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The True Love Wedding Dress
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Publication Date: 2005
Pages: 368
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3.5 stars, based on 106 ratings
Publisher: Onyx
Book Type: Paperback
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I really loved this book!

Each author writes a story about a magical dress that brings true love to the recipient, and builds the story around each new character, and how the dress comes into her life. People fall in love with unexpected lovers, and it brings out to me the coincidences that happen in our own lives, that make people meet at just the right time, or miss finding the best person for them. Do we all have magic in our lives, but go a different direction because we can't see the big picture?
Nice long stories, each is like a mini-book, and are warm and humerous....Enjoy!
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Get this anthology for Connie Brockway's short story alone - well worth the effort. If you a fan of Caroline Anderson's Keegan/Paxton series, you'll love this story about Patrick O'Shannessy, Caitlin's brother from the historial romance, Keegan's Lady. This is a satisfying story that shows that Patrick has redeemed himself nicely since "KEEGAN'S LADY" and deserves his own happiness which he finds in widow, Faith Rudolph's arms. It also features Ace and Caitlin and Ace's younger brothers, who are getting their own stories soon.
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To be honest, it was just okay for me. There are 4 stories in this book. The first one is okay, by Barbara Metzger,A Perfect Fit. The second not so great, by Connie Brockway,Glad Rags. The third was also okay, Casey Claybourne,Something Special. The last story was awesome by Catherine Anderson, called Beautiful Gifts. So, give it a try... you may even enjoy it more than I did. This may be your cup of tea. It just wasn't my fav.
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Pleasant and sweet love stories that follow a blessed wedding dress...
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Sweet read.
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It's hard to rate this book over all since each story was written by a different author with some of the stories being an absolute joy and others made me keep looking to see how many pages were left before I was finished (which is why I reviewed each story separately below). This is a collection of short stories tied together by a common theme. It starts off with the prologue which tells the story of a servant girl making a wedding dress for her wealthy, spoiled mistress who is marrying the girl's love. She puts a spell on the dress to ensure happiness in love for the owner because she doesn't want to see the groom suffer. However, the spell backfires and she ends up with the love of her life and the dress mysteriously vanishes, only to turn up again in the other stories.

A Perfect Fit by Barbara Metzger- Katie acquired this dress by accident and meant to send it back to the dress shop to get her correct wedding dress, but the place burned down before she could do so. Her fiancee is killed in an accident soon after, and she is drummed out by her parents because she is pregnant with his child. Fast-forward to when Katie's daughter is ready for her wedding, and Katie wants nothing more than for her daughter to wear this special dress. But will both women be able to find love with some handsome gentlemen on the horizon? All-in-all a cute story, but it did feel a bit choppy and rushed at times.

Glad Rags by Connie Brockway- As we learned in the previous story, this dress does have certain magical qualities, including being able to perfectly fit its intended wearer. In this case, it happens to be a 6 ft + man who is made to face humiliation at a party after losing a bet with his ex-girlfriend's brother. This was the steamiest of the stories, but the plot moved rather quick, making for a quick and entertaining read. The idea of the dress "choosing" a man in this case was a very creative choice!

Something Special by Casey Claybourne- This one tells the story of a young girl growing up mostly alone out West while her father travels a lot for work. She finds the wedding dress in the attic & gets the idea to advertise for a governess back East, both to combat her own loneliness and hopefully bring someone into her father's life. Unfortunately, things don't exactly work out as planned as her father and her new governess don't exactly see eye-to-eye...This was probably my favorite of the stories because of the love-hate relationship between the two main characters, it isn't always peaches and cream between them, which allows for the sparks to fly!

Beautiful Gifts by Catherine Anderson- This one tells the story of Faith, who flees from Brooklyn with her six-year old daughter Charity to escape her oppressive father's attempts to arrange her second marriage to a man who doesn't want Charity around. They end up in No Name, Colorado with Faith working as housekeeper to Patrick O'Shannessy, a man with father issues of his own. This one read rather quickly quickly and comes very close to Something Special in competing for my favorite story in this anthology, but the way Charity talked bothered me (nothing the way a six-year old would talk, even if she was very smart as Faith mentions). Even Faith doesn't talk that way most of the time. It detracted from the story for me
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Short stories about a magical wedding gown. Really good book, really good authors.
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***** Loved this anthology. All 4 stories were great.
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Four great stories, four talented writers. "A Perfect Fit" by Barbara Metzger. "Glad Rags" by Connie Brockway. "Something Special" by Casey Claybourne. "Beautiful Gifts" by Catherine Anderson. All writing about an enchanted wedding dress and the brides who wear it.
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Four different stories, by 4 separate writers, follow a magical wedding dress from Scotland in 1790 to Colorado in 1887.
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A quick read of four short stories with the 'charmed' wedding dress linkingall four romances.
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I did not like this book. I had to stop reading could not get involved with the story.
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A wedding dress is handed down to make happy brides.
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Scotland, 1790.
As she quietly sewed, Aileanna MacEwan moved her weary fingers over the beautiful wedding gown, but alas, the exquisite dress was not for her. It was for her spoiled, ungrateful mistress. Sadly, Aileanna winced. All seemed so unfair, for she was in love . . . in love with the intended groom. Yet, Aileanna knew she COULD give her beloved a lifetime filled with happiness, so she WOULD cast a spell and so the legacy of the bewitched wedding dress begins . .

Devon, England 1813
[1.] The first story is the best. Barbara Metzger's "A PERFECT FIT" comes close to being a perfect story. It is fun, light, believable and enjoyable. Katie Cole, a highborn Lady, lives in a cottage with her daughter, Susannah, preparing for Susannah's wedding to Gerald. Katie lives falsely as a widow; Susannah is a bastard and Katie's family disowned her as she anticipated her wedding vows 18 years earlier. Viscount Forde comes to see if Katie and Susannah are using his nephew, Gerald, for his money and to see if the wedding should happen at all. They are a sexy couple and the dialogue is smart and funny. Of course love blooms, and there is that mysterious wedding dress that just won't get dirty, even when falling in mud. The only flaw with this story is Kate's father. It was unbelievable how he turned up in the end.

10 miles from London 1856
2). Connie Brockway: "GLAD RAGS." - In an anthology format, I was beginning to think that the perfect story was impossible. Connie Brockway proved me wrong! GLAD RAGS is reading perfection. This little gambol has it all - humor, spice, and wonderful characters.

Innocent, strong-willed Lucy St. James was driving Alexander Thorpe crazy . . . he was love-crazy, lust-crazy, and he was leaving for the Crimea! Therefore, he staunchly resisted Lucy St. James' charms. Alex swore he would not make Lucy a widow nor would he allow her to spend a lifetime married to an invalid! Therefore, he did the next best thing. He crazily bowed out of their relationship.

Using the wedding dress folklore, Brockway successfully spins it with a surprising twist. This talented, creative author surrounds the entire phenomenon with a gentle sense of humor. This is a splendid read.

Seattle 1864
3). Casey Claybourne: "SOMETHING SPECIAL." - Goodness another winner! In SOMETHING SPECIAL, Casey Claybourne intensely moves her heartwarming tale start into her reader's heart.

Wealthy, eleven-year-old Eliza Cooper was a lonely little girl. Although her frequently absent father tried, the lonesome child wanted a special friend. She wanted someone to share her life, someone to fuss and encourage her, someone to make every day special. Yes, Eliza wanted someone special - someone like a mother. As Penelope Martin arrived in Seattle, she looked forward to a new life. Although she lacked experience as a teacher, she was willing to learn and she knew she could create a wonderful world for Eliza Cooper. However, Josh Cooper had other ideas for his daughter and those ideas did not include this so-called `governess.' A governess? Why, the woman could not even read!

Through soft humor and like-able characters, Claybourne delivers a very good page-turner. SOMETHING SPECIAL is well written and very enjoyable.

Colorado 1887
4). Catherine Anderson: "BEAUTIFUL GIFTS." - Faith Randolph and her precocious daughter, Charity, are running away. They are running from the dark and sinister nature of one man - Faith's father. Through a quirk of magic, brought on by the wedding dress, Faith embarrassingly stumbles upon Patrick O'Shannessy. She is applying for the position of his housekeeper. Patrick is shocked, not only did he place the advertisement long ago, but also Faith Randolph is hardly the housekeeper type!

Catherine Anderson's stories are always tenderly written, poignantly moving, and commonly involve the unusual. Although BEAUTIFUL GIFTS is a lovely story, it does however bog down with information data.

[5] Epilogue by Catherine Anderson
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Great anthology
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This book is a "I can't put it down book" You will love it
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Good reading. I liked the Barbara Metzger and Casey Claybourne stories the best though.
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Very very good! An all-around feel good book.
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Historical romance. Little bit of magic to it.
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From the back of the book: By the flickering light of a kitchen fire, a modest servant girl creates the wedding gown of her dreams--a glorious dress of ivory silk and delicate lace that she would give anything to wear. But alas, the dress is for her haughty mistress, who is to marry the man that the poor young woman loves with all her heart. Though tempted to stop the marriage using the magical skills passed down to her through blood, the young woman instead ensures the misguided groom's future happiness by enchanting the dress so that whoever possesses it will be forever blessed with true love....

Only the spell goes delightfully awry, working its magic for the servant girl instead of her mistress, and then the dress mysteriously vanishes. Who knows where or when it may turn up next, for some blushing bride to claim as her very own?
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This selection of stories was a lot of fun to read.
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mine is hardcover, not paperback.