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Topic: Vintage book lovers!

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Subject: Vintage book lovers!
Date Posted: 12/7/2007 7:48 AM ET
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I posted four no-isbn vintage books on my shelf, if you are interested!  :)  Three are children's books, belonged to former schoolteachers; the fourth is a novel.  All pre-1940.  I discovered the nice thing about non-isbn books is you can give detailed descriptions of the individual books.  ;)


Date Posted: 12/7/2007 7:57 AM ET
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Can you post the titles so that they could be easily found?


patticom - ,
Date Posted: 12/7/2007 8:59 AM ET
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Good idea!  I did post them on my public profile over there but didn't even think about putting them here, duh!

VINTAGE Book Titles:  The Landloper, Little Folks' Budget, Polly's Summer Vacation, and Reading Time Stories.

Date Posted: 12/7/2007 9:29 AM ET
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Great idea for a post, Patricia!

Hi, I have a lovely book titled "Marriage" by Dietrich von Hildebrand, 1959, in very good condition. (First printed in 1942)

PM me as well as post here, and check my profile for free books. All my paper back books for December are 2 for 1, unless you get all of one  author, in which case, I will make a better deal, such as 5 for 2, or 9 for 4.



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patticom - ,
Date Posted: 12/7/2007 5:14 PM ET
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Nobody else has or likes Vintage books? 

Date Posted: 12/7/2007 8:09 PM ET
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I just ordered Polly's Summer vacation.

I collect these types of books.

Date Posted: 12/7/2007 11:14 PM ET
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Hi Patricia,

I have a question for you. What kind of shape is that board book version of Runaway Bunny  in ? I had one for my son when he was a baby and would like to send one to my nephew.


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Date Posted: 12/7/2007 11:20 PM ET
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I have started collecting vintage copies of 'winnie the pooh' in which they were still keeping track of the printing number.  My oldest is a 1935 (and this is a 100th printing!).  1957 was the 213th printing, for anyone interested.

Of the three I have, none are the same and I thought it would be interesting (though probably a looooong-term goal) to get one from each of the printings.  Also, I think a first printing would cost more than my rent, but anyway its something interesting to collect towards.

Condition does not really matter (the three I have would not be postable by any means) I'm mainly interested in the variety.

If you have one you'd like to contribute to my collection, I'd be happy to buddy you a credit.

Editted to add:  My post got me curious so I checked fleabay; I could get a first printing for a mere $550.  What a bargain!

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patticom - ,
Date Posted: 12/8/2007 2:29 AM ET
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I thought one of my books was a first edition, but upon looking it up on the net it was a reprint.  It's still the original year of first publication though, 1907, so it's extra precious to me.  :)  My personal collection is very small, more sentimental than value, but I love looking at old books--just that delightful old book smell and the idea of the history. 

What I'd really love is a copy of Noah Webster's History of the United States, but I know I'm dreaming.  :)-


Date Posted: 12/8/2007 10:53 AM ET
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I have 3 books from the early 20th century.  I added condition notes when I listed them:  The Bachelor's Christmas; In the Morning Glow; and Across the Campus.

I'll send 3 books for 2 credits to anyone who orders one :)


Date Posted: 12/8/2007 2:49 PM ET
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I hadn't thought to ask about vintage books!!  I've started collecting the boy's series call "Baseball Joe..."  by Lester Chadwick for my grandson. These are hardback books published in the early 1900s. I have found five of them but know more were written. If anyone has any, would you please pm me? These won't have an ISBN number of course, but if you could list titles, I'd know if I had those. I'd be happy to give credits for ones I didn't have. Thanks a lot!!


Date Posted: 12/14/2007 8:15 AM ET
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I have a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson's DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE. It has a copyright of 1964. A little worn with yellowing pages but in overall good condition.

I also have a copy of WALT DISNEY'S MICKEY MOUSE BOOK with a copright of 1979. I know that is not considered vintage, but it will be in a few years. It's overall condition is good as well.

Listed in my profile are non postables. You can have 1 free from an order from my bookshelf.

Date Posted: 12/16/2007 7:27 PM ET
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Thanks Susan, I ordered your books posted.

Does anyone else have vintage title books- especially ones with very lovely cloth or leather covers- with the script writing, gold edging, picture inset on the cover, or unique features- color illustrations?? Thanks for posting any!! I  love the look of old books, they don't make them like they used to!

Jody M

Date Posted: 12/16/2007 9:11 PM ET
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We are looking for any Tom Swift or Tom Swift, Jr.  books.  My son is passionate about them!

Date Posted: 12/22/2007 10:48 AM ET
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I have tons of old books. We used to sell them on e-Bay, but now that we've stopped we have a house full of old books! I am going to post them eventually, but it takes a lot of time and effort. I agree with you, Jody. Old books are beautiful!

: ) -Rebekah

Date Posted: 12/22/2007 8:11 PM ET
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I have quite a few 1960s era books; also pre-ISBN.  Check out my post in the book bazaar.

I also have some 1930's books -- all by Kathleen Norris (HC)

Date Posted: 12/26/2007 10:23 PM ET
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I'm looking for vintage books with lovely color illustrations and or lovely engraved title covers, Jody

Date Posted: 1/29/2008 8:12 PM ET
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This book was published in 1935 and it contains wonderful black and white photos for anyone interested in the life of this great Colorado naturalist.

Enos Mills of the Rockies Hawthorne & Mills - ISBN-13: 113509 - ISBN-10:


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Date Posted: 1/30/2008 1:07 AM ET
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I'd love women's fiction from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s if anyone has any. Please PM me, I'm a bit obsessed with this period.

Date Posted: 3/13/2008 11:34 PM ET
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If anyone is interested, I just posted two OLD hymnals (1902 and 1907) and a few other old books.


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Date Posted: 3/14/2008 9:14 AM ET
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I have a few older pocket books if anyone likes those. They are all well loved but readable.

All About Men by Joseph H. Peck

The Story of My Life by Helen Keller

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

I think a couple more I will have to check later after work.

Date Posted: 3/18/2008 11:42 AM ET
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TAKEN! Thank you! I'll be posting more old books in the coming weeks, and I'll post here, so check back if you're intersted.

I also have a five-book set of Richard Harding Davis books. They are red hardcovers with gold lettering, published by Scribners in 1910. The titles are: 'The White Mice', 'Notes of a War Correspondant', 'Vera the Medium, Miss Civilization', 'Scarlet Car, Princess Aline', and 'Once upon a time'. I'd be willing to sent the whole set for 3 credits. Please PM me if you're interested.


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Subject: Vintage book deal
Date Posted: 3/18/2008 12:12 PM ET
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I have 4 vintage books on my bookshelf that I would like to give a new home. The deal is one credit for all 4 of these books listed below:

Sandy by Elizabeth Janet Gray  1945 cloth hardcover

Tune in For Elizabeth by Mary Margaret McBride  1945 cloth hardcover x library book

Victorine by Frances Parkinson Keyes 1958 hardcover with dust jacket ex cond

The Mapmaker by Frances G Slaughter 1957 hardcover with dust jacket ex cond, beautiful illustrations

Subject: Vintage Books
Date Posted: 3/18/2008 7:51 PM ET
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I inherited a TON of old books from a distant relative. I have long had ideas of selling them, but I just couldn't stand the idea of letting these go to some bookseller, rather than let them go to people who will care for them.
 Therefore, I am willing to let these go to you guys! :)

One Credit Per Book, if you order multiple I'll try to be fair with the shipping rate/credit ratio. Please note these are NOT listed on my bookshelf, as some would be considered unpostable by PBS standards. Therefore, if you want any of them, simply send me a PM with your address and I will mail them out ASAP. You can simply buddy me a credit when they arrive.

A Note on Condition: my relative was a smoker (it was smoking which killed him in the end) therefore the books do have a very very very slight smell of smoke... honestly they mainly just smell old (I like that smell) They have been in my house for 4 years now, and we are all Non-smokers.

I have tried to include a brief discription of condition, for further information feel free to PM me.

All are HARDCOVER with no DJ unless otherwise stated


  • Infantry Drill Regulations United States Army---1904 Special Edition with Interpretations Condition Good.
  • John Brown's Body by Stephen Vincent Benet 368 pages. The story is told in verse (poetry) Conditon: Fair. Signature on inside cover very last page loose and torn (does not affect reading whatsoever)
  • Yusef; or The Journey of the Frangi... A Crusade in the East by J. Ross Browne Conditon: worn some discoloration.
  • Peace or Atomic War? By Albert Schweitzer 1959 Conditon: Fair... some underlining of passages DJ Included
  • Face to Face with Kaiserism by James W. Gerard 1918 Condition: inside first page torn, rest of book fine. Gold lettering still in fine shape. Really neat book!
  • A Short History of the American People Volume II (1865-1952) by Frank Lawrence Owsley, Oliver Perry Chitwood, and H. C. Nixon (Note: this is anything but short!) 1955 Condition: underlining throughout, cover somewhat worn (letters fading) but binding is holding.
  • The Pathbreakers from River to Ocean by Hebard 1912 Condition: soiled, has penil writing in margins of some chapters.
  • Prince of Foxes by Samuel Shallabarger 1947 Condition: Good. Beautiful map of Italy on inside cover.
  • The Deserts Price by William MacLeod Raine 1924 Condition: Good. "39 Cents" written in pen in top corner of inside cover. Cover has some discoloration from ancient accidents (splotches of who knows what) and the gold lettering has worn off somewhat.


  • The Sunlit Ambush by Mark Derby 1955 Conditon: good, but cover is dirty, needs cleaning, somewhat scuffed, although binding is strong
  • The Voice of Bugle Ann by MacKinlay Kantor 1935 Condition: Good
  • Stonewall Jackson by Jonatahn Daniels First Printing 1959 Contion: Good


  • Shakespeare of London by Marchette Chute First Edition 1949 Conditon: Good Inside cover has neat map of London.
  • Tono-Bungay by H. G. Wells 1935 Condition: Good. Cover has an "X" mark drawn in pen (I think) half an inch big on front cover. Not too horrible looking, not great, but not bad. Slightly Dirty cover. Fine binding, good pages
  • Under the Tonto Rim by Zane Grey First Edition 1926 Condition: Fair, soiled cover coming somewhat loose, but still holding
  • Zadig by Voltaire 1905 Book is French (I believe) with English introduction Condition: Fair cover soiled needed a good clean, has some ancient sticker residue left on the front. Inside has been well studied and underlined with pencil.
  • The Story of a Thousand-Year Pine by Enos A. Mills 1913 Condtion: Fair... cover dirty, has a stamp and sticker on the inside cover from a school in Pocatello, ID dated Sept. 2, 1919.
  • Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to his Son by George Horace Lorimer 1903 Condition: Good signature inside cover. Pretty cover. (If you like pigs)
  • Blithe Spirit An Improbable Farce in Three Acts by Noel Coward 1945  Condition: Good
  • Lazarre by Mary Hartwell Catherwood 1901 Conditon: Good. Gold Lettering Still well in tact, and looks good. cover is shelf worn at top and bottome of spine. Some notations in margins in pen and pencil. Overall good condition.
  • Speranza the Biography of Lady Wilde by Horace Wyndham 1951 Condition: Good


  • Holy Deadlock by A. P. Herbert Copyright 1934 Conditon Fair Cloth Cover. Title has faded on cover
  • Prides Way by Robert Molloy Copyright 1945 Condition: has Library stamps in cover
  • Sleeping Fires by Gertrude Atherton Copyright 1922 Conditin: cover scuffed, writing on inside cover
  • The Re-Creation of Brian Kent by Harold Bell Wright 1919. Condition: BEAUTIFUL cover with gold lettering. Color Illustrations. Loose Pages and Signature on inside cover
  • Graustark The Story of a Love Behind a Throne by George Barr McCutcheon Copyright 1901 Condition: Loose Binding and well worn cover
  • The Callahans and the Murpheys by Kathleen Norris 1924 Conditon: pages loosening. None missing that I know of
  • A Fountain Sealed by Anne Souglas Sedgwick 1907 Condition: Okay... looks like something spilled on a few pages (did they DRINK coffee back then? :) ) spots from aging pages, and some writing in margins.. done in pencil.
  • The Catfish by Charles Marriott 1913 Conditon: Good
  • Worlds Without End by H. Spencer Jones 1935 Condition: Fair, Inside cover has some scribbles (child got to it way back in the day) and a black marker has tried to cover up the words "U.S.S. Refuge (AH-11)"... whatever that means... the black marker used to mark it out bled to the first page (blank page) also some coffee? spots on it, nothing horrible and does not affect the pages with text at all. On the inside back cover is a library stamp with the date May 10 1944
  • The Right Way by Gilbert Parker 1901 Condition Fair Cover shelf worn gold lettering rubbing off
  • Under Pressure Chamberlain 1936 First Ed. Condition: Fair. Sloppy underlining (looks like done by child) on first page in pen. Sticker residue on front cover from library, as well as a library stamp marked "Pocatello Library"
  • Mrs. Parkington by Louis Bromfield 1943 First Ed. Condition: Good, but cover gold lettering has rubbed off to be unreadable.
  • Raffles by E. W. Hornung 1907 Condition: Good
  • The Stone of Chastity by Margaret Sharp First Ed. 1945 Condition Good; but on back cover there is a discoloration, (don't ask from what... Heat? Ancient Water? No idea) Discoloration about 1-2".
  • Lovely Is the Lee by Robert Gibbings 1945 Condition: Good
  • Prairie Avenue by Arthur Meeker 1949 Condition: Fair stamp from library on inside title page Cover well worn with gold lettering almost faded completely off.
  • She Shall Have Music by Raya Keen First Edition 1946 Condition Good With pretty sticker of ballerina in back of book.


  • Meditations for Quiet Moments by Rev. J. H. Jowett (Religious) Made in Great Brittain (date unknown) Condition: Good.

Feel Free to PM any questions, or for a further discription.

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Bumping Up,

Check out my Updated list: added more books