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Topic: Ever have this trouble with DC

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Subject: Ever have this trouble with DC
Date Posted: 10/1/2011 11:29 AM ET
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I usually print off a DC but not postage, and go to the PO to send.  I've been doing it forever, but yesterday, I had a postmaster say she would not accept it because it didn't have a date on the print off, and I could be recycling the DC over and over.  So she refused and was going to charge me full price, which I didn't do.     Anyone have this issue or know where I can find back up documentation to show her it is vaild.




Date Posted: 10/1/2011 3:17 PM ET
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Hopefully one of our resident postal employees will weigh in on this one Shelley. 

My first impression is to say she does not have the authority (or the training) to attempt to stop e-DC fraud...and besides, it's a silly argument.  Let's think about it for a  minute.  First of all, she can look it up on their own system and see if it's been used (scanned) in the last 6 months or so.  If the number is older than that, no scans would be showing for that number anyway (postal clerks have even checked their inhouse system for older DC's known to be scanned...nada).  USPS doesn't keep this information indefinately, so if it's not showing current scans it's totally a mute point.  BECAUSE they get the same price for the DC re-used or not, which is .19 cents.  New DC, old DC, e-DC is ALL THE SAME PRICE.  Therefore, why would she care it it was a recycled number?

PBS is the involved party that could be loosing financially over re-used DC's...but again, there would be little or no point.  The DC would not be tied to a specific transaction and could not track the book ... thus voiding member credit transfers and guarantees.  I can't think of enough financial incentive to make DC fraud worthwhile for PBS members.

I'm sure USPS discourages re-using DC numbers, but it's probably just for the confusion factor.  Logically, they are not loosing money over these if you are buying counter postage b/c the cost of the e-DC is paid when you buy postage.  Given that USPS struggles financially, surely their efforts are better spent where they might actually be loosing income?

The more I think about this Shelley, I'd probably file a complaint with the regional postmaster...let them handle this sillyness.  Start locally, was this a counter clerk or the actual local postmaster?  You can start with the local postmaster, if they cannot or will not address the situation do take it up the ladder.

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Date Posted: 10/1/2011 10:35 PM ET
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My PO says that I can't use PBS-DC! How can I prove that I can?

If your PO is saying that your package doesn't qualify for DC because of its dimensions, read about the required dimensions to use DC to send a package in Are there any requirements to use Delivery Confirmation?

If your PO is arguing that you can't use electronic DC (e-DC) but have to purchase DC at the PO instead to send your PBS package, this misunderstanding happens occasionally.  Some POs are not as informed about electronic DC (e-DC) as they should be, considering that it is rather commonplace nowadays. 

Below is the information from USPS's own website that you can print out and show to your postmaster/PO employees if necessary.  This shouldn't be necessary, of course, but you would be doing them (and yourself, of course) a service to help them out here:

  • Here is the URL location of the USPS guidelines regarding using Delivery Confirmation on First Class mail and on Media Mail.

the link is  http://www.usps.com/shipping/deliveryconfirm.htm

You do not have to use online postage in order to use electronic DC.   PBS does receive electronic information on all DC printed through the site.   Also, anyone who requests it is capable of receiving electronic files by simply entering the tracking number and requesting that USPS email you the tracking results.

  • Here also is a link to the Domestic Mail Manual on the usps.com website, section 9 (Delivery Confirmation).

the link is   http://pe.usps.gov/text/dmm300/503.htm#9_0

The information on this page includes (the following is the relevant information for Media Mail, which is a Package Service):

9.1 Delivery Confirmation Fee

9.1.1 Fee

Fee, in addition to postage and other fees, per piece:

Delivery Confirmation

Package Services (parcels only)

Retail Fee: 0.75

Electronic Fee: 0.19

9.1.2 Fees and Postage

"The applicable Delivery Confirmation fee in 9.1.1 must be paid in addition to the correct postage. The fee and postage may be paid with postage stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprint. Precanceled stamps are not permitted as postage payment."

It is clear from the above information taken from the Domestic Mail Manual published by USPS that

  • Delivery Confirmation is available for use with package services (Media Mail is a package service)
  • The fee for electronic Delivery Confirmation used with Media Mail (a package service) is $0.19
  • The fee may be paid with postage stamps or meter stamps (the meter strip you obtain at the Post office counter)
  • The electronic Delivery Confirmation fee does NOT need to be paid online
  • The postage does not need to be paid online in order to use electronic Delivery Confirmation

Please print out this information (if you can, print out the unedited page from the second link above), and show it to your postal employees if necessary.



If this information didn't answer your question, let us know.
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Date Posted: 10/2/2011 2:29 AM ET
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Ask her if retail DC is dated? Electronic DC doesn't have to be either. It is on a whole, printed label. There is no way to recycle the DC and their system would catch it because it would see it had been used when it got scanned.  I would have told her I don't like being accused of postal fraud for using a valid postal service and asked for her supervisor.