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True Blood
True Blood
Author: Patricia Waddell
ISBN-13: 9780765354648
ISBN-10: 0765354640
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 320
  • Currently 3.1/5 Stars.

3.1 stars, based on 41 ratings
Publisher: Tor Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Pretty decent futuristic. No vamps despite the blood reference in the title, it strictly refers to a pure bloodline lineage. I'd read another from this author.
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Alrighty, so I'm on hunt for good sci-fi romances, and I came across this one, with a summary that sounded pretty interesting, so much so, that I had pretty high expectations by the time I got myself a copy... Oh how let down I was!

While this book wasn't awful (I actually managed to finish it!), it wasn't terribly good either. It only took me a few days to read it, but there were just so many things that bothered me!

For example, it's categorized as a romance, but other than the sex scenes it doesn't really seem like one, until you get to the end.

And it's hard to like the heroine. She comes off as a little too strait-laced, sometimes naive and not terribly bright!
The same goes for the Hero...He bugged me even more, as he has tendencies toward callousness, while at other times he's more an arrogant jerk, and less alpha male--> there's a difference between the two,
that I'm not sure Ms Waddell understands...(The way I see it, explaining that he's from a different planet as an excuse for his behavior is a cop out!)

The murder mystery being solved they're trying to figure out seems like it's being solved more by circumstance and coincidences than any real work on either of the protagonists part.

Another issue was inconsistent characterization...probably why I couldn't bring myself to like either character...It didn't seem like the author knew who she wanted her characters to be until the end, and then didn't bother to make sure their behavior matched that new identity. Another example, one minute the heroine seems to be quite capable of helping to solve the murder, but the next she's all but useless!

And quite a few things happen, that the reader doesn't find out about till after they occur...The Hero has a not to so good relationship with his father, so in the last few pages the author decided that's a perfect place to mention that he's talked
things over with his dad, and now things are all hunky-freaking-dory between them.

Okay and lastly, the thing that bugged me the most, is that both the Hero and heroine magically understand what each other think and feel with very little actually being said (the H introduces the h to a former lover, and knows how she feels about it -- which the reader doesn't know till a few pages later...I'm not sure what annoys me more, that he knew how she felt and didn't bother giving her a warning, or that he did the introduction despite knowing how he felt.) Neither character does any real introspection until at least midway through the story!
They both just make me so mad! It might have nicer if we'd had more from the Hero's point of view, but a good amount came from the (usually) inept heroine.

There's a sequel that that the author tried to introduce at the end, but did such a shoddy job of it, I that I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to go anywhere near it!

To be fair the novel did have a few good points...the murder mystery is interesting; figuring out who the murderer was did keep me reading, despite not liking how easily things seemed to wrap up.

And the falling in love part did take more than just 2 or 3 days which is unusual for a romance, but in a good way.

Also the idea of what the heroine did, with imprinting, and going into the past (or dreamscape) was an interesting idea, If Ms. Waddell had gone more into that, and given her heroine more to do that just a special skill she was born with (and had no say over), I may have liked her more.

Overall, on my hunt for some decent sci-fi romance, I'm glad I read this one, if just to cross it off my list, but I definitely won't be keeping it!
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Futuristic is Patricia Waddell's best writing. I enjoyed this book and am looking for another by this author.
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Get past some weird grammatical references and this isn't bad (but not great either).
Danna is from Earth. She was born with the cool and awesome ability to be able to touch objects and get a history from them. Mainly, the individuals who owned those items. I really liked the descriptions of the "dreams-capes."
Cullon is a Korcian (male dominated military society) Enforcer who is assigned to help figure out who the murderer is. I found Cullon hard to like. I would have liked to see Danna and Cullon on a more equal footing. Too often it was about him "conquering" her, telling her what to do, etc.
The mystery was decent. I also liked the zero gravity sex scene.