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uncharted terriTORI
uncharted terriTORI
Author: Tori Spelling
ISBN-13: 9781439187715
ISBN-10: 1439187711
Publication Date: 6/15/2010
Pages: 256
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 50 ratings
Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Book Type: Hardcover
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It took me a while to hop on the Tori Spelling bandwagon. I was never a fan of hers during 90210 and didnt care to see her movies or give her a second thought, really. Then her reality show came out and two of my girlfriends (LibraryLove being one of them) talked about how much they loved her and how funny she was on her show with her family. So I sighed heavily and watched an episode of the show. I was surprised to find I actually liked her! Toris wit and humor cracked me up and her sweet relationship with Dean was endearing and cute to watch.

So naturally I stayed on the bandwagon and read (and loved) both of her first two books, sTORI telling and Mommywood. I loved how candid she was and how much she shared. My mouth dropped while reading of her mothers neuroses at her first wedding, and I couldnt imagine having a mother as neurotic as Candy Spelling.

While the show has fallen down my favorite list, I still wanted to read the newest Tori book. But I was so disappointed with this one. More than one chapter detailed events that have aired on the show (stale material, anyone?) and I felt like the book makes Tori Spelling look like a freak-show. I mean, really. The woman is afraid of EVERYTHING and quite frankly, thats exhausting to read about over and over. She (admittedly) lives her life in fear of anything and everything that could happen in a given day. I rolled my eyes more than once, thinking Get a hold of yourself, woman.

Toris obsession with other world mediums is out there. She consults psychics (even gifting visits with them for loved ones) and has voodoos performed in her home and on her person. Feeling she had an evil spirit within her, Mama Lolacombined cornmeal, dried beans, vegetables, and chopped-up yams. She added gin and Florida water, a cologne from the nineteenth century thats still popular in South American and Caribbean cultureschantedslashed my clothing into strips. She goes on for an entire chapter about this experience and it leaves me (the reader) wondering why this wasnt a private event that she refrained from publishing?

Reading about her going to her mothers for a Christmas party convinced me she is JUST like her mother. Once portrayed to be a loony tune, Candy Spelling raised a daughter just like her. Communicating through Candys assistant, Tori plans to attend a Christmas party at The Manor, the obscene Spelling private residence. Reading about Tori getting ready for this was unreal. She went to Papyrus to get their fanciest gift wrap paper for the hostess gift she was giving her mother. When curling her hair, she writes, How would my mother react? Would she think I was too old for long, loose curls? Would wearing it up be more lady-like? While picking out her outfit, she writes I started with redbut then I got nervous about wearing red because I didnt want my mother or anyone else to think I was trying to steal the show. I must have tried on a total of eight dresses. I mean, listen, I get that there are perfectionists out there, but this is exhausting. No wonder Tori winds up in the hospital, literally sick to her stomach with stress and migraines on more than one occasion. She drives herself crazy!

I am disappointed to post a negative review because Ive been a fan for a while. But this book paints Tori Spelling as a self-obsessed, neurotic, spoiled and materialistic wack-a-doodle. Definitely not my favorite of her books. Though she was still funny in her writing, the craziness far outweighed the comedy. Maybe next time?

2.5/5 stars
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I've been a Tori Spelling fan ever since the first season of her reality show aired on TV. I thoroughly enjoyed both of her previous books. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with this book. I found it to be rather boring and kind of all over the place. She jumps from one topic to another so often that I had a hard time keeping track of what she was even talking about. And if you've watched the most recent season of her show, you have already seen almost everything that is mentioned in this book. Definitely don't waste your money buying it!
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Another easy read about a Hollywood existence. It is complicated with family, extended family, husband and kids. Tori is still trying to figure it out in storytelling style. If you enjoyed the previous books, you will like this one. Quick read.
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Granted she doesnt write literary masterpieces, i did "liked" her first two books but this one was by far the worst of the three...the whole book was just complaint after complaint. "ohh, my health!!" Well eat something!!! "Paparazzi" get over it already!!...the ex-wife, her mom, her fears, 90210, too much work/not enough work, being the "best" mom, I'm like everyone else but I'm "tori spelling"...ugh!!!! Just naggy and a complainer...will prolly not read another book by her in the future.
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I always enjoy the books Tori writes because they are true to fact and she tells it like it is. This was another one that went to everyroom I was in at the house
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Not as good as the first two books, but I still love Tori and all her quirky, wacky ways. I love that she lover her family and tries to be the best mom she can. But she has come to realize she can't be everything to everyone and is working to live her life and not let her life live her.
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This book flows well and is a very quick read, which I enjoyed. Sometimes it is nice to not read a super long book. I loved the size! I fell in love with Tori after reading her first book and realized that the image that was portrayed in the media was not really her. This is the second book I've read that she wrote. Although it was enjoyable, I did not enjoy it as much as the first, Stori Telling. I don't know if it was because it seemed guarded or if because it followed her television show closely that I felt I had read it all before. Bottomline she is a good writer, but I would have liked to have read something I hadn't heard about before....some surprises would have been nice.
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loved it!