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Topic: WL book frustration

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Subject: WL book frustration
Date Posted: 8/25/2009 10:25 PM ET
Member Since: 10/1/2008
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I am having bad luck with my wish list books these days.  I had another one that I was finally at the front of the line for.  Indicated I wanted it, PBS showed waiting on member.  I sat back and waited patiently for FOUR DAYS for the sender to decline the request.  The reason I got? 


Yep, that's it.  That's all the PM said.  Now I know things happen and you can't always mail a book you thought you could.  It happened to me on a non-WL book that someone requested.  On review of the book before sending it out it was not in postable condition.  I declined the request, but I told the requestor why.  Maybe it's just me being snotty about it, but an explanation would have made me feel better about the whole thing... they smoke (I have an RC), the book couldn't be found, something!!!

Thanks for letting me rant!  Guess I should be happy that I'm still at #1 at least.  :)



Date Posted: 8/25/2009 11:51 PM ET
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Sorry you've been getting WL teases Beth :(

I sent you a buddy request because I have a slew of your WL books in my TBR.

Date Posted: 8/26/2009 1:01 AM ET
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Beth,  I appreciate your posting this.  Perhaps some people will take your experience to heart and try to give some information to the requester when they ultimately turn down the order.  I always try to tell requesters with RC's why  I'm turning them down and let them know my nickname so if they still want the book, they can find me.   I'm sorry this happened to you again.  Maybe all your unlucky streak will be behind you after this.  They do go in cycles for some reason.  I'll check  out your WL , too.


Date Posted: 8/26/2009 2:05 AM ET
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I guess I look at things differently.    I don't see why I owe you an explanation on why I cancel a order (wish book or not).   Maybe I just don't take all this book swapping as seriously as most.   IF something happens (I don't think it ever has yet) that I have to cancel an order, I'd do so as soon as possible and move on.  How does your knowing that I dropped the book in a puddle change the fact that I cancelled?  Or maybe I decided to loan the book to a friend?  You still don't have the book.  Until I mail it, it's mine to do with as I please.

PLEASE don't beat me up.  I don't list books to cancel them.   I don't think I've ever cancelled a book.   I just don't see the need to explain myself for every move I make on here.

Edited to add:  I guess this got to me.  One thread wants an explanation of why books are on hold - another on why we pass up on RC's and this one on why we'd cancel a book.       Seems to me as if that's a LOT of explaning that goes over and above what the site requires.

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Date Posted: 8/26/2009 2:23 AM ET
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*pssst* Beth your wishlist is only half full! lol

Date Posted: 8/26/2009 6:52 AM ET
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I feel the same way as Cozi--I don't need a detailed explanation for cancellations...as she said, it changes nothing, the bottom line is, I don't have the book. At least if she noticed something about it that made it unpostable she cancelled the order and didn't just send it anyway as some would have done! Does it really matter why she cancelled?

As to the four day wait to respond, we have no idea what goes on in other people's lives. Perhaps she had computer trouble or was out of town. PBS gives folks five days, so she didn't do anything wrong.

And sometimes an explanation only makes you more frustrated. There's nothing like being at #1 on the WL for a book for months that gets posted and, then have it cancelled only to have the person send you a PM saying, "Sorry, I meant to post that directly to my buddy." LOL Ack! I didn't wanna know that!! Let me imagine that you dropped it in a puddle or spilled coffee on it, please. :-D


Date Posted: 8/26/2009 7:19 AM ET
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Though I don't personally need a detailed explanation myself but I do let the member know why I declined/cancelled the request.  If I had a RC and it was turned down because of it - it would be nice to know.  Then if it happened enough I could look at my RC objectively and maybe rewrite it so it wasn't automatically turned down.  Also some members automatically turn down any RC. 

I am with Ruth, I include my nickname on the reason for the decline, including that it was non -postable.  I would look at your RC and make sure it isn't so subjective that it is a automatic decline.  I had one RC that went on about HC books, never mentioned paperbacks, I wasn't sure if they thought this book was HC.  It also rambled about club books and how no one wants them because they aren't real books.  It made no sense, I turned it down and the reason - RC was confusing did not say what you wanted and didn want - sorry but had to decline for that reason and left my nickname. 

Sorry you had a run of bad luck - I hope future swaps are easier.

Date Posted: 8/26/2009 7:35 AM ET
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I had a WL book offered and then time out before mailing. I am still number one on the list but the feature that shows when the book was last posted shows the date I was offered the book and did not get it rather than when a book was sent. For some reason that annoys me. I have some oddball stuff on my WL that are unlikely to be posted here but I use the list as a general WL for books I would like to have even if I buy them down the road. Now I look and wonder if the last posted date means someone posted and sent a book or someone hit the button by mistake and the system recorded the date.

Date Posted: 8/26/2009 8:36 AM ET
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Don't you remain First in Line for the next copy though?  So, this request was cancelled, the next one will be yours!





Date Posted: 8/26/2009 9:59 AM ET
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Hi Beth,

   I too understand your frustration with what happened.  I would never just say "sorry."  I tend to be a wordy person, and I would have given a full explanation as to why I couldn't send the book.   Hopefully someone else will post the book soon so you can get it.  To me, that's the good thing about posting on the boards.  Your shelf gets open to more exposure.  Best of luck to you!


Date Posted: 8/26/2009 10:05 AM ET
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I think there's room foreveryone's opinion to work.  Cozi's opinion is fine and it would be okay with me.  I understand that most people don't want to know everything - they just want their book.   But then there are people like Beth who are disap;pointed and are beginning to get a "PBS rejection" complex.   And I think most people would like to know what about their RC"s are bothering senders.  But everyone is different.


Date Posted: 8/26/2009 10:22 AM ET
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Thanks for all the responses... it's always good to get other opinions to see both sides of the story.  Overall, my experience with PBS has been wonderful, and I'm adding more books to my bookshelf (and my WL) almost every day. 

Cozi - I completely get what you're saying.  I don't have any issue with the rules here, and understand giving the time that PBS gives for things, since I have had to take advantage of it several times myself.  I guess since it's a WL book, I just get excited about getting it, so there is a sense of let down when I am not going to get it.  I am not the most patient of people though... that could be where my issue really lies!!  :)

Melanie - I got your buddy request... now get to reading!!!  (j/k)

I don't think there will ever be a way to do things that will make EVERYONE happy, as we see by all the threads debating wait times, thank you responses, RC's, etc... but it's nice to have a forum of people where you can log in and talk about your experiences and get good dialogue going, not just bashing or huge heated debates! 

Stay classy, PBS!!  :)

Date Posted: 8/26/2009 10:35 AM ET
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   You are completely right about no way to make everyone happy! All we can do is what we each feel personally is the best way to handle a situation.  For some it's in our upbringing and others it's the demands of a busy lifestyle.  Regardless, we all agree on here that this is a great site and provides the opportunity to meet alot of really nice people and share opinions and thoughts.   Like Beth, said, I am glad this forum respects everyone and doesn't judge, but instead offers helpful insights and solutions.

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Date Posted: 8/26/2009 1:45 PM ET
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I suppose I learned to stop taking this site so seriously. It's a book swap - not amazon.com or ebay.com. PBS allows a certain number of days to accept and send out books and everyone is fully entitled to use as little or all of those allotted days without being questioned or harrassed about it. We're also allowed to cancel orders - either on the sending or receiving end.

I've adopted the perspective that if I want fast service and books that are in perfect condition then I should visit my local Borders or Barnes and Noble - and even then I'm not guaranteed great service: there might be a rude employee, or they might not have the book I want in stock.

So... most of the time I have to say PBS is great system. I am extremely pleased with the members I have encountered on the site. Once in a while I might encounter something that irritates me, but I run the chance of that anywhere I go - online or not.