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Topic: Need suggestions for the Puppy chewing stage

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Subject: Need suggestions for the Puppy chewing stage
Date Posted: 1/7/2010 12:55 PM ET
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Has anyone found strong chewing toys suitable for a small dog?  Misha (as some of you know) is a Jack Russell Terrier, weighing 8 lbs.  Not  a big dog.  She's 7 1/2 months old.

She went through one chewing phase that stopped a month ago when all her teeth fell out.  Now she is going through another one and this is worse. 

The first Nylabone dental chew I gave her she chewed and shredded small pieces off of.  The second one she ignored until 3 days ago, when she bit off a chunk that I didn't find (she threw it up the next day) and another chunk that I got.  Her stuffed animals all have missing legs and I had to grab her dolphin yesterday because she chewed off his top fin and was having more fun with the piece of cloth than the toy.  Her plastic crate has chunks out of it.

She has a small Nylabone that she doesn't seem very interested in.  The only thing that seems to be surviving that she likes to chew on is her hard as a rock Nylabone wishbone.

I check her toys numerous times a day and watch her when she's on the floor chewing so she doesn't get anything too big.  I only leave stuff in the play pen that I know won't hurt her.  Everything else has become a supervised activity.

I remember when my Lab went through this stage.  She was allowed to roam the house freely when unsupervised (our mistake) and many household objects ended up destroyed before she grew out of it.

Any suggestions for chewies that can withstand this phase?  Keep in mind she is a very small dog.

Date Posted: 1/7/2010 7:13 PM ET
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If she is still teething I found freezing carrots very helpful.  Soothes the gums and it's a good snack for them as well.

I still take a small kong and will fill it w/ PB &/or plain yogurt & freeze them... which is also helpful for gum pain and helps the need to chew.  Also keeps them occupied and is good for them.

Dogs often chew b/c they aren't getting enough exercise...is she getting a good walk every day?  Sometimes even those toys that drop treats when them push them about helps keep the boredom at bay.

I am not a fan of any 'chewies' execept raw bones...too risky IMHO, so I wouldn't recommend any of them.  But that's just anal me!

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Date Posted: 1/9/2010 6:01 AM ET
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I second all of Marie's suggestions (including the raw bones!) and have a couple of toy ideas also.

There are toys that are a new line of toys that are triple stitched and supposed to be for strong chewers that clients of mine rave about.

My GSDs like the "tire-biter"s with or without rope and they come in different sizes. So far they haven't managed to destroy these lol and they can and have torn everything else up.

Jolly-balls are good for activity too.

As for a chew to leave with pupper when you aren't around, only edible bones would make my list, and NOT rawhides.

Date Posted: 1/24/2010 2:30 AM ET
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Marie, I think she is getting enough exercise.  I play with her an hour and a half in the morning.  After we take a walk.  In the afternoon, my neighbor plays with her for an hour, and we take another walk.  We practice training in between.  We are home all day, so she doesn't have that 8 hour stretch where everyone is at work and she is lonely.

Jessi, I will have to look for those toys. Most of her stuffed animals are faceless amputees.  LOL

So far the wish bone is making her happy.  It's hard as a rock and she works on it every night for 20 minutes or so.  It has barely gone down so it seems able to withstand her hardest chewing.  She doesn't seem to be as persisten this past week, but I won't count my chickens before they hatch.

The Vet warned me about most chewable bones.  I've never really been a fan of rawhides.  But, Misha is so small (8 lbs in December) that the concern is even greater with stuff like that.

Thanks for your help!

Date Posted: 2/2/2010 5:43 PM ET
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Okay, I have lots of suggestions. I have an 8 month old mini-doxie and she is chewey-mcgee. She absolutely LOVES bully sticks. She goes through them like crazy. Places like Petsmart and Petco sell them, but they're more pricey there. I buy mine at Two Bostons or other specialty pet stores or places that aren't chains, and they seem to be cheaper.

Also, I was in the pet store recently looking for something for my dog to chew on that would last longer, and the owner recommended antlers! I thought it was super gross at first, but they are cleaner than rawhide or other "tendon" type chewies...and they smell less. So, anyway, the owner said they've been really popular and I got one for my dog and she LOVES it. She's been chewing on it like crazy and it hasn't worn down at all! So, I think that would be a good investment:)

Let me know if these work and if you find anything else good!

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Date Posted: 8/2/2010 8:48 AM ET
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This is totally my dog. I have a 5yr old Begal mix that is only 14 lbs and 10inches tall. He never grew out of this faze so I hope yours does but I'm doubting it will. My dog has been like this from day one. He especially love to destroy stuffed animals the one with eyes but he tore up his cage too. he bit up the plastic things that you screw the bolts on to so you couldnt screw them in anymore and looseded the whole cage when he was on the outside laying. I had to replace them with all metal bolts and nuts.

First off If I were you I would cut out the NYLON Bones and anyting like those. My dog chewed one of thoes up and ate the pieces he was chewing off and put cuts in his digestive tract. For small dogs there not prefered a small piece that wouldn't hurt a big dog might hurt a smaller one.

Also I'd quit wasting my money on stuffed animals they never work for mine either and even the ones that say super resistant sill managed to get holes.

I have one of these balls and my dog loves it. I bought it a little bigger that I should have and my dog cant get it in his mouth to chew it up but he loves to toss it around the room with his nose and paws.

Crazy shaped ball will bounce like a ball and is also great for toss and fetch  Unique shape and texture allow the ball to bounce all over in multiple directions  Ideal for chewing and encouraging exercise

Multipet Nobbly Wobbly Zany Rubber Dog Toy

Then anything with a rope is great. Little dogs never seem to get threw these but they will carry them around and play tug of war with them. Mine is not that exact one but is similar.

Encourages healthy play and chewing that massages your dog's teeth and gums  Constructed of extremely durable rubber covered in rubber spikes  Strong green rope is perfect for playing tug with your pooch
PETCO Horseshoe Rope Dog Toy

I've had this toy for 2 years my dog love it and has not torn it up yet

Bungee allows for playing tug and bonding with your pet  Plush toy includes a tennis ball in the middle with a rattle and a squeaker in the tail for added entertainment  Promotes healthy teeth and gums  Made from non-toxic materials and colors  Toys provide chewing entertainment and encourage exercise

The tail squeaks!

For treats I usually go with a Raw Hide which I've never had a problem with these.

All natural, no preservatives  Long-lasting treat for your dog  Promotes healthy teeth and gums and assists to reduce tartar and plaque  Helps satisfy your dog's need to chew

They usually come in 3 sizes and I go with the medium size that way it takes them longer to work through them but you could start off with small ones. Since these are made out of stuff that gets softer when it gets wet they dont hurt the dogs digestive tract like the hard plastic or the nylon. These degrade when they are licking them or chewing on them.

I also go with these

Pedigree Jumbone Dog Chew

Itsthe Jumbone made by Pedigree and they are totally edible. But the outsied it hard so it takes them a while to eat through it. I give my dog a large so he has longer to chew but they come in 3 sizes also.

Date Posted: 9/4/2010 9:52 PM ET
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Thanks for the suggestions. As she devours anything soft, I've been getting her the Nylabone Wishbone, which is a hard plastic like material. She works on that thing every day.

I also bought her a Kong bone that has the ends open so you can stuff treats in. She spent 45 minutes trying to work all the treats out today. It was great! Like a puppy pacifier.

I'm staying away from rawhide. My previous dog was a Lab and had alot of trouble digesting rawhide. Misha is only 7.5 lbs so I don't think it would be good for her.

I did get her a new rope toy. She seems to like that. I had gotten her one when she was about 4 months old. It worked great until the night I found her with it and one side was completely unbraided.

It is amazing how much a 7.5 dog can chew!