Book Reviews of Thunder and Roses (Fallen Angels, Bk 1)

Thunder and Roses (Fallen Angels, Bk 1)
Thunder and Roses - Fallen Angels, Bk 1
Author: Mary Jo Putney
ISBN-13: 9780451205155
ISBN-10: 0451205154
Publication Date: 3/1/2002
Pages: 382
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 78 ratings
Publisher: Signet Book
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4
Excellent romance. This is the first book in Putney's Fallen Angels series. Nicholas is a delicious, tortured, and sensitive hero. Clare is a heroine you can root for that is not annoying. Slight echoes of Maddy Timms from Kinsale's Flowers From the Storm, but this book is not nearly as emotionally draining or angsty. Don't get me wrong. Flowers From the Storm is AMAZING. Clare is the daughter of a devout Methodist preacher, but has to find her own peace with her religion and her love. Nicholas is half Welsh, half Gypsy and has had his share of disappointments and betrayals. There is a lot of anticipation and sexual tension in their relationship. Good read.
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Helpful Score: 4
One of my all time favorite books. The tension between Clare and Nicholas sizzles. A great romance and story.
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Helpful Score: 3
A kind of sweet love story. The scenario seemed rather a stretch, but I can suspend disbelief for a good story. I liked the gypsy hero. He isn't as good as the gypsy hero's of Lisa Kleypas's Hathaways but still an interesting character. I liked the heroine, Clare, too, she had spunk. The details about going into the mine were really interesting and well written. The sex scenes were very minimal. I'll probably read the next book in the series but not in a rush.
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Helpful Score: 2
loved this book ,good storie line.would read again
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This is --I believe-- the first in the Fallen Angels series. A great read!! I will be going back to read the others in the series.
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The 1st book in the "Fallen Angel" series ... very good!
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First in the Fallen Angels series. Clare and Nicholas enter into a bargain...
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Well written story in the Falllen Angels series by MJ Putney. The Demon Earl is approached by angelic schoolmarm who asks him to save the town around his estate in Wales of the 1790's. Great characters that pull the reader into the story, nice tension with some plot surprises.
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I throughly enjoyed this book
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If you are looking for a different kind of book, this one with a Gypsy earl might fit the bill. This book is unique in so many ways; I can't remember reading a romance that spent this much time explaining the Romany side of life. This story takes place in a Welsh community, not the usual English countryside. Mining is an important part of the plot.

Nicolas, the Gypsy Earl, is a fascinating mix of both sides of his family tree. Bitter from an awful first marriage, Nicolas also has a tortured relationship with his grandfather. Nicolas has traveled the world and has some interesting souvenirs from his time abroad. Nicolas' personality is unique in that he lacks (generally) the dour outlook of many Regency heroes. He's interesting to watch because he's such a complex man.

Clare is a Methodist teacher, daughter of a devout minister to the community. At first look, Clare and Nicolas have nothing in common. However, the author's skill soon shows that to be a false assumption. Clare comes to the Earl asking for his help with the serious problems at the local mines. The earl owns them but has leased them to an old friend, Lord Michael Kenyon. However, Lord Michael hasn't been taking care of the mines and turned over their care to another, less caring man.

The reader senses the brooding anger of Nicolas when he demands something in return for his help; he wants Clare to live in his house for three months. Now, this is absolutely shocking; Clare will lose her reputation if she does this -- even if nothing happens between the couple. But Clare's father was killed in a mine, and she desperately wants to save the other workers. She decides that her friends will know her true character and not be swayed by her residence in the Earl's home -- and the others won't matter.

At first blush, Clare seems perfect. It doesn't take long to see that Clare's spiritual life is not what she wants it to be. It is remarkable to see Clare's relationship with God changing while with the unchurched Nicolas. This is a subplot that really shows the author's deft hand.

This is a complex and fascinating study of life among Welsh miners. They take their lives in their hands each day they descend into the mines for another day of work.

There is so much more to this book; I hope I've given you a taste of why I think it is a remarkable tale.
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Enjoyable historical romance about a gypsy earl and the woman who asks for his help. Takes place in welsh coal-mining country. First of the "Fallen Angels" series
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This was one of my favorite stories by Ms. Putney. I'd read it years ago when it first came out, and I had the urge to read it again. Even though I knew the story, I enjoyed it just as much the second time around.
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Good book
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They called him the Demon Earl. They said he could do anything. Son of a rogue and a gypsy, Nicholas Davies was a notorious rake until a shattering betrayal left him alone and embittered in the Welsh countryside.

Desperation drives quiet schoolteacher Clare Morgan to ask the Demon Earl to help save her village. Unwilling to involve himself in the problems of others, Nicholas sets an impossible price on his aid only if Clare agrees to live with him for three months, letting the world think the worst, will he intervene.
furiously, Clare accepts his outrageous challenge, and finds herself drawn into a glittering Regency world of danger and desire. As allies, she and Nicholas fight to save her community. As adversaries, they explore the hazardous terrain of power and sensuality. And as lovers, they surrender to a passion that threaten
the very foundations of their lives....
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an all time favorite