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Trust No One
Trust No One
Author: Christiane Heggan
ISBN-13: 9781551665368
ISBN-10: 1551665360
Publication Date: 8/1/1999
Pages: 408
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 21 ratings
Publisher: Mira
Book Type: Paperback
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Eight years ago an innocent woman was killed in a terrorist bombing. Now a politician is brutally murdered and an old man dies in a strange accident. Somehow these deaths are parts of the same puzzle a puzzle that consumes one woman's life.
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Julia Bradshaw had been married to the up and coming politician, Paul Bradshaw for six years when she finally had enough of him beating her and divorced him. She left with her six-year-old son and opened a small inn called The Hacienda with the proceeds from her settlement. A local bank that is in the process of being sold owns the mortgage on the Inn and Paul ends up buying the mortgage. He plans to use this against Julia to make her take him back. Julia goes to his mansion to confront him but at the last minute she pulls back out of the driveway and heads home. That night Paul, who is also on the Crime Commission fighting organized crime, is murdered. Julia becomes a serious suspect in the crime as she is placed at the scene of the crime. The Bradshaw's are a rich, powerful family and Julia's ex-father-in-law decides that she is guilty and starts a campaign to see her in jail allowing him full custody of his grandson. Luckily for Julia there are others with motives, which helps to keep her from being arrested right away. Steve Reyes is a reporter who comes to The Hacienda to investigate the story. Julia finds herself attracted to him despite the walls she has built up. What is Steve's real story and how does he know so much about the Bradshaws? Can Steve help her prove her own innocence and help to find the real killer of Paul? Trust No One is an excellent novel. The story has so many twists and turns and allows the reader to follow along at a dizzying speed. Christiane Heggan keeps you guessing and her strong characters keep you interested right up to the end! Christiane Heggan weaves a tightly wound tapestry of suspense, intrigue and romance! Trust No One does a great job of making you wonder who is out there. Michelle Sawyer -- Copyright © 1999 Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved


I'd like to start off by saying I am a Christiane Heggan fan...
However this book was so far away from being good, that "bad" isn't a good enough word to describe it. I did however manage to finish it which is saying something since I wanted to abandon it a number of here goesâ¦( I've managed to keep spoilers to minor ones)

The first and most frustrating/maddening/ part is the weak characterization of the heroine...I don't think Ms. Heggan had a clear idea of who she wanted her h to be: down to earth mommy or uptown/artsy business owner... and it shows! she keeps going from one type of character to the other...also another thing that bothered me was she kept calling her son "sport" which just sounded wrong coming from she was trying too hard. One other issue I had with herâ¦the woman was physically abused by her husband...but apparently she barely suffers any internal/emotional damage....and starts a relationship with the H easilyâ¦Am I really supposed to believe that?

Having children as part of a story is always iffy, because writing them is so having said that Ms. Heggan could also use more practice is this area s well...the little boy in the book (h's son) came across much older in some parts, and younger in others...... again weak characterization. And to be honest I didn't get the impression of a very close and loving relationship between him and his mom (the h) that I think I was supposed toâ¦

As for the Hero...he doesn't come into the story for a little while....maybe a third into the book...He comes off sounding younger than I think he's supposed to be (while the heroine comes off sounding older than she is)â¦Also, usually I can deal with H's past relationships but in this one it bugged me...esp since the heroine doesn't find out about it till the last parts of the book! And when she does finally find out, she (rightly) gets mad at the Hâ¦but ends up apologizing to the Him later for her outburst! (Grrrâ¦)
Also he's an investigative reporter who is apparently better at solving crimes than the police...I don't know what else to say about that except grr...

As for the villain....well this is a bit of a spoiler....but there are two...The first one started off good, but could have been better...the second one didn't really make sense, and felt more like a cop out...Like Ms. Heggan wanted to shock you and chose the least likely person just so she could indeed shock you.

Now the book does get off to a sloooow start...Mystery/suspense wise, the story isn't too bad although it is rattled with easy discoveries by the good guys (I.e. the Hero) and too much hard work , but as for the romanceâ¦there are issues between the H and h...but they get solved relatively by the next page...

so....not a good bookâ¦usually I've found the problem with books I didn't like is that they had too much internal monologue but this is one time when I can say, there wasn't enough. We don't get a clear image of who anyone really isâ¦.which make the story hard to take/believe.