Book Reviews of Strategies: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey

Strategies: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey
Strategies A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey
Author: Tami Brady
ISBN-13: 9781932690484
ISBN-10: 1932690484
Publication Date: 1/14/2008
Pages: 168
  • Currently 3.2/5 Stars.

3.2 stars, based on 3 ratings
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Book Type: Paperback
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Although considered a self-help or health & fitness book this is actually a personal narrative of the author's experiences with having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Having lived with both of these diseases for over two decades I was excited to have the opportunity to review this book. However, my excitement quickly faded. The impact of FMS & CFS on one's life is greatly minimized in these pages. The author never fully imparts how truly devastating these diseases are, she does not convey the extreme pain one deals with on a daily basis or how a sufferer never knows from one day to the next what life will be like. Nor does she impart how a FMS sufferer is at the mercy of the weather, especially cold, damp conditions that leave one almost completely incapacitated.

The fact that the author evidently takes no medication or regularly sees a doctor for her conditions also minimizes the true impact these conditions can have on one's life. Most of us are not capable of living without some form of medication and the fact that the author chooses to do so may lead to a non-sufferer to believe that the diseases are not as debilitating as they truly are.

The work sheets in the back of the book, designed for helping you to create a coping strategy, are perhaps the best part of the book. These are a valuable resource for someone who has been newly diagnosed, but long time sufferers will not have need of them for we have already devised our system of coping mechanisms and strategies.The resources section is another plus as it is comprehensive and well worth exploring.

There are numerous spelling, grammatical and improper word usage errors. For instance, in one passage the author describes a man who loves to cook as missing his calling as a "chief" when in actuality it should say "chef". This mis-usage of that word happens twice within the same section and comes across as laughable. Yes, these are ultimately the fault of the editor and publisher, but they do reflect poorly on the book itself.

Overall I found the book to be a disappointment. There are many people who do not believe these diseases exits, or if they do, they believe they are not as debilitating as sufferers say. This book will do nothing to help change these beliefs simply because the impact on the author's life is never fully defined. Her days spent in bed, unable to care for her children are mentioned in passing. Her struggle to earn a degree and gain a career seem as if they were not a struggle at all and the overall tone of the book is one of "Look at me! I can be Superwoman even though I am ill!". This attitude is the one that hurts sufferers the most. It's the one we have been trying to overcome for years so our pain and suffering is acknowledge as valid, debilitating and not something to be taken lightly. I fear this book will only reinforce the belief that we all can still be Superwoman even though we have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

However, I fully agree with the author stating that sufferers become great actresses in order to mask their symptoms from the world and that the majority of people never realize the afflicted have health issues because they cannot see it. I also agree with her stating that being keyed in to the smaller symptoms and taking care of them right away can often prevent a major flare up from occurring. I also believe, like the author, that we should each take our healing into our own hands, that using alternative methods such as Reiki and meditation is a very worthwhile approach. For saying these things, out loud and in print, I thank Ms. Brady with all my heart!
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A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey
Tami Brady

Tami Brady conveyed the truth in her self-help book. Having the disease myself I am happy to see this book published. Tami has fully showed the impact of the disease and what it can do to your life. If you have FMS then you know just how the weather and everything else can go make you feel as if your body can not take anymore pain. The worksheets in the back have helped me cope with strategizing for some form of relief. This book is written by a FMS sufferer and who best to ask then someone who has the same problem.
She shows the path she has taken as she learned of the diagnosis,showing both denial and acceptance. Tami includes medications, resources, and other tolls that will help any and all sufferes of FMS. Anyone who suffers from FMS needs this book and I recommend it to everyone.
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This is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. This is more than just a medical book giving health definitions, it is a story of a lady who has battled both of these illnesses and have found ways to make her life better in the midst of pain.
We see in the beginning of the book that after living for a few weeks in a fog that the author was determined to get her life back. She made an appointment with the doctor and stated she was done with the pills and her physician stopped seeing her. One thing she learned was to not depend upon a doctor, rather she sat out to read, listen and learn more about what was going on within her body and found ways to try and improve the symptoms. Being positive and never giving in to the pain was paramount in finding ways to beat the intense level of pain.
Chapters 7 - 11 are very helpful and insightful. It is here that she has some major transformations and begins to look beyond just the pain in search of something that would help her improve. She later declares that having these two issues within her life caused her to focus on what was really important in life. She has learned how to spend her time and energy wiser.
Later in the book there are summaries and strategies given that are a great resource. The author also includes a place for the reader to write their own issues down. Having a journal and recording what is happening to the individual is so important in knowing what to do to bring about healing.
There are also sections for: Medications and Supplements as well as a Resource Guide listing websites of help groups. This is a very well written and insightful book. it is easy to read and understand without getting bogged down in deep medical language.
I was provided this book from for my honest evaluation. 4 of 5 stars.