald, PBS does not have "sellers" and "buyers".

Date Posted: 8/18/2015 8:41 AM ET
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Most books I list are gotten from Library sales but I do clean the up take of the stickers and plastic because I don't like them in my library to read if they have stickers or library catalog label.  So when someone says they don't want ex-library I decline.  Some look new except for the edge stamp library address or the stamp showing it is a discard. 

Date Posted: 8/18/2015 7:55 PM ET
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I also don't get the "no library books" but to each his own.  I often purchase ex-library books, and most of them are in practically new condition; sometimes the only markings are a barcode on the back.  After all, I'm reading what's inside, not just the title, and there are no markings on text.  A lot of our library books don't even have 'discard' on them, only a small sticker that reads the genre.  Not all libraries feel the need to mark every single surface of the book.  

Date Posted: 8/20/2015 2:45 PM ET
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I don't mind ex-library (or current library - I use the library all the time!) but understand why some wouldn't. They may not like the idea of a book potentially having been through so many hands, or don't want library stickers and covers on books in their collections. If I kept books I'd probably prefer non-library too.

Date Posted: 8/24/2015 5:25 PM ET
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I can also understand why someone would say: "I don't want library books on my shelf." But just now I had to deal with a similar RC which was phrased in such a way as to make it virtually incomprehensible. 

I logged on. I saw I had a new request for a hardback mystery novel I have posted on my Bookshelf. I also saw that the RC line said (and I quote in full):

If I am requesting its for my personal collection, so please no Library books or book club editions.

I blinked at the way it starts with the word "If." If the RC simply said: "Please, no library books or book club editions," then I would know exactly what that meant. But the way it starts with that "If" clause, it seems to me that the logical implications of the sentence are the following:

1. "I may be requesting any given book for my personal collection."

2. "Or I may be requesting it for some other reason!"

3. "If it is for my personal collection, I don't want it to be a library book or a book club edition."

4. "But if I am requesting it for some other reason -- a gift for a friend or relative, for instance -- then the sky's the limit! Go right ahead and send me a library book or a book club edition if that's what you have on hand!" 

Of course there is nothing there which tells me whether this particular request, for this particular book, is meant to be "for a personal collection" or not! 

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Date Posted: 8/24/2015 5:41 PM ET
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I would just decline. Not worth the bother.

Date Posted: 8/24/2015 5:49 PM ET
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Well, my first thought was to try to send a PM to request clarification. As in: "Why do your RCs start with the vague word 'if' instead of just plainly stating exactly what you want?" 

Staring intently at the page, I was reminded of something I'd forgotten: We can't send PMs to a requester unless we've already clicked to "accept." At that moment, I had no idea who was requesting my copy, so I had no way to ask them what their poorly-written RC line was really supposed to mean in practical terms. 

I finally went ahead and clicked to "accept" -- then turned around and sent a PM to the person, now that I could contact them, explaining how the word "If" at the start of the RC makes it look as if the person hasn't made up his mind yet about what he wants or doesn't want. I explained that my copy turns out to be an ex-library book, but at this moment I honestly couldn't tell if that was important (from the requester's point of view) or not! 

We'll see what happens. It was only as an afterthought that I decided to post a comment on this forum to share my bemusement regarding virtually incomprehensible RC's. (One theory of mine is that maybe that PBS member typed out that RC a long time ago, late at night, while extremely tired and in a hurry to go to bed, meaning it to apply to everything he requested in the future -- and has never bothered to proofread it since then.) 

Date Posted: 8/24/2015 7:34 PM ET
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So what happens it they choose not to answer you or  do answer declining so the onus is on you to cancel? In the PBS system does that not reflect poorly on you rather than the requester you attempted to accommodate ? You are I kind person, I would not bother.

Date Posted: 8/24/2015 8:04 PM ET
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In this case, to me, this person doesn't want ex library books. It sounds like if he/she is requesting a book, and it has that rc, then they want to keep the book and they don't want to keep it if it's ex library.
Date Posted: 8/24/2015 9:15 PM ET
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I have "no ex-library books" as my rc because too many of them have come in bad condition.  I don't keep a book after I have read  it, but don't always post it here.

Date Posted: 8/27/2015 12:02 PM ET
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