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Topic: Unpostables

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Subject: Unpostables
Date Posted: 11/29/2008 1:36 AM ET
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I feel like they should go to my local used bookstore. I live in a very small town - I have to go to the next reasonable size town to get to a new bookstore, it's one of the bigbox stores, but there is NONE here in town. there is one very small used bookstore, but she has - well, a rather negitive outlook on life. After moving here, the first time I found the store and went in, I was absolutely GUSHING about how happy I was to find a used bookstore in town! And she was telling me how much she hated this town and all it's stuck up people! LOL I would shop there more, but I am uncomfortable there because she knows I am a PBS member. The first time I went in I hadn't discuvered PBS, and I was telling her how much fun I had with Book Crossings, and she growled at that. The second time I went in, I was a member here, wanting to play a swap. She asked if I needed help as soon as I walked in, and I'm like, 'yes, it's hard to explain, but I'm doing a kind of penpal game thing for this book site I belong to, and I need a book that fits this descriptions' (you all know how specific and off the wall the swap descriptions are... a color in the name, set in a certain country, an animal in the title, ect, ect...) She GROWLED at me. She said, 'OH, I HATE THAT SITE! And they are so picky, they won't take hardly ANY Books - I take anything you bring in! Oh, well, if you are going to mail it away, for G-d sake, don't take my only copy of something, pick something I have multiples of, if you are not bringing it back!' OKAY, now! I'd probably be in there all the time, because I love swap games, but she makes me uncomfortable. But, I feel sorry for her - I'm torn between making a list of my unpostables to give away, here, or taking them to her. Do you think she would just growl at their condition if she only got 'unpostables'? First edition H.B.s, if they have their hard jacket, never get reposted here - they go to my dad, cause he sells first editions. Ditto for ARCs, I can't join an ARC swap or use them as a freebie, cause they go to Dad. Hillerman goes to a friend, screenplays to one of my sons - any book I get that I think a friend might be interested in, I always ask whomever it is making me think of, if they want it, before I repost it. I'm confused why she would assume that all books bought in her store would come back to her. My books tend to travel LOL. But I do have a lot of unpostables. I am pretty hard on books. My latest Hillerman I haven't even cracked open yet, I just noticed yesterday there is a dark brown stain on the bottom of the pages, I have no idea where from, but I'm pretty sure i recieved it without problems. LOL. I know I destroyed the postablility of a full DOZEN books in one fell swope last month, when I went to leave work, and stuffed my cocacola bottle into my bookbag, and it leaked. OH, I wanted to just SCREAM! I absolutely CAN NOT eat lunch out alone, as I do almost every day on my lunch break, without a book - if i forget my book bag, I'll pop in her store, if it's open, or into the Walgreens, and buy a new book, even if I am currently in the middle of a dozen others! And, eating lunch at a lunch counter over a book is a recipe for unpostable! So, What should I do with this huge ol' stack of unpostables?
Date Posted: 11/29/2008 7:33 AM ET
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You can offer them for free with an order from your shelf over in the book bazaar.

Date Posted: 11/29/2008 9:50 AM ET
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Check out the Damaged Books Virtual Box in the games forum.  I also do Bookmooch but I have a lot of credits piling up there.  It's really hard to get a WL book from there and they rarely seem to have what I want.  So now most of my unpostables go to the DBVB.  You can exchange them book for book there.    I'll go find it and post a link.    

   OK well my MIL's computer won't let me past a link.  But you can find it you look in the Swaps Open For Sign Ups sticky thread.  It's listed under Ongoing and Virtual Boxes.  The next round starts Mon.

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Date Posted: 11/30/2008 12:37 AM ET
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I guess it depends on your storage options.  My pile of unpostables is still relatively small, so I don't mind just listing them here and letting them sit on a shelf, but if I got pressed for space I'd go take them to the UBS.  That's unfortunate that you have such a crabby woman working at that bookstore, what a way to ruin what should be a wonderful book buying experience.  I kind of take for granted that I have about 5 Half-Price Books within a half hour of me, but reading that makes me grateful.

Date Posted: 11/30/2008 11:03 AM ET
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Latricia, she doesn't sound like a very nice person, if you ask me.  If I were you, and she were the only bookstore in town, I wouldn't talk to her at all.  If she asked if I needed help, I would smile and say, "No thanks, just browsing."  And I wouldn't engage her.  I can understand why you would buy things there.  I don't personally think I would sell to her if I had an alternative, but if I did sell to her, then it's really not her concern how you choose which books to sell her.

In short, don't engage her.  She's not worth it. 

Date Posted: 11/30/2008 7:32 PM ET
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Wow, don't you wonder how businesses can stay open when their owners have no idea what "customer service" means?  I would probably not spend much time in that store, book buying should be a pleasant experience.

I also have been piling up the unpostables, I have them all listed on my profile and I don't mind if they sit there a while.  I guess eventually I'll get rid of them somewhere when I have no more space to store them.  I should check out the Damaged Book Virtual Box but everything in the Games Forum is completely confusing to me, so I usually stay out of there!  LOL

Date Posted: 12/1/2008 5:39 AM ET
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<<Latricia, she doesn't sound like a very nice person, if you ask me.  If I were you, and she were the only bookstore in town, I wouldn't talk to her at all.>>

Agreed.  Who'd want to give business to someone like that?  Good grief.  Perhaps if you "Growl" at her that you "hate UBS owners that feel they have the right to dictate the reading practices of their customers", she might get the message.

"don't take my only copy of something, pick something I have multiples of, if you are not bringing it back!" -- is she running a bookstore, or a lending library?  yeesh!